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Related post: Date: Mon, 09 Oct 2000 05:54:09 GMT From: Dream Spinner Subject: "The Brewsters and the Sandman" (t/b, incest)Caution/Welcome. This is a story involving four brothers, two preteens and two fourteen-year- olds, their classmates, their teachers, a couple preschool cousins, and that man who sneaks into little children's bedrooms in the dark of night while they're snuggled in their beds. No, not your funny uncle that everybody talks about in whispers. I mean the Sandman. This story is posted at free gay adult story sites for adult entertainment only. Permission is not given to copy electronically nor in any other form for the purpose of redistribution or posting at sites other than those described here. This is the eighteenth of the Brewster Boys special events and myths series. Readers are welcome to send the author, J.O. Dickingson, comments, story suggestions and little cousins at The Brewster's advice for today: embarrassed by the telltale evidence of those wet dreams? Wear a condom to bed. Besides, you never know who might be joining you. little lolita nude links The Brewsters and the Sandman "So, anyway, dumb ls preteen lolita paysites Conrad goes, 'well, we can do more pushups than you two wimps any day', and I go, 'oh yeah, you wanna bet pussy real lolita top sites boy?', and of course he goes, lolis preteens hot sex 'any time geek boy' so the four of us drop to the floor right there," explained fourteen-year-old Brent to his two younger brothers. "Yeah, Conrad and Jason are such morons," agreed his twin brother Brett, referring to two arrogant fellow basketball players and foils of the Brewster brothers, Jason Smyth-Jones and Conrad Blackwell. The two rich, popular, and good-looking jocks had throughout junior high teased the twins about their long hair, effeminate looks and scholarly interests. They had also teased them, along with anyone else who wore jockey briefs, about their choice in underwear, claiming that real men, men who had something between their legs worth talking about, wore boxers. The twins had finally gotten back at the boys by masquerading as girls and tricking them into dating them back in May, and then culminating and consummating their relationship on April Fools Day, accompanied, of course, with appropriate documentation for future use. Thinking they had destroyed the incriminating videotape of their date and not knowing the boys had slipped them a blank one, the two jocks began teasing Brett and Brent all the more, knowing very well the twins could not tell anyone about their prank without revealing that they had been the hot "girls" everyone had seen dating Jason and Conrad. In retaliation, the twins used their Polaroids of the two jocks in their kiddy Pokemon underwear to blackmail them into wearing Cheryl Elwood's panties on Bastille Day, and then used their light fingers and book of magic to reveal what they were wearing to the entire community. Since then, the two jocks had intensified their teasing and had become obsessed by their feud. The two were intent on finding ways to put down or embarrass the twins as badly as they had been embarrassed. In turn, Brent and Brett had responded to the teasing by spreading rumours that the two boys did not just like to wear panties, but were transvestites and closet lovers. "So we accepted the challenge, but not before we bet them." "What did you bet?" "The looser has to wear girl's panties and have their toenails painted on the first day of school next week." "So what happened?" asked Benny, his hazel eyes twinkling in merriment. "You beat them of course." "Yeah, we won easy," said Brent. "I can't wait until they strip for gym on Monday." "Yeah," agreed Brett. preeteen underage lolita panties "I can't believe the morons agreed to the bet so fast." "Well, they've been trying to act so macho ever since Bastille Day they really thought they could beat us. They forgot how light we are we had no trouble doing more pushups than those muscle-bound dickheads." "Besides, you get lots of practice doing pushups," grinned their kid brother Bobby, jerking his hips to and fro suggestively. "With you always sticking your cute butt in the air and asking us to stuff it, how can we help it?" observed Brett with a brotherly smile. "That was a great plan," observed Benny, "cept for one thing." "What's bbs nude lolita samples that?" his three brothers asked. "We don't go to school on Monday, remember? It's a holiday. Columbus Day? Duuuh?" "Oh yeah." "How could we forget that!" Columbus Day at one time had been a major celebration, but with the First Nations becoming more politically active, and not particularly overjoyed about celebrating something that marked the commencement of the Europeans taking over their pictures of naked lolitas land, many towns, including theirs, had begun taking a low key attitude toward the day. "So we just have to wait for Tuesday," observed underground yahoo groups lolita Brent "Cept we don't have gym on Tuesdays," Brett reminded his twin brother "Oh damn! That's right!" "Bet those dickheads knew if they lost and had to pay the bet, nobody would know." "You should have had some witnesses." "But then they would know those goons were wearing panties because of the bet, not because they liked to, which is what we wanted everyone to think." "But if they knew about there being no phys ed, they would have realized nobody would know you were paying the bet if you'd lost either, so what would be the point?" "They didn't give a fuck about the bet or the panties. All they were interested in was beating us at pushups so they could lolita teen little young brag about it to the guys." "Damn!" cursed Brent. "Now nobody's gonna know about their toes. That idea of yours was so wicked too!" "Now who's the morons?" asked Benny with a wicked grin. With his fine dark brown hair gelled and highlighted with blond streaks, and with his high cheekbones and fine nose and mouth, the four-foot-ten, ninety-four pound twelve-year-old was an attractive boy with a devilish look about him. The twins wrinkled up their noses and stuck their tongues out at their younger brother as they gave him the finger. Benny responded by spinning around and bending over. Not only was he good-looking, he had an attractive, compact backside. "Anyway, speaking of pushups and my cute butt, now that the brats are oh fuck!" cursed Bobby at the sound of the crash. Running his fingers through his dark brown, spiked hair, the boy, who had just preteen lolita models movies turned eleven a week ago, rolled his hazel eyes and frowned along with his brothers, twelve-year-old Benny and the fourteen-year-old twins, Brent and Brett. "So whose turn is it to go downstairs and tell the brats to get to sleep?" "Brett's," said Brent. "Brent's," said Brett. "Yours," observed Benny. "Up yours, I went last time," replied Bobby. "Did not." "Did too." "No way." "Hey, listen." The boys did. "I think they finally fell asleep." A sudden thump and a crash from the basement caused the boys to sigh. "Let's all go," suggested Brett, and the four boys reluctantly got to their feet. The boys' cousins, five-year-old Markey and his six-year-old brother Josh, had been interrupting the boys all evening. Their Aunt Tammy, their father's sister from Canada, and her husband, Uncle David, had come to spend the Columbus Day weekend with cgi board loli boys them, and had gone out with their parents, leaving the boys to babysit. That had been fine with the boys, who looked forward to any time they were alone so they could surf the net for new hot sites or chat with their Texas cousins on icq. Also, at the end of August, they had made friends with a Makah boy who had just turned fifteen, and they were eager to share some of the hot sites they knew with him. Besides, they enjoyed babysitting and often babysat some of the young neighbour boys, so had figured the boys would be in bed and sound asleep by now. They had even given them warm milk and read them a bedtime story to speed things up. Their two little cousins, however, had been up constantly, and had caught them in the computer room viewing sites they should not be in and fiddling with themselves three times so far. That the boys wouldn't have minded except for the fact that when you are five and six, you don't always keep your mouth shut. Approaching the guest room, they paused at the door. There was silence. Maybe they had finally dropped off. Brett very slowly and cautiously opened the door. There in the light of the full moon was a tall dark figure leaning over the two small boys sprawled out on the bed in their pajamas, a tall scarecrow of a man lolita nude 13 14 with a pale, thin face with a narrow nose and jutting jaw, dressed in a top hat and tails. One scrawny hand was reaching out toward Josh's mouth, the other for the unsuspecting boy's crotch. The four brothers glanced at each other, and without a thought free preteen lolitas com for their own safety, threw open the door and rushed in. Leaping upon the figure, they wrestled him to the floor with a resounding crash. "Ow, fuck!" "You okay Bobby?" "I landed on a fuckin' truck or something! Right on my fuckin' butt!" "Shit he's got long legs!" "He's fuckin' strong for a skinny guy," Benny grunted as he tried to hold down an arm. "You might as well quit struggling, you can't fight the four of us," advised Brett. The intruder did not take his advice. Despite the fact the two twins, almost fifteen years old, were healthy and athletic, they were light boned, and like their two younger brothers, on the slender side, and the man, despite his scrawny appearance, was wiry and strong. Even at four to one the boys were having a difficult time keeping him pinned down. "Geez, Bobby," complained Brent as he sat down on the man's lolitas free pics nudist right calf and pushed down on his knee in an attempt to stop him from getting up. "What are you doing photo children nude lolita pulling down his fly? young tiny lolita pussy You're supposed to be helping us hold this dude down, not messing with his dick." "That's our lolita young child bbs kid brother," observed Brett as he struggled with the intruder's other leg. "One track mind." "Fuck you," replied Bobby. "I'm undoing his pants so we can pull them down and tangle up his legs." "Oh. Yeah. Good idea," the twins chorused. "Well, thank you brothers," replied Bobby, having easily accomplished his goal of getting the man's pants over his hips with years of experience of pulling down the trousers of reluctant boys lolitas topless models com and men. "Boys," said the man, gasping between breaths modelos lolitas non nudes as he spoke for the first time. "You're making a mistake. Let me go." "What mistake? You broke into our house," accused Brett. "And were gonna mess with our cousins," added Brent. "I wasn't." "Oh yeah? We image board loli ru seen ya reaching out for Josh," said Benny. "Yeah, we seen ya," chorused his brothers. "It wasn't what you think." "Oh sure," the boys all said, having by then tangled up his legs with his trousers. Undoing his belt, they lashed his ankles together with it. They'd used that line often themselves. "Honest. I can explain," the man said, his voice so soft and gentle it was a whisper. "Oh sure," Brett replied as the boys used one of the belts of their little cousins to lash his wrists together and then pulling them fresh new lolita galleries above his head, using the belt of their other cousin to then tie his bound wrists to the foot of the guest bed. Having bound him up securely, they turned on the lights. Their two cousins, having been woken by the noise and cursing, were sitting on the bed in their pajamas, their legs pulled up under them, and staring at the man on the floor in wide-eyed wonder. The intruder, six-foot-six and a hundred and thirty pounds, looked to be in his late sixties to the boys. He was dressed in tails, his black waistcoat, vest, trousers and top hat, which was laying on the floor beside him, having a fine sprinkling of golden flecks. His shirt and socks were a pale silver, and his boxers were a navy blue with a pattern of stars and crescent moons. He had a thin, gaunt face, ghostly white with pale blue eyes and long, thin, wispy white hair down to his shoulders, a long, narrow nose, and a best lolita castle tgp prominent cleft chin. Looking at him from
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