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Related post: Date : Fri, 06 Oct 2006 18 37 39th 0000 From: Steve Thomas u003cstevethomas535 hotmail. pedofilia pics kids com u003e cp pedo free porn Subject: Fantasy Ch Ben 12 This is a work of fiction but is based on the author's feelings, beliefs, and explore in some cases. Come to think of it - it could be, not so either pure ! It can be graphic sexual encounters between men sometimes, so if you are offended, are invited to leave. If you are too young, or otherwise is illegal, if you will read, if this kind of story, shame on you to read it - please stop here. ! If not, then - have fun The cast of characters: Ben Hastings - That's me Bill "Bubba " Hastings - My dad Veronica Hastings - My Mom Reyna - My Best Friend Ranj Kumar - My new friend Jared - A slut soccer. Shipley Sargeant - high school friend Majors Rex - Ranj roommate. pedo kds topsites u003e From chapter 11: Rex got up and closed the door and then turned and went behind me. his big hand grabbed me and hugged him - and his arm. As I stroked it, I felt hisnow called the bone slides slowly between my thighs. that receded. "Sorry. " He said. I met him. "OK -. Now that I know is involuntary " little pedo vids I 'm out of your arm and hand of his s fell right in my own erection. He is immediately attracted, but not front of leading to break my body a jet of precum. He grabbed my arm again. "Thanks Rex Thanks for listening and thank you for your pedo nu understanding.. - - thank you for - I love - enough to - pedo kind porno to do this," Chapter 12: n Rex and me! ate some corn, offered, if Ranj back room of his s. We were all dressed. Ranj and Rex both had classes and I want to find a job. Rex hit the local pizzeria. He said, , has become familiar to the owners and they needed workers, both inside and liberator. " seems to dress to go anywhere. " Said Ranj. pedo korean pics He was lame, but is that the ice was broken. " Yes I have to get a job. " kitty pedo pix " stay tiny pedo pics where you are ? " " He will stay in my room. " very young pedo porn Said Rex \\ pedo trany \\ n Ranj erect ears. "ReAlly ? "He said, almost excited. " I was afraid you were back home. So - I think pedoland teen we need to talk and be all talk, while I 'm here, " ".. "Rex said emphatically ". Rex, that's ridiculous - "Rex began Ranj then saw his face -. And mine " O - Well, well - I think it should be -. well, " I felt like a coward, but really could break like a twig Ranj. but could Rex Ranj as a broken branch. " I think they just want to know " Ranj, said," If I have a chance yet to , Ben. I -. "He saw Rex, then back to me " I really do not s I love you. " " Ranj, if you think trade pedo pics links - n ". Rex began bitterly " No, Rex, let me web cam pedo talk to him, " insisted that I took a deep breath, looked Ranj directly.. ! in the eye. her pedofilias free tears had had its effect, and my movie free pedo eyes began to lame. " Ranj, will for a moment that I still like ? Do you think the fact that they have ruined everything we had, that do not love pedofilia daily galleries you as much as I ever ? So my Whols inside you feel at war. It feels dead, and also how I will explode - all at once.. "Broke Ranj eye contact and looked down, " I wish I could do to something - to - take it all back. I thought I 'd lost you. However, If you showed - " tears were real enough, but not enough I do not know if is enough to fix beach pedo what he has done... Ranj " Ranj not -. No sexy pedo clothes above. No way. I can not live like this. " " Benny, I'm not always - " " You have said that too many times. Too. "He said he. " I know - but - I - eh - no matter You're right, I - I 'm sorry, I think... This is all I can say now. " Her voice caught and cleared his throat. " No is not more I can say ! Ben - if you stay here - and believe me it will be difficult - I think for us - but can be at least friends? " I nodded and said softly : " Yes, Ranj. We can be friends. " " Well. "He said he went to the door. " See You Later then. " are notWant to eat some breakfast ? "I asked. " Not now. So as not very hungry. " He turned quickly and tears flew from his eyes as he child fucking porn pedo walked toward the door. breathing, shuddering two breaths and then a great heaving sobs came from somewhere deep inside me. N I stood up ", spanking pedo story I -. can illegal pedo bilder not - look - for a job - right now. "I came, choppy. " See you later, Rex. "I went back to the room. " Sure, you will be fine ? "Rex called after me. " Yes Have a good day. " I was in my bed, just bought and listened as Rex pedo kds fuck and brushed his teeth urinated in the center of the toilet. Entered the room to get his books and greeted me. I waved back and closed his eyes. I heard his step down the hall and out the door. as soon as the door closed, I had a quiet c p pedo moaning and crying for long. I turned to sleep and woke up the morning. " Hey, baby. " Came the sweet voice that I had learned to love. " I thought I was on a quest to find a job. Are you okay? " looked trailerARD the door. He stood at the door sorry and sad looking. "I -. Do not think glad to know someone, who this morning ", I said. " I'm sure that makes it my cp pedo mpeg fault. " Sorry. " Ranj came and sat cross-legged about a meter away from the bed. " N I wish was something I could do. " pedo porn link Encouraged by my silence, he continued. " Benny ", almost in a whisper, " I know you think you can change - and -. Maybe you're right. " You deserve better," took a breathed deep sigh, looked at me, and I found his eyes for a moment. Then he looked away and hands in her lap. I saw something in them dropping out of sight. " I think I can better themselves. Sorry to bother you. " He said. Rose and left outside the door. "Wait! " I said. I had not even thought about it. But I could not let just walk that pedo pre way. He stopped and turned slowly, his hands hanging lazily on their sides. " Ranj pedoland pass - do you think can change? " I said, almost where he prayedULD make some unrealistic promises. ". Know you want to illegal naked pedo pics - to -. Try" He said, still in sex pedo russian the door. SLAM ! "What are you doing to be here, I told you, out! " Rex 's voice the front door. He went to the bedroom door Ranj. There was more than Ranj put his hands on. " No, indian pedo girls no! " I cried. "Okay, it's not -. No -. It bothers me," " Ben" ! Rex said, then leaned back. He shrugged, looking annoyed, said : "Whatever ! " And he entered the room and threw her sweater Ranj in his bed. He lay on his bed, his hands behind his head. "Anyway," said Ranj : "... Thanks for talking privat pedo to me, children fuck pedo at pedo pay site least I see later new guys teen pedo porn tube gotta pedo child china get to class," he went in his room, took \\ \\ n something that happened in our room and stayed long enough to forward n I - out of xxx free pedo sight of Rex - then left the apartment. " What was that ?" Said Rex. " He was bothering me. " I said. " I saw what I had tried to get back in your favor! " " Maywho she was. - To - maybe I have to wish him well. To try at least, "he said in a arbitrary that it could only shrug in disgust Rex in seemed to reflect, and then said. " I will, after Jennie classes. Maybe you two can work on something -. Or something like that, " came to him some books and a sweater out of bed and said, in its passage," Be careful, , please. I'll be home -. Late " I got dressed and walked to the bus stop I asked pedo cp kiddy sites the driver where to go, to get something to eat, he said, jumping, and he would be there too. Achieve. \\ \\ n bought rice, some tips, loin, wine and a little curry. at the pedo gay free time, Ranj got home, the apartment building smelled like wine and curry ! sex pedo sites n it was and remained cold " What the -. This is where the smell is ! Mom ? " I laughed form the kitchen. He came and looked at me with wide eyes. " What are you doing? " What do you think ? Kitchen," erotic sex stories pedo he said, laughing. " Have you ever done this before? Curry" "No! " ", kids illegal boy pedo you have a recipe ? " " Nope. I call "kitchenEar '. And it's not so bad, if I may say me! "It was Ranj, trying to take a taste. Beat me in hand. " Nuh -uh ! "I said. " I'll call you when it's finished ! " I had the beef best illegal pedo porn marinated the same wine at the table -.. , to drink from plastic cups of water When the pedo porno pics free time came, I was asked to come and eat, Ranj came in and took a deep aspiration of the pedo bizare porno kitchen again, grinning from ear to ear. "My God, I thought she hated me, and it turns out, do you love me , you have! " " Course I do. " I said. " I wish we could start over. " changed his view of little slut pedo xxx sadness. " I fear it is too late. I - be pedo in pantyhose - everything you want it to be. I am sure that not only I can be. Baby, I am honest with you. " " I know. " Were I a. " Can we - might - have dinner, and - forget all old garbage - a - " I hesitated, looking for the right word n. " - Even the dessert "? \\ \\ teens pedo sexe n looked wistfully at her beautiful eyes. " see you tomorrow. " " tomorrow "n " I - Tonigh. t " I said simply. " I - YOU -. tonight, " that can be both understood dessert. Ranj was gentle and sweet. I had to take over the lead and I followed. that invited me to take a shower with you. he left me to wash, that s time. did it all. When he fell to his knees before me n the mouth, hugged my pedo piss sex upper body, with nose buried in my pubic hair, as he lovingly kneaded my back like water sprinkled on us so hot and added additional stimulation already hot experience. When I american pedo pics was in bitches suck my erection, I listened. " expects until pedo hart sex we got to bed and do things right. " I said, and lifted it to my level. We kissed deeply and stood under the shower for ten minutes, n kissing caressing and kneading the body of pedo anal sex another. insisted, always first, then drying me out. " I do not know if is possible, but what do I want to try anything possible offset to. " " Shhhhh. " I said. " Just enjoy the moment. "We Stood below the heater - Fan gently caress each of the dry areas. Well, that was most of us dry. was hard rape sister incest pedofilia to let go long enough little russians pedo to enter the bedroom. Since I had n done before, he kissed me deeply while pedo angels xxx to get me and took me out of the door to the bed. In a move that he lay down and lifted me to it. My erection was so for so long that it hurt. gay pedo movies Immediately I began my involuntary movements of thrust, and corresponds to it. was a bit cold, so I pulled the blanket over us. The room slowly Dark sex cartoon pedo grown, as the sun disappeared from our window. He was sweet, soft Love, first an erection made ​​my incest pedo piss sex feel on it, then me, and when I cp lolta pedo forget you ever had a violent side. I woke up when I heard Rex key in the door. I left the bed Ranj y, wrap the towel around me, took me to the room to Ranj, I get kdz porno pedo cp my pedo pics ukraine clothes in the bathroom and met Rex in our bedroom. " So - you had some makeup sex tonight ? " "No!" I said. "Huh ?Really? ", more like a farewell sex was kind and wonderful and -.. Sweet Before he fell asleep, I told him I want him to remember to was agreed, and fell asleep crying. but the feeling of a sweet time connected the past. " I could not stop the tears from my eyes. Imagine my surprise when I small girl pedo virgin saw Rex and had tears in his eyes. "From what I worth -. I know the kind of feeling," he said. "What? " I said. " You had art pedo sex and leave ?" I said jokingly, through my tears. %2
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