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Related post: Date: Fri, 09 Apr 1999 23:27:12 -0400 From: "" Subject: Brian & Justin 60-64Brian & Justin (Part 60) By JMOfficial winner of the following categories at the BSB/N Sync Awards: Best use of Kevin, Best use of AJ, Best use of Brian, Best use of Justin Best use of BSB, Best use of N Sync Best Character Best use of a Character Romantic Couple Worst Couple :( Best Couple :) Best Villain Best Chapter Best Vocabulary Best Love Scene, Romantic Love Scene, Best use of Food Saddest Break Up :( Best Reunion of Love :) Funniest Moment Best Plot Best Storyline, Best Repeat Storyline Most Innovative Author Best Author of a Series, Best Series STORY OF THE YEAR :)*** General Announcement: Okay this story and the following stories are going to be a slow down pace for me. I am going to slow down the quickie's and add the romance to the stories. But don't get me wrong, there will still be plenty of sex and forbidden at lolita pics fun for the boys. Yes, these stories will mostly revolve around the relationship between Brian Littrell (of the Backstreet Boys) and Justin Timberlake (of 'N Sync), but there is going to be guest appearances from all of the guys of the Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync. I can't always guarantee (most likely I can't even guarantee at all. The stint between J.C. and Lance; Kevin and Lance; Nick and J.C. may not re-kindle unless you guys want it to.) action for them though because I am so hooked on Brian and Justin. new japan lolitas bbs We'll see what happens. The stories will also follow the same path that the others have left off with. So free nude baby lolitas that means, these stories pretty much follow where I left off with 'B-Rok B-Day', 'Round And Round, and 'The First Nite'. I want everyone to know that I don't plan on stopping after this story, so don't worry. I get e-mails all the time about that. I'll try and forewarn you when I plan to stop, but that looks doubtful right now. I do hope you enjoy the series of stories to come and do wish to hear all of your comments may they be good or bad (hopefully not all bad)... so send them on over to: or ******* This is THE 51st STORY!!! It follows along with the rest if you're still not caught up, you had better get reading. It picks up where the last chapter left off and will continue from there on. Hope you enjoy this part and please send all comments to me. I have recieved an abundance already, so that makes me want to keep on writing better stories. I THANK all of you who have sent your great comments to me. Especially to those who have been there since the very beginning. Also, for those who still want the lyrics to the 'Justin & Brian' soundtrack (only lyrics; includes previous songs) and the 'Brian & Justin' soundtrack Part II. That's right, I'm out of control with these song lyrics. Soundtrack features old and new songs from the B.S.B., 'N Sync and others. All songs are original songs that I made up for Brian and Justin. They have a purpose, so please don't destroy them or distribut them without permission. SPECIAL THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO HAS BEEN READING AND SENDING ME E-MAIL, I APPRECIATE IT!!! I never thought this series would get this far! Special thanks to Leprechaun for inspiring me to write such great stories. He's got alot talent and you guys should check out his series "Bad Boy B-Rok". It is the best B.S.B. story I have read. And thanks to Calguy19 for great works, with his storyline 'Bangin' B-Rok'. And finally, thanks to Chris, Adam and JJ Vascardi's for being a good friends and great authors. I also want to thank Yas for the GREAT story ideas he has given me. He helped me with some instalements of stories. So until the next time, please keep reading the stories and all of you B-Boys keep it 'N Sync... **** Brian groaned as he tried to un-tangle himself from the sheets. His head lolita models nudes preteens was throbbing and his mind was blank. "Oh, where am I?" Brian moaned as he yanked the covers from over his head. He received no response. He looked around, with his eyes half-shut, trying to adjust to the bright light of day. His thoughts were spinning as he finally saw a person standing by the bed. "Mom?" Brian slurred out as he tried to figure out who the person was. He once again got no response. The figure threw a bag on the bed and began to throw clothing in it. Brian forced himself to sit up and pulled the sheets away from his bare body. He thought for a monet as the person walked in the bathroom. He tried to re-collect all the events of the previous night. It was too much for his head to bare and he groaned again. "Can you spare me the noise." the figure finally spoke. Brian recognized the voice immediately and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. "Sorry Justin." Brian replied as he woke himself. Brian begin to get flashes of the night before, his memories slowly returning. "I got drunk huh?" Brian asked lowly. Justin nodded and gave Brian a disppointed stare. "What did I do?" Brian asked while trying to shake off his headache. "Let's see, you acted like an ass, treated me like crap and pretty much flirted with anybody in your sights." Justin replied bitterly. All of Justin's words shook Brian intensly. Justin sighed and walked to the dresser next to the bed. "If it helps, I'm sorry and I feel terrible." Brian said sincerly. "You don't have to apologize Brian. You did enough of that last night." Justin assured Brian. "Then why are you so mad?" Brian asked Justin, grabbing his arm. "I'm not bad. I'm tired and we are leaving here in two hours." Justin responded, pulling away from Brian. Brian sat dumbfounded. Justin shook his head at Brian and walked back over to his bag. Brian slouched back in the bed and covered his eyes from the light. He felt a small tapping on his head and removed his arms from his face. He looked up at Justin, who was holding a glass of water and two aspirin in front of his face. "You might want to take these and then get a shower." Justin suggested. Brian sat back up in the bed and grabbed the glass and the aspirin. "Thanks." Brian said as he swallowed the pills. Justin nodded and returned to his packing. J.C. rolled over in his bed and tapped Lance's shoulder. "I think we should get dressed now." J.C. suggested to Lance. Lance grunted and kept his eyes shut. J.C. gave Lance an angered look and rolled back to his side of the bed. J.C. yanked the covers back and jumped out of the bed. "What's wrong with you!" Lance barked as he pulled the covers back on his body. "It's time we got video de lolitas desnudas up." J.C. repeated, stretching. "Why?" Lance questioned, still with his eyes shut. "Because we have to go." J.C. answered plainly. "They won't leave without us." Lance said carefreely. "And what if Nick comes looking for you here?" J.C. asked while pulling his bag out from the closet. "Then you'll just say you haven't seen me." Lance responded softly. J.C. gave Lance a discouraged look and began throwing his clothes into his sexy lolita model sites bag. Within an hour, Kevin, Britney, Joey, J.C., Justin and A.J. sat in the lobby of the hotel. "Why is it so bright in here?" A.J. complained as he sat in his chair. "Ask me that underage models bbs lolita when my headache goes away." Kevin bellowed. Britney used Joey's cell phone to chat with Johnny Wright as Joey did his best to sleep on the couch in the lobby. "What is taking them so long?" J.C. questioned as he paced the lobby. "Maybe Nick and Lance had another one of their Kodak moments." A.J. laughed lightly. "That couldn't be, because when I left, lance was just getting out..." J.C. stopped himself. "He was just getting out his baggage in the hall." J.C. quickly corrected himself. J.C. took a deep sigh of relief when Nick and Lance stumbled into the lobby. "I think I'm going to throw up again." Nick stuttered out as he limped into the lobby. "Well hold it until we get into New Jersy." Kevin suggested. "Did you guys see Brian, Chris or Howie on their way down?" Britney asked, becoming impatient. "I think we saw Brian coming. I don't know, everything looks like a big blob to me." Nick spoke as he tried to keep himself from vomitting. "Oh yeah, that helps." Britney remarked sarcastically. "Justin, do you know what's taking Brian so long?" Britney looked in his direction. Justin shook his head 'no' and fiddled with his ring. "Did you two have afight last night or something? Don't tell me you broke up again." Kevin questioned. "No, we're fine. He was just out of it this morning." Justin replied sorrowfully. Finally Howie, Chris and Brian stepped into the lobby. "Let's get moving people. We hard lolita underage samples don't want to miss our flight." Kevin yawned out. "Flight? We're flying?" Nick asked softly. "No Nick, we're swimming back to Jersey." A.J. retorted. "Oh, I really am going to be sick." Nick grasped his mouth and ran towards the restrooms. "Nick?" Lance called out as he chased after him. "Great! Another hold up." Britney complained. "What's her prob'?" Chris asked Joey softly. "I don't know... that time of month?" Joey shrugged. Justin glared out the hotel into the streets of Cancun. Brian approchaed Justin and rubbed his shoulder. "Are you okay?" Brian asked Justin. "I'm fine. I just can't wait to get back on the road." Justin answered plainly. "Come on people. Let's get going." Kevin lead them out to the limos. "Farewell Cancun!" A.J. shouted as they walked otuside. "We'll have some intersting memories of this place." J.C. smiled at lance. Everyone crawled into the two limos and sped off to the airport. Their arrival to New Jersey was quick and effortless. They all piled off the elevator to their personal floor and took time to chat. "So what's on the agenda for this afternoon?" Chris questioned as he walked towards his room. "An interview with MTV, a photoshoot and then the concert tonight." Lance responded chipperly. "Ugh, doesn't the label know we need rest?" A.J. complained. "The label doesn't know that half of us got drunk last night and partyed our brains out." Lance replied. "And if they did, we wouldn't be standing here now." J.C. added. "How long before we leave?" Justin asked. "We leave in about an hour." Lance responded to Justin's question. "What are we doing this evening before the show?" Brian asked, his eyes glancing ovre at Justin. "Uhm whatever you want." J.C. shrugged. "Why?" Justin whispered to Brian. "I contatced your parents and my parents yesterday morning. I forgot to tell you. they're here and we're supposed to go to eat with them." Brian answered softly. Justin gave Brian a surprised look. "I wish you would've told me before now." Justin huffed and walked towards their room. "Are you mad?" Brian called out to him. "No, I'm not mad." Justin responded as he walked into their room by himself. Everyone scattered their seperate ways and Brian sat in the hallway thinking. "J.C." he called out before J.C. could get into his room. J.C. turned and looked over his shoulder at Brian. "Yeah." J.C. answered. "Can I talk to you for a moment?" Brian asked. "Sure." J.C. smiled and walked towards Brian. Brian sat sexy young lolitas art on the floor of the hallway and J.C. joined him. "What's wrong?" J.C. asked with concern. "Do you think something's wrong with Justin?" Brian asked. "Uh, I'm not sure. Last time I talked with him was last night when I called to check up on you two." J.C. responded honestly. "What did he say?" Brian asked with intrigue. "He said you two were fine and he wasn't going to make a fuss about you being drunk and all." J.C. summarized. "Man, I feel like an idiot. I got drunk last night and probably did something to offend Justin." Brian sulked. J.C. placed his hand on Brian's shoulder and tried to ease his worries. "Justin said he wasn't breaking up with you over something silly like that." J.C. responded softly. "Like what? What did I do?" Brian asked J.C. "You don't remember?" J.C. asked Brian. Brian shook his head and pouted. "Well lolita preteen model porn you and Justin were arguing over something and all of the sudden, I remember hearing you yell into the hallway that everyone had ten minutes to get dressed because you and Justin were running off lenceria espana asian lolitas to get married." J.C. explained. Brian's eyes widened as he looked at J.C. "Oh no, please say I didn't young preteen girl lolitas do that." Brian was ashamed. "I'm sorry, but you did. But I don't think Justin's pissed over that." J.C. responded. "I have to talk with him." Brian insisted. "Brian, whenever me or any of th
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