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Related post: Date: Thu, 4 May 2000 15:59:00 -0700 (PDT) From: samuel taylor Subject: "A Brother's Keeper" male authoritarian sectionDisclaimer: This story is for mature adults only, minors under 18 do not read. Story contains same sex themes and actions.A Brother's Keeper: by jared Damion is a hard working youth that gets up at 5am in the morning to stock shelves at his friend's family grocery store, a dead end job that, pays a decent tiny little loltia preteen wage to pay for his rent loung lolita porn sites and nude preteen lollies bbs his small blue hatchback car, a 1980 Ford escort, real lolita s pic which has no nude model lolly kept kicking despite the many cross country trips he has taken over the long summers in the recent years of graduatingfrom highschool. underage ukrainian lolita models Damion thought of joining the military as a Army paratrooper, but he felt he couldn't compete with the muscle bound jocks that can join,and become beautiful soldiers, besides he was always afraid of crashing in a plane during some military training exercise. He put lolita top pay portal his army plans in subconscious wetdreams while masturbating, thinking free lolita baby 8yo of a tall young asian lolita gallery Ayran boot camp instructor humiliating him infront of the other privates, he would forced russian loli porn 16 to kiss the ground a 100 times while free preteens lolitas tgp the instructor would blast him with human brainwashing insults that would break his puny concept of manhood. Damion knew he was a submissive guy as he took to bad little redhead lolita discreet encounters with his manager an older dude, that took Damion under his wing lolicon cartoon nude 12y a few years back, when Damion was a foul mouthing disrspectful, heroine junkie punk, homeless and parentless, russian lolita jpg xxx since his parents, disowned him. Damion was trying to steal Sean his manager's lolitas pre teens russia car radio, one night, in the parking lot of the grocery preteens virgins lolitas bbs store. Sean a tall blonde haired, youth of 28, hazel green eyes, has alizee moi lolita download a slight surfer's lolita girls almost nude build and slender thighs. He grabbed Damion from the back and wrestled the metal jimmy lock out his hand. After a swift blow boys teens lolitas bbs to Damion's groin, Sean pulled him up and slammed him into the car door. "You fucking prick!" Seth screamed, as he punched Damion in the stomach, so hard Damion puked up his, scanty lunch of stolen Ramen noodles and coke. Now Seth's car covered with puke, Damion tried to cry out for mercy. Seth had tiny lolita pussy pictures a cell phone to call the lolitas top 100 com police, but he decided not to, because after he took a good look at the culprit, he was amazed how similar he looked like his deseased brother Adam, who was killed lolitas bbs images pictures in a boating accident mid teen lolita models five summers ago, as he had a brain aneurism while stepping out of the water after a swim and collapsed upon red lagoon lolita bbs the deck. For a moment Sean became teary-eyed as he saw his brother's likeness in this fucked up kid. Instead, Seth magic teen free lolita grabbed some rope and tied Damion up and threw loli xxx free gallery in the back seat. Damion scared, crying and bound anya lolita ls models pissed himself, as he tried to scream profanities at Seth. Seth tired of this, punched Damion in ukranian lolitas tgp the face,a nd gagged him with a hankerchief. He jump in his car and headed home to the suburb, blasting young tits lolita biz his favorite metal music. Seth is from Virginia, a Southern pretten nude bikini lolitas boy who likes to wear small tit girls lolitas his hair long, and in a pony tail. He was raised by a strong father, who sexy little panties lolitas taught him about hard work and hospitality. One thing tiny lolita models links Seth was taught was the priciple of being a provider for his brothers/mankind. "Take care lolita hard porn pics of the weak russia sexy lolita pictures Seth, you never know when your going to need them on your side." Seth's family owned slaves in the early days, but his family did treat their slaves with young lolita image fap respect bambi tasty anal lollipo and dignity, even if it meant that they had to remain nymphet lolitas baby rompl on the farm against their free will. Seth's family never had slave revolts, and lolita preteen hard core when Emancipation came after the Civil War, Some of the slaves, stayed because of loyality. They actually protected the property from being burned from the Union soldiers. Also Seth's family had white men indentured servants too. Well Seth's ancestors continued the principle of being a brother's keeper. Today, the family has no plantation, but does have loli pre teen gallery a grocery store which has always hired those in need of a job. Seth thought about helping out this punk kid, and getting him on his feet. He lived in a nice house with spare room. As he preteen lola bbs cp drove, Damion fell asleep, Seth, thought of a reform plan for his new found thief. When Seth arrived home, he lead Damion by the bound arms into the house and sat him down in the kitchen. With the bright light, he saw a beautiful boy with black hair and blue eyes. Damion still gagged, tried to talk. Seth pulled out the rag, and Damion started freaking out young tiny little lolitas "Fuck man I am 13 yo topless lolita sorry, Please don't hurt me, free pre lolita photos I will asian lolita pussy pics pay you, don't call the cops, I am ls studios nude lolita a loli imageboard cp models junky--need money...." Seth slapped him across the nude lolitas very youngest face. "Shut up preteen loli bbs toplist boy!" " I am going to be straight with you" "I want to help you, so listen up! You are are going to work preteens in shorts lolita for me, and be my house boy in exchange I will not call the preteen lolita bbs portals police and after a certain time young loli top porn has passed, I will let you go!" "What a house slave--fuck man your sick!" Damion was really insulting, so much that Seth, kicked his chair out underneath him, and Damion crashed on the floor. "Then should I beat preteen sites lolita sites you and then call the police and hey will beat you again and lolita bbs preteen stories off to jail you go?" Damion pleaded,"Ok Ok I will lolita angels free pics be your slave, please don't fuck me though!" Seth kicked nymphets dream lolita virgins him in the balls, "I am not a fag--boy!" "But if I wanted to you I would just to teach you a lesson!" Damion cried out sharply, "Ok Ok man please....." Seth said," From now on your going to address me SIR! got it!" "Yes, SIR!" Damion said meekly. Seth never intended to have sex with Damion, because he didn't like Damion in a sexual way, russian lolita teen galleries only in lola loli lolis pic a brotherly way. Seth being jelzs little girl lolita bisexual, could satisfy his sexual needs, through a girlfriend he sometimes visits in Baltimore. He could get his masculine desires out by dominating Damion, besides he believes in male bonding and male s/m, as a way to show appreciation for his masculinity. What Damion needs is a an older brother who will reform him and make him a productive citizen. The problem with the way the jails do this is it does add respect to the equation. Sometimes, inter personal reform is better than instituional reform. Be a brother's keeper. Seth told Damion that he will be given clean clothes and and endure a strict regiment as a slave boy. Yes being a slave boy is humiliating but after a while russiaqn teen model lolita a respectful bond will form, and Damion 14y o lolita models will appreciate Seth's generosity. Knowing that Damion is nude nude lolita jpg a thief, Seth told him that he will be strip searched everyday and inspected. He will wear a uniform. He lolitas 7 yo suck will do free teen lolitas bbs chores. He will be given proper clothes and hair cut lolita nymphet cp underage and he will work in the store as he shows signs little young lolitas virgin of maturity. Damion felt ashamed as lolita teen pics 13 Seth dictated his living arrangements, but he understood it was probably better to submit than to protest, since he would free 3d loli pics be given special treatment. Seth also included a list preteen naked lolita pictures of rewards, TV, music,free time and a decent work wage tax free. Damion agreed and Seth made preparations. First took him up to the bathroom and untied him and made him strip. Seeing Damion naked was a pleasure for Seth, but Seth nver mentioned it. It was exciting to have a cute lolita pay sites slave boy to teach and control, nudity was just a perk. Damion's body free young lolitas mpeg was that of a skinny skater punk. extremely little lolitas pics A small penis and small sac and smooth chest lolicon tgp loli magazine with tiny hairs on his top 100 pay lolita nipples. His pubes were black and thick. He was a fine real little lolita pics young dude. Seth watched his new slave wash and sry himself, Damion was embarrassed but,he felt natural. Seth went out and bought a pack of fresh white briefs, socks and crew T's Fruit of the lolita paysites nude top Looms, and a work boy uniform and a shaving kit. Also he bought a pair of tan phtc preteen lolitas bbs kakhis, and a button down plaid shirt, for Damion's trip out. Damion was glad to received his fresh clothes, and thanked his new master. Seth instructed Damion to wear a fresh a pair of briefs, every other day and lolita art nn magazine to make sure public lolita nude rape he folded his clothes perfectly in a pile on a shelf. He was to wear briefs and T and socks only in the house, and a work uniform to work. If he was chilly he would be given sweat loli girls nude pics pants. He was to have his T tucked in perfectly, and his blue lolita panties spread legs and yellow stripe waistband peeking out of his work uniform. He was also given a jock boy cap. Damion felt wicked humilated lolitas free bikini video by his uniform, but also realy turned on lolitas best sites many at shy lolita kids pictures the same time. Seth gave Damion a crew cut. Soon he looked like a handsome boy store clerk, just the kind euro preteen lolita gallery of lolita dream movies tgp image Seth preteenlolita nude models tgp petite lolitas nude pics wanted. Damion at first tried to rebel, but Seth had punishments ready for this. Seth used simple forms of punishments, nothing to abusive. Somtimes he took Damion's work uniform away and made him stand free lolita models legal attention in only his briefs, this made Damion hard, and he started to beg for mercy after a few hours. Somtimes, Damion stood naked. Sometimes he had to do push ups, and jumping jacks. The harshest form was spanking, in which pre tten lolitas babes used once when he lied and he tried to cheat a customer. Damion little loli girls photos was taken home, stripped to his white briefs and socks, white t and layed petite young girls loli out on the bed, Seth took his belt and slapped his ass lolita angels sucking cock red, this made Damion cum very hard and cry in his pillow. He really enjoyed spanking, as he would do small things to piss Seth off. Weeks went by and Damion, grew to like Seth as a brother. Seth to lolita bbs blog preteen dirty loli nude young began to appreciate the help Damion gave lolita young girl naked him. zeps l
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