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Related post: Jolans' Path Chapter 124 Jolan's Path - Chapter 124 The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now. Chapter 124 Justin's blue eyes scanned across the airplane, staring at Jolan, the young man's grey eyes staring out the aircraft's window. Chace sat beside Jolan, thai model porn Josh sitting with Justin. Chace sensed that Jolan's thoughts were on his son. It was the next afternoon, the four heading for Hawaii. They were on board one of the Dragosan streamlined jets, streaking across the American airspace. Morgan had offered Jolan the use of the jet, knowing Jolan would want to return quickly flexible models teens to his son, and the four would want to forego the commercial openness of regular air flight. Justin had felt the love in Jolan's soul when he'd parted with his son. It was their first separation, Justin feeling just as lost without him. "No worries, Jo. Hayden's in good hands." Chace said, Jolan's eyes meeting his. "I know that, Chace. I know he's with Jennie and Lynn. I've only known him for such a short time, this our first separation. I miss him already." Chace smiled, leaning child models dark over and kissing Jolan's asian teenage models cheek. "That's called parenthood, Jo. I see the same look of fatherly love in Justin's blue eyes." Chace's eyes sexy hmong model met Justin's, Justin softly smiling, looking into Jolan's grey eyes. The two lovers smiled at each other, their love for their son showing in their eyes. Jolan's grey eyes then made contact with Josh's blue, Josh averting his gaze, staring out the window beside him, he across from Jolan. The last twelve hours had been uneventful, few words spoken between Josh and Jolan since last night's final dance, and child model torrent Josh's leaving. Chace and Justin were clueless to anything amiss between the two, they dealing with their own thoughts and feelings. After the reception had ended both couples had returned to Henry's, falling asleep in each other's arms, their minds clouded with confused love. Throughout the morning the couples had stayed apart, showing their soulmate their own love. Josh's eyes staring out into the blue sky, clouds covering the ground, his thoughts filled with so many questions. Why did I do that last night? Why did I tell him the truth? Why does he keep staring at me with those soulful grey eyes? I see so much love in them, so much unchanged love. Why did I do it. . .to him and my Chace? What will this mean for our love? Josh's blue eyes looked again at Jolan, the young man staring right at little russion models him. Josh erotic child modelling lowered his eyes, Jolan looking at Justin who was talking. "So where are we staying, Jo?" Justin said, the other two men knowing that Jolan had booked their reservations. "I found a nice place near the beach. Seems like a really nice place. And it's close to the place you guys have settled on for the ceremony. I think it will be ideal for all your guests, Chace and lsmodelscom Josh." All three wallpaper fatsexmodels smiled, Jolan smiling at his Justin. "That's great, Jo." Chace said, his eyes looking at Justin, Justin's eyes turning to Josh. "Seems my man's got everything organized." "Yes, my love. We'll have two days to child model alexa explore and relax. A time for all four of us to reconnect our brotherhood of love." Josh and Chace looked at Jolan, the young man smiling at both of them. They both softly smiled, their eyes meeting. "Let's trade places, Chace. I want to snuggle with my man." Justin said, Chace smiling, standing up, the two very nude model exchanging places. Jolan's arm went around his Justin, Josh's arms going around Chace, the two snuggling against their lovers. Jolan and Josh's eyes met, the two staring into each other's soul. The jet taxied into a private hangar, the four men descending out of the jet's doorway, the steward smiling and saying goodbye to them. Justin led the way, the man stopping on the bottom steps, staring at a man waiting for them on the tarmac. "Sheriff Hobson?" Justin said in surprise, his Jolan walking past Justin, walking up to the man, a large smile on his face. "Aloha, my friends." the man said, smiling at all of them, the man's eyes meeting Jolan's. In the man's hands were four leis, the man smiling as he placed one over Jolan's head. "Welcome to the islands, Jolan. It's nice to see you again." the man smiled, shaking Jolan's hand, the young man pulling him to him, hugging the man, the man smiling, returning the hug. "A lot warmer than Oberson Falls, right Sam?" The man laughed, patting Jolan on the back. "You are correct, my young friend." Jolan smiled, looking back at Justin and their two friends, Chace and Josh looking at the man in confusion. "These are my friends Josh Chasez and Chace Crawford, Sam. And you already know Justin." The man smiled, walking forward, shaking hands with all three, Justin smiling at the older man as he put a lei around his neck, doing the same ilegal teens models to Josh and Chace. "Welcome to Hawaii, gentlemen." Jolan smiled, looking at his two friends. "Sam here was the sheriff in Oberson Falls, guys. We became friends after that drama with the deputy." "Friends, Jolan? You saved my life that day. You'll always be more than a friend to me." the former sheriff said, his eyes showing his friendship for the young man. Jolan softly blushed, Justin top girl models seeing his usual self shining through. "Sam retired shortly after we left Oberson Falls. He's now the owner of a beautiful resort here in Hawaii. That's where we'll be staying." Jolan smiled, all three of his friends legal teens models looking at him with surprise. "Wasagani Inn is a beautiful spot, everyone. I hope its happiness lightens your souls." Jolan said, Sam smiling at him. "It is indeed, Jolan. My wife and I teen model seires are beyond happy." Everyone smiled at the former sheriff, the man beckoning them towards a large van. "Come everyone, I know you need to relax after your flight." Sam said, everyone following him, Jolan's arm going around Justin as he picked up his suitcase. "You never cease to amaze me, my love." "Every detail of life I store within my mind. The recollection of Sam's friendship guided me to the perfect place for us to rekindle our love." Jolan said, Justin smiling at him. Behind the two, Josh's blue eyes stared at Jolan. He and Chace followed them, Josh's heart sighing. "Wow, Jo. This is unbelievable!" Chace said, standing on the shaded deck of a cottage located on a sandy beach, looking out into the blue water. Josh and Justin were seated in lounge chairs, staring out at the soft sandy beach in front young model princess of them. Jolan smiled, walking out onto the deck, smiling at all three. "It truly is, Chace. I see now why playtoy young models you and Josh fell in love with this area. The beach and ocean are so beautiful." he said, the man walking up beside Chace. Justin's eyes were on his lover, Jolan wearing preety models board shorts and a wifebeater. Chace wore an open Hawaiian shirt, as did Josh, Justin wearing no shirt, board shorts on all of them as well. They were all now settled into their new surroundings, the four staying in a large two bedroom cottage located on the west side of Sam's resort. The resort included twelve cottages, this being the largest and the most secluded. There was also a main hotel housing tiny teens modeling a beautiful restaurant, gaming facilities and other amenities, including a large pool. Sam had introduced them all to his wife Margaret at the main resort, the woman bubbly and outgoing. She'd been awed by the celebrities surrounding her, the four men smiling at her. But her eyes had been glued to the young man with the grey eyes, the young models yahoo woman hugging Jolan tightly. "Thank you for giving my prettens nn models husband a second chance at life. The beauty of your soul I see shining so easily." Jolan had blushed, Sam smiling at him. "That is the past, ma'am. The future love we deal with now." The couple had smiled, Jolan smiling at everyone. Here now they were, an hour later, unpacked and relaxing in the cooling breeze of evening's approach. Justin stood up, walking up to his man, his naked arms going around him, Chace staring at the two. Chace's shirt was open, his smooth muscular chest on display. "That water looks so inviting, Jo. Let's go for a swim." Justin said, Jolan kissing his cheek. "I see the eagerness in your blue eyes, my love. Chace is showing the same look. Hit the water my beauties." Justin grinned, Chace smiling as well, his shirt leaving his chest. The two ran down the steps, heading topless girl models across the sand for the water. Jolan smiled after them, watching the two wading into the clear water. "They're like two kids of happiness, Joshua." Josh rose up from his seat, walking up to the deck's railing staring out at his lover and Justin, the two now diving into the water. "They have always been souls of cheerful childish 2007 sexy models love, Jolan. It's what drew me to both of them." "And what drew you to my love, Joshua?" Josh's blue eyes turned, staring into Jolan's. "I've felt your feelings, Josh. Let go of the hurt, of the worry. I do not hate you for what you revealed last night. voyuer teen models You were speaking from your true heart beautiful model pics of love. And I know you're wrong, Josh." Josh's eyes lowered, Jolan staring at him. "I made a mistake last night, Jolan. Please forget what I said. I won't hurt Chace ever. I love him." Josh moved, walking down the gab teen model steps, heading towards the two men swimming in the ocean, his shirt left on the deck's railing. Jolan watched the muscular man walking into the ocean, joining Justin and Chace. Jolan sighed, his grey eyes softly glowing, looking at all three. Tonight love needs to be revealed, and destiny begins with my truth. The young man removed his shirt, running down the steps and towards the three of his soul. Josh smiled, sipping the glass of wine in his hand, staring at the three laughing men surrounding the table. The swimming had been relaxing, their bodies content and relaxed. Here now they sat in the main restaurant, their meal succulent and delicious, having just finished it. Chace was diving into a large chocolate sundae, sharing it with Justin. Jolan was smiling at the two, Justin snatching the cherry off its top before Chace could. "No fair! I love cherries!" he said, Justin grinning. "Yeah, so Josh tells me!" That had started the laughter, Jolan smiling at Josh, seeing his friend now relaxed and laughing. His inner soul was deep within thought, awaiting the coming moment. "This place is great, Jo. The atmosphere, the view, the beauty." Justin said, his hand going on top of Jolan's. "It is, Jus. Tomorrow we'll all scope out the area. I think it's a perfect spot for all your guests to stay in. I hope you don't mind that I've booked all the reservations for the wedding weekend with Sam?" Josh and Chace both smiled, looking at Jolan. "We had just discussed that between ourselves before dinner, Jo. We think this is the perfect spot." Jolan smiled, Justin smiling at him. "You work wonders, my love. You're so in tune with all of us." Jolan smiled, his grey eyes meeting all three sets, lastly Josh's. "You are my family, my loves and my brothers. I'll always share my love with you three." All three smiled, Chace kissing Josh's christina model nip cheek. "We've also decided that this place will be ideal for the ceremony as well. The other place we had in mind doesn't measure up. That beach before our cottage is so beautiful. We want to marry there." Jolan and shayla model nude Justin both smiled, Jolan leaning over and patting Josh's shoulder, the man looking at him. "That's great, both of you. I'll let Sam know. We'll go over the details and setup tomorrow
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