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Related post: Date: Mon, 01 May 2006 nude tiny preteens 03:56:20 -0400 From: katy putain Subject: Katy's CherryKaty's cherry By Katy Putain katyputainhotmail.comKaty's other stories in Nifty:What Katy Did What Katy Did Next Katy's brother Katy's uncle Katy's boyfriend Brad Katy goes for a row Katy breaks in Jodie Katy does it with father and sonThis story contains russian preteen porns MF jamaica preteen models under-age incest I've been getting all kinds of mail from you guys and girls and horny in-betweens, but preteen galleries daily I mostly get requests for preteen black sex an account of how I first split my little pink. So here's the story, best as I can remember it. I mean, I'm 20 now and it happened when I was nine, so you gotta natural cute preteen allow for a little poetic licence I had a hell of a lotta meat in'n'outta my pussy since then, y'know. Not that my first time wasn't special...So I was nine years old. I can't remember when I started spending my Friday afternoons in the boys' toilets blue preteen modles sucking cock, but I know it had kind of got out of hand by the end of the summer break of that year. It started out during fall preteen youngest models term, just Craig Boardman and Kyle Shearer, both two years my senior, and me taking turns sucking their delicious cocks while they fingered my little hairless virgin pink. They never tried to fuck me, just rubbed and poked away with their fingers. Well, the fucking with those two came a coupla years later. But back preteen bbs com then, Kyle just had preteen blond story a way of diggin' his thumb into me while he stroked my pre-pube fuck mound with his fingers that kinda drove me nuts. I was generally sucking Craig Boardman's preteen ls fotos uncut cock while Kyle was workin' away at my slot, always with my little cotton panties just pulled tight round my thighs. He used to stroke himself while he fingered me and watched me blow his buddy.Trouble was they couldn't keep our three-way preteens models nn to themselves. That's the thing about boys, huh? We do the cock-sucking but they're the ones who can't keep their mouths shut. So pretty soon it was Kyle and Craig and the Jewish kid, Jerry Kunst, and the brothers, Aldo and Franco Minnetti, Aldo in my class and Franco in Kyle's, and then the black guys muscled in, JJ Carlson and Beau Brummer. There was, like, a penis preteen fuckun queue. I mean, I'd developed a real taste for cock and, yeah, a hell of pre teen genitals a blow-style, but it was kinda tiring, y'know. preteen sexstories It got so that I'd skip lunch Fridays during summer break, head down to the boys' john in the bottom field behind school, and the preteen porn archives guy's'd toss coins to preteen incest top see who'd get furthest preteen ranchi nymphets up old preteen the queue for first blow. JJ Carlson kept talkin' about fucking me with his big black pump-pole but he was just a smart-mouthed 12 year old who picked up that nigger-talk from his big brothers. He used to get down on his knees and watch real close as I blew the other guys and never even reached a finger to touch my over-poked little pussy. I heard he turned cocksucker preteen celebrities himself when his family moved up state a few years later and it didn't surprise me one bit. Yeah, I reckon he heard that black pump-pole shit on his knees servicin' his older brothers.Well, Friday afternoons of the summer break in my fourth grade saw me seated on a can in the boys' toilets, my naked preteens tgp cottontail panties round my thighs, fingers of more than one hand workin' my nine year old virgin slot, and boy cock bbs preteen nymphet after boy cock dumpin' in my mouth or down preteen pedo girl my throat. I don't know how many shirts I had to wash out there in the bathroom, scrubbin' the boy cum off before I went home. There was the odd hand down my shirt, playing with my little nips, but, hell, I hardly had anything to speak of there, I preteens banged was a skinny thing and my pussy was always goin' to be my prize, not my tits.I don't know how nude preteen lesbians many guys were queued up by the end of August, little angels preteenz but I reckon it was damn preteen porn magazines near two dozen and I guess we all just lost track of time that Friday afternoon my big brother, Milo, sprung us all at it. Thing was, Milo had sort of got into preteen girl naked hot russian preteen the habit of pickin' me up Friday afternoons in the summer. I'd wait for him out by sun bbs preteen the big preteen models socks lemon tree on the edge of the field about four and he'd swing by in his pick-up on his way home from whatever building site he'd been preteen webcam sites workin' on in the city and take me for an ice-cream. That was my summer treat least, that's what he thought. I never let on I was hankering for model black preteens something icy cold for my throat cos it was burnin' from so many boy shafts gallery preteen cgi scrapin' the preteen girl kissing length of it for the past three hours or more. Jesus, Milo thought the sun shone outta me, and I damn well worshipped him right preteens nude kidz back. He was 17 and all muscled up from two years working as an apprentice on building sites preteen child top across the city. He'd quit school to spite dad when he was 15 and preteen model nymph never looked back. I used to say I was gonna do the same thing and Milo would get me in a headlock and say if I ever turned up on one of his building sites, there'd be a major accident cos the guys'd cream 'emselves checkin' out my sweet little girl ass. Then he'd spank me while he held round the neck. Yeah, I knew even then his fingers weren't catchin' in my panties accidentally and I loved the feel of his hard hands on my soft fashion pantyhose preteen skin, and the smell of him, all sweaty after a day workin' preteen sucking dad that hot body of his in the sun.Well, shit, I can't rightly recall who first set eyes on Milo that Friday afternoon. It wasn't me, of course; I know I had my eyes tight shut, deep in cocksuckin', pussy-pokin' heaven. It was Aldo Minnetti's nine little forum preteen year-old cock I was ass fucked preteens servicing and his brother Franco's fingers working my little hairless pink muck-hole that much I do remember. The brothers always went to work on my mouth and cunt together, swappin' round to take turns, and when I finally ukranian preteen forum twigged to the awful silence at the same moment I realised Aldo had gone distinctly soft in my mouth, I opened my eyes and bit the poor guy's cock head cos I saw Milo standing over us. Franco still had his fingers in me; I guess he picture preteen pussy just hadn't heard Milo walking up behind him. Well, preteenage girls feet I got that sort of a pussy, y'know: kinda mesmerisin', right.Anyway, so the preteens in kneesocks guys were sorta preteen pix pics torn between splitting (which half of 'em did, right then) and staring (which the rest of 'em did, God help me), waiting to see the sparks fly. Aldo Minnetti's soft cock just slid of teen galleries preteen my bottom lip, draggin' a whole boy-trickle with it. I remember wiping my lip with the back of my hand as I sat there and slowly closing my thighs usenet preteen models on Franco's hand. He had his other hand on my knees, like he was set on prising my legs apart, but he withdrew both his hands and sort of crawled off to one side, his bare hairless ass on display, his shorts round his knees. Aldo tucked his soft little cock away in his preteen csm pictures shorts."Yeah," was what Milo said, though I don't know how cos I swear I never seen his teeth part or his lips move, he was that pissed right then: "You better put your sweet little boy pecker away, kid, and let me tell you... if I ever see it within a mile of my sister again, so help me, boy..."There weren't no doubt what Milo's hands might've done with Aldo's sweet little boy hardcore preteen toplist pecker. Aldo and Franco Minnetti just backed right off. "Sorry, Mister" and "Yeah, Mister" was what I heard, preteen anna pussy but I heard it all round, in a whisper, till Beau Brummer, the oldest boy there, black and hung and with a preference for havin' his pink balls sucked while he jerked onto my face, piped up with:"She's just a slut, man... your kid sister's a little slut, y'know? We never preteen gymnastics model forced her or nuthin'. We ain't raped her... You ask her, man, go on, ask her, she wants it, man, she's always wanted it..."Milo's hands were the biggest fists you'd ever laid eyes on and Beau Brummer seen 'em, too. He put his hands up as the other guys backed off, and just plain preteen glamor models took off."Whoah, man, I'm outta here, okay, I'm goin', man... like, I didn't mean nuthin' by it, y'know...""Get...the fuck... outta... my... face... you little... black... preteen 3d sex bitch..." Milo spaced his words out over full seconds, like he was trying to keep from beating the shit outta Beau. preteen fashion nude The little black bitch beat it then. I heard his feet tearin' up the ground outside.Milo and I were left alone. He had his back to me for a minute and I tried to size up where things were headed from the preteen cp art squareness of his shoulders and the fact that his hands were still clenched. Then he turned and I saw the sweat standing out on his forehead."Katy... oh, Katy." Milo shook his head. I wasn't frightened of him physically, never mind the clenched fists. He just wasn't the type. His big blue eyes were moving over my legs, my skirt, my open shirt. I looked up at his face, wondering, really, how the bbs preteen movie hell he was gonna deal with it. He just stood there, shaking his head and saying, "Katy... Jesus, nude preteen bums Katy," while I swallowed hard and tasted cum on the back of my tongue, thinking I could really do with Ben and Jerry's straight vanilla, y'know.In his face I could see all the questions he didn't get out of his mouth: How rape preteen model long had it been going on? supermodel preteen How many guys preteens pics bbs had I blown? Who preteen girls softcore the hell preteen horny girls were they? Had they hurt me? But he only actually asked me:"So is it true... what that little shit said? Are you a slut, Katy? Huh? Is it true? Are you a cock-hungry slut, Katy?"Milo stood there with his hands on his hips now, preteen pussy 2 looking down at me like a big brother looks down on his kid sister when she needs sorting out, y'know what I mean. He was in his sweaty white tee and his dirty jeans and his work boots and he cut a pretty hot big brother preteen babes figure right there. I don't know what I said to him nothing much probably. My little cunt was a bit sore from all that fingering and my throat was dry and real preteen flowers scratchy despite about nine gobs of boy cum blasting down it and, hey, yeah, I reckon I was kind of embarrassed, being nine, and my big brother walkin' in like preteen bilder pussy that scaring everybody off it wasn't so much that he'd caught me sucking cock as that I'd have to face up to all those guys and their fuckun questions about Milo and What Happened Next. They'd all be shitting themselves worried he'd virgin nude preteen tell their moms..."Open your legs."Hard to say whether I hadn't half expected it. Milo standing there, his hands on his hips, one eyebrow raised."Open your legs, slut."I did. I spread my thighs. My panties nude preteen net were still stretched tight across them, my pussy raw and exposed. My skirt was neatly folded on the concrete floor, same as it was every Friday afternoon. I glanced down, to see what Milo w
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