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Related post: Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2000 19:20:49 +1000 From: Crow . Subject: Kaber 1DISCLAIMER!! Ok....Like you need to be told right? goes nuthin...All the people and characters in this story come soley from my warped and twisted imagination and if any of them actually exist I WANNA KNOW!!!!no one under the age of 18 should read filipina preteen nudes's for adults so get ya hand of it little johnny and go to the disney site like a good flat chest preteen little boy.....and no goldfish were harmed in the making of this story.There I think preteen nude sex that just about covers my porn preteens movies butt so enjoy and read on..... PROLOGUE NOT A VERY NICE PLACE 300 years from now the preteen dolls pedo world will be preteen preview sites a very different place.The global economy as we know it will no longer exist, and in a llast ditch effort to stop humanity's financial death roll, Mankind will spread his wings to the stars and spread like a glittering virus thrugh the cosmos.Crine in all forms will become unstoppable and the billions upon billions of convicts that this crime spree will create will be herded into huge containment facilities built on desolate asteroids and moons.One such containment world is known as CP6.It has an overall containment capacity of 14 million, not including the 30 thousand preteen pedo pussy guards and prison staff.All who are sent there have life terms and will live out their days digging in the sorrium mines that dot the planet's arrid surface.All those that is, except for the foolish few who attempt escape.Towering billboard erected throughout the compound to discourage escape inform the inmates that the chances of success are exactly 144 billion to 1.Kaber Morris is about to test those odds. japan preteen forum _____________________ CHAPTER ONE The Sorrium mine sat like a huge bbs preteen upskirts gaping wound in the planet's arrid desert landscape.The furnace funnels rose like long spindally fingers into the dry cloudless sky. Thin curling wisps of grey smoke wound from the tops of each stack.A big p2p preteen porn wheeled transport laden with raw green Sorrium crystals rumbled across the model preteen incest sand growling like a beast and wound its way down the widing road into the mine below leaving a haze of lingering dust as it the bottom of the mine happy little preteens there was another explosion and the east wall erupted.The stone pickers scrambled in fighting over the shards of precious green stone.Muscles strained under sun browned skin sheened with sweat as they wrestled with each other over the rubble.Each stone picker preteens nudes beach preteen pixx world wore the regulation mining gear which was of course as little as the government had to pay for.This consisted of a large mesh basket strapped to each mans back and the mandatory shock smoking preteen pic cup.this was a solid moulded cup preteen pee pictures that fit preteen nude posting over the prisoner's genitals and locked into place with two large deadbolt locks, one on each hip.In addition to this each cup was fitted with electrodes. If a prisoner was deemed to be too rowdy he could quickly be brought into line with a searing jolt of electricity to his entrapped balls.Aside from this they were naked.The heavy duty Digger Rigs however were a different matter all together. Being asigned to a Rig shift was a severe punishment in itself.These rigs were the heavy duty triple pack cobolt lasers that were used to gouge the sorrium crystals from the walls of the quarry.It was a job left soley to the high security prisoners. Once the cumbersome device had preteen models picboard been lowered into place on the inmate's preteen models nake shoulders and the bulky crotch plate had been snapped into place and locked home,His hands were placed into a type of cylindrical tube behind his back and secured there for the duration of his shift.The controls for the lasers were located in the cylinder into which his hands had been secured...They were cobolt driven and completely flesh friendly, which meant they were triggered to work only on inanimate preteen porn tpg objects such as rockwalls.This allowed the wardens to focus their attentions more on the free ranging stone pickers.Kaber Morris shook the sweat and dust from his eyes and for the thousandth time thought how nice it would be to beable to scratch his balls.Turning slightly to his right he aimed the heavy laser pack at a chunk of over hanging rock on the west wall.Sighting it he squeezed the trigger. Three blinding beams of intense green-white light erupted from the lasers and impacted with the west wall. There was an explosion and rubble flew in every direction.Almost before the flying debris had hit the ground the pickers were on it,wrestling each other for the emerald prizes.Kaber felt a hot tingle down under his groin and turned quickly.Warden keller stood before him preteen moels Leering evilly, his lacky stick pointed straight at Kaber's crotch."hows the work doin' Morris?" he drawled."Just fine thankyou Warden Keller" Kaber answered moving slightly trying to aleviate the preteen porno hard tingling."Is there anything you need"? Keller asked sarcastically."Well" Kaber replied."There is one thing that would could preteen russian xxx do for me" hot preteen girlfriend He lowered his head in mock submission..."I mean if it's not too much trouble...sir".Keller growled between nude preteen tits yellow teeth."What is it Morris""Well Warden Keller balls are itching like fire...wanna russian preteen erotica scratch em tiny nude preteens for me?"A broad grin spread across Kaber's face as the Leer melted from Keller'sKaber could see the anger rising in him like a only preteens picturies wave.Suddenly Keller jerked the lacky stick and a charge of biting volts shot through Kaber's balls.It was like ants biting at his scrotum only a million times more severe.Grunting he doubled over and he video preteen orgy and the laser rig crashed forward.Keller dropped to one knee and lowered his face close to Kaber's "There now" He smiled. "Hows that?""Thankyou Warden Keller sir" Kaber grunted through gritted teeth.Kaber stood and placed his booted foot firmly on Kabers asia naked preteen groin and pushed down."And they say we wardens are tiny preteen non mean fuckers" The pressure increased and Kaber groaned."Glad I could be of help". boy preteens bbs Keller turned on his heel and strode away chuckling porn preteen comics quietly to himself....obviously tickled by his own clever joke.Kaber lay on his side in the alina n preteenmodel dirt still strapped into the rig with pounding balls and watched the hulking warden stride away."oneday keller" he sweet preteen nn whispered quietly to himself..."ONEDAY" __________________ 6 hours later the claxton sirien sounded to signal the shift change..Like a bellowing dragon the siren wailed russan preteen out across the compound.Gratefully Kaber clumped his way up the winding path to the sentry preteen nodel portals post and made his way up the preteen virgin porno loading ramp and in through the heavy meatal dust storm doors.Just inside the storm doors there was the equipment hanger...Along one preteens topsites nude huge wall there were the standing frames where the Digger Rigs were housed. Kabers stepped up onto the metal platform and backed himself up onto one of the frames. He heard a loud metallic click and then a soft whine preteen model panties and he knew that the master locking post had disengaged the locking system on his rig.flexing his arms he stepped preteen brides forwards and the cylinder and harness parted to let him free.Flexing his arms underagev preteen models he stepped down from the platform.A large digital counter beeeped on the far wall and started to count down from 30.30 bukkake preteens seconds was the alotted time after the rig nude preteen petite was unlocked for him to check in with the guard sentry at the end of the corridore.Moving quickly he made his way to the heavy plexisteel window at the end of the dimly lit hallway.Behind the armored window sat a big solid man in a warden's uniform. His square cut features were strong and hard...but something in his deep brown eyes hinted at an internal softness. He stood as Kaber aproached the window."1344685 preteen model oriental end shift reporting" Kaber said into the mic on the wall."Assume the position 1344685" the warden instucted.Kkaber turned and placed his hands through two large metal ports in the wall to his soon as he had done this metal clamps closed around his wrists and forearms...He repeated the process with his feet, stepping down into the indents in the floor. Again the clamps closed around his ankles.he sexy preteen top was now held arms spread wide and help preteen top boy infront of him and legs spread and locked.There was a buzz and the security window slid open."Evening Kaber" The warden said stepping through into the holding pen with Kaber."evening Duffy" Kaber replied lightly.Duffy took an thin blue laser key from his belt and inserted it into the locks on Kaber's shock cup. With a loud metal clang it fell to the ground."AAHHHHHHH" Kaber sighed."Now preteen pedo blowjobs if preteen bikini board I could only scratch em" He turned and smiled at the warden.Duffy smiled back and stepped in behind Kaber."I think sometimes you take too much for granted Kaber" He said.But none the less Kaber felt big strong hands preteen computer images reach around preteen art modles his hips and start massaging his scrotum."MMMMMM" Kaber moaned.Duffy stepped a fraction closer and Kaber felt the beginings of something big in the Warden's pants pressed against the crack of his arse.Kaber pushed back ever so slightly> Duffy caught his breath and stepped back his hand releaseing Kaber's balls."Time and place Kaber" He grinned...."Time and place"He pressed his hand to a pad on the wall and the clamps holding Kaber clicked open.Duffy took a set of binders from the other side of his belt and spun Kaber around. Kaber knew the drill with the transit binders. He placed his hands behind his back.The cold steel cuffs clicked locked around each wrist.Kaber spread his legs and smiled. This was the part he liked. Duffy crouched underage topless preteen down and brought a small chain which was attached to the middle of the cuffs up between his legs, at the end of the chain was a single cuff which Duffy quickly locked around toplist underaged preteen the base of kaber's cock and balls.Kaber felt his dick pulse and wished he could touch it.Next came the nubiles preteen gratis chain with the ankle cuffs. Kaber brought his ankles closer and duffy locked them on.he was now close blog preteen lingerie to helpless. Only able to walk in short hopping steps, arms bound behind him.Duffy stepped around in front of him."looking good as usual" He grinned.His beefy hand natasha mouse preteen dropped to the front of his uniform pants and started to massage the growing bulge there."ya know" Kaber said."I could fix that problem for you"."Tempting....But not worth my job" Duffy said opening the hardcore preteen links security window.he stood and waited while Kaber shuffled through then shut it bbs asian preteens behind them.On anime incest preteen the other side of the security door there was a tiny room lit starkly by bright white flurescent light. On the preteen rape bbs other side of this was the begining of the transit tube...A very long very dark tunnel that lead from the main work area to the holding cells where the prisoners slept.Kaber stepped through into the dim tunnel It was lit only by soft red security light running the lebgth of the walk way.Duffy followed and they walked for a moment before little preteens gay Kaber felt Duffy's big hand on his arse cheek. In the darkness he smiled.Duffy grabbed Kaber by the shoulder and spun him around. Before Kaber could say anything Duffy had planted his lips firmly on kaber's.They kissed for a long preteen rus time before Duffy finally withdrew.Kaber could see the silouette of the big warden in the dim red glow from the free preteen gallaries sec
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