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Related post: Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2001 22:14:34 -0700 (PDT) From: slpwriter Subject: Nick Lachey: My Everything-29First of all, let me just children defloration gallery say that this is my first time writing any kind of fiction like this.DISCLAIMER: This is a work of total fiction and is not meant to imply anything about the sexualities of Nick and Drew Lachey or anyone else mentioned in this story.Yes it's true. Nick and Jessica are no longer together. I wish them both the best and I hope that they both find happiness again one day. Nick's brother, Drew, is married to Lea, his longtime highschool sweetheart. I wish them all the best in their marriage.If you are too young to read this, or if Homosexuality offends you, then please don't continue any further and leave.Other 98 Degrees stories I'd like to recommend are."Give Me Just One Night" by Unanoche. "69 with Jeff Timmons" by Zachary Scott Pritt "Nick Lachey" by Ken. "98 Degrees Is Hot" by Gay Night "The Reunion" by RinSong. and finally: "This Gift" by Sprout.Now, I"ll let you get childporn board on with the story.Enjoy. previously on "My Everything".... We got home about 20 minutes later and hopped out of the car. As we headed up to the door, I noticed a suitcase sitting by the door with a note sticking out of the zipper."Isn't that your suitcase, Sean?" Nick asked me."Yeah. There's even a note inside." I said, grabbing the note. I then started reading it aloud."Dear Sean."We're sorry we had to leave the party early the other night. We were tired and went home. When we didn't hear from you, We assumed that you and Nick had made up and are together again. If this is true, We wish you both all the best. We came by and left your things on the porch, since you children fuck porn weren't home. Goodnight and give us a call when you can.Love,Ben and Matt."Well that was sweet of them." Drew said, smiling."Yeah, it was." I said, picking up my suitcase. "Now let's in inside, it's cold out here." I shivered."Yes. Let's." Nick said, unlocking the door and letting Drew and I inside. He shut the door and locked it, after entering.We all took off our coats and headed up to bed, exhausted from the day's events.Chapter 29(1 child hardcore pictures month later, in Vermont.)I opened my eyes to the most beautiful sunrise I'd ever seen. I sat up and stretched, getting the rest of the sleep out of my system."Mmm, This is my porn ru child wedding day." I porn child pictures whispered to myself, while turning and checking on Nick, who was still sleeping. "This is the day I become Mr. Nicholas Lachey. But of course, I'll still have my last name. I'll just be Sean Perry-Lachey."In the month that we'd planned to get married, I'd discussed how our names would be changed when we got married and I told Nick that I wanted his to stay the way it was and that I would change my name to Perry-Lachey. that way our names were linked child photos nudes together. Besides I'd also ditropan children wanted to change my name and have a fresh start.Jeff, Danny, Justin, and Kandi meanwhile had been great this past month. They'd spent alot of time together, when they pussy free child weren't working or childern ilegal porno at rehearsals to help plan the wedding japan childs nude in Vermont and to let their relatives know about the plans. They also had child porno foto to tell Management about our plans to get married, which they were not happy about, but went along with it anyway. But that wasn't the best thing that happened this last month.I'd found out from Nick, the next morning, a month ago, that his parents had finally come around and had told him how sorry they were for how child russian pussy they reacted and asked him for forgiveness. They told him that his happiness was all that mattered to them. Nick was overjoyed and welcomed them back with open arms. Drew and the rest of our friends were happy too, that They'd finally come around. Now Mr. and Mrs. Lachey were guests at the wedding.Drew, meanwhile, had had time to sort out his feelings for me and he was slowly, but sincerely starting to let go of them. He told me that he just wanted me to be happy and that he'd rather have me as part of his family, than not have me at all. I was grateful to him for that.After re-living the past month, I turned and looked at Nick. He was still sleeping and the sunlight was casting it's morning glow on his face, making him look angelic at that moment. He had a small smile on porn fuck child his face as he slept, which must uncensored child porn mean he was having a good dream.After a few children japan porno more minutes, he started stirring and then turned his head towards me and opened his eyes. When his eyes childfuck free movie focused on me, he gave me his sexy smile."Good morning, baby." He whispered. I smiled down at him."Good Morning to you too, Sexy." I replied back. I leaned in to give him a good morning kiss.We stayed like that for a while, kissing and making out for a little bit, but we both knew now wasn't the time to have a quickie."I child gymnastic nudes can't believe it's finally here." childs porno videos Nick said. "Our wedding day. The day we pledge our love to one another. Now and Forever.""I can't believe it, either, cutie." I said. "I still have to keep pinching myself to reassure myself that I'm not dreaming. Because If I am, I never want to wake up from this dream."Nick reached out and cupped my face in his hand, running his thumb across my jawline. I leaned into his touch, longingly."You're not dreaming, Sean." Nick whispered to me. "In a few hours, we're going to be husbands.""Yeah." I said, then started getting up. "Speaking of which, we need to start getting ready. I said, walking towards the hotel bathroom."I'm getting a shower. would you care to naked ebony children join me, my love?" I asked him, seductively."Now, sweetheart." Nick said, grinning. "You know that once that happens, we'll never get to the wedding in time.""Alright." I chuckled. "I won't be long. I love you.""I love you too." Nick said, smiling. He blew childporn movie me a kiss as I headed into the bathroom.I walked over to the tub and started the water, getting it as hot as I could stand, and then turning on the shower head.I stepped under the hot spraying water and let it soak me from head to toe, getting the remains of sleep out of my body. I started washing my hair, which had grown out a little longer. I kind of looked like Joey Lawrence when he was in "Blossom" before he shaved his head for "Brotherly child nude fucking Love."As I washed, my mind drifted back to when Nick creampie child and I first met, and the events that took place from then. I smiled as I relived all of the memories. Even his betrayal. Because despite it all, it made me realize that I loved him still, no matter what. And our love was stronger than ever.I finished washing my hair rape childs porno and washed my body as well. I rinsed off and shut off the shower head and the hot water. I stepped out of the tub and gasped.Nick was standing in the bathroom, waiting his turn, and wearing absolutely nothing at all, holding a towel in his hand for me. I put my hand to my chest in relief."Nick, you startled me for a minute child nudity movie there." I said, still clasping my child porno kids chest. Nick smile apologetically."I'm sorry, baby. I didn't mean to startle you. I probably shouldn't have snuck in like that." Nick apologized. "Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?" He nude children ass asked with a cheshire cat grin on his face."Sure." I said, then held out my hand. "You can give me my towel now. I'm freezing.""Oh, of course." Nick said, handing me the towel, which I took. "We can't have you getting sick on your wedding day, now do we?""No we don't. I replied. Ok, it's your turn, baby. Get in and get cleaned up." I want my baby looking all pretty for me later at the wedding. No bad odors either.""Hey!" Nick said, swatting my naked ass, making me laugh. "You didn't smell so hot yourself 10 minutes ago either.""True." I giggled. "But I still love you, even if you smell.""Thanks, baby." He said, kissing me again."Now, get your cute ass in free child thumbs that shower, boy!" I said, slapping his ass in response."Ouch! Ok." Nick laughed, getting in the shower."While you're getting washed up, I'm going to go get dressed and give Ben and Matt a call to see if they're coming to the chapel early.""Alright." Nick said, above the running water. "Tell them I said hello.""I will." I said, before leaving the bathroom and heading back into the bedroom to get dressed. I grabbed a clean pair of socks and underwear child defloration and put them on. Then I decided on a red shirt and blue jeans for right now to wear over to the chapel. We'd change into our wedding attire at the chapel.I finished getting dressed and grabbed my cellphone and dialed Ben and Matt's number, but then realized another person I hadn't thought of in a while. So instead of dialing Ben and Matt's place right way, I dialed the number for the person I was trying to nude art child call.After about two rings, I heard him pick up. "Hello?""Hey Casey, it's me, Sean. What's up, buddy?" child porn anime I greeted him."Sean! Hi! I'm doing fine actually. How about you?" Casey asked. I could tell from the tone of his voice that he was smiling."Well I've got some incredible news that I need to share with you." I answered, smiling myself."What news?" I heard Casey ask."Nick free child sexcams and I are getting married, today. The ceremony starts in about 4 hours. I said to him."Congratulations, Sean! I'm so happy for you." Casey gushed. "Hey wait a minute! Why didn't you tell me sooner. illegal porno child that way I could have known so I could have been there already to go to the wedding?""I know, Casey and I'm so sorry. With everthing that's happened over the past months, I totally forgot all about you.""What do you mean with's everything that's happened?" Casey asked, concern in child kiddy pussy his voice."Well, not long ago Nick and I broke up. He'd cheated on me with his ex-boyfriend, then after that, I forgave him about 4 nudes childs months later and now he loves me more than ever and I love him too. So now we're getting married.""Well that's some story." Casey said."that's not exactly all of it, buddy." I said to him. "I'm just giving you the most important details of the story. I'll tell you the whole story when I see you, which is why I'm calling. Do you think you could catch a plane to Vermont so you'll be here for the ceremony?""Man, it's such short notice, but of course, I'll do the best I can." Casey said. "By the way, do you mind if I bring Paul with me?" He then asked."Of course. How are you and Paul doing?" I asked him."We're great!" Casey said. "Paul and I are so in love. and I hope that one day we'll be just as happy as you and Nick are.""I know you will." I said to him. "So go and get Paul and get on a plane to Vermont. Once you're there, I'll have the limo waiting for you at the Comfort Inn. The driver will take you to the chapel from there.""You bet. We'll be there." Thanks for inviting us." Casey said. I'll see you later.""Yeah. Bye." I said.I Then hit the "End" button and dialed Ben and Matt's home number. after about 3 rings, I heard a groggy Ben answer the phone."Hello?" He asked, still half-asleep."Ben?!" I exclaimed. "Why child pussy videos are you and Matt still in bed? Today is my wedding you know?""Oh shit!" I heard Ben shout. I could practically see him shoot out of the bed. I then heard Matt asking Ben what was wrong, and when Ben told him that they'd slept in and my wedding would be starting in a few hours, his response was almost the same as Ben's. I had to laugh."Sean, we're so sorry. We forgot to set the alarm." Ben said."Don't worry about it, Ben." I said. "Just get yourselves cleaned up and on a family incest child plane to Vermont. You know where xxx free children the chapel is right? Nick and I gave you the directions to it the other night." I'll tell the minister to wait until all of the guests arrive before we sta
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