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Related post: Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2006 09:31:11 +0000 (GMT) From: Andrew xx Subject: Kath Goes To London Part 1This was naked preteen life written a while ago. What was I thinking on Christmas Day???? This is erotic fiction and preteen porn index is for adults only. Depending on where you are, this could mean you must be over 18 or over 21. If you're preteens child gallery offended by stories about consensual sex between men and women, please read no further. You have been warned!COPYRIGHT: 25 DECEMBER 2002. May not be reproduced or distributed without written permission from the author.INTRODUCTIONThis is a story in several parts, starting with F solo, FFM encounter, FFF, FFM and so on. Read them in sequence to get the best out of it! There are sections of narrative that build the characters and scenes. Don't skip them to get to the sexy parts because if you know the background, the sexy parts are even sexier! I would welcome comments from women as well as men, as nonnude preteen upskirt both Jack and Jill preteen fucksex went up the hill together! Send comments to the address in asia preteen my profile.*Kath opened her fucking preteen hardcore post with shaking hands. She was anxious but not worried about the contents of the letter marked "Private and confidential." She knew who had sent the letter, and why; but she didn't know what detail it contained.Kath was a healthy woman, in her prime. She wondered whether she was middle-aged or not. Was 42 middle aged these days? Sometimes she naturist preteens pics felt young and carefree and yet other days she felt worn and tired. She exercised regularly and enjoyed a good diet of fresh food and fruit. OK, she could afford to lose a few pounds around her middle, but she was in pretty good shape. Not particularly tall, she had a graceful elegance as she walked. Her legs were shapely; her bottom was soft and roundly curved but well proportioned for her height. Her breasts were those of a mother of two children, ample, slightly droopy fotos hot preteens and subtly veined. underground preteen porn Nevertheless, they showed Kath was a real woman.Kath enjoyed sex and had been quite adventurous with her husband. She often had solo sex too and masturbated just for the preteen tiny beauties fun of it, as she had earlier that morning in her bath. preteensex top 100 She loved to torment herself with the slow build-up to orgasm using her showerhead to rain water down on her sex. It always gave a thrill, but lately it jpg preteen took ages to achieve her climax, even if she used her fingers to delve in her bushy pubic hair to find her clitoris to massage it more forcefully.>From the magazines Kath read, she knew that she cuti hot preteens was like many other women. For quite some time her body lacked the ability to orgasm with ease, and sometimes not at all. Sure, she tried all sorts of techniques either preteen porn pthc by herself or with her lover. But something either in her mind, body or spirit seemed to deny her ultimate pleasure. Naturally, being a sensible woman, Kath visited her GP who put it down to stress. The doctor didn't even examine her, but without too much thought, did ask questions about her sex life and general lifestyle.Doctor Stevens had been in practice for well over 40 years preteens russian and was approaching retirement. Either he didn't care or wasn't trained sufficiently to read the signs that were causing poor Kath such distress. Actually, Doctor Stevens poo-pooed even the idea of the female orgasm and to him, a healthy libido was a dutiful once a month quickie that was more for the man's benefit than hers. This reflected more on his view of life than any current medical shocking little preteens thinking. He hadn't read a medical or scientific training magazine for years, and most of his patients were men! Kath made a mental note to change her GP.Kath was desperate preteen hardcore video because her recent low sex drive affected her marriage. Being bright, intelligent and in need, she asked for a second opinion. Stevens suggested the local hospital, but preteen full size Kath simply became angry when that was suggested. She wanted action, and needed it now, not in 6 months or a year when the local hospital got around to her case! As a member of a private healthcare scheme, she demanded that Stevens referred her immediately to a consultant. Dr Stevens reluctantly agreed. He could not see any justification for all this private nonsense. His patients should wait for the NHS to creak into action. One patient was as important (or unimportant) as the next. But on Kath's insistence, he wrote to a Harley Street consultant gynaecologist called Andrew Maxim, whose name he grudgingly found in a medical directory. The letter she read contained the address and time of her appointment.On the day of her meeting, sexy preteen schoolgirls Kath entered the quaint and well furnished London consulting rooms russian preteen portal of Mr Maxim and was greeted by Jayne, the receptionist and medical nurse who had joined the practice soon after graduating with honours at a major London medical school. Tall and willowy, Jayne was simply stunning with bright hazel eyes that set off her complexion and auburn hair. Kath gave her the once-over and estimated a long size 8 or 10, and her age to preteen bbs be early to mid twenties.Jayne greeted Kath with a professional but warm and welcoming smile that spoke volumes. Kath couldn't understand what was being said subliminally, but she felt safe in this threatening environment. After all, Kath had received dark preteens video a few internal exams in her time, and none were enjoyable. The thought of her feet in stirrups and her legs preteen erotic pix open for display was distinctly unpleasant.Jayne asked Kath to sit down across her desk and began to take details about Kath's history and referred to the notes and letter from Dr Stevens. Suddenly, Kath was overwhelmed with emotion and panic when she told preteen metart models Jayne about her intimate problem. Jayne tried to comfort her with kind words and explanations, but as she was speaking, tears welled up in Kath's eyes. She was desperate for a solution and told Jayne that it had been months since she had enjoyed a fast and strong orgasm. Jayne got preteen beach girls up from her side of the desk and went to comfort Kath who was sobbing quietly."There, there", said Jayne. "You'll see that Mr Maxim will preteen foot licking be able to diagnose the trouble, and maybe find a cure. He's very experienced and you'd be surprised how many women leave his care feeling a whole lot better. In fact, some ladies have a whole course of treatment lasting several months, and seem to be almost pleased to come back!"Whilst Jayne was talking, she had her arms around Kath's shoulders and gently hugged her. Kath began to feel comforted and sexy preteens legs sensed that the hug was perhaps more than just a sign of professional care. She also smelled Jayne's perfume and looked at her beautiful hands and pretty face and radiant eyes. Jayne smiled and Kath felt a warm pedo sites preteen shiver creep across her body. She had never felt this way before and was puzzled but strangely attracted to this new feeling. Jayne returned to her desk and Kath felt relieved and less pressurised. She relaxed visibly and as Jayne finished her notes, Kath read some of the magazines in the reception area whilst waiting for preteen lesbains pics Mr Maxim.Andrew Maxim was late. Having been at the gym, he ran up the flight of stairs that led from his parking space at the back of his office to preteen naked foto his surgery. It was strange that Mr Maxim was called Mister, because only a few weeks ago he had been called Doctor. But now, as a fully-fledged consultant, his appellation changed. He chuckled to himself as he thought of the reason for this fast rise to becoming a consultant. preteen non nunde He had pioneered a new method of curing a particular type of sexual preteen girls vids dysfunction in women; and had studied hard and perfected his technique and his reputation had reached world status. It seemed the only medic who didn't know of his prowess was a quack called Stevens who just happened to be the GP of his next patient!In the adjoining room, Jayne and Kath were chatting amiably, and gradually Kath skirt preteen boy became accustomed to Jayne's obvious caring and professional ways. Jayne explained that Mr Maxim would be ready soon and that preteen japanese pedo she would often act as a chaperone as well as assistant to him. In that way, Kath could be sure that nothing preteenl fashion photo untoward would happen. In the short time that Kath had been in Jayne's care, the two ladies had already established a rapport that was an additional comfort to the optimistic thought that at last, Kath would be able to fully enjoy sex. But in the back of Kath's mind was the question of exactly how Mr camel preteen toe Maxim would be able to solve her problems. She did not enjoy pain, and was rather shy and did not relish the idea of even taking her clothes off in front of another person, let alone undergo an intimate examination. After all, what's so nice about a painfully stretched vagina during an exam?Andrew stepped out of the shower in the private bathroom next to his surgery. As a fit 49-year-old at the peak of his career, the only flaw with him was his arrogant streak. But this blatant exhibition of power was justified as he was a brilliant physician and all his patients loved him as much as the results he was able to provide. He wasn't particularly tall, nor model-like slim and firm, but he radiated a magnetism that went far beyond the purely physical. He kept himself underwear preteen pictures fit and although balding, he kept his appearance clean, sharp, youthful and handsome.He shaved closely and applied a special balm to his face that soothed and moisturised and smelled delicious. It was his own special recipe of patchouli, lavender and ylang-ylang blended into a non-greasy but rich vitamin E base. His face shone with health and he winked at himself in the mirror as he straightened his Italian silk tie that he had bought in Milan during a conference; super cute preteens across the preteen sex tits collar of his Thomas Pink of Jermyn Street shirt. Yes, he looked dashing, and this was part of his charm. He exuded not private preteen model power in an evil sense, but an established confidence that was incredibly attractive.Andrew opened the door leading to the reception room and smiled warmly to Kath as he greeted her and ushered her into his consulting room. The room itself was well furnished with a desk, a couple of easy chairs, two sets of silk fabric covered screens and a white slide viewing light box on the wall. There were some pictures of mountains covered in snow with jagged peaks surrounded preteen picrures by cloud. In the corner of the room was preteen top 50 a set of skis that were there to remind him that every now and then he needed to get away from it all and enjoy himself in a different way from the norm. The skis were a diversion for the patients to talk about, because really Mr Andrew Maxim enjoyed his nude pedo preteens work completely and couldn't imagine a better time and place anywhere on earth, even half way up a mountain in Courcheval. Kath fidgeted in her seat whilst Mr Maxim read her notes and considered his best course of action. When he spoke, his voice was rich, bold, strong and confident. He told Kath that he knew, really knew and understood what was making her so sad. She could hear in his tone preteenincest pics that he had the answers and she fell under his pleasant preteen erotic storys spell. But she still feared the process itself. Although petite preteens she had no real so hot preteen idea about the treatment, she knew that she would certainly reveal herself fully to his power."You seem a bit worried," said Mr Maxim. "What's on your mind?" "It's just that I really want to have an orgasm easily but
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