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Related post: Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 09:49:10 +0000 From: cafe bizzare Subject: Kelly's Little Cum Slut Part OneThis is preteen boys fantasy a true story, I have changed the names because polish preteen porn people don't like publicity, but I know it's true, cause I was mikey and I lived it. If you would preteen bbs stories like young model preteens to read more, let me know and I will write more, or just let me know how it was. Thank you, Connie Laurence Cafebizzare45hotmail.comKelly's Little Cum Slut, Part One. I was only 14, when it all started. I lived alone with my mom, and didn't know a lot of kids in school, I was 4 foot 11inches tall, with long thing preteen little tube legs, small feet, even for a young boy. yung preteen I was thin and wore my honey blond hair long, cause my preteen fuck littleboy mom liked it that way. I was thin, and had a round face which my mom described sex preteen extreme as pretty. Most of the boys at school, either ignored me, or bullied me. Thus it was with some degree of shyness and timidity, that I went with my mom to meet the new family next door. They had a son who was 16, and my mom thought it would be nice if we were friends. We went, and my mom liked his folks, which turned out to be his grandparents, his folks having died in free hairy preteen a car crash, and my mom suggested that I go and play with the new kid. I went to his room, and knocked, "Come in," I heard, and opened the door. He was playing Nintendo, and looked up at me, and smiled. My first though was, she is pretty, then it was, wow, he is pretty. He looked like a 16 year old girl, not dressed mind you, but in facial features and body type. Long and willowy, with sun bleached blond hair down past his shoulders, high arching brows, and wide expressive eyes. His lips were pouty and beestung, his nose just a cute little button. "Hello, are you the boy next door" he asked, " I 'm Kelly, want to play", "Yes, I do Mikey, play that is, I do want to do, uh, my name is Mikey, and I want to play.". He laughed, and then I sat down and played. preteen naturalist family We were friends from then on. preteen models csm It was easy to relax around Kelly, and I really enjoyed his company, plus there were the games we began to play. It began easily enough, with games of make believe, cowboys and indians, spacemen, and one day, house. We started with me coming home from work, and greeting the wife, Kelly, at the door with a peck on the cheek, and a little hug. We did this once or twice, then Kelly said that he would make it better, and raced off to his private bathroom. He came back, and said, "Welcome home darling, how was work?", I turned and he was dressed in a dress, with open toed flats and his hair back with a pretty ribbon, he had on an apron as well. He rushed over and kissed me on the lips, and it was a real kiss, and my body tingled. From there it moved on to us pretending to go to bed, preteen storys he slipped out of his flats, and his dress, and I could see that he had on a small bra and very nice panties. We pretended to sleep, and he spooned up next to me. It felt nice, but soon I had to go home. The next day, we did the same thing, but this time he suggested that fucking hot preteens I play the wife, I had no problem with that, and said so. He handed me some clothes from his dresser and said to try them on in his bathroom. He had handed me a pair of pink panties, high cut on the thighs and silky, a training bra, also pink, and a pink dress, it was nice, with a straight a line skirt and straps on the shoulders to show my arms. I also found some hair clips in his bathroom and clipped my hair back..Looking in the mirror, I felt wonderful. tgp preteen underwear It was the first time I had seen myself as a woman, and I loved it. amateur models preteen art preteen onmousedown It felt so natural, I just twirled in my new dress and undies. The shoes preteens xxx fotos he had given me were low heels, with open toes, and they fit well, maybe a little big, but close enough. Looking down at my toes, peeking out of my heels, I felt something stir inside, as well as something in my new panties. "Darling," I heard Kelly call from his room,"are you home.", I licked my lips, and in my best female preteen photo post voice, said,"Yes dear, be there soon." I turned the handle and rushed out to greet my husband with little nonude preteens a big kiss. Playing pretend that day was wonderful, I never wanted to leave my dress, but soon I had to go home. As I undressed, Kelly noticed my erect penis, and came over and asked if he could touch it, I swallowed and nodded, and he put his cool hand and soft fingers around it. My cock jerked and twitched with excitement in his hands, mmm it felt so good when he held it. But I was confused, and stammered that I should go home, and so got dressed in a hurry and ran home. The next day, I went back to Kelly's, and he suggested we play a new game called boyfriend and girlfriend, I agreed, and my pulse raced as I though I might get to be the girl, but he picked himself to play the girl first and went to get dressed. I looked at his closet teenart x preteen and drawers, and saw that he underground preteen nymphet had a lot of girls clothing, it was all very naked preteen german nice, especially a little black dress, with a very short skirt. Soon I heard him say, in his best feminine voice, "Oh preteen mini models Mikey, I'm so glad you're preteen female naturist hear, I missed you so much!" and he rushed over and enveloped me in kisses. Not just plain kisses, but deep kisses, and shockingly, his tongue began to probe into my mouth. I returned his kisses, and his hands grabbed mine and placed them on his ass. It was so nice, the sun dress he was wearing was light and airy, a beautiful light blue, and I could feel the silky panties he had on underneath it. His chest was jutting out, so he must have been wearing a stuffed bra. We sat on his bed, and my eyes incest preteen russian wandered down his blue nylon clad legs, to his open toed high heels, his toenails were painted blue as well, and though I didn't think of it at the time, he couldn't have done that in the bathroom so quickly. I licked my lips and he pushed me back on the bed. Kissing me and caressing me, grinding his groin into mine. He put my hands on his chest, his ass, his legs, I touched and squeezed every inch of chineese pantyhose preteens this beautiful creature I could. For she was beautiful, she looked just like a hot 16 year old girl, and my cock reacted to the stimulation. She reached down, and pulled my preteen anal lollita cock out of my shorts, I noticed the blue polish on her fingers as she held my cock in her hand and began to slowly pump it up and down. Oh my god, it was wonderful, I never knew you could do that, or that it would feel so good. Kelly preteen picture forums began to kiss her way down my chest, lifting up my t-shirt to do so, and drew ever closer to my cock. A drop of pre-cum began to drip down from it's head. I noticed the pink lipstick preteen boys cum on his lips, the pretty eyeshadow, the fingers on the hand that still pumped my cock. "Mikey, are you in here honey," it was my mom, " Time for dinner, come home now.". "Okay mom," I managed to groan out in my excitement and disappointment. Kelly quickly gave the head of my cock a quick kiss, and tucked it back preteen ru mpg into my shorts. "See if you can stay the weekend tomorrow, Okay?", "Okay", I croaked and staggered to the door. "Bye Bye, sweety, see you tomorrow,", preteen site I looked back at this picture of teen beauty, lying on the bed, and felt my cock jump, "bye" I awoke the next morning with an erection, still not knowing what to do to get rid of it, and with my head full of questions. Was I gay, did I like guys, why did I want to be in the dress? I stood in front of the mirror and looked at myself, Yes, I could be a girl, except preteen voyer candid for the fact that I had no breasts, but I was still young, and maybe I was pretty, at least I preteen pusy gallery hoped I was. Because for certain, this weekend I was going to be the girlfriend, and I was going to wear the pretty dresses and the pretty underwear. Mommy let me stay over for candid preteens smoking the weekend, and I went after school on Friday to Kellys', would I need some clothes, she had asked, "I loan him all the clothes he'll need," said Kelly as he came over to walk to school with me. I hoped that he would, I really did. Walking to school, I noticed that kelly's ass was nice and round, and he walked with a rolling hip, I preteen porn pic hoped that my own ass looked as good, and I tried to copy the walk as well as I could. When we got preteenmodel link list near the school, Kelly stopped and looked around, nobody was near, so he leaned in and gave me a deep tongue kiss, and squeezed my ass, " Have a nice day in class, see you at lunch, lover." then he ran to his home room. My cock was so hard that I had to walk into class with a book covering my crotch. preteen bbbs The sexy preteens nn hours ran by like nn preteen kdz years, so eager was I to start the weekend, I didn't know what was going to happen, but I sensed that I was on the verge of a great new world, a huge door had opened for me, and I wanted to boldly step through. When the day ended, we ran preteen models mpeg to kelly's, and up the stairs, we couldn't start preteens drinking cum right away, because we had alli preteen model to eat dinner, but after dinner we would have all the little hot preteens time and privacy we wanted. Kelly's grandparents were a bit deaf, and they went to bed early, so we could do as we wished. After dinner, Kelly asked hairless preteen angel what I wanted to do. He stood there, hands on his hips, and licked his lips as he waited for my reply. " I want to play boyfriend/girlfriend, and I want to be the girl.", he smiled, and said sure,"would you like some help?", "Yes please, help me with hair and makeup, I know what I want to wear, but don't know how to make myself pretty." "Okay, pick your clothing then meet me in the bathroom." I rushed to his closet, and pulled down preteens model forum the little strapless black dress, with the miniskirt, and some black strappy stilettoes, they had little padlocks on them, and multiple straps across the toes, but did not obscure thai preteen pictures or hide any of them. His dresser yielded up black silky thong panties, and a black training bra, I also found his fake breasts and took them as well, black fishnet stockings would complete my look, I hoped my boyfriend would find me sexy. In the bathroom, Kelly helped me with my makeup, he did my nails, both finger and toes, when he began painting my toes, my penis threatened to burst my shorts, and precum ran like water. He chose a deep rich red for my nails, and the preteens nudes pics same color for my lips, "It's called fuck me red," he laughed and began to put on foundation and blush, he put on eyeshadow and mascara, curled my lashes, and helped my curl my long hair. Then preteen bikini art he left, and said , "When you are done dressing, just come on out, I'll be waiting darling.". I get pics preteen post excited got busy dressing, first the ilegal preteen fotos thong, drawing the silky smooth panties up my own smooth legs, (never did have much hair)and settling it around my slim hips, my penis barely young preteen porn made a bulge in the front, it was small, and I didn't mind. The bra and the inserts came next, they came with tabs, to affix them to the chest, and the preteen gym photos stayed on Post a New Message | Search | Register | Login
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