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Related post: Date: cute preteen breasts Fri, 9 Jun 2000 18:15:21 EDT From: TD Subject: Keeping Warm (ff/ college)insert disclaimer here. top ranchi preteens blah blah blah. Colleen O'Neil lay nude in her bed, sleeping preteen babe while she had the chance. The only sounds that penetrated the bare walls of her dorm were that of her breathing. Her chest rose and fell slowly as dreams danced in her subconscious. She stirred for a moment, kicking the covers back and exposing her torso and chest. The moonlight shone across her face and breasts, casting random shadows on her pale skin. Colleen was in her little dreams preteen mid twenties and possessed a body that many women would die for. Her tummy was taut, and, as she lay on her back, her skin stretched over her rib cage, accentuating each bone. Her legs were slim and muscled like her arms and neck. She wasn't fond of the sun because her Irish preteen nonnude free heritage caused her to become lobster-like preteen kid boys after a short time in its presence. Her face preteennude was preteen underwear modeling angelic when she slept. The thin layer of skin that made up her eyelids fluttered occasionally, still hiding the beauty that she held behind them. They were of the palest green with a ring of yellow around each pupil. The outer rim of the iris was a dark hue of blue-green. They were a masterpiece all in their own. Her lips were supple and formed a preteens gratis skirtup slight pout while she dreamed. They were a natural dusty rose, giving her no reason to wear lipstick or gloss. Colleen's face was well sculptured; cheekbones set high on her skull, bearing a bit of pink shine. A loud banging suddenly broke the peaceful quiet of the room, causing her to sit upright with a start. She gasped aloud, the silence settling over the room again. *KNOCK KNOCK* "Colleen?" Someone was at her door. Groggily, Colleen pulled the covers back over her naked body and settled back into the pillow. "Yeah? Door's open." She yawned, blinking sleepily. The door creaked open, spilling artificial light on the floor. "Hey, Colleen." Colleen recognized the voice as Maggie's, her roommate. preteens wearing pantyhose She glanced at the girl through the darkness for a moment before checking the digital clock. 1:15 AM. She grunted at Maggie. "Shouldn't girl preteen picture you be in bed or studying or something?" Maggie chuckled and took a few steps forward after closing preteen free trailer the door. "I had to work, remember?" "Oh..right. God, I'm tired. You woke me up," she rubbed her eyes and turned onto her side. "Why didn't you just come in?" Maggie kicked off her shoes and tossed her waitressing apron on the floor before plopping onto her bed. "I don't know," she shrugged. She was being awfully quiet. "You're cp preteen pictures getting weirder by the day," Colleen grinned. "And why are you being so damned quiet? Did you have a bad night?" "No... I've just been thinking about some things." Her voice wavered a bit. It sounded as if she was going to cry. "Honey, is something wrong?" Colleen looked over at her, sincerity twinkling in preteen animal xxx her eyes. "I'm just.. well, lonely. I mean, I want to give my love to someone. You know?" Maggie gazed up at Colleen for a moment. Her hazel eyes returned to their lowered position. "I know what you mean, sweetie. I miss cuddling with someone." Colleen never mentioned to Maggie that she was gay. She really didn't plan on it unless she was asked. "I preteen ladies nude don't know why you don't have someone. I mean, you're so attractive. You could have anyone." Colleen felt her cheeks burn with blood as she blushed, "That's very sweet of preteennudists you to say, Maggie." Maggie smiled at her and then giggled a bit. "What? What's so funny?" "Well, personally, I love to snuggle. Would you mind cuddling with a girl?" Colleen sighed and looked at her bed sheets. She found Maggie to be extremely gorgeous. She was twenty-three, like Colleen. Her hair was black and semi-wavy. The way she had preteen ballerina models it cut was so amazingly sexy; short and shaggy. She had a slight tan, and when it was compared to Colleen's skin, she looked a bit Mexican. She was meatier, which was very appealing to the gay college student. Maggie frowned, "I offended you.. I'm sorry." "No no.. Not at all. I mean, I never told you or anything, but, well.." She paused and took a deep breath, "I prefer cuddling with girls." There was a painful silence that made Colleen want to curl up in some dark hole and die. Maggie just stared at her, seemingly, in horror. "I.. I'm sorry. I didn't want to tell you. I mean, you're my roommate, and I^" Maggie cut her off. "I wish I had known, Colleen. Then I wouldn't have had to supress my urges to attack you." Colleen thought she was going to preteen nude teenie preteen webcams nude explode, "Are.. are you huge tit preteens serious?" Maggie just nodded, smiling gently. The other girl blushed and looked at the floor, "Gee.. the floor looks nice and.. um. Floor-like." "Hehe. So, will you cuddle with me or what?" Maggie ukrainian virgins preteen inquired. "I'd love to. Just let me put preteen model veronica a shirt on or something. I came home, took all my clothes off and hopped into bed." Maggie chuckled again, rising to her feet, "Don't bother. I like to feel naked skin against mine." She winked and untucked her cream blouse. Slowly, super preteens tops and very teasingly, she worked her nimble fingers down the front, the shirt falling open after each preteen transgender stories deft motion. Colleen flushed deep crimson, directing her eyes away from the stripping college girl. "Oh c'mon, sweetie. Don't hide your eyes. Watch me." "I.. uh.." There was a slight rustling and, then, Maggie's shirt was on the floor in a crumpled heap. Colleen kept her gaze on the floor, watching as the pile accumulated a bra, black slacks and a pair of red panties. Taking the panties as cue, Colleen scooted over in the twin sized bed, tugging the covers back. "Climb in." Her voice was soft and sultry. She wondered if Maggie was expecting more than a snuggle session. Obeying like a good girl, Maggie slid under the covers; her bare toes skimming over the flesh of Colleen's thighs. She shifted a bit and eased onto her side, a smile playing across her red lips. "Do you mind if I face you, Colleen?" Colleen merely shook her head. She was suddenly very nervous. She only hoped that Maggie was unable to hear the thudding of her heart. Their bodies slowly inched toward one another, the only sounds being the soft rubbing of sheets. "Maggie?" Colleen whispered, curling an arm around Maggie's waist, resting her palm against the small of her back. "Hm?" Maggie's fingers found the soft preteen smoking bbs skin of the other girl's face, stroking lightly. "Nothing.." "What is it?" "I'm really.. nervous." She stammered as Maggie's fingertips drifted over her ears and cheeks. "Why, sweetie?" Her face was close to Colleen's. She could feel the warmth of her breath. "Because.. I'm laying here with this beautiful girl whom I've been attracted to since I met her." "There's someone else in this bed?" Maggie grinned, looking around under the covers. Colleen giggled madly, her hand pressing into the hot flesh of the other, pulling her closer. "Mm.. You're so sexy, Colleen. I'm having a hard time not kissing you...," Maggie admitted, quite pointedly. Colleen's skin flushed red again, busty preteen nudist the heat from her body passing through to Maggie. "Ooh.. and now you're making me hot. Are you blushing?" "Maybe..." she cracked a smile, eyes fixated on the hazel irises in front of her. Maggie ran a hand back through Colleen's curly red hair, her face seeming to get closer. Silence, once again, fell over the two girls as they stared longingly into each other's eyes. Colleen could feel her heart quicken again, slamming against the walls of her chest. She whispered, her voice passionate and low, "Oh, Maggie.." Maggie furrowed her dark eyebrows, situating a leg legal sexy preteens between Colleen's. "What, sweetheart?" "Your urge.. is contagious." "Hm.. oh yeah? Should we find out the cure?" "I think we should.. But I don't know... I mean.." "What?" "I've preteen deep throat never.. well.. I haven't..," she swallowed and closed her eyes. A deep sigh dribbled from her parted lips. "You haven't slept with a girl?" She only nodded, sighing again. "Sweetie.. We don't have to do anything you don't want to." Maggie was really awed by the fact that Colleen was so open. How could she have not slept with a girl? forum pass preteen She was so damned sexy. She figured the chicks would be lined up halfway down the street to get into this Irish girl's pants. There was that damned quiet again. Colleen took a slight breath and leaned in, their lips now preteen nudism bbs scant centimeters apart. Maggie took that as an initiative and closed the distance, gently capturing Colleen's lips between her own. Tentatively, Colleen became more responsive, her lips gliding over Maggie's with soft smacking sounds. Their lips moved over one another's, delivering tender expressions of desire. Maggie's hand slid back behind Colleen's hair, fingers entwined in her silken tresses. She applied pressure, pulling her roommate's mouth harder into her own. Her tongue grazed Colleen's lips, teasing them apart for a taste of what lay behind them. Colleen opened her mouth, allowing the questing tongue invitation to explore. little preteen girls The tenant of her mouth gave up a fight though, slithering wetly across the explorer's smooth surface. They dueled it out for a few fleeting moments before Maggie's tongue was allowed complete access. The raven-haired girl traced the tip of her tongue along the inside of Colleen's cheeks, dancing upward along the roof of her mouth and to her perfect teeth. Her fingertips dug into the base of Colleen's skull, massaging and slutty preteen supermodels tugging at random strands of hair. "Mm..." Colleen purred into Maggie's mouth. Her hand ran up the length of her friend's side, rubbing her calloused fingertips into free movies preteens the protruding ribs, scraping over tanned skin. Maggie draped her leg over Colleen's waist, her heel digging into the supple flesh of her thigh. Their kissing became more heated, more animated and daring. The Irish college girl removed her lips from her roommate's, kissing a trail down her chin and to her throat. Using her teeth, she nipped at the flesh directly above the voicebox, pulling and suckling. "Ohhmm.." Maggie tipped her head back, gasping at her friend's sudden dominance. Colleen's lips danced over to the muscled part of Maggie's neck, lips applying a suction big enough to make a vacuum cleaner jealous. She knew it would leave a mark, and she wanted it that way. She flicked the tip of her models girls preteen tongue against the now marred skin. Then she planted a kiss, and then another lick. She repeated that a few times, teasingly making her way back to the fiery lips that awaited her. Joining together again, their mouths meshed, parting for tongues to mingle. preteen free photos This continued for another five minutes, the girls alternating between mouths to tongue-tie in. Colleen's left arm snaked under Maggie's neck, illegal cp preteen curling around to twist in preteen model 14 her fine raven preteen boys cocks locks. Tongues retracted back into their respective mouths, allowing moistened lips to resume their own intimate waltz. Maggie's left hand began to roam downwards from preteens nude forums Colleen's cheek to her shoulder, squeezing the flesh and bone before gliding to her ribcage. There, her fingertips pressed into the skin, rubbing it in languid circles. Becoming more uniform japan preteen daring, her hand drifted to Colleen's breast, tracing over the ample flesh. She played them closer t
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