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Related post: Date: Fri, 3 Jun 2005 20:10:13 -0700 (PDT) From: Mouse Subject: Mouse's Life: teen 15 years free Part 12 Mouses nud sixteen year old TurnAuthor's note: This is yet another true account of the chronicles of my corporal punishments. This chapter takes place only three 60 year old nude summers ago at my sleep away camp when I was 12. To understand how this story evolved you may wish to read 13 years old chapter 10 12-year-old-nude and 11 for the set up and the camper's descriptions. My description takes place pregnant eleven year old in Chapter 1 - The Pool. If you are not into spanking you may want to seek entertainment elsewhere. All you other spankaholics - smile! Back nude 12 years teen to cabin 7....I looked down at the heavy, wooden, homemade ping-pong paddle in my hand. 12 years children porno Jack, the camp director, was tired of buying the regular paddles only to have them fall apart when left out in the rain. So he made a bunch of these super-heavy ones made from plywood, 13 years pussy girls painted brown and sprinkled with grit on the surface for friction. It 15 years japan porn took me a while to get use to handling this racket in a regular game of pong, but it felt just right for tonight's spanking.Jim's cheeks had bruising appearing on the lower portion of his nude schoolgirl 16 years red 13-years nude girls butt. Looked like 13-year-old girls upskirt two perverted smiley faces. He was still sobbing pretty heavy from the five hard 15 years teen nude swats 12 years old pussy he received from Doug. My boner was sticking straight out, pulling the waistband of my underwear away from kiddy sex 15 year my body. A few of the other guys were hard too including Ethan, who was 14 year old nudist to be spanked next 14year girls sex after the whole cabin had a 13years kids porno go at Jim.It felt good looking at all the excited faces standing around in their underwear that evening watching a naked twelve year old being spanked. I was loving it. Only now it was 10 year old kids my turn to do it to Jim. 16 years naked porno I only liked watching someone who deserved to be spanked. I did not like 14year teen xxx pic being the nn 15-year-old non nude one to give it to them. However, Jim did deserve his spanking and Ethan even more so. I got into position to apply the five swats to Jim's sexy butt. Again, everyone jockeyed for a better view. Ethan, the only other naked boy, year 2000 girls xxx was openly fondling his dick while he watched. He looked over and caught me eye 23 year old brunette and winked. I just looked back down to my target and wound up...Smack!"OOOHhhhhhhhhh" Jim cried out.The chant: "One" all my cabin mates whispered as one.Jim's back was all glossy with sweat and his bottom looked super dry.Smack!I felt the impact travel up my arm. I know it hurt. 14 years gay I have received many like it. I was sorta proud to see that he reacted more to my punishment then he had to Doug's. Jim arched his back and tried to bring his legs up on the bunk. nude 16-year toplist Little Drew did his job again and pinned Jim's wrists firmly to the bunk mattress. A couple of the guys grabbed Jim's legs and pulled him back into position across the bar of the lower bunk bed.Smack!I wasn't nude15 years fucking girl hitting as hard as I could, just enough to punish. My dick (Big Ed) was as hard as ever. Every now and then Jim would struggle, trying to free his legs from the grips Doug and Jim the Nerd had placed on his ankles. They spread his legs even wider. You could now see his 16 years sex porno butt hole really clear. 16 years teens thumbs His dick and balls were now jiggling back and forth in plain view as well.Smack!"Ahhhhhhh-oweeeee...Please Mouse No More, I can't Take 14 years girl xxx 14 years boys porn It!"I felt guilty, but at the same time I thought, 'what a wimp.' I had to take hundreds during one of my typical punishment sessions and he just had to get forty from us. I also knew that if he had the chance 14 year girl hardcore he would have laid all his weight into me if the tables were reversed. That's when I first noticed it. I really wanted to switch places with him. I 14 yearsold porno thought fast."Hey look guys, 10 years pussy pics I don't want to hit him any more."My plan didn't take any more on ing young 15 years 12 years old fuck my part. I had already sold the idea."This was your idea Mouse! Either give him the last one hard or you take it for him," Doug demanded.Before another word was uttered, I stripped off my blue briefs and laid right on anal boys 15 years top of Jim. My boner was rubbing right down into his crack. I did it so fast everyone was in shock, including me. Doug reached down and picked up the ping-pong paddle where I dropped it and got into position. I put my 12 year porno pic fourteen year old fisting face down against Jims check and felt his tears. He muttered a thank you to me."All 12 years nude gallery right!" announced Drew."Yeah, let's see some red Mouse tiny sex 16 year butt!" sex 14 years pic virgin teen 12-15 year Said another.I looked back at Ethan, still rubbing his rod and smiling even bigger now. Before Doug could wind up for the swing, Ethan reached down and felt my stripes from the riding crop he had inflicted on my legs that afternoon. No one said a word. 10 years porno Then...Smack!I clenched my teeth and felt Little Drew grab my 15 year old wrists pinning them on top of Jims. I could feel my boner probing into Jim's crack and touching his butt hole. He didn't seem to mind. Probably didn't feel it either."Okay who wants to deliver the next five?" Asked Doug.Several boys starting shuffling behind me saying; "Me, me, me."Jim the Nerd accepted the paddle from Doug and got 14year child porno image into position. 13 year old amateurs Nobody said a word. I didn't move, nor did 10year old porn Drew 12 years underground porno make any attempt to free my hands."Mouse? non-nude 15 year-old girls Are you 16 year old tgp going to move or do you want to take the rest for 10 year old pussy him?" Jim the Nerd asked."Whatever," was all I could manage."Please, please, please do not move, please, funlumpkinsed about 14years old Mouse." Jim whispered over and over in my ear.My bottom was on fire; I 14-year-old boy nude had at least 30 swats to go before Jim's punishment was complete. The strange 16 year old lesbians sexual feeling of being humiliated in front of the whole cabin, coupled 13 yearold sluts with my boner in Jim's bare butt crack put me into a daze (The Zone). I do not remember what touch twelfe year olds was said, sexe teen 16 years though I remember nude16 year old girls the voices encouraging me to stay put and 15 year old tits take it.Smack! Smack! teen 16 years pussy Smack! Smack! Smack!I started 12 years porn galleries crying and nude teen 16 years sobbing. It hurt real badly. My boner had died as fast as it came up. Still, I didn't 17 years hot porno move. I was no longer physically turned on, but I did not want to get off of Jim. Someone else took the paddle in hand. I felt my legs being spread 15 year free porn far apart, guess they liked the improved view. I made 8 year old porn no attempt to resist. Then the swats started raining in again. 14-year-old sex pics Amazing that twelve year olds could inflict so 12-year old incest much pain. I arched and wiggled making suction noises between my sweaty chest and russian 10 years porno Jim's sweaty back. lollitas 12year His butt was super hot to lie 18-year-old female singaporean teenager on from porno - 17 years the 9 swats he had already received. Both Jim and I were silently crying with our mouths touching. It was almost like kissing, but neither of us 15 yearolds getting fucked were conscience of it until Drew said something 16 year old nudes later.Another boy took his turn and then another. Until we were finally down to the last boy, teens 12 years naked Big Drew."Okay you guys hold his legs farther apart and up higher. I want to nail him on the teens 13 years shaved tender part here."I free 16 years porn felt Big Drew's hand rub the inside of my thighs up and down being careful not to touch my nude16 year teen pics balls for fear 12 years old sexmovies of being called a fag. From past whippings I knew this was going to hurt really 17year old porn badly. I buried my face beside Jim. Again I heard a muffled thank you. Some of his spit made it's way into my mouth. I didn't mind. 12 year nude teens I felt Drew's left hand grab a hold of my left leg just above my knee and lift and turn it out. Then...Smack!"Crap!!!!" I 12year sexy rape movie screamed out.A whole new shower of pain teens 12 year sex racked my body. He knew what he was doing. Guess he studied at Helga's House of preeteens list 13 year Pain during young 13 years naked the school year. Man, did that one sting! 12-year old pussies I could sense him shifting to the next position and then he grabbed my 70 years women porno right thigh and did the same thing.Smack!Stars, God, Barney the Purple Dinosaur, and a few other visions visited my brain in a few seconds. This was no longer the sexual thing I had voluntarily got naked for. I was held fast and couldn't move.Smack!Again my left leg lit a fire.Smack!My right.My brain, nudeteens of 13 years barely functional, sensed Big Drew climbing onto the bunk, stand, turn and straddle Jim and I facing toward my bare spread butt cheeks."Spread them wider!" he commanded.Doug and Jim the Nerd complied, yanking my legs into almost splits.I felt the shift on the mattress, heard the downward swoosh of the paddle and the report of the smack right on my butt non nude 12 year hole and yes--my balls. Then--I saw black.It seemed like a dream world. nonude over 18 years I slowly came around first seeing movement, then slowly heard the voices."Mouse are you ok?"It was Jim lying naked next to me 12 years sex picture holding me. Doug was sitting beside porn kid years girls him smiling at me, with 17years porno a definite boner sticking up in his boxers. 70 year old masterbation I just nodded."Man that was really brave of you to take on Jim's spanking like that. Bet you don't do that for Ethan.""Nope, Big Ed and his buddies have seen enough petite teen 14 year action for one night" I squeaked out."Come on, it's is Ethan's turn and man are we going to nail his rump!"I moaned and sat up swallowing hard to bring both testicles back down out of my throat. Jim stood naked watching Ethan lower his naked frame into position for his spanking. I had trouble preeteen 12 years ed standing up straight. Both my balls were still screaming from a full force hit by Big Drew."Okay, he's in pedo teen 12 years position," exclaimed Jimmie.Everyone crowded around for the main attraction. Even through 14 year age nude my haze of pain, I could not help but notice how beautiful Ethan was as he laid spread eagle bent slightly over the end of the bed for his spanking. Author's note: Watch for chapter 13, "Swats and the Art of Butt Massage." Man, I get turned on just thinking back younger 16years sex pix on how that went.
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