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Related post: Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 03:18:44 -0500 From: Charlie Subject: Kenny Part 10 To Everyone, a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING! This is a story about a love between two young boys. The usual disclaimers apply: If you are under the age of 18, or reading such material is illegal in your jurisdiction, then please leave this story unread now. There are within the story explicit descriptions of sex between boys, but that is not the main theme; so if your thing is reading stories that are purely sex in nature then this story will probably not be to your liking. The story is made up of both fact and fantasy. The people herein are real, but their names have been changed. The rest of the story, as I said, is a mixture of fact and fantasy . . . perhaps how I wish it had happened. As to what is fact and what isn't, I shall keep that to myself. Suffice to say that the details of the intimate encounters contained herein are more than likely not exactly as stated. The encounters did happen, but not necessarily as described here. After all, who was taking notes?I have named this chapter "The Helicopters," not because it is all about helicopters, but because of a very special event that happened. I have played a dirty trick on y'all by forcing you to decide just what is fact and what is not. But I did want you to know that the helicopter incident is ABSOLUTELY TRUE! And so was its effect. To this day I have no idea if my analysis was correct or not, but it made sense to me then and it still does. I suspected Kenny of setting the whole thing up, as the Collins family was so good at doing, but he swore a thousand times that it happened spontaneously. He was so adamant that he'd not planned it, I just have to believe him. But there is no doubt in my mind that a simple little conversation that lasted no more than fifteen minutes changed my entire life! Kenny_10: The Helicopters A lot of the things that happened starting the end of August were pretty predictable, but at the time I would never have predicted any of them. There were also some surprises. In fact lots of them! We had really taken my father's comments seriously, and vowed to prove him wrong. Anyone who has had a Gay relationship, even in the 90's, knows that we are constantly on trial, as if everyone is waiting for the chance to say "There, you see? I knew it wouldn't last." They say that gay relationships don't last, that the social pressures are too great, that it's unnatural, two men can't live together, and on and on ad nauseam! Well, you are wrong, society! I don't think the Hetero record is all that great these days either. But the fact remains if you're committed, you're committed! If you're not, you're not! But back on subject, I think we did a pretty good job of cheering up too, but there were other things - things we hadn't counted teen porn video school on. I was accepted by St. Lukes as their new organist. My induction ceremony was to be Labor Day Sunday. Oh yes, the music committee made a big deal out of photo teen porn it, saying that the organist was in many ways a Minister. Of course no one including myself was comfortable with calling me that, because of my age, experience, and total lack of any Seminary training; but functionally the committee went into a great deal of detail to explain that the organ was the first thing everyone who entered would hear, and so pregnant blonde teen porn like it or not I set the mood. The organ starting and stopping was often the cue for various activities during the worship service, so timing was important. There were two Sunday services, morning and youn hot teen porn evening; youth choir Sunday afternoon, senior choir Thursday evening; teen porn resource and of course there were weddings and funerals. Of course in good teenage fashion I hadn't thought about all that, but I found the prospect strangely exciting. Kenny got a good laugh when I told him I was about to become the Minister of Music, saying gleefully that he thought Minister of something else would be more appropriate. He didn't have to say what that something was, I already knew. Before accepting the position I felt it only right to tell them about Kenny and me. John Whittaker was definitely against it, but I convinced him that since I was in a relationship they might find out anyway, so he went with me to tell George. George wasn't very thrilled about it, even going so far as to inform me that if he'd known at the outset, I would not have been a candidate. "But," he said, "I got to know you first, so I know you're not all bad. But I think we should keep this our little secret." "But what about when the rest of the committee finds out?" I worried. "You just leave them to me," he assured me. And so the date was set. John was tutoring me almost daily now. I think it was as important to him that I do well as it was to me; maybe even more so! He didn't work very much on the mechanics of playing because he said that would come with time; but he lectured and demonstrated tirelessly on the techniques: which stops were appropriate for which occasions, when to soften the organ down, when to open it up. He explained and drilled me on the correct way to accompany a soloist, be it voice or instrument. At first I was nervous that he might make a pass at me, now that he knew I was gay. He had made it very clear that he found me very attractive, but he was always the gentleman, and aside from a few hugs, frequent caresses of my kinky teen porn neck and shoulders, he made no offer to get intimate. Eventually I relaxed and just became his willing student. I think John and I definitely loved each other, but it was a different love; one that was unencumbered by sex. I still had not found a job, primarily because I wasn't looking all that hard, so Kenny convinced me to at least finish high school since I had a good average and only one year to go. Frankly I was looking forward to that last year. There was in my mind something almost magic about being a Senior, almost as if I were part of the management. Any other alternative would probably mean being apart from Kenny, and that simply was unacceptable. The week after our trip to the beach a carnival came to town. Kenny and I had planned to go on Friday afternoon, and we had invited Timmy along. We would have invited Ron too, but he was out of town. Ron had never shown any interest whatsoever in our bedroom activities, but teen lesbian porn star he was so effeminate we were confident that there must tight wet teen pussy be some gay bones in there somewhere. I guess we were as guilty of stereotyping ourselves as we accused people in general of doing. The plan was simple young teen porn queens enough: Have a great time at the carnival, then back to my place for a night of fun. My father and Ellen would be going fishing for the weekend, as they always did during the summer. Transportation was not a problem because the longest distance between any two points in town was less than two miles. And so we walked. We had a total blow-out at the carnival. We sampled every ride at least once, the Ferris wheel half a dozen times, even the "horsies" on the merry-go-round! We laughed at each other, ran about the midway playing tag and generally just acted like typical obnoxious teens. Of course we weren't trying to be obnoxious, and in our minds we weren't; but there were lots of adults who would dispute that point. When the money ran out, we just roamed around a while, then we headed back to my house. When we got there, as expected, the house was deserted. Even the tenants, the two women who had rented my sister's and my rooms, appeared gone for the weekend. Perfect! I should say at this point that Timmy had no idea what was coming; or should I say we didn't TELL him what we were planning. Looking back, I have a feeling that he had high resolution teen porn his suspicions. By the time we'd had something to eat and cleaned up, it was about 8:00 PM I called Timmy aside as Kenny and I had planned and asked him out of Kenny's hearing, "You remember what you asked me last year?" "Yeah," he answered, looking rather doubtful after all that had happened since then. "You still interested?" I asked. "Sure," he replied, homemade british teen porn "But what about Kenny? I don't want to cause any trouble." "I'll take care of Kenny," I assured him, "You just get ready for a good time." A few minutes later, as I was in the teen porn gallier den where I still slept on the day bed (when I wasn't sleeping with Kenny), Kenny had the exact same conversation with teen, porn Timmy. The plan worked perfectly! Now Timmy was not only curious about the sex itself, but also how we were going to accomplish the whole thing, each of us apparently not knowing that the other had the same plan. This was starting to be fun already! Everything we said, every move we made, got a sharp look of expectation from Timmy. He was very nervous, but also anticipating what was coming and trying to analyze our every move for signs that we were starting to "handle" each other. In the S&M community they have a thing they call a "safe word." This is a word or phrase that all agree to before a "scene" whereby the torturee can use if the activity gets too intense. Of course in 1954 I had never heard of S&M or safe words, but I did basically the same thing with Timmy. "If you want me to stop at any point," I instructed, "Just say 'that's enough' and I'll stop, with no hard feelings, ok?" "Sure," Timmy said as I led him to the bedroom, "But what about Kenny? Where'd he go?" "I think he's gone out to the garage," I told him, "But I told you, don't worry about him, I'll handle him." The first thing I noticed was how small and delicate Timmy's hands were. I had never before thought of one's hands as being erotic, but Timmy's definitely were turning me on. They were like the rest of him: more child-like than bordering on adulthood. His fingers were long and slender, his nails perfectly manicured; the skin on the backs of his hands was so silky-smooth I could not resist rubbing them gently as we walked the few feet from the kitchen to the den. Once inside I gently pushed the door closed, then wrapped my arms around his small frame and planted a deep, wet kiss directly on his lips. Timmy emitted a gasp of pure surprise, then another, this time it came from pleasure as my tongue found gay teen boys free his. "Remember," I said when we'd broken the kiss, "'that's enough' at any time will stop whatever's going on, ok?" "Ok," he panted, "But so far I'm ok. Or at least I will be if ketrin nude teen you kiss me again." I did kiss him again, only this time he was ready for me. As I've said before, Timmy's stature bore no resemblance to the functioning of his brain. In that department he was fully developed, extremely bright, and a very quick learner. So when our lips touched again, his tongue was there, anxiously awaiting mine. I probed every crevice of his mouth, then he did the same to me. He was moaning softly as was I. This was going to be one killer evening! Timmy broke the kiss suddenly and exclaimed "What the..." and then grinned. Kenny, who had been standing behind the door when we came into the room, had got on his knees and was now working Timmy's jeans off his small frame. He had somehow managed to undo the belt buckle and top snap undetected, and the said garment was now descending, revealing Timmy's shapely legs and pure white briefs. Timmy the quick learner had already figured teen get angry porn out what we were up to, and the look on his face told us that we weren't going to hear fucking teens sex "that's enough" any time soon. "Can I do that to you guys?" Timmy asked shyly. "You'd better," Kenny grinned, "We have a rule that says no one undresses himself." That being said, we all kicked off our shoes, I pulled Timmy's T-shirt off over his head, and Kenny and I stood there waiting for this totally gorgeous boy, now dressed only in his briefs, to pull our jeans down. I watched those hands - those beautiful hands, as they fumbled with my belt buckle. They were shaking nervously, or was it anticipation? But they were not shaking too much to do their job, and soon my jeans were also heading for the free teen porn tgp floor. He turned his attention to Kenny and did the same, revealing the loudest, pinkest boxer shorts I had ever seen. "Boxers?" I questioned. "Yeah, Kenny said, "Like 'em? I just got 'em." "I love 'em!" I exclaimed, "Except--except I can't see those gorgeous buns of yours." With that I yanked the boxers downward, and Kenny was exposing his very hard member. Timmy gasped. Kenny reached his thumbs into the waistband of my briefs and they were around my ankles, revealing tha
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