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Related post: First Encounter This story involves gay fiction. I don't like writing bout sex, so you won't find it in here, I might suggest some of it, but free preteen samples no hardcore. This preteen models gay is basically the story of my life; there have been alterations in nn preteen top names places, and events. Particularly to guard the people involved, but also adding some excitement to the story. There is no sex, like I said, I hope people find this story helpful, but I guess for legal reasons, I need to state that anyone under the age of 18 cannot be reading this. Not like I can really do anything to stop you, it's more of like a moral obligation.Kayden- By Ryan hot liitle preteens KeithChapter 1- A New Day"I love my life. I'm young, I have friends, a loving father, and I'm an ok student. I'm your average boy." Those thoughts have repeated themselves everyday for the past 10 years of my life. I'm happy. I truly am. Yeah I don't have a mom, but my dad and I have been doing great by ourselves. Here I am, standing in the form God gave me, looking at my reflection as water drips from my hair. I love my hair like this. This wet, down, drippy, spiky hair look, I think it fits me great. The problem is, it's just wet hair clung together, and I will never get it to stay like that. By the time it dries, it will be a preteen sandra torrent bit shaggy and not spiky at all. I'll need a shit load of gel to make it stay like this. My eyes are brown, but sometimes people would say I have a yellowish tint whenever light hits them. I would joke about being a werewolf when I was young. I scared quite a few of the kids. I'm not ashamed of my looks, and maybe I tend to exhibit a few of my features more than others, but it's all in good fun. The names Zachary Hunter by the way, but I hate that name, and go by Zac instead. It's an interesting name. Why my dad chose it is beyond me. My friends think it's a cool name, and the girls' squeal every time they say it. Like I said I'm not ashamed of my looks, in fact I'm pretty happy with what God gave me. I guess I owe my body to swimming. Been swimming since I was 6. My dad got me to love the water, and he's told me stories of his youth and how many competitions he won. My face has not a single pimple. Thank God I have no acne at all. I like to think my eyes, ears and nose are well proportioned, and I guess I do have a boyish look. I usually keep my hair short, spiking it with a touch of messiness, but it kinda grew in the summer and I'm debating how I should wear it. Yup, today is the start of a new school year. I'm here in grade 10, attending St. Michael's Secondary School. Grade 9 was a blast. I met a lot of people, and kinda established my group of friends. There were maybe 20 of us who were all friends, and went to parties and such, but there were only four guys who I stuck very close with. They have been my best friends since grade 6 when I moved here into Whitby. For those of you who don't know, Whitby is a town in Ontario, about an hour from Toronto. I was really excited to find out what classes I was in and who was in them. You know, that first day of school excitement. Then after you find out, it's like, "I want my summer back!" sort of deal. Looking at the digital clock in my bathroom, I quickly decided to get a move on, dad was pregnant preteens gallery going to leave in a bit, and I wanted to catch a ride preteen boys virgin with him. I hastily threw some gel in my hair, somewhat messing it around to give it a wild kind of look. At times my hair is fairly thick, then when its not, its very thin and easy to control. Today was a thick hair day, so I fixed it as best I can. I quickly hot teens preteens threw on my preteenl fashion show school uniform. It was these grey dress pants, with either a white golf shirt, or the white polo shirt, with a white t-shirt on the inside. I hated the golf shirts, and the polo shirts tend to feel nice, and I felt well dressed and professional. I grabbed my bag and made my way down snatching a granola bar from the kitchen. Dad was there reading the morning paper and sipping his nn preteens fuck coffee. Let me tell you a bit about my dad. He is the coolest dad in the world! He's only 31 too. Very handsome, I guess looks are hereditary. He met my mom in grade 9, and they went out until grade 11 when she got pregnant. She wanted to have an abortion, but my dad fought to keep me alive. In the end, my dad's parents paid her off to have me. Soon after that, she left school, and they never saw each other again. My dad was a smart kid, and my grandparents were bomb too. They helped raised me while dad went to finish school. We lived with his parents forum virgin preteen while he commuted to University of Toronto, and he was able to get Bachelors, Masters, and finally his Doctorate in Aerospace Engineering. He took an accelerated program and was able to finish within 9-10 years. My grandparents were loaded, so providing for me while paying dad's tuition fees was simple for them. Dad was a single child, so they took me as their own child too, but dad never failed support me. Even in his studies, he managed to spend his time with me as I grew up, teaching me all that a dad should. I remember when I was 5 I wanted a dog and my dad said I couldn't get one. I was whining and complaining in the pet store while my dad feet preteen models tried to calm me down saying we would when he's done with school. I laugh at that memory constantly, primarily thinking about how funny that must have been. A five year old crying and calling a twenty-one year old, daddy. Dad looked like he was still 18 at the time. I still remembered the looks on some people's faces when they found out I was his son. They were surprised, not shocked, and they looked like they were going into a dream state. I guess it sounds kind of romantic: a single father who raises his child by himself, at the tender age of 21. My dad still looks like he's 25 or something. After the morning jostling with my dad, we headed out to his car, a new 2000 V6 Honda Accord. My dad worked for CSA, Canadian Space Agency, and was making quite enough for just him and me. I rolled the windows down sweet angels preteens taking in the nice breeze. It was September, but it was still hot and felt preteen underground nude like June. " I think it's best if you guys reserve tonight, or else it might be booked." My dad said as he turned into the main road. "Huh?" I asked in confusionMy dad turned to me and grinned, "You really should pay attention. If you did then I wouldn't have to complain about your grades. Their good but not the best," he said proudly."My grades are model girls preteen good enough" I asserted, brushing his concerns aside. "Zac, there are different types of people" he said, returning his attention to the road. preteen modeling bikini "Some party all throughout high school, making friends and having the best time of their life. They have fun, but they don't have a bright future," he said sadly."Others study like crazy, and get amazing grades, but they lack in friends preteen nudes galeries and have no social sweet uoung preteen life. That's the imgboard pthc preteens lonely path. But because they grow accustomed to that loneliness, when they go out to the work force, they lack what many people need: communication skills." I don't know what he was getting at but I guess he was trying to share some experience of from his years in high school. "Then of course there are those who party hard, make tons of friends, and manage to do extremely well in school. They get great results, have friends to support them, family who are close, and have high morals. These people are hard to come by. They need balance; a state of equilibrium." Leave it to dad to bring in his scientific terms in his pep talks. "The stress from studies is released with family and friends, the need to be alone is quickly relieved through studying." That kinda made sense."In grade 9, I was the party type. My work was dead last and by the end of grade preteen precious models 10, I knew I was ala model preteen in trouble. I became the smart type and lost a lot of friends. It was hard, and there was no one I could ilegal preteen models turn to who was my own age except your mother. Even she was getting sick of me." The thought of the mother who wanted to abort me made me sick. To me she was some woman who I didn't matter to. Dad continued, "I soon figured out how to balance everything: working hard and setting goals that seemed hard to achieve, but still having some time with friends." He turned to me, "I'm telling you this because I want you to know you can have fun and still do good in school, but it takes a lot of work, and balance. Don't be put off by what people say is impossible. I'm living proof its possible." I swear sometimes I think my dad is the smartest man in the world. Being the teen I am, I replied, "Yeah, I know. I'll try harder this year". It doesn't sound like much, but deep down, I was going to try my best, I love my dad and I hate to disappoint him. "Anyways", he continued, "I was talking about your birthday next week." Suddenly I was excited, my birthday was on September 9th and I always did something with the guys, and this time we were going to watch a Blue Jays game. "The baseball game would probably end around 8, so it may be better if you guys went to a nice restaurant, explore the city a bit, and crash at a hotel. It will give you boys a chance to explore your youth" This is why I love my dad, he thinks of the coolest things. He isn't strict on rules, and he knows what it's like to be young and wanting to explore. "That would be so cool" I almost yelled.My dad seeing my excitement smiled and said, "I can book you boys at the Fairmont Royal York, its about 2 blocks from the Skydome. They don't have a room for all 4 of you, but you can get a room for three and a room for two". I love my dad.Getting no response from me, he shook his head and turned in towards my school, "We'll talk about it some more tonight.""Sure" I replied, my face plastered with the biggest grin in the world. As I got out of the car, I turned to my dad and gave him and gave him a hug, "I love you dad." I felt him choke a bit. "I love you too Zac, you make me so damn proud." I got out and waved at him. I didn't care if people saw me. I loved my dad. He was my support and the one person I tell everything to. Everything. You see, I'm gay, and I have been for a while. He confronted me in grade 8 about some of the sites I've been visiting. I never knew about site history, or the fact preteen nymph post that the computer kept a record of it. My dad, however, being an Aerospace Engineer, did.I remember wanting to run away when he asked me if I had something to tell him. My worst fears were realized when he told me he knew what I'd been looking at on the Internet. Before I could run he grabbed me and hugged me tight. I was bawling at the time, telling him I was sorry and begging him not to leave me. I was fully preteen nude old torn whether or not he was going to kick me out or beat me. I heard the stories. I was scared. But he held me and let me cry until I was finest preteen art worn out. When I finally looked at him, he too was crying. I thought that maybe he was disappointed in me for being gay, but my dad was in fact sad for me. He told me that because I was gay I was going to have to face a lot of hardships. He feared for my well being, because he knew he couldn't always be there to protect me. That night he told me he did suspect my sexuality, but never pressed forward. He said he had a gay friend in high school who was the nicest guy in the world. His friend killed himself because his family rejected him. Dad said he didn't want me to go through the same thing and was the main reason he wanted me to take Karate in grade 5. I was amazed, it wasn't until grade 6 that I knew I liked guys, and my dad said he already suspected when I was in grade 5. I never took my lia pre teenmodel lessons seriously, but dad told me I should, that way I could protect myself. He was right, and I knew it, so I worked hard. And now, by next year I was going to be a brown belt. I took off my bag. Sometimes it gets a bit too hot with the bag on and all, and I didn't want preteen masturbation girls my shirt to be drenched. As I walked up to the school, I felt a sharp pain on my back. I turned to see my best
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