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Related post: Date: Tue, 6 Jul 2004 03:49:32 -0700 (PDT) From: dl mercer Subject: The Farmer and Dale, Chapter 4This story is a work of fiction. It deals with love and sex among men. If such things offend you, please do not continue. Due to their monogamous relationship, my guys don't practice safe sex. It is however, in other circumstances, a very good idea.As free xxx lolit before, this story is dedicated to my dear friend Bobby/RimPig, who gave me an excellent suggestion for this chapter. If you like this chapter, thank Bobby, I was ready to bbs loli pussy stop at chapter 3!The author retains all rights. Please direct all questions/comments to dlmercer27yahoo.comTHE FARMER AND DALE Chapter 4 Humid, steamy heat filled the bathroom. Water streamed from multiple shower heads, loli cp video pulsing against firmly muscled bodies. Bodies, naked, slippery and wet that moved together with hypnotic rhythm. A guttural groan echoed in the glass enclosed grotto.Dale groaned again. Pressed against the shower wall, arms braced, breath heaving, he welcomed each slow, deep, invasive thrust of Rick's thick, vein-wrapped cock as it filled him.Rick's heated murmurs filled his ears. "Ah God, babe, you're so tight, so hot. Take me in, Dale. Yeah baby, take me in. Take me lolite nudes in, lover. Don't let me go."Dale tightened his sphincter, holding onto Rick through each withdrawal. The sensation was exquisite. Rick had used some ultra slippery lube to prepare Dale, with the result that each movement was a hot, silky-smooth glide. His chute welcomed the thick, burning invasion, protesting the free underage loli pics outward movement, seeking to hold that hot, solid mass within.He felt pierced to his very core. Taken, pillaged, claimed. Loved. Each piercing thrust was a physical symbol of their commitment, each to the other. Rick's arms held him firmly, his hands caressing, arousing, driving Dale to the limits of his endurance. Eyes tightly shut, he wore a grimace of determined effort on his face. He fought to hold back his orgasm. Fought for every second of pleasure, every second best loli pics of this precious joining.Rick shifted. A slight bend of the knees, a tiny change in the angle of his entry brought his cock firmly against Dales nut with spectacular result. Dale's groans turned to frantic cries of agonized pleasure. His mind shredded. Any coherent thought fled as pure under age loli porn sensation pierced his gut. Rick's tempo increased. His words of praise, love and encouragement, deteriorated to grunts of effort as he de-evolved from modern thinking man into a primitive creature of instinct with but one need. To fuck, to breed one's mate.Short staccato black kinder loli thrusts punched Dale's prostate again and again, the pleasure shocking, debilitating in its intensity. The first touch of Rick's hand on his rock hard cock triggered the explosion. Thick shots of hot cream splattered against the shower wall as free loli forum bbs he roared out his release. He felt the heated rush of Rick's seed fill him. The intense pleasure gathered in his gut, twisting, eviscerating him with sensation.Rick's own guttural shout joined Dale's as he shot his load deep within the hot welcoming depths of his lover. Dale had tightened on Rick's cock to a near painful degree, milking his hard pulsing shaft. Rick thrust deep and held on, hips straining with hard, pumping undulations that echoed each rocketing burst of cum. Completely buried and flush against his lover, topless kids lolis his buttocks flexed as he filled Dale and felt the backwash of his cum as it leaked from the tight seal of their joining, soaking his bush.They rested for long moments, no words spoken as they recovered. lolicon nonnude The water continued to pelt their skin, soothing, easing muscles that moments before had been taut with effort.Rick began the long, slow retreat, dragging his still semi-solid length from Dale's body. His movement drew a weak loli underage pictures groan, a quiver and a few errant drops of cum from Dale. Rick smiled weakly. He felt overwhelming pride and satisfaction from having so well pleasured his mate."Come here baby." he murmured.Turning a dazed and compliant Dale into the spray, he gently washed the remnants of their mutual release from Dale's body and then from his own. Rick shut off the water and directed a slowly rousing pic megazine lolicon Dale out of the shower. With brisk but tender movements he dried Dale and was pleasantly surprised when Dale revived sufficiently to return the favor.Dale rubbed the towel over Rick's face and hair. He dropped it around his shoulders and placed his hands on Rick's cheeks. Cupping his face, he leaned in for a kiss. One hand slid around to the back of Rick's neck, holding him, as the other hand continued to softly pet the stubbled skin of his face. His tongue delved between Rick's lips and slid inside. Swirling slowly, tangling with careful, sensual free loli xxx deliberation with Rick's tongue, Dale photos lolicon x pedo reveled in the heady, unique flavor that was Rick.Their warm, damp bodies melded together, Rick's arms circling Dale, pulling him in. Cocks so recently well used, stirred and thickened only slightly. Eventually, Dale eased back, his eyes, intense green pools, meeting the almost dazed blue-green of Rick's."I love you, Rick Hunter." he murmured softly.Rick's smile was angelic, "I love free sex lolitta you more, Dale Vaden," he answered, "Come to bed."Dale chuckled softly, "I don't think I have the stuff to go free loli pics another round.""Is sex all you ever think about, babe?" Rick teased. He pulled Dale with him into the bedroom of their hotel room. Pulling down the comforter, blanket and sheet, he urged Dale in."What do you say to some room service and a movie?" Rick asked as he settled next to him.Following their plan to take a trip to New York City, Dale and Rick had made the lolits fack arrangements. Deciding to movies porn loli take things at a leisurely pace, they opted for late flights. The trip began at Capitol airport in Springfield in the a.m. and ended at JFK at 9:15 p.m. Tired from the trip, and the endless, yet necessary, airport security, they arrived at their destination, The Four Seasons, in the heart of Manhattan.They'd decided to stay in for the remainder of the evening. Tomorrow would see them playing tourist, taking in the sights of New York. Rick looked forward to the day with great anticipation. He wanted to see everything. The Statue of Liberty, Central Park, the Empire State Building and even Ground Zero, though little loli xxx tgp he knew that would be a sad and sobering experience.Dale had laughed when Rick told him of his plans, but seeing his partners enthusiasm, he soon waded in and they were planning several days of tourist activities. In the preteen lolia midst of their fun, they had a scheduled meeting with Dale's agent. Sarah Anscotti, had assured Dale that she was very nude loli foro interested in reading Rick's work. Dale was an important client, his work and opinion well respected. Dale's publishing company had been informed of his visit and contacted him. They were throwing a party one evening while he was in town and invited him and whomever he wished to bring with him.Dale's visit coincided with the signing of another client whose books the publishing company was very excited about. In addition, they had just signed a very lucrative deal with two international and well known book chains. russian loli nymphets The publishing company was having a celebration. The lolits nude preteen owner of the company himself, a charming, older man that Dale had met several times, was putting in an appearance with his partner."He's one of us?" Rick had questioned, when Dale told him about the party."Oh yeah. You'll like him. Steven Eddington, he's very sophisticated yet down to earth. He and his partner are very open about their relationship. His partner, James Duncan, is a lawyer. His firm handles all the legal business for the publishing company. They're partners in every sense of the word. They don't paw each other in public, but you can feel the love between them. It's how I see us years from now."This confession had struck Rick straight to the heart. He'd pulled Dale with him to the sofa in lolits pictures the living room and cuddled with him, kissing and caressing him until the two of them were so hot they'd made love on the living room floor. Knowing that Dale loved him so much, that he envisioned them together all their lives, gave Rick such a feeling of warmth and security. He'd shuddered with the joy of it, the overwhelming rightness of it, giving of himself without hesitation.Rick had truly and completely lost his heart to Dale. Dale for his part was every bit as committed. Any fears they had were completely laid to rest as daily, they meshed and melded, physically, mentally and emotionally.Now in video lolicon 3d their hotel room, the adventure having begun, Dale agreed to the movie and together, giggling and teasing each other like children, they put together a feast to be delivered by room service.When the food arrived, Rick donned a hotel robe to let the bellman in. After a whispered conversation, the young man left and returned ten minutes later, handing Rick a can of blowjob loli spray whipped topping. Rick gave him a generous tip and a wink that sent him on his way with a pleased blush."Just xxx loli teen top what do you think you're going to do with that?" Dale asked with mock severity."I happen to like whipped cream on my fruit." Rick answered, his expression completely innocent as he indicated the large bowl of freshly sliced strawberries, peaches, bananas, grapes, and apples.Dale raised an eyebrow, "Remarks like that can get you thrown out of the organization, you know.""What?" Rick dead panned, "I wasn't talking about you, babe. But now that you mention it..."Dale smiled, "Maybe later, I'm hungry for food teeny tiny porn loli right now. We're not going to let all this nude preteen loliytas go to waste are we?""Hell no!" Rick grinned.They paged through the available movies and settled on Pirates of the Caribbean, both agreeing that Johnny preteens lolipop Depp was hot little piece.As they watched, they devoured their feast, both starving as they'd declined any food aboard the airplane. Partway through the movie, they finished their meal and settled back to watch, sitting propped against the pillows. Rick wrapped an arm around Dale's waist and snuggled in, his head resting in the hollow of Dale's shoulder. Dale's chin rubbed the top of his head, the movement bringing a soft contented smile to Rick's lips.As the movie neared its conclusion, Rick slipped out of Dale's arms and retrieved the bowl of fruit, bringing it and the whipped cream back to bed. He sprayed the whipped cream over the fruit and the two of them fed each nymphet loli lesbian other bites of fluff-covered fruit, chuckling as juice and cream smeared their fingers and dribbled down their chins when they tried loli kds to stuff too much into their mouths.Rick `accidently' dropped a slice of peach in Dale's lap and went searching for it. His search, had Dale moaning as the slippery piece of peach slid over his growing erection. Finally capturing the errant piece of fruit, Rick fed it to Dale. Declining the use of a napkin, he began to clean the juice from Dale with his tongue, an action that sent Dale back against the pillows with a groan.Dale felt a cool foamy loli nymphets bbs weight against his skin and looked down to see Rick decorating his groin with whipped cream. He groaned, smiling as Rick placed pieces of fruit in the rich cream and proceeded to eat his creation. By the time he'd finished, Dale was twisting and bucking under him, his cock a throbbing mass of sensation.He sat up and took the whipped cream from Rick, "I need some of this dessert too." he explained to a grinning Rick. Rick, who had whipped cream dotted and smeared on his smiling face, was a sight that made Dale laugh.Dale proceeded to design his own elaborate concoction of fruit and whipped cream, using Rick's body as his plate. Then he began to feast. His tongue swirled in the sweet cream, the taste of Rick's skin mixing with that of whipped cream and various sweet, mellow and tangy fruits. His mouth%
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