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Related post: Date: Tue, 4 Jun 2002 11:52:31 -0700 (PDT) From: marie leclare Subject: Kari's IdeaDisclaimer: This is a work of black preteen nudists fiction intended solely for the enjoyment of adult readers.Kari's Idea By Marie LeClareKari walked along the edges of boy preteen feet the pool, scooping leaves from the surface of the water, and from the skimmer, in preparation for her after school swim.She had just modeling preteen swimsuit entered the tenth grade and had preteen photos act intentions of joining the school swim team this year, something which preteen diddy model her mother and grandmother had done during their high school years.It was sort of a tradition, but not one she felt forced into. She wanted to join the team, many of the members were her friends and there were fringe benefits, such as travelling to other schools, the parties, and of course, the locker room. She felt comfortable around the other girls when nude, sometimes fantasizing about them.In her home she preteen video forums was regularly naked, as were her mother and grandmother, nudity was just something no one was concerned with. It was natural for one or the other to walk through the house naked after hot preteen blondes showering, or to sit at the table in the nude early in the morning before the day preteen link forum preteen leather started.Kari had seen naked women her whole life and liked it. She had been raised in a house without a father, hers had gone away when she was just a baby. Her mother caught him screwing another woman, and taken him to court for all he was worth.The divorce settlement provided Shannon and her mother a good lifestyle, not one of riches, but comfortable. On the rare occasion when Kari did see her father, it was a brief and forgettable visit, and she never went anywhere with him.Kari's grandmother came to live with them soon after her grandpa died, and she was welcomed as now it was just the three of them, the whole preteen love poems family living under one roof.Her mother was not an unattractive woman, not in the least. She was 5' 6", with long black hair top preteen websites and a well-toned body. Her swimming days had been beneficial to her, defining her physique and shaping her body as a chisel would stone. Her breasts were preteen rimjob stories not what one would call "melons", but more the preteen models allnude size of perfectly rounded large grapefruit, fitting into any department store 36C bra. She always said they got in the way when she swam, but never seemed to complain further than that.Kari's grandmother was in good shape too, not as tall as her daughter, only 5"2 or so. Her breasts were larger, maybe because of age and gravity, but they still stood well and didn't sag much, preteen boy anal only enough to swing nicely as she walked.Kari was now 15, her mother Marie was 34, and her grandmother Jan only 55. Together, they were all very pretty women, and when they were erotica pre teen shopping or on the beach, turned heads of all ages and both sexes.As she finished sweeping the pool, she heard her mother's car pull into the garage. "Kari honey, are you home?" Marie called. "Yeah mom, back by the pool." Kari opened the sliding glass door and walked inside. "Is your grandma home yet?" Marie asked, and Kari shook her preteen s feet head no. "Good" was her mother's reply, "You finish your swim and then get a shower, we're taking your grandma to dinner for her anniversary."Jan didn't grieve her husband's passing, she was ok with it and celebrated their wedding anniversary every year happily.That night after they returned home, Marie told her mother she had bought her a gift and it was in her bedroom. "Why there, honey?" she asked, Marie only smiled and said "You'll see when you open it mom."Kari asked preteen models catalog her mother what it was. After all, what kind of gift would you give someone that no one else was supposed to see?"I got your young preteens homemadeporn grandmother nude preteen modell something to keep her company, preteen naturists forum honey." "Have you ever heard of a dildo?" Marie asked Kari in a whisper, as not to let her mother hear. "Yeah mom, you got grandma a dildo?" "Really?" "Yes", Marie replied blushing, It started out as a gag gift, but after I looked at them for a while, I got a real one for her." "Mom..." Kari hesitated, "Isn't that kind of a strange thing to give preteen fuck pictures your own mother?""Well, preteen models ukraine yes," Marie said turning toward the kitchen sink, "But sometimes a woman needs a little companionship, and your grandma isn't the kind to go out with someone." "This way," Marie continued, "Grandma can please herself and not be worried about anything." "I hope you understand, honey." "Sure mom, I guess so." Kari said. "Mom?" she continued, "Do lucky preteens pics you have a dildo?" "Sure do sweetie," Marie responded without hesitation, "I have several." "Can I have one?"Kari asked, and Marie responded gently, "Not until you're a bit older baby, it's not something a 15 year old really needs, now is it?"The three women vlad preteen had always been very open with each other this way, preteen nonnude modles so in preteens underwear Kari wasn't really being preteen sexpics naked too forward. Once, just after her grandma came to live with them, Kari came out of her bedroom in the morning to find them both naked at the table, talking as if there was nothing wrong at all. She then dropped her PJ's and never wore them again. At 13, she had entered into a life of nudism, at least with her family, and preteen animal wasn't ashamed of herself at all.Another time, she was in her room when her grandma came home from the gynecologist. "Kari dear?" her grandma called, "Is Marie home yet?" "Yes grandma, she's in the pool." Kari came out of her room to see her naked mother kneeling before her also nude grandma, looking between her legs as if she were examining her. "What are you doing mom?" she asked, and her mother explained that the doctor had noticed something on grandma's privates and mafia preteen porn she was looking at it. Marie had her xxx cp preteen hands between her mother's thigh's, Jan was lying back on a chaise lounge, holding preteen nymhet her pussy open for her daughter to inspect.Kari preteen models sensuality went over and knelt next to her mom, looked, and was in awe of the pure pink color of her grandmother's vagina. "See honey," Marie said instructively, "Grandma has a small bump here in her privates."Marie opened Jan's pussy wider and showed Kari a small legal preteen nn bump, the size of a pea. "What is it Grandma?" Kari asked, and Jan responded, "It's really nothing dear, it'll go away, the doctor gave me some pills to take."This type of thing was commonplace in Kari's life, so it didn't seem too unusual that her mother gave her grandma a dildo. After all, grandma seemed to appreciate it, coming back from her room and hugging Marie, cms model preteen kissing her on the cheek and thanking her for her thoughtfulness. Still not sure exactly what a dildo was for, it seemed to stick in her mind. Later that evening, as she lay in bed, thoughts of dildos were in her mind, as she heard muffled sounds preteens models colombia from her grandma's room. She got up, walked to the adjoining wall between hers and Jan's rooms and placed her ear against the wall. The sounds were a little easier to make out, she could tell her grandma was moaning in pleasure. Knowing what an orgasm was, and having several herself over the last few years, Kari began to fantasize about what was danish preteen nudes going on in the next room. preteen ls nudes Her pussy was dampening, and soon she let her hand wander to the moistness between her thighs. Listening to the groans from the next room, Kari was getting closer and closer to her own climax, when she thought to herself, "I have to SEE this!"She quietly went out the sliding door by the pool, masterbation for preteens her nude body getting goosebumps from the night air and her nipples instantly hard at the thought of what she may see. Approaching her grandma's window, she heard the sounds again. "Ohhh, yeaahhh, ohhh, yeaahhh" her grandma moaned, "Ohh, it feeelsss ssooo gooddd" she heard her hiss quietly. Kari squatted down next to the window, and peeked between the slightly open curtains to see Jan on the bed, knees preteens real video up, back arched, with a preteen pubic large, pink plastic dick in her hand. She was plunging her pussy with it, as if to find bottom, the strokes were fast and hard. Kari watched intently, focused on preteen panties modeling the dildo sliding in and out of Jan's cunt, now preteen boy's kissing awash with creamy goo. The sticky cum was all over Jan's bushy crotch, and periodically she would dip a finger into it and taste it. Kari's own pussy was now dripping, preteen nude 1980s her hand was between her thighs, her pussy wide open because of her squatting. She slid two fingers into herself and fucked the hole furiously, gritting her teeth and feeling the orgasm approach. preteen black teens As she came, the nuder preteen juices ran into her hand, and she brought it to her mouth and licked it like a hungry baby.The next morning, Kari sat across from Jan at the table, finding it hard to take her eyes nude preteen girl from her grandmother's erect nipples. preteen beastsex "Is it cold in here?" Marie asked as she free preteen forum entered the kitchen. Sipping her cappuccino coffee, Jan said, "No dear, why do preteen under 14 you ask?" "No reason mom, just that your nipples look like they're going to jump off their seats!" Marie said laughing. ""Oh my, they do don't they?" Jan giggled a bit, "I no top preteens guess preteen jerking video Kari noticed too but was afraid to say anything!" "Oh grandma!" Kari said playfully, getting up and walking past Jan to get another glass of juice. "Smack!" The sharp sound of Jan's open palm on Kari's young ass echoed through the room, "That's quite an ass you're getting there young lady!" "All that swimming is paying off I see!" Jan said playfully."Thanks grandma!" Kari replied, "I feel alot better too since I started swimming." "Grandma, can I ask you something?" "Sure Hon, anything" Jan said."When you swam, did anyone shave to reduce friction in the water?" Jan looked at her granddaughter's shaven pubic area, and said "Yes, but not there!" The three women polish preteen sex laughed out loud, Kari kissed Jan on the cheek and got ready for school.While at school that day Kari's mind could not shake the image of Jan's sopping pussy, preteen video gymnastics the immense flow of juices running down her crack, the large pink dick flushing it out preteen cartoon videos of her. It was running through her mind all day, and she decided she had to either see it again or somehow, get involved. She admired her grandma's hands, so beautiful so strong looking, gripping the dildo and easily pushing it in and out, those long, dark red nails preteen sporn a sharp contrast to the bright pink latex. She wanted to feel those deft fingers inside her, wanted her grandma to teach her the wonders of expert masturbation.That night when she got home, Jan was lying next to the pool on the chaise, naked, of course, and preteen sandra pics greeted Kari happily. "Hi honey, how was school?" "Great grandma, Kari said, "I'm ready for a swim." Kari stripped to nothing and slipped into the cold water. Her nipples hardened at the feel of it, and at the thought of the idea she had hatched."Grandma?" She asked coyly, "This morning, you laughed at how I shave myself...were you making fun of me?" "Oh no, honey!" Jan apologized, "Not in any way! I think it looks wonderful!" "Then why don't you shave yours?" Kari american preteen pussy asked intent on starting something."Well....I don't know!" Jan replied, "I
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