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Related post: Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2005 21:08:59 -0700 From: Timothy Stillman Subject: g/m Adult/young friend "Brandy's Method" "Brandy's young lolita picture portal Method" by Timothy Stillman"I am beautiful. I am 14. I have worked the Tenderloin with my tender loin ever since I was asked, not unkindly to leave home, after my parents found teen lolita vido samples I was gay. I am flamboyant. I wiggle my butt too much. nonude sexy lolita preteens I parentheses my asian lolita pre teen crotch too much. I have a big bulge there. Want to see? Up until last year free nude russian lolitas you could have caught little womens naked lolitas me flutterybying at the Dicks XXXXX Video Shop. With my rich kid's clothing, and my beautiful almost haloed face and flawless skin, I am not like the scaggies all around me down there. free forced lolitas video They scared me. For sure. Not now though. I have been bought.He loves the dimples above my ass the most. My slender legs. Virtually hairless. My twining arms round his softly and soothingly as he fucks me. But he fucks me kindly. He is in love. He does not harm me. No one has ever harmed me. Not even my parents, who I may have mentioned kindly asked me to leave when it dawned on them, quite suddenly, that lolita cp xxx porn I was gay.They send me money once a month. David does not need me. David worships me. I do everything David requires of me. I don't mean it to sound cold like that. It is not mechanical. I am most willing. I am warm flesh and sweet kisses for him. I do not doubt him. I do not think young lolita poohnany sex he will ever love anyone but me.He has a nice house. An extraordinary house out here at the Pacific Palisades. He has a terrific swimming pool. We love to swim in it at midnight. russian mature loli sex The water is always warm. He likes the erect cock of me in the water. He loves to suck me off. There is tenderness in him. There is tenderness in lolita nude tiny photos me. I've discovered there are no words for sex or sexual body parts that loli ecstazy info nude don't come across as filthy and mean spirited.I have never been with a anime hentai lolicon pic mean spirited man or boy. They have all loved me in their fashion. They have always done what I let them do. And mega lolita portal free I have always done what they have let me do. I have learned things from them. How to be a sylph. How to be coy. How to be suggestive. How illegal underage lolita pics to strip very slowly and show them my still a little boy body. I preteen nymphets lolita top have never had anyone hurt me in preteen loli ls magazine any way. And get into lolita paysites they always pay me so nicely. I have always been THE hot commodity. I have always been THE STAR. Some of forbidden dream lolita nude the rough boys had sex with me and always watched out xxx lolita girls bbs for the me of then.I wish David would not manipulate me as much as he does. He thinks he must pay me, or buy me preteen lolas underwear models things, or be extra syrupy nice to me. He does not have to do that at all. He loves to rub xxx incest loli galleries my flat tummy. He loves to suck me at the bottom of the pool. He writes poetry to me. He is young loli ilegal pregnant never blue when I am around. Even when he sucks me at the bottom of the pool. That is young nude lolita photos a joke. Laugh please.I am a marionette. He pulls the strings. Men and boys the last four years have always underage lolita young preteen done that. And I don't mind. They called me their puppy or their kitty boy. And they have danced with me naked. And they have sucked everything that I have. My penis is hairless. My balls are small. My penis is small. They like it that way. David says he would die without me. I say when you leave I will die without you. He believes it. I mean it to. I say it with all my lolita preteen litte pedo heart.To him, he thinks sex is commerce with me. I tell him no. I tell him in my little boy voice. I am coquettish. I sometimes wear a sun dress that David likes to take off me a bit at a time. He tells me that he has never known anyone who will do literally anything asian lolita angel tgp for him, and ask nothing in return. I have never asked for anything at all. He does not understand. I am his. Ask, as all the men and boys in the past asked, when I was a hustler, with my brown eyes and my brown long hair and my dimpled chin and my cheeks good enough to pinch, and all my body like little butterfly dust all lolita models in thongs over it, and they are charmed. And they paid me. I never asked them either. And when I left them, they did not want to admit it, they asked if they russian euro lolita pics could see me again, I said....and young preteen lolitas galleries they said quickly, no, let it be preteen hardcore lolita links this way....they hungered little underground russian lolitas at the top of the hour and during it and at the end perverts r us loli of lolita ls magazine galleries it. It was sweet pain to them. I never went to bed with the same hardcore 12 yo lolita one twice, until David.David is wealthy. David has been tricked by boys before. David keeps even after this long a time thinking I am tricking him, that I am a firecracker ready to pop. Mom and xxx loli list litlle Dad send money to the bank. I rarely pick it up. I have no need. David has friends. He never lets lolitas teens under 18 his loli pics russia child friends see me. If he wanted me to, I would. He does not, therefore I don't. legal lolita pic archive We do everything in his huge airy home. We watch movies he likes. I say I like them too. He wants me to be everything to him. I will be. I am.He watches me in bed when I am sleeping and he does not know I bbs loli forum pics am awake. He takes my BVDs off sometimes and sucks me as I sleep. video lolita nudist fitness Sometimes I cum and wake up groggily, sweet preteen models lolly pretend groggily, and we snuggle and I ask him what I can do for him, my dream lolita site and he says suck me Brandy. So I do.Once he told me he thought I would bring street thugs to beat him up and take his money. I laughed. He laughed. I told him no. And he knew by the way I said it, that I meant it. We are now lying on the heavy shag carpeting of the living room. We are naked and facing each other. The lights are low and yellowish. A CD is playing in the background. Blue water is in the pool. The plasma screen is on and riots of soft wild colors are floating back and forth, through and forward lolita loli pics nude and dancing decorously on it. He looks in my eyes. petit lolis artistic nude I wish he would not wear so many chains on his neck. It is so retro.We have had a light dinner of avocado and pears. It is the weekend. He is free from the studio till Monday when he will have to brush up on his lines. He is not a famous actor. A bit actor who is acceding step by step as of late. He blames his good luck, kiddingly, on me. He is not kidding.He holds my head. He rubs some of the butterfly dust from my cheeks and lips. He kisses them. I kiss him in return. He is a man of graying hair. He is a man who is not in too good a shape. But he is young enough. It bothers him. He tries to work out more. For me. I tell him it doesn't matter. That I have been with all kinds and all shapes and all ages, and they all treated me kindly and that was what was important. And it was. In more ways than he free lolita sex stories knows--yet.He thinks I do things first sometimes. He is wrong. I always get him to, sometimes when he is unawares, to suggest in lolita nn top sites some way big or small, to ask me to do them. And then I comply. He thinks I will leave him. They all thought I would leave jbbs lolita links max them. They bought me. free nude small lolitas And they let me go so unwillingly. They were business. David was my masterwork. teen lolita pic rape I had made him a watercolor of need and want, in my head. He was my preteen 7yo lolita nymphets forever. And he loved me and was gentle and only lolitas free pictures I loved him and was gentle, and that was the way the free little lolitas toons image lay that night. On the carpeting. By the big glass window. And the door to the terrace. lola model picture preteen The door with the butterfly decals on it, the glass door, so best top lolitas 1000 no one would run into it, thinking it was open."David," I said. My voice was like a little free lolita models com minx, he said, eager to be touched and fondled and kissed and desired and taught little boy things that grown up boys if they were lucky learned to do. He turned me over, signaling it with his hand on my left hip. I got to my knees and stuck my rosy red into lolita school uniform tgp the air. He put his hands on my hips, and softly slowly delicately mounted me and I sighed teen loli 15yo link breathily and shook my head a little, my brown hair that cascaded lolita teen models sandra down on my face, he liked that part the cp lolitas preview free best, and I moaned young lolita pussy 12 as if he had come into my nursery loli teen nude cartoons and was Peter Pan, instead of the other way round.He pushes in and out so tiny lolitas legal anal carefully, caressing my chest, calling my name. And I do as he wishes. I will always do as he wishes. Till I am too lolita bikini models nude old and he will love me no more. But he loves me for me, whatever me is. And he will love me for a longer time than most I think.I've learned to kill, you see. Not literally. But figuratively. I learned it with those other men and boys, and now I extend it to more than mere hours with someone. I suggest nothing. I let him. I do not pity him. I make sure he knows that. But little loli virgin model I am his puppet. And teen lolita naked student a puppet cares by doing what the puppeteer tells him. And the puppeteer has no desire but to make the puppet real.But the puppet tiny girl loli russian is not even Pinocchio. The gothic punk lolita clothing puppet is nothing but what the man makes of him. Which would seem to be heaven. But the puppet kills by indifference. The puppet sucks the life out by not caring. The puppet has no dislike of David. In fact the puppet likes him. And David shells out. The puppet does not desire that. The puppet desires to kill lolitas sex preteen naked his puppeteer. Not out of anger. Or vengeance. Not that the puppeteer will even know it. Till the puppeteer sees russia lolita model preview through the puppet.As David has begun lately to do. I am the warm gentle caring child he has always dreamed about. But out of the corner of his eye, out loli bbs rompl nymphets of the sound of a bit of my voice, out of a certain tias wenas lolitas xxx nanosecond of hesitancy, he sees, suspects, deduces something that makes a horrible sort of sense to David, then he covers it up with me and we are one again.Try it sometime. Be extreme lolitas preteen girls everything someone lolita nymphets top links wants you tight preteen lolita pussy to lolita nude thumb galleries be. Be their doll, be their knight in shining armor, don't overdo it, enjoy it, who after all is it harming? David? He is having the time of his life. He lives for me. He is defensive sometimes, senses sometimes, but don't all relationships have a bit lol bbs houti gbook of that in them. Maybe cause all relationships are a bit of a lie if they are relationships at all?I do not mock, mimic, beg, cry, insult--I am kind and considerate as any one could want. And I suck the psychic blood out of him, just a bit here and there, not enough so's he could miss lolita young pic sex it. And it works well.So...lesson for today...indifference is the coldest most calculated thing in the world, it kills lolita bald preteen pussy you by the inch...and is pract
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