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Related post: Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2008 08:53:59 -0400 From: Chris Johns Subject: Cruelty to Children Part 8Standard rules apply guys, and honest, I'm not a mcp so if there are girls reading this as well, thank you. Chapter 8 How do I handle Matt? As soon as the light went on I knew it was illegal bbs top going to be a difficult night. Matt was in my bed, well our bed really. He was wide-awake eyes looking straight at me and scared."I'm sorry Jase."He was ready to say more but I couldn't talk to him about it now."I don't want to hear it Matt. I want you to go to your own room and we will talk in the morning.""But I ""Go to your own room now Matt. I don't want to hear another word out of you until I have had my breakfast. NOW."I almost screamed it at him. He was out of the bed and scampering towards the bbs ls magazin door nude kids pics bbs in a milli-second. I cleaned my teeth, used the ointment on my bottom which I could see in the mirror was bruising up quite heavily and turned in. I cried myself to sleep, the first time since my first Matt died.I was up early Sunday. I guess the situation tgp bbs free erotic made that a certainty, but I still wasn't first. Matt was at the kitchen table with a bbs imageboard links coffee and I could smell the fresh filter ready for mine. I poured it, got myself a bowl of cereal and sat opposite him. I didn't look at him but I could feel his eyes boring into me. When I finished I cleared my cup and bowl away and went back to my room. I stripped my bed and gathered the bedding up along with my dirty clothes and went through to the utility room to do the laundry. Matt followed me everywhere. I went back to the kitchen and made up a shopping list, thank heavens for seven day opening.When I put my coat on and grabbed my wallet and keys Matt did the same and followed sexy lola bbs me out. We completed the shopping and I still hadn't said a word to him. Shopping unpacked and I went into the ebony bbs gallery lounge taking a beer with me. I sat and stared into space. Matt sat opposite me looking seriously worried. Eventually bbs toplists I looked at him and said,"I don't know where I have gone wrong. I have spent the last two years lavishing every ounce of my love on you. I realised last night, even neglecting my parents who I love dearly. I thought I had taken a very abused and sick young man and turned him into someone I would love and be proud of 6 y.o pedo bbs for the remainder of my life. The boy that I saw yesterday was none of that, he was something evil. Even his best friend balked at the final degradation he was prepared to visit on me. I would laugh if I weren't illegal tgp bbs russian so sad. I'm a psychologist and I haven't got a clue where I have gone wrong apart from possibly allowing our relationship to become sexual, but even that doesn't explain yesterday. I don't know if I will ever understand how bbs gold mesh rims you could do what you did. What I do know is that I have to re-evaluate my whole life. I don't know where I am going with bbss nude girls this Matt but I think the best thing you can do is stay out of my way as much amateue nude bbs as possible. I don't feel that I want you to touch me even. I will continue to look after you but for now please spend as much time as you can with your friends or in your room. A good place to bbs board kid ls start may nonude child model bbs well be Kevin if you want to regain his love and friendship."I got up then, dumped my beer can and went out to fetch bbs daughter links the papers. When I came back I could hear the sobbing coming from Matt's room but I didn't know what to do. I know I wanted to go in and take him in my arms to comfort him but I couldn't. My brain was in turmoil so I took the cowards way and went out to a bar ranchi bbs japan to read my papers and have some more beer. I wished I could go and talk to Dad about it but I was so ashamed. I should have stopped it but I guess I wanted to see how far Matt would go to prove my love. I wondered if I would have taken his piss had he decided on that last act. God I was a mess. Home for lunch, which I cooked, covered Matt's with foil and left a note on it Young love bbs telling him bbs petite sex to nuke it for three minutes and then I went out again. I couldn't hear any sobbing so I had no idea whether young girls bbs he was in or not. I drove around not having a clue where I was going and ended up, not by intent at Geoff and Joan's. I bbs crossdressing boy was made welcome and fielded the question of where Matt was. I apologised for arriving uninvited but I was nursing a problem and had just gravitated here naturally. I eventually told Geoff I had a serious problem with Matt. Serious enough to be testing my love."Jason, children are renowned pyccekc bbs board sandra for disappointing their forbiden bbs parents. Some of them do it all the time, the lucky parents only see it once or twice. You're a child psychologist on top of being a father. Try to work the logic. You have had Matt for two years, during that time you have loved him and seen it returned in full. How many times has he disappointed you in that time, and for how long?""Hmm, a couple I guess over a period of a week in total I would estimate.""Ok, 7 days in 700, 1%. top100 bbs free The remaining 99% he has brought you love and joy and pride in your achievements with a bruised and abused child. I think you have blown this out of proportion don't you?"I looked at him and thought of dad long porn movies bbs when he pulled me back from the brink over Matt. I smiled,"Are you sure you aren't a psychologist as well nude links bbs Geoff?"He laughed, "You sometimes just bbs ped kiddy need to stand back from a problem a little ways."My usual sloppy kiss from Damien and, "Goodbye uncle Jase, I love you."Equilibrium almost achieved now to sort Matt.Early evening by the time I arrived home, no lights on, Matt's lunch still sat by the microwave. I walked along to my bedroom and the bed was made and my teen smugglers bbs laundry was all ironed and laid on it. I walked round the rest of the apartment and noted it was sparkling. Matt had teen bbs thumbs used my absence to clean and complete the laundry. I walked along to his room and opened the door. He was curled photos of bbs models up in bed, no sound other bbs blowjobs than his regular breathing. Very quietly I closed the door and went back to the lounge. I sat cp bbs sex thinking for ages before I realised Matt was stood near my chair. He was naked and holding the cane in one hand. I looked up at his face. He looked terrible, he had obviously spent a lot of time crying. His eyes were sunken and hooded so that they looked about a quarter the size of normal."Come round here so that I can see you better."I pointed to a spot about klass bbs sun dark six feet away from me so that I could lay bbs home vids back comfortably in my chair and still see his eyes."What do you want?" I didn't say bbs lola real it harshly but he still recoiled as though I had struck him. I could see the bbs young links tears forming but he held on to them."I'm sorry Sir, I got carried away, pedo toplists bbs I think it just became a power trip for me. I bbs boys young pics didn't know I could be that evil until I had time to think about it."He then offered me the cane."Please accept my apology Sir and use this cane to thrash me unconscious. I am already packed, as soon as I regain consciousness I will leave and never bother you again. Thank you for loving me lolta bbs thumbs I will never forget your kindness."Then I got the tears. Quietly. He just let them roll down his cheeks. I hadn't moved so he did. He placed the cane in my lap, turned round and spread his legs and then bent over to grip his ankles."Stand up Matt."He did and I took the cane with me as I went through to his room. He had adolescent girl beauty bbs a knapsack packed and ready by the door. Everything else was stacked tidily on the far wall so that it only had to be moved into a storage place, including the new computer I had bought for him. That was in the original box, which we had kept in case we ever had to pack it up again. The bed was stripped, everything was polished I opened cupboards and drawers, they were all empty and clean. I went back to the lounge."What am I supposed to do with all the stuff you have stacked by the far wall?""I don't know Sir, but it's not mine to take.""Turn round Matt."Now he was facing me eye to eye. I searched them to see if he was serious."Let me understand this. young chics bbs You want me to thrash you into unconsciousness and then let you leave and be out of my life forever.""Yes Sir.""And where do you intend to go?""I don't know Sir, but it has to be away from you doesn't it?""Why?"He looked bemused."Well you can't possibly want me to remain here after what I did to you yesterday.""What did I tell you about my love for you?"Not bemused bbs young pic now, confused."But you can't possibly still mean that.""You are wrong very young girls bbs Matt. You see the failure that brought about yesterday has to be mine. I don't know why or how but somehow I have failed you. You will not be leaving here. Now go back to your room, unpack and stow all your things, get your computer up and running and get all your things ready for school in the morning. While teens junior bbs we work our way through this I will remind you of the answer I gave you two years ago to the question `what do I have to do?' I told you, go to school every day, work hard and get good grades, which still applies. Clear your mind of this problem at school and continue to make me proud of your achievements."He fell to his knees then and went further forward so that he could kiss my feet."Get up Matt, don't you dare do that. You aren't in servitude, you're my son and my lover, we'll work this out."I couldn't make out the look in his eyes, surprise, sadness, love. They were all there.I had a large brandy after he had gone and thought about his action. I was lost, he fully intended to leave but needed the expiation of his sins, or he was sure enough of my love that he did it all for show. No, I tiny child models bbs couldn't believe that, whatever else Matt was, devious he wasn't.I was a wreck Monday morning and in all honesty Matt didn't look a lot better. We had our normal breakfast, did bbs clip porn what we always did and I told him I would take him to school so he could leave later. He grabbed another coffee and sat down opposite me."You look bbs c p like I feel, try to get some fresh air in between classes to day and before we leave go and soak your face in nudes kds bbs cold water for a few minutes, try to bring down that puffiness.""Thank you Sir.""And stop calling me Sir Matt, it just sounds silly coming from you.""I'm sorry Jase."I guess that was just a little too much for him then, the tears came in a flood. He threw himself into my arms 15 years bbs and sobbing his heart out blubbered at me, "I'm sorry Jase, I'm so sorry. I'm evil and I don't deserve your love but I love you so much."I hugged him until he calmed elwebbs teen gallery down."Now you really do have to go and soak your face."I tried to smile as I said it but I'm sure it was a bit strained.Not an easy day for either of us I guessed.Supper was a strained affair."Have you done all your homework Matt?"Yes Jase.""Have you talked to Kevin today?""Just a hello but he patently didn't want to talk.""I'm sorry but I suggest you think indian porn movies bbs about what you are going bbs naked girls gallery to polish teen girl bbs say to him if you get the chance."Big doleful eyes looked back at me."I've really screwed bbs pics forum up big time Jase haven't I?""Mmm, I think you can say that. Be careful how you explain it to Kevin, remember he loves you as well. He will be looking for ways to forgive you, don't give him the chance to make the break permanent.""How can you still love me Jase and be so nice to me?""Good question Matt. I guess the answer is lo bbs teen that my love for you runs so deep that there is probably nothing you could do to make me stop loving you.""I will work so hard for the rest of my life to make you proud of me and I will try to understand myself better so that I never do anything bad again%
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