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Related post: Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 00:04:15 -0700 (PDT) From: slpwriter Subject: Nick Lachey: nud child My Everything-28First of all, let me just say that this is my first time writing any kind of fiction like this.DISCLAIMER: This is a work of total fiction and is not meant to imply anything about the sexualities of Nick and Drew Lachey or anyone else mentioned in this story.Yes it's true. Nick porno children gallery and Jessica are no longer together. I wish them both the best and I porno child sex hope that they both find happiness again one day. Nick's brother, Drew, is married to Lea, his longtime highschool gallery child nudists children sex pussy sweetheart. I wish them all the best in their marriage.If you are too child thai porno young to read this, or if Homosexuality offends you, then please don't continue any further and leave.Other 98 Degrees stories I'd like to recommend are."Give Me Just One Night" by Unanoche. "69 with Jeff Timmons" by Zachary Scott Pritt "Nick Lachey" by Ken. "98 Degrees Is Hot" by Gay Night "The Reunion" by RinSong. and finally: "This Gift" by Sprout.Now, I"ll let you get on with the story.Enjoy. previously on "My Everything".... "I'm sorry, bro." Nick said. "But cut me a little slack. Don't I have a right to be happy?"Drew nodded. sex child tgp "And don't I have a right to have you all to myself? Just for a little while?" He asked Nick, as he wiped at his tears."We're gonna spend lots of time together. I promise." Nick reassured him. "Even after Sean and I are married.""Thanks, Nick." Drew said, smiling. "And now I have underground child porno to ask you, Sean, and all of you guys to forgive me."In response, We all got up and got into a group hug, with Drew in the center. After we broke apart, Drew spoke up again."Nick, Sean had asked me to be his best man at the wedding earlier, but would you mind If I was your best man instead? That way I could make up for hurting you earlier, by attacking Sean. Also, it will give me closure where Sean's concerned."Nick grinned at child gril porno Drew. "Yes, Drew, I'd be honored if you'd be my best man." He said, hugging Drew again."Well then since Drew fuck child girls has ditched my offer, Danny, how would you like to russian child modeels be my best man?" I said, looking at Danny. Danny came over to me and embraced me."I'd love to be your best man." He said, as he hugged me. "You deserve to be happy. I'm just sorry that I won't be here after the wedding."I released him, looking at him, confused. "What are you talking about, Danny?" I asked him. Danny looked at me, sadly."I'm leaving, buddy." He said. "And I don't know when or IF I'll illegal child ever childfuck see you, or the rest of the guys, again."Chapter 28Everyone gasped and stood there, dumbfounded."What do you mean you're leaving and don't know when or if you'll ever see us again?" I exclaimed in shock. " And Why?"Danny took a deep breath and then blurted it out."I'm joining the navy. And we'll be overseas for a long time. I'll be in it for about 8 years." Danny said, sadly. "So I don't know when or if I'll ever see you guys again."The guys all groaned, not liking the idea of Danny leaving, but then I thought of something else."Danny, what about Amber? You're not just going to leave her behind are you?" I asked him. He shook his head."No, she's joining the navy also." He said. "She got accepted and She asked me to go along. I certainly don't want to be without her. Not again. So I've decided to go with her. Besides, I've been xxxchild porno interested in the navy for a while now.""You never mentioned any interest in the navy before, Danny." Jeff said to him. "Why's that?""I wasn't really thinking that I had a reason to join the navy before." Danny said, glancing at Jeff as he spoke. "But now I do. I can't live without Amber babysitter s child and now I'm going childrens pussy photo to make sure she and I are never separated ever again."Jeff sighed heavily, and got up out of his chair, heading ls child sexy to his room, slamming the door behind him. Danny had looked sadly after him as he had gone.We were all shocked fuck pic child at how Jeff had reacted. Even me. But I guess we shouldn't have been surprised. After all Jeff and Danny had become really close since they met. They were like brothers now. They both loved each other a great deal. They were always there for each other whenever the other needed them."Jeff seems to be taking this hard." Kandi, who was sitting next to Justin, said."Yeah, he is, Baby." Justin said, kissing her on the cheek. "He's come to think of Danny like a brother."Here he looked up at Danny and then added: "We ALL have."Danny gave him a small smile. "Thanks, Justin. It means alot to me to hear you say that." He said."No, problem." Jeff said. free nudes children "It's exactly how we all feel.""I have to agree angels porn children with Justin, Danny." Drew said, walking over to Danny and placing his hand on Danny's shoulder. "You've been great with child naturism pics all of us in all the time that we've known you. You're one hell of a guy, Danny Matheson."Danny smiled, tears showing in his eyes indicating that he was ready to cry any minute, and leaned in and grabbed Drew into a bone-crushing hug, which Drew accepted. They stayed that way for about a minute and then they both released each other."I'd better go and talk to Jeff." Danny said, heading down the hallway to Jeff's room. I sighed and turned my head to look out of the window, child sweet porn feeling a sense of loss. Danny and I had been best friends for almost 8 years. And now he was leaving, and the possibility that I may never see him again was overwhelming. I didn't know what to do about it. All I knew is that I was going to miss him. Terribly.I must have really gotten lost in child castration video my thoughts, because I jumped when I felt someone's hot child tgp arm go around me. I whipped my head around, only to see that it was Nick."Penny for your thoughts?" He asked, looking at me, his blue eyes full of concern. I shook my head, nude childporno then leaned into his chest."It's just hard to think about my best friend leaving." I said. "And the possibility that I may never see him again, really hurts.""I know, babe." Nick said, rubbing my arm, as he continued to hold me close. "We all are sad asian child nudism to see him go, but as long as he's happy, that should be enough for us. Right?"I looked up at Nick, confused. "What are you getting at, Nick?" fucking child pics I asked."All I'm saying is if he's happy and wants to do this, who are we to stand in his way?" Nick replied, looking at me, sympathetically and lovingly.I thought about it for a moment and realized that Nick was right. After all, It was Danny's life. If he wanted to join the navy to stay close to Amber and to be with her, who was I to object?""You're right, cutie." galleries child porns I said, caressing Nick's cheek with my thumb and forefinger. "Danny's happiness is all that matters. That's all I've ever wanted for him."Nick smiled and leaned in to kiss me. erotic child I leaned into him and kissed him back, my tongue slipping into his mouth, tasting him. I felt his tongue enter my mouth, wrestling with mine. I broke the kiss a moment later, feeling a little dazed."Wow." I breathed. "That was some kiss."Nick grinned. "And video porno children there will be more kisses like that after we're married too." He said."I can't wait." I said, excitedly, grabbing him into a hug again.As we hugged, I looked around the room and my eyes locked on Drew, who was child lesbian sitting in the chair by the table, looking at us with a sad look on his face. As I watched, I saw two tears make their way down his face. I looked at him and gave him an "I ukrainian childsex understand what you're going through" look, so he'd know that I felt sorry for him. He nodded, reading my look right I guess. He knew me pretty well. almost as well as Nick did.I then turned my head and destinys child lyrics whispered in Nick's ear."Baby, I think Drew needs our comfort and support right now." I whispered to him. "He's sitting over there, crying. I just want to hug him and tell him that I understand what he's going through."Nick hugged me, harder, after I said that. Then he released me, looking into my face, smiling."That's one of the reasons why I love you so much, Sean." He replied. "The way you care about child panty my brother, and my friends enough to want to help them when they need someone."I returned his smile. I was amazed naked children xxx that Nick was taking Drew's feelings for me so well. I guess it's because he knew how much I loved him. He trusted me. I could see it in his eyes. There was no doubt showing there."Well of course, Nick." I replied. " I love Drew, and the rest of the guys too. It hasn't been that long and already I think of you guys as family."Nick smiled, then child abuse reports leaned in to kiss me again. "I'm so glad to hear you say that." He said, breaking the kiss. "I was hoping picz porn children that you'd think of us that way, sooner or later.""Well pic child fuck I do, baby." I real child porno said, giving him another peck on the lips. child toons nude "So, why don't we ask Drew to come over here and sit with us?" I then asked him."Sure. Why not?" He agreed. I then looked up to see that Drew was no longer sitting where he was. fucked child free Justin and Kandi were still sitting where they were, but they were both engrossed in each other and making out that they must not have seen Drew leave."Nick, Drew's gone." I said. As soon as I said that, Nick turned and looked to where Drew was sitting to see that nud children I was right."Hey you two, did you see Drew leave?" Nick said to Justin and Kandi, who were still kissing. They broke apart, hearing Nick talking to them."No, we didn't." Justin said, looking over to where Drew was sitting. "He was sitting right there a moment ago."What about you, Kandi?" I asked her. She shook child sex russia her head."No, I didn't see him leave either." She replied, looking worried."Ok." I said, getting up from the couch. "I'm child pantyhose photo going to go to his room and see if he's there. I really have to talk to him. I've got to get him out of this funk, one way or another."Nick stood up when he heard me say that. "I'm not letting you go in there alone this time." He said. child stars porn "I don't want Drew to hurt you again, like he did earlier.""Nick, I really don't think he would hurt me again." child nudist vidio I said, trying to reassure Nick. "Besides, I saw the look on child kds porn his face when he realized what he had done, before I was knocked unconcious. He was definitely scared."Nick wasn't buying it. "Well still, just child porn websites as a precaution, I'm going to go with you to be sure that he behaves himself around you. Besides, we all know when alt porno children someone's in a nudist children sex highly emotional state, you never can be child feet nudist sure what they're going to do."After he said that, he had me scared. Drew could very easily fall over the edge. Even though he'd said that he'd accepted Nick's and my relationship, it didn't mean that he wasn't all preeten child torn up over it."Sean, are you alright?" Nick said, seeing the horrified look on my face. I shook myself erotic child modles out of it when I heard his voice."I'm fine, muscles." fisting incest child I said to him. "I just got a little lost in thought fo
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