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Related post: Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2003 06:53:28 -0700 (PDT) From: Dave Subject: Kelso preteen first fuck & BuddyThe preteen pee characters in this story are based on characters from the Fox TV series "That 70's dating pre teen Show," produced and copyrighted by Carsey-Werner Productions. Nothing in these stories should be taken as a representation of the actual sexual orientation or behaviors of any of the actors from the show. This is purely a fantasy, totally preteen 12year model fictional.The characters in these stories do not use protection, this story is fiction, you nubile preteens pictures live in the real world. Please be careful and use a condom! beautiful xxx preteen preteen cute candid preteen vintage porn Kelso beautiful preteen xxx & Buddy School let out over an hour ago but Kelso was just now getting out because of having another detention. He was not a preteen rape russia happy camper, he wondered why is it always me, I didn't do nothing. Yeah, right! Walking along nn image preteen the nude preteen paysites sidewalk with his head down, at first he did not hear the car pull along swedish naked preteens side of him until he heard the horn blow. Startled he jade preteen model looked up and saw Buddy in his powder blue Camero convertible, top down on this warm day. "Hey Kelso, you need a ride?" ukraine preteen nudist Now Kelso knew, or at least suspected Buddy was gay but that sure didn't bother him. Kelso never thought in those terms, all he thought of was, is this guy or girl cute and do I want sex with naked preteen top him/her. In Buddy's case the answer was a big YES. For his part, Buddy sweden preteen pics always thought kelso was drop dead teen preteen tgp gorgeous and he little child preteen knew of Kelso's reputation with both the girls and more importantly to him with sex bbs preteens the guys. "Hey, ya preteen young underground preteen diaper picture man that would be great." As he got in the car kelso said, preteen asian kdz "they stuck me on detention again today, second time this week for Christ sake." "Hey, thats a bummer, where you headed?" "I sex mit preteen was going home or to fomans, uncensored porn preteen I'm preteen rika model not sure." "Well look, I had swim practice and didn't get a chance to shower put on clean clothes, but if you don't mind waiting while I stop home I will take you wherever you want to go, OK?" "Ya, thats cool." Buddy of course had showered and as preteen models lia always wore fresh, clean clothes. In fact he was considered something of a clothes horse. Riding down the road both boys kept trying to sneak a peek at the preteen body picture other boy, looking from handsome faces to packed pants. Kelso as always showed a large bulge and Buddy's was nice too. Both guys were hoping that maybe something might develop when they got to Buddy's but made no move other then sideways glances. When they nubile young preteen got to Buddy's house, which Kelso had never seen they free preteen moldels went inside and Kelso was very impressed. "Nice house man, it must be hot to live in a house like this." "I don't know, its just my home so I never thought about it." Buddy was well aware of the impact his parents large and fancy house had on "prospective sex partners" and liked to play down how nice his house was. "Michael do you want to wait down here and watch TV or come upstairs with me while I shower and change?" "There's nothing on TV but preteen erotica girl kid shows Kelso replied so I guess I'll wait with you." Both boys were happy to have pre teen lora an excuse for that to happen. Once upstairs and in Buddy's bedroom Buddy turned on his stereo and put a record by CCR on. He then slowly, almost like a striptease started to undress. Kelso watched his every move and when Buddy europe sexe preteen stood nude in front real ilegal preteens of him, Buddy said, "I hope my being nude dosn't bother you, I am so used to it in gym and swim meets." "No, I don't mind at all Kelso said as he admired Buddy's trim filipinas nude preteen physique. You got a lot more muscle then I thought you did, and you don't have any hair." Buddy laughed and said, "it's because of swimming, good exercise and we all shave for the meets, supposed to make us faster. Some guys even shave their head but I wear a cap instead, I like my hair to much." "You have nice hair" Kelso tells him although he has not looked to much preteen photos pictures higher then nn preteen posing Buddy's chest and hard, flat stomach. Kelso dropped his gaze to Buddy's cock and balls and was surprised to see he was half hard. When he saw that his own big cock rose to its full 8+" and he had to adjust it in his pants or risk it might break in two. Buddy seeing this hoped for reaction ask him, "you video illegal preteen got a problem there Michael?" "Ya, I guess I do," Kelso said putting all pretense aside, "you look good enough to eat." "Well what are you waiting for, dinners ready." and peeing pre teens with that ls preteen pussies Buddy preteen dancing tgp took his now hard cock and waved it at kelso. "But first, why don't you join me in being undressed?" pre teen cumshots In a flash Kelso naturist girls preteen was as nude as Buddy and like most people that saw it for the first time Buddy gasped at the sight of kelso's huge cock. "Holly damn, that petite preteen nudes is beautiful Michael, its as big as all the rumors said it is." Kelso got a big grin on his face and said, "ya its big ain't it?" "Big, that is immense," and with that Buddy wrapped his hand around the long fat shaft, his fingers preteen pink world just making it all the way around it. Kelso was not just standing around, he took hold of Buddy's not small cock and told him his was nice too. Then their lips met and a duel of tongues ensued, with no winner, but also no loser. Hands roamed over round ass cheeks and probed tight puckers. Buddy's hole completely hairless, while kelso's hairy preteen nudists had a small amount of silky hair running up his ass crack. "I'll give 2 hours to stop that" Buddy moaned. Kelso maneuvered their entwined young top preteen bodies to the bed and they sat on the pedo preteenporn edge still kissing but now grabbing each others hard throbbing cocks. Breaking the kiss Buddy said, " I want you to fuck me Michael." preteen illegal galleries Buddy did not preteen xxx stories normally swear and also he preferred to be a top preteen art girls but he needed to feel Kelso's big cock up his ass. "Only if you do me afterwords" Kelso said, "but thats for later lover." They scooted further up on the bed and Kelso took Buddy's hard cock in his warm wet mouth. oriental preteens He went to the short hairs in one swift plunge down Buddy's 6 1/2" shaft. "Oooohhh god that feels good" Buddy moaned. Kelso licked up and down the preteens squirting shaft and around his shaved pubes. It felt kind of weird, like he was having sex with an over developed child, but it also turned him on a whole lot. He licked and sucked Buddy's balls in their tight sack. He preteen schoolgirl asses licked down preteen suck illegal to that spot below the balls to the edge of Buddy's ass and then preteen top100 nude lifting Buddy's legs he swiped his tongue over the small pink pucker. This got another moan from Buddy but not as loud as when Kelso forced his tongue into preteen links cp the hole and fucked Buddy with his long tongue. Moaning and thrusting his hips at kelso trying to get striped preteens more tongue in him Buddy was in heaven. "Michael, please you better stop or I will schoolgirls preteen art cum right now." Hearing this Michael went back to Buddy's cock and resumed naked preteen bodies sucking the tender head into his mouth. Buddy grabs Kelso's head and face fucks his new lover and after 3 or 4 thrust begins to cum. The first blast hits the back of Kelso's throat and he pulls part way off of the shooting cock so he can taste the sweet boy juice before he swallows it. "HHHmmm tasty stuff" Kelso says as Buddy finishes cumming. Breathing hard Buddy says, "there's more where models preteenx nude that came from babe, but right now I want to get some of that man meat you got swinging between your legs." Kelso spreads out on the bed, his arms flung out preteen but tgp to his sides and his legs spread tiny preteens nude wide. "Help yourself, I'm all yours" Kelso says with a smile. Buddy started at Mikael's ears and kissed his way across Kelso's soft lips to his neck and down preteen taboo story his chest to his pointy nipples. He sucked first one then the other and then moved down to Michaels bell button and licked in nn preteen sites and pre teen illigel around it. That happened to be a sensitive spot on Kelso and he squirmed around until Buddy moved on preteens online free and followed the happy trail to erotic preteen tales his prize, Kelso long, fat cock. Taking the cock in skinnydipping preteen girls his hand he held it up and licked the huge head and then down the shaft. Down under the cock to the balls free thumbnails preteen preteen nde art and up the other side and then back to the cock head. It was so big he had trouble getting his mouth around it, but it slipped in his mouth and about halfway down his throat. Once he was past the preteen underwear x head he was able to deep throat Michael preteens swimsuits pics with ease, but he only pulled back to the head at first. He was fingering kelso's dry hole as he blew him and he could not penetrate Kelso's pucker. Pulling all the way off of the cock he licked down under Kelso's big balls up Kelso's hairy crack to the target, the pink pucker. He lapped at Michaels hole like a starving man. 14 y.o preteens At the same time he was stroking the long length of kelso's meat. When Buddy had the hole model preteens nn good and wet he poked a slim latin preteen video finger in and then another and then a third. "Oh fuck, what are you doing to me? Shit Thats great, more." Ask for more and more you get, Buddy now had four fingers in Kelso's asshole and was ramming preteen nudes sex them in and out. While preteen pornvideos still fucking Michael with almost his whole hand Buddy started to suck the big cock. He wanted to get the treasure that filled those big balls and it was not long before Kelso grabbed nonude preteens gallery Buddy's head and forced him fully erotic preteen pussy onto his cock. Buddy was breathing through his nose, if he had not been a swimmer preteen model new he might have passed out from lack preteens naked pic of air. Now Kelso was fucking Buddy's face and Buddy was finger fucking Kelso's ass and then kelso began to cum. You would have thought he hadn't shot in a week, when in fact he had fucked Jackie that morning. (yuch) preteen cum gay When he was drained and Buddy was laying beside him, both gasping for air preteen boys shower Kelso turned to him and said, "you are fantastic Buddy." "do you think so babe?" "Is your ass as hot as your mouth" Kelso asked him as he brushed his lips across Buddy's. "Only one way to find out, how do you imageboard preteen nude want me?" pret
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