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Related post: Brother's Bad Report-Card Brother's Bad Report-CardBy preteen lolly model sample Stephen ScottNote: This story is based on a very hot series of pics I found on the `net.Copyright, 2006 by Stephen Scott. All rights reserved. Permission is granted to Nifty Archives, to archive and display this work. All other uses are expressly forbidden unless explicit arrangement dark lolita russian rompl has been made with the author. This work may not be reproduced, posted, stored electronically, or archived, except for personal, non-public use, without the express only pure nude lolitas written permission of the author.I have a number of stories underage teens lolita cute posted nymphets lolita porn models in the Nifty ArchiveEncounters--The Bellhop and the Movie Star and Straight Boy Cody for CashAdult Youth--Fourth of July FireworksYoung Friends--After the FireworksAuthoritarian--Number Twelve, His preteen nude little lollipops Private Stockade, Hustling a Hustler and All I Want for ChristmasBeginnings--The Boy in the AlleyIncest--Stress ReliefIf you enjoy this story or any of my other stories, please drop me a line at (And a no-prize if you recognize that name!)Brother's Bad Report-CardBy Stephen ScottI scanned the piece of card-stock, a frown expanding along my brow.My son Brett, stood lolita boys top sites by nervously in the bedroom nature lolita free pics he shared with his fraternal twin brother, waiting for my reaction to his first-semester report card. I sat in the chair by Brett's computer, getting angrier by the moment.Even though I wasn't looking at him, I knew the sort of sickly, panicked look I'd see when I turned my attention to him.He was right to be worried. This was the worst report card Brett had ever brought home. Sure, there was an A and a B scattered through the columns. But the rest were all Cs and Ds.I was little angels lolita video lolita teen sex models furious, and Brett knew what that meant.Feeling my temper rise, I looked up from the paper and stared angrily into the face of my 18-year old son."This is unacceptable, Brett.""Yes, sir," russian lolita model gallery the boy mumbled, casting his eyes down so that the thick black lashes obscured them. It was free black lolita pixs a cute trick, lolita young girl tits and xxx lolita from russia normally I'd have considered it sexy as hell.But not this evening."Look at me, Brett!" I barked. He immediately made eye contact with me. "What did we discuss concerning your grades this year? Hmm?"Brett shuffled uneasily, but kept his eyes locked with mine."That I need to get them up and keep them up.""And why is that?""So I can get into a good school next year.""That's right. And what did I say was going to happen if you brought home anything lower than a B?"My hand was drumming impatiently against my thigh. And Brett interpreted that sign correctly. He gulped and shifted his feet."Well? I'm waiting for an answer.""You said--you said I'd lose my Internet privileges.""Was that all I said?" The drumming was becoming more pronounced as my anger built."No, sir," Brett said miserably. "You said I'd lose my TV privileges too.""Anything else?""I'd be grounded for two months."Now I was well web lol nymphets to and truly pissed."I think lolita model pay sites you're missing the main point, Brett. nude kiddy lolita porn What. little nude lolita boys Did. I. Say. I'd. Do?"Brett broke eye contact and his gaze held on the carpet."Beat my ass ...""I didn't catch that. Speak up.""Beat my ass `til I couldn't sit down!" he cried. "Sir," he added, mumbling again."All right, then. So, your AOL account is suspended. The TV is going to the attic. You don't go anywhere but school and home. But right now, you go get the towel. When you come back, you will ls lolita model photos drop your pants and top lolita boys peedo put your sorry ass over my knee. And if you dawdle, I'll really tear you up."Brett rushed off to my bathroom antique school play lolicon and returned with the medium-sized hand-towel, which he handed to me. I placed search pre lolitas nude it over my left knee and waited, glaring at him pointedly.I use the towel this way because, in spite of the severity of the spanking they get, my preteen lolitas pthc top boys usually get pretty aroused; I wanted no spillage of teen-spunk on my dress pants.Brett's zipper was down before I could readjust my position in the chair. He slid his faded denims to his ankles and came closer.I parted my knees, rolled up my sleeves, and waited.The humiliated teenager laid his body across my lap, crotch on the small loli teen model towel. He knew enough to push his behind up in a suitable position, and I gave him a few points for that."Brett, you're going to get 25 swats for every letter grade below a B. The first set will be administered by hand. The second, you'll be spanked with my hairbrush. Do you understand?"Brett's voice broke as he small lolita pussy pictures murmured his assent."Yes, sir."I mentally calculated the blows my son was about to receive. Let's see: English was an A, so he was safe there. And History was a B. Science and huge cock lolicon hentai Economics were Cs, so nude naked lolita models that 101 ameteur lolitas galeries was 50 swats, total. little model young lolitas And Algebra II was a D. That made an additional 50. So, 100 whacks. lolitas underage cartoons free I smiled grimly. little lolita girls ing Brett would have to lay his ass on pillows tonight when he went to bed.I looked down at my son's beautiful butt. Round and firm, it russian lolita nude gallery hovered in the lsm preteen young lolita air, waiting for the blows it was about to receive. I hated like hell to mar its silky perfection this way, but an agreement was an agreement. Brett was going to forum teen lolita pthc a good school next fall or I was going to take a layer or two of skin off his behind every semester.Reaching my left hand under the elastic band of his shorts, I tugged them down, revealing his gorgeous teenaged buns. They were lightly hairy, which was good: the curly black wisps would be too fine to absorb the blows.I wanted this to hurt.Lowering his lolitas nasty girls photo underpants to just below his buttocks, I held him down with my right hand, pressing it palm-down onto his spine. He tensed, waiting in dread for the spanking to begin.The boy's genitals were trapped tightly in the pouch of his shorts. Whatever my sweet angels lolita the pain of the spanking, I knew that this kind of physical contact--his ass bared to me, his crotch pressed against my thigh--would arouse my son. Keeping his privates bunched-up this way would heighten the sensations and keep his stiff member in check during young preteens lolitas nudes the spanking.Some fathers, when pthc lolita rape gambar they spank their kids, probably just give them a few sharp whacks in anger, connecting here and there in their erotic lolita model gallery fury. Not me. A spanking was a rare occurrence in our household, so when it happened it was intended to make an impression. To me, there's no point in slapping your kid's butt if it's an everyday thing; it ceases to have meaning--the power to persuade. I want my sons to remember their lessons, so I didn't spank them often. But japanese lolita links nude when I did, the punishment had the sense of ritual. There was pleasure in it, but the pain was what I expected them to remember.There was, first, the period of stomach-turning anticipation--the waiting. I liked to extend this foyza bbs lol sven's as long as possible, to give my boys something to worry about. Next, the spoken instructions. Lying over my knee, pants down, hearing the full extent of what was about to happen, heightened their feelings of dread and anxiety.(Of course, the teasing out of this process also gave me a nice chance to examine my boy's behinds at close quarters, which definitely had its own attractions. I was usually getting a respectable erection before I laid a hand on them.)In any case, Brett xxx 13 year loli was going preteen lolita top bbs to get 100 whacks, and each one was going to land, and land hard. And he damn well knew it.I began with a stiff blow to the base of his right cheek. He squirmed, and I immediately smacked teen sexy loli art his left.Now, I believe in varying the blows so the boys can't anticipate any sort of pattern. So the next three were landed square on his right cheek, the four or five after that on the left. I also rained down some well-placed smacks between the cheeks, not touching the super young nude lolitas anus, which can really hurt, and cause bruising, but along the ass-crack. Then, to really make an impression, I returned to the lower portion of the butt, just above the legs, where it's the most tender. My boys had firm, athletic asses, so a few sharp whacks beneath them would underage lolitas underage beauties get their attention, and hold it.I never made my sons count the slaps out loud. nude lolita girls pics Some fathers do this I know, and if the kid loses count, will lay on five or ten additional smacks each time it happens. But that always seemed cruel to me. They were lolita rape and snuff already getting their asses whipped, lolitas with puffy tits were embarrassed and in pain--why make it even harder on them? I kept count myself, mentally. blue lolita girl pics No matter how frenzied or random my movements might seem to the boy over my knee, the spanking forbidden picture links lolitas was carefully modulated by the guy doing the job."That was half, Brett," I said, pausing briefly. "Twenty-five."He groaned, and I welcomed the moment to let my hand rest a bit (on his fresh-spanked butt.) But soon I was back to business, whacking his ass with renewed energy.I was at thirty-five blows when Brett started squirming on my lap, whimpering and moving his behind around. In response, I held onto his hair with my free hand, yanking his head back roughly as I laid on his bare-butt spanking. He gasped, but didn't protest.He knew better.After a moment, when I was sure he'd gotten the message, I let go of his hair and reached my hand lolita bbs guest book around his middle.Brett's backside was really glowing at this point. The pale cheeks were rosy, and I could feel heat beginning to suffuse his ass when my little girls lolita nymphets hand made contact. It was a pretty picture, and my cock responded accordingly. I knew Brett could feel the rise pressing against best underage lolita sites his belly. I could also sense that, despite his cries and whimpers, he was sporting a good-sized erection himself, under the pouch of blue striped cotton that housed his penis and rubbed against my thigh.Soon enough (although I'm sure it felt like an eternity to the boy) lolita little girls pics I had reached the set amount. I stopped and allowed Brett to get off my lap. He stood near me, his cock and balls home nude preteen lollies still encased in his briefs, rubbing his bottom. I could see his hard-on poking against the material, but the tears in his eyes were real top 50 photos lolita enough nonetheless.After a certain number of swats, the rump starts to go numb, and the blows have little effect. I've learned over time that resting after about fifty spanks is about right to keep this from happening. Giving the boy a brief respite between sessions buys you some time so his butt can begin to lose whatever numbness has already set in, and your own hand can recover.The rest also keeps the specter of the remaining punishment keenly in his mind.He young lolita y o knows it ain't over.While this was going on I removed my vest and loosened my tie. ukranian lolitas crazy holiday It was hot work, spanking a teenaged boy, and I was beginning
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