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Related post: Buckets of Blessings 6 Buckets Of Blessings By Retta Michaels Disclaimer: If your laws do not allow you to read this story, then don't. All the rest of you people who read it, if you think it's true, boy, have I investment opportunities for you! Notes From Retta: Read and enjoy. Chapter 6: Heather gasped, and Gregg sat back on his seat.“I can't say.” “That answered my question, now, as I said, Heather and pre teen lolita boy I suspected and we're not doing anything. As you know, nothing good can come from this, but believe me, we suspected it.” He looked at me and started to cry. “Why'd you ask me?” “Gregg, Ty said your mom threw his cellphone against the wall before she left. If he called you on it after she left worried about her, how'd he do it on a busted phone?” Heather looked at me and said, “Gregg, I'm going to call Ty in and I'm going to ask him the same question. When he answers, I'm going to realize he's lied to Lance like you've lied to me. It hurts like hell, but I know there's a reason for it. The only reason I can think is you're protecting either Ty, or your dad. Either one of those and I'd understand. If you're protecting someone else, I'm going to have to hear a really good explanation.” She got up and went to the door, “Ty, you can come on in now and please pull the door shut behind you.” He did and came over and sat next to me. She said, “You want to ask him or do you want me to do it?” “I'll do it.” He looked at me and I said, “Ty, I'm not even going to go into what all came up to this point, but I've got one question to ask and I want a truthful answer.” “What is it?” “Who killed your mom?” His face immediately crumpled and he started to cry. He turned to Gregg, “Why'd you tell them?” Heather went over and hugged him and said, “Gregg didn't tell us a thing. We told him we were going to call you in and ask you.” Gregg came over and he hugged Ty and said, “Ty, it's ok, Tell them what happened.” “If I do, Dad will go to jail!” Heather gasped and said, “Ty, listen to me. We suspected earlier, but we couldn't prove anything. Then, Gregg loli xxx preteen lolita was in here talking with Lance and he told Lance you called him on your cell phone after your mom left. How'd you do that if it was busted?” “She busted it when she came back.” Heather looked at me and said, “Where'd she go the first time?” “She went to the funeral home looking for Lance. She top 100 lolita net never found him there, so she came back and demanded to know where my cell phone was and for me to give her the phone number so she could call him. She tried to hit me and dad told her to cut it out. She turned on him and said it was just like him to defend his faggot son. She then began tearing into him about how spineless he was and so on and so forth. Somewhere in there, dad made a motion with his hand telling me to get out of the room. I went to my bedroom and I continued to hear the battle rage. I wanted to call you Lance, but I was afraid ukrainian naked lolita pics if I did, she'd hit the last number dialed and call it. While I was in my room, I had Smokey and sometime in there, I heard the conversation die down and I heard mom's car in the garage. I came out and that's when dad came in and said I needed to call the police as he'd just killed mom. I went out to the garage and I saw her with a yard tool used to pull dandelions up stuck into her chest. “Dad said she'd tried to hit him with the car in the garage. He ran into the back wall where all the yard tools were. He'd gotten out of the way and that tool was the only one that fell. He said he picked it up and it enraged her more. She said he was so spineless he'd not do a thing and got out of the car and kept coming at her. Finally, he either had to climb over the hood of the car to get away from her, or he had to stand up to her. I guess he told her, “Back up or I'll use this!”, and she hit him.” He said he jabbed it at her and didn't mean to hit her with it. He said it hit her the first time and stuck in. She said she fell and the whole time she died, she was cussing at him.” Ty hugged me and began crying against my chest. I looked at Heather and she turned to Gregg, “Gregg, as I said, we're not going to do anything. It's not that I didn't want to at first, but we talked and all we could do was think of there being nothing good coming of this. It's not going to bring your mom back and it's not going to be doing you any good to all go to jail. Each one of you covered it up, and that's what would happen if the police investigated it.” “What do you mean “the police would cover it up if they investigated it?” “Gregg, look at the facts, your mom was found down there against a tree in her car drunk four times over the alcohol limit. The Sheriff's deputy saw it and took photos. The Coroner came and ruled her death an accident, and that made it open and shut. Now, put those two together and the fact you guys are looked at as “untouchable” in this town and you've got a case of accident. So, why would I open it if the person I love and the person Heather loves is going to go down for it?” “How would we go down?” Ty asked. “Well, you and Gregg knew the facts. For crying out loud, you were there and didn't call the police as soon as you knew what happened! That's called accessory to murder. In this state, that carries just as heavy penalty as if you actually killed her yourself. Now, I'm not saying your mom wasn't a nice person. In my opinion, I'd probably done a bang up job myself of throwing her ass around a room, but I didn't. So, what we're doing is we're keeping our mouths shut and we're 9yo loli in natura going to go on with life. But Gregg, you do anything else like this and Ty, if you even so much as think about doing anything else like this, so help me...if you don't kill Heather and I together, you better wish to God you did. “ Gregg looked at us and said, “Guys, I wasn't anywhere near the house!” “No, but you sure got the call and you sure didn't report what happened as soon as you knew something and the Coroner told me this is the second time this has happened with you. To me, that's not a good habit to be in.” “Oh man, the man has his dick in a knot over what happened at that football game. A bunch of us kids were up on the bleachers and someone got drunk and fell off. Did he bother telling you there were fifty other kids on those bleacher that night? So, I'm singled out. Well fuck that dude!” “Gregg, maybe the guy does have a axe to grind, but I imagine you not being known as such a nice guy and having attitude when you got asked about it caused everyone to think it was you.” “No, I admit I did have an attitude but in order to get preteen porn pics lolita them off who it was that most likely did it, I kept them thinking it was me. To be honest, the guy actually did just fall, but you know who gave us the liquor? That prick mom was fucking.” “So you're telling me you covered for her again? How many times did you cover for her?” “Too many. Look at how it always went. If every time she got too close to something that stank, it turned out to be us kids that caught blame. And, you want to hear what the cunt had to say after I came home from being questioned? She had nerve to lay into me about being more responsible! Get that? I get intoxicated off her breath, and am covering so her boyfriend doesn't catch blame and she points the finger at me! Well that night, I told her what I knew and she shut her mouth fast because I told her that if she wanted to chew ass, that I'd go wake dad up and tell him a thing nude pic lolita bbs or two. You know what she did? She started telling me how nice my truck would be and how nice college would be. Yeah, dear met art russian lolitas old mom is going to smooth out the carpet once every thing's swept under it.” “Gregg, look at me. Your mom wasn't the ls angels lolita dasha best mom. Heck, I'd say she wasn't going to ever be likely to qualify for “mom of the year”, but the shit you guys were swimming in makes my head swim. Now, do yourself a favor and look at what I've had to do with life. Yeah, my background stinks like what you came from, but believe me, my family had nothing compared to what you have. I'm not saying it was right, but rich families are just as fucked up as poor.” “Man, what I went through ain't nothing like what you went through, so I'm to forget about it and make people's lives better?” “Either do that, or fuck up other people's lives too. Given that choice, I'd say you'd do better trying your best to be known as a nice guy.” Ty looked at me and said, “What's he talking about?” “Babe, I'll tell you later.” Heather smiled at me and said, “Lance, who's sweeping things under the carpet now? Tell him and everyone what you went though and let's leave this room with everyone forgetting the past.” I looked at her and said, “Sis, you just want me to have nightmares.” “No, I want your partner there to know what you're having them about when you do.” Ty looked at me and said, “Gregg knows and you don't want me to know?” “Hon, I told Gregg some of it, but not all. Heck, in reality, I skipped over it with him like a rock across a pond. Here's what happened. My uncle babysat me when I was four years old. The first night, things happened, he sexually abused me in the shower room. I forgot a toy and went in while he was showering. The shower room was a huge room in our basement where we kept our toys. Dad shy lolia bbs preteen had his workshop to work on appliances, and we took showers in there. He was showering and for some reason, he called me over towards him. The next thing I knew, I was pinned on the floor and he was shoving his dick up my ass. The next time he did it, we were watching television and he wanted me to lick it like an ice cream cone. When I said I didn't, he shoved my face down in the crack of the sofa until I said I would. Then he face fucked me. I was pissed and I told my mom. Well, he went to her and told her I wasn't doing what I was supposed to while they were gone, so guess who got the butt whipping and guess who wasn't believed? top 100 russian lolitas From then on, I knew I couldn't tell because mom wouldn't believe me. As time progressed, he did it more and more and then began to molest his step kids. To intimidate us, he took us outside and took an old string mop and tied it to a dog's collar and lifted the dog up over the trash barrel until he burnt the dog to death. Other times, he hung cats on the side of the house alive by nails and skinned them alive. He had us kids afraid of him so much that I just went through life not speaking to anyone. Then, his step kids told their mom and she divorced him. The consolation prize was he was single again and came around our house more. So, I got raped more often. Finally, about the age of 8, I figured I'd do what I could to make it feel good for him so he'd get off faster. All that did was make him like it more so he'd do it more. So, I was in a no win situation. The blessing was that the son of a bitch felt sorry for himself one night and committed suicide in his apartment he was living in. To be sure he was dead, I went to his funeral so I could see he was really dead. The fucker was there and that's why I say Gregg, if he didn't come out of that coffin, no one is in a funeral home because I spat in his face.” Gregg said, “Oh God.” and Ty said, “Hon, I'm so sorry.” Heather looked at them and said, “Guys, you don't know the half of it. He'd come to my house to eat because they were so poor they hardly had anything to eat. When he told me what happened with his uncle, it was because he was a
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