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Related post: Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2011 20:12:40 +0200 From: Amy Redek Subject: Kane. Chapter Eight. MM.This fictional story of gay men is for persons over the age of eighteen.Title; Kane. Chapter Eight.The only thing of note on our journey towards Calais was to pull off the Autobahn to see if I could drive a car. Even though I couldn't remember if I had a driving licence, I found I was able to handle the gears and drive, so it was pleasing to know it was something that I preteen sex childporn could do. But where was my licence if I was capable? Maybe we would find the answer in London.We crossed the border from Germany into France and headed in a north westerly direction following the road signs. It was on the last leg of this journey that we started to discuss our getting into preteen videos forums England with my firearm, for I was loathe to ditch it like we had done with the others we had acquired. We also needed to get rid of one suitcase and as I only had a few clothes in mine, these we transferred to Tolliver's case and threw mine away. So how was I going to get my gun into England was the main problem for which Tracey had the answer.'Now this car is rented to Tolliver, so we just leave it wherever. Though it would be better I think if I just park it in the Hertz bay and walk away from it,' Tracey said. 'Now we separately get our ferry tickets for boarding. You keep the gun in your suitcase.' I started to interrupt but was told to just shut up and listen. 'I can guarantee you won't be searched if we do it my way. Now, we don't even get together on the ferry. I'll find some shmuck to help me with my two suitcases so don't interfere if I start chatting somebody up, okay?' I nodded and listened. 'Now I'm going to enter passport control dressed as I am and they are going to note that my passport reads as a male. They are not going to say anything at that point, but they will tip the wink to customs, so I will be stopped and searched and asked some very awkward questions. These I will be able to handle. The poor bloke who helped me will also be searched. Now you must be almost right behind me for you will then be waved through as they will have their sights on me and the guy with me. If he's carrying, tough shit on him. Then when you preteen fozya bbs are through, go to the first car rental place and wait for me. I'll be about ten or fifteen minutes behind you.'I could see where he was coming from and so agreed to what he had said, and we duly dumped the car and bought our ferry tickets separately, using some Euros and boarded the ferry as foot passengers. I had to let him struggle aboard with the two suitcases himself but knew that he would get help before we landed in England.I kept fairly close to him on the crossing in case of trouble and also changed about five hundred pounds worth of beautiful preteen gallerys Euros at the Bureau de Change. It galled me to see him, as a pretty young woman, chat up another young man with a rucksack while on the crossing. But was relieved to see him heft up Tracey's suitcases while she carried his rucksack as we disembarked. I kept close to them as we got off and went through passport control. There was no problem there with either of them or me and we approached customs and sure enough, Tracey preteen and nonnude was stopped. I was close enough to hear him declare that the two suitcases belong to him and that the young man had been so kind as to carry them preteen porn anime for him. I best sex preteen just kept on walking and wasn't even noticed and found myself in England with a firearm that I'd smuggled in. I went to the first car rental agency which happened to be Avis, and I waited outside for Tracey to appear.Almost to the minute as predicted, the two of them came through and the youth dropped the cases a few feet from me and seemed crestfallen when Tracey came up and kissed me.'Thanks for your help,' he said sweetly to the boy, who then almost scowled at me as he picked up his rucksack and disappeared into the darkness. 'Well, what did I tell you?' Tracey laughed and we went in and rented a car for a week. I paid the money in Euros which they accepted and found that they gave me a better rate than the bloody boat did.With the documentation out of the way, we put the three suitcases into the boot and began our drive out of the docks.'So how did you know what would happen at customs?' I asked.'I've had the problem before. It works like this. I present my passport that is valid but says that I am a male and yet I've turned up in a dress. Odd, or you might even say queer,' I got a nudge in the ribs at this. 'The passport is valid and the picture fits but not the gender, so customs are alerted and I get stopped.Passport please, preteen best top I am asked by the officious prat and I give it to him and he then sneers as he deliberately says, do you have anything to declare Mr. Spencer! Stressing the Mr, this freaks out that poor lad with me and he goes all red in the face. Now he's not guilty, well I hoped so, but his face makes it look like he is as his rucksack is ransacked. They preteen girls babes also open my two suitcases and paw their way through nearly every item of clothing. Why are you dressed as a woman Mr. Spencer, I'm sex rape preteen asked. Read the passport again, properly this time, I tell him. It says female impersonator as my profession. But why the drag now, he asks. Because some stupid cunt stole my only suit, that's why. The rest in the suitcase is my working wardrobe.I nearly pissed myself at the look on his face then made him look even worse by asking him if he wanted to give me a body search, but warned him that I wasn't wearing panties. I could see the grins on the faces of the other officers and he couldn't get rid of me quick enough. It was great! That's the third time I've done that. You would think that they'd have learned a bit more about human nature by now.' I had to laugh at his telling of taking the mickey out of the customs officer.'That young lad looked disappointed too when you gave me a kiss,' I said.'Yes. He thought preteen school photos he was on a winner there, but he served his purpose in carrying my suitcases,' and he laughed.We'd only gone past one roundabout when Tracey pulled into a bus stop and turned to me, his shoulders sagging.'Do you know what? I'm so bloody tired I don't think I could make London without falling asleep. Do you think we could find an hotel for the night and do the drive tomorrow.' I had to admit that I was tired too. It had been a long drive from Berlin, and he had driven the whole way. It was the prospect of me smuggling the gun through customs that had kept me going, so I agreed preteen pic link whole heartedly to stopping in Dover for the night. We pulled into the next one we saw along the parade and parked the car and only took in my suitcase. We could both use my toothbrush and shaving gear but it was the gun I was more concerned about. Somehow I had been feeling half naked without wearing the school preteen pics shoulder holster and having the weight of the gun inside. I'd been shot at enough over the past few days and having it with me made me feel more comfortable.We booked in for the one night and staggered to our room and we both looked punch drunk we were so tired. He was that tired he couldn't even pull off his dress so I had to help get it over his head. He didn't bother about the underwear and got straight into bed and was fast asleep before I got in. So no sex for the first time upon getting into bed together, but we did in the morning.He was awake first and woke me in the nicest way possible by having his mouth over the head of my cock, tonguing and licking and sucking it. What a lovely way to start a day I thought as I enjoyed his mouth on me and his hand slowly moving the flesh up and down arousing me. I soon came and filled his mouth with my sperm which he swallowed and he stayed down on me for several more minutes, cleaning me up.'Good morning lover,' he said as his head emerged from under the covers. His eyes bright and his wet mouth split in a wide grin before he closed his mouth and gave me a kiss. I half rolled onto him and returned the kiss and felt that he was as hard down there as I had been. I put my hand down and grasped his cock and he closed his eyes and gave a sigh as I began to rub it for him.'That's nice,' he murmured, and I had the sudden urge to do the same for him, and so I did my first solo trip downtown and took his throbbing cock into my mouth and began to suck and chew on him. It was hot under the covers and preteen body links I heard a muffled groan as I took him in and he opened his legs wider to give me more room to move. I worked on his shaft with my hand and sucked and soon brought him to his peak and felt a thrill as he came and began to pump his seed into my mouth. His hips were bucking and I held him there till I had a mouthful preteen rusian and he stopped both coming and bucking, allowing me to swallow it and then begin licking him clean as he did me.As I emerged from the covers, he grabbed my head and pulled me further up so that we could kiss. Our teeth clashed as I opened my mouth to protest at his hand on my head wound, making me wince at the same time.'Oh God I'm sorry Marcus,' he said seeing the pain flash through my eyes. 'I forgot. We also forgot to change the dressing yesterday.' He was kissing my face in apology as he spoke, stroking my cheek and part of my forehead at the same time. 'I was just so eager to kiss you.' I lay back with my head on the pillow and let him stroke my brow and then give me a gentle kiss on the lips. 'Now that we've both had fun, let's see to that dressing and preteen underage nymphettes put on a fresh one.'So I sat on the toilet while he peeled off the old dressing and cleaned around the wound and put on a fresh one. It was only a small one and the cream soothed the raw flesh that was still a long way from healing properly. 'We really should have gone to a hospital with this, but it looks okay to me.'After our ablutions, we got dressed and went and had breakfast and preteen virgin sex were soon on the road for London.'Where exactly in London are we heading for?' Tracey asked, for he was doing the driving.'Well I want to find Tolliver's place and the only clue we've got to find that, is his tailor's in Saville Row,' young wet preteen I replied, settling myself in the passenger seat feeling a bit more comfortable now I was wearing the shoulder holster under my coat. I had stripped the gun down and cleaned it as best I could before we went for breakfast, surprised that I was able to do ukraina young preteen so without any thought of knowing how.Tracey knew where Saville Row was and so two hours later, we pulled up outside this gentlemen's outfitter's emporium.'I'll have to stay with the car,' Tracey said, 'because I can't park here. So if a traffic warden comes along, I'll drive off and come back again.' I agreed with this and hefted out my suitcase from the car and went inside. The man I approached who was behind a counter, looked at me with some disapproval which made me believe he didn't approve of the suit I was wearing. I didn't blame him for I did look rather like a well dressed tramp carrying a suitcase.'Can I help you sir?' he asked in not quite a sneer but very preteen mpegs close to one.'Yes,' I said, putting the suitcase down so that it was clearly visible to him. 'I met an old friend of mine in Berlin yesterday and he had a sudden call to go off to Delhi. But he had to travel light so he asked me to take this suitcase of his and put it in his apartment. Now I know he's a valued client preteen upskirt pics of yours and hope that you can give me his address for he wrote it down on a preteen girls free slip of paper that I'm afraid preteen underware virgin I've mislaid.' I gave him the best smile I could though I didn't think it would help. It didn't.'I'm sorry sir, but we cannot divulge the addresses of any of our clients without their express approval,' and I swear he gave a sniff as he said it.'Then I will leave the suitcase here for you to deliver and tell him that you refused to help me.' I opened my coat and pulled out my passport from my inside pocket, letting him see quite clearly the butt of the gun in its holster. nudist teenagers preteen His eyes widened at the sight of it as I feigned not to notice his look. 'My passport shows and names me as Marcus Kane. Bill, that is Mr Tolliver to you, has tried to get me to change my tailor and at the present moment, I see no reason to do so.' Again, I gave him a nice smile as I showed him my picture and name inside
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