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Related post: Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2007 15:25:16 -0700 From: Jay roberts Subject: "Kevin Lets Us Play With It" by Jay Roberts gay young friendsOh no you don't, you under 18 year old. Oh no, not wanted here by the author, your parents, your community, your church and a whole bunch of other people. Come back to this stuff when you are over 18. The rest of you, if you can stand it.....stay and enjoy. Who is Kevin in the title? I'm glad you asked. Kevin is assistant lifeguard on ------Beach in California. His boss on underage pantyhose models that elevated stand with the chair on top is Joey, a thirty-year old loser. Kevin is underage download fuck still in high school, he's seventeen. Kevin is the most top naked underage beautiful human I have ever seen. He makes Zac Efron look like Frankenstein. Kevin is on the swim team in my high school and that partly russian girl underage accounts for his outstanding body with pecs that stick out in rounded beauty, underage drinking photography with nipples pulled horse fuck underage to the side by the muscles. He is a white d cup underage blond who tans darkly, what a sight. His white blond, curly hair forms a helmet underage free mpeg like the sun on his head pearl underage nude and his hairless chest gleams in underage nude suck the California underage bds sun. You should see his strong legs, covered with a hazy of pale blond hair, even the tops of his insteps has it and makes his tan feet look so scrumptious. This is a boy who drives girls and even straight males crazy.I am Joey, only thirteen, but I am way ahead in the development race with Mikey, who is the same age, but still looks like a ten year old. Mikey has a little boy weenie, but it gets hard just like my big boy one. underage art models I've got some hairs growing around it and my ball bag is pretty big and I have two golf balls inside. underage kdz pix Mikey admires me greatly, but when it comes to getting excited, it's Kevin by a mile. We two dopes set up everyday at the bottom of his raised chair and moon over him. We watch incest underaged pics the girls stop by to flirt and some get pretty forward. One girl, who I know is my age and in my class rubs his cute foot and I've seen a big stiffy rise in his red nylon shorts. He ignores underage sexy photos it and just keeps twirling his whistle, around and around, smiling underage thailand sluts faintly with his puffy, kissable cuties underage model lips underage models gallerie and his blue eyes glinting through his narrowed lids.Sometimes Kevin treats us like his servants. "Hey Joey and Mikey. Get me a coke."He never gives us the money, but we are thrilled to be asked and we run up across the burning sands to the refreshment area to get it.He grunts when we give it to him, that's supposed to take the place of a thanks.Today something wonderful happened. His senior life guard had left a long time before closing. He was such a goof off. Poor Kevin had to cover both tours. But the beach of officially closing, it was five o'clock underage n and underage nonnude angels Kevin was putting up the signs that advised that there was no underage teenagers naked lifeguard and you had to swim at your own risk. 100 hottest underage He walked back to where we were beginning to pack up. His hands were on his hips. "Say gnomes, Don't you guys use a sun block? You're both getting burned. Come in the shack here and I'll put some on underaged girl modeling you."Mikey and I looked xxx underage boys at each other incredulously. First of all underage models cp the God was talking to us. Secondly he noticed us and underage xxx thumbs even worried about us. We meekly climbed the four rungs to the platform and then into the little shack on top. It was hot in there. There was a beach lounging chair, a medicine cabinet and pictures of nude girls on the wall. "You world underage naked first, Mikey, that is your name?"Mikey gulped but just could get any petite underage teen words out. Kevin squeezed some white stuff on his big brown hand. underage small pussy Crazily I thought it looked underage rape mpeg like my underage bbs pussy sperm that I had just managed to shoot out a week ago. He rubbed in on Mikey's cheeks porn underage and then up and down his body, even his legs. This process left my friend completely red in the face underage naked blonde and chest. He was breathing like he had just run a mile. Then suddenly he got pale and he seemed to sag down. "Oh shit, the kid has fainted," said Kevin suppressing a smile. He knew exactly what was underage boy galleries going on and the effect he was having. "Just sit over here on the stool and you'll be fine in a minute."He looked at me. "You're nn tiny underage even more burnt Joey. Come here."He sat on the edge of the beach chair and I stood between his splayed fuzzy legs. I was underage creme pies already feeling dizzy and hoped I wouldn't pass underage nn forum out too. He almost underage porn galls lovingly rubbed my underage black teens chest and back. Then he pulled my trunks down a bit and rubbed to place fucking underage students where my ass download underage girls began and then on my smooth belly. I was ukrainian boy underage breathing so deeply that you could underage schoolgirl hardcore hear it like a soft moan. Kevin was smiling broadly. "Okay trainees, you two have been ogling my garbage everyday. Now I'm going to give you both a treat."He lay down on the beach chair, we could see his big fat penis laying stiff and laying in side the suit towards his hip. He slipped off his trunks and his cock sexy underage upskirt stood up straight in the air like a underage latin girls periscope. underaged teen blowjob The area he exposed was ilegal underage sex pale, not tan. But his dick was tan naturally as were girls underage porno his big ball sac."Do you kid spank the monkey?"We looked blank."Do you choke the chicken?"Still no reaction from us until Mikey said, "He mean wanking. Joey underage latin porn does it all the time, even in class."Kevin laughed. "That's underage getting fucked the boy. I mean like this." He began gently stroking his big dick and looking at us slyly. "Would you like to do this for nude underage babys me?"We both answered immediately, "Sure,""Okay, but if I'm going to phedophilia pictures underage be bare assed naked, you guys got to take off your suits too."Mikey underage kid bbs and I looked at each other. young underaged naked It was embarrassing at that age to bare all, but Mikey who had nothing really grown up to display was less reluctant. He pulled off his short underaged masturbation sites exposing his little pinky finger sized weenie and giggled because it was stiff and sticking out. I shrugged and with underage gambling one motion dropped my underage raped board shorts. Kevin looked at my erection, that must be at least five and teenie underage porn a half inches, because I had russian lollita underage measured it, whistled in admiration. Nice garbage kid. I guess you must making sperm now. How often do you wank?""Not often," I lied. He knew it was a lie and patted me on the head as if I was underage rape storys a dog."Okay young'uns, you first Joey with the purple Italian cock."It was true, my penis and balls were almost maroon. My dad's was the same. I guess that's Italian. sex video underage Anyway and reached over and as I got close I could smell him. It wasn't unpleasant, just sexy. I could see his cover had retracted a bit from his erection and his pink moist cock head was peeking out. I take my hand and young pussy underage lifted his heavy cock. I heard him sigh as I did it naked underage euro and I was glad I could get a reaction from him. underage dutch photo I cupped my hand around it and free rape underage slightly moved my hand. "Oh underage boy sex shit," he breathed, "That's so good. Keep it up. And you Mikey, come over close and let me kiss you little baby cocklet."Mikey came right up to Kevin's head and Kevin turned erotic pic underage toward him and kissed the tip of his little hard penis. Mikey sobbed out a cry of pleasure. "You like that don't you?"Meanwhile underage bbs board I had wiped my thumb over the head of his penis. It was underage studio now leaking. At first I thought he was cuming but it was just making a little milk.Kevin pursed his full lips and surrounded little Mikey's stiff prick. Mikey was crooning like a baby at the bottle as Kevin underage models board slightly sucked him. Suddenly Mikey's lower body began moving back and forth and his knees collapsed and he slipped to the floor again. "What am I to do with you Mikey. You are a fainter."Mikey spoke as he free underage sexmovies got up holding on to the lounge chair. "I couldn't help it this time. Something weird happened. I felt like I was going to piss but it felt so good underage baby pics on my underage pics tgp weenie.Meanwhile Kevin was beginning to breathe heavier. I moved my hand faster and suddenly his penis began spewing thick white stuff all over his tan belly and chest and he was moaning and xxx nude underage shouted, "I'm cuming, you little bastard."I guess he was mad at me, but he did tell me to underage model post do it. I was confused. Finally he seemed to return to normal. "Get me that youngest underage pussy towel to wipe off the spooge. That was real nice Joey. Thanks. Would you like me to do it to you?""I guess so," I said, relieved that he wasn't angry.I lay down on the lounge chair at his direction. He took underage webcam movies hold of my penis the same was as I did, but he also slipped his other hand and surrounded my ball bag and held on gently and pulled it right and left slightly. I don't know which felt better, his ball handling or his insistent stroking of underage angels bbs my penis. underage boys models I knew that I couldn't avoid spilling sperm in a few moments because the feelings were overwhelming. He spoke in a whisper to me, "Hey little guy don't fight the feeling. young underage nn Let it go."I groaned loudly and my hips began to thrust back and forth. underage boyporn And then my penis seemed to pull in and then my balls began to vibrate and underage art photo I shot out long streams of white stuff. I was sorry that most of it landed on Kevin's chest and hand but I couldn't help it. But when I stopped discharging I was shocked to see Kevin wipe it up with his finger and put his finger in his underage sex incest mouth. He did it several times until there was no more and he purred happily as he underage video sex ate it. "You have delicious boy cum, sweet and tangy underage young models at the same time. How about giving me a little kiss?"I could hardly believe my ears, but I leaned down and underage pedo porn his warm full lips surrounded mine and he pressed hard, released and pressed again, then his tongue licked my lips. underage girlz I almost pulled a Mikey, my underage cute teens head was spinning so hard."You kids did very well. The underage naturist photos trouble is that little underage cp I'm stiff again. Who would like to suck me?"Mikey who had been watching closely when I was getting sucked now stepped up, his little hard on shaking underage teens sites and flexing. "Me, me, me.""I don't underage xxx porno know little guy, last time I did it you fainted. Can you stay conscious when you suck me?"As an answer, little Mikey jumped up and straddled Kevin's hairy thighs and started a vigorous bobbing of underage girls sex his head, sucking like he was trying to get something stuck in there out. Kevin put his hand on Mikey's head, "Hey little vacuum cleaner, slow down, soft and easy wins the cum race you know."Mikey then began a slow sensuous sucking, like he was on his mother's tit. Pretty soon Kevin's eyes rolled back and he began drooling. "Oh that'
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