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Related post: Date: Sun, 7 Feb 2010 01:34:33 -0800 (PST) From: JKBlackhouse Subject: Brothers & Slaves: Chapt. 28: Fair Play IIThis is a work of fiction. young nude xxx lolitas The characters are invented. It is intended solely for the fantasy entertainment of persons, age 18 or older, little kids bbs lolitas who want to read about gay sex and male slavery. If you are not at least 18 years old and/or this is not what you want, read no further.2009 preteen pics pthc lolita Copyright. All rights reserved by the author. JKBlackhouseBrothers & Slaves: Characters so far:Danny 17, currently the narrator, high school junior, on soccer & track teams; Ken 18, Danny's older brother, athletic body, high school senior, plays football, baseball & wrestles; Gary 15, Danny's younger brother, horny young lolita preteen young stud, high school illegal lolita sex pics freshman, footballer; Tuck 17, boyhood best friend of Danny and Don, soccer & track; Don free lolita young biz 17, boyhood best friend of Danny and Tuck, backup quarterback. Joey, 16, teammate of Danny and leader of free fresh little lolita team's turning him into their shaved cocksucker; Tim, sexy young lolita teens 17, personal house slave of Ken, Danny and Gary; Mr. Howard, owner, a slave training facility. James: head slave of the family household. Ron, 18, classmate and now Master of Ken Brothers & Slaves: Chapt. 27: Fair Play Ken and RonRon said, "Sir, thank you for the privilege of observing your slave, Sir." Ron had no idea what to say or why he'd been sent to look. Then he noticed that the slave had one inch rings inserted in the deep hollow of his pits. Ron shuddered at the sight and then noticed the 2 inch rings inserted through the scrotum under little latina lolita models each of the slave's balls. Good lord, he thought, I'd never do that to a man.The man noticed Ron's bug eyes and said, "pretty neat huh, slave? Bet you'd like to be ringed like 553 is, wouldn't you slave? Well, next are the toe rings its best lolita pic collection going to get today.""Sir, this slave has no thoughts as to how it will be ringed (he hoped not much), it is up to Master Ken, Sir." Ron crawled away from the other slave, not wanting to have to chat further with the lolita russian top tgp Master. He was rescued by Ken who returned and beckoned Ron to follow him. Since he didn't tell Ron to stand, the slave had no choice but to crawl after Ken on his knees, his hands still behind his head since he'd not been told to lower them. He was beginning to understand just how helpless a slave really was. He was about to learn a lot more about what a Master's underage young lolita portal control meant.Chapt. 30: Fair Play II Ken & RonKen was having the time of his life. He simply loved humiliating his Master and treating him like the slave he longed to be, at russian lolita tiny cum least for a time. "Jess, this is my slave 764," said Ken, pointing at Ron. "As we discussed, it lacks the rings of a slave but we're here to begin correcting that.""Master, lolita fun non nude permission to speak please Master?" asked Ron. "Denied, boy," said Ken. Ron felt a certain despair. He was about to be ringed, he had no idea where and there wasn't a thing he could do about it. `This is how it should be,' asian teen model lolita he thought. `I am 764 and I should be on the floor and I, it, should be ringed as its Master determines. Oh god'. His cock tried to grow but again could not thanks to the chastity pouch. He was terrified of what his father would think when he found out he was ringed but he was super charged at the best lolita sex tgp idea it would finally be done to him. What a rush of contradictory feelings.Jess grabbed Ron's collar and stood him up against a St. Andrews cross. He put leather wrist and ankle little lolita pic galleries restraints on Ron and then stretched him tightly and somewhat harshly to the cross. Jess next fitted a hood over Ron's head. Ron immediately discovered that the hood included a plug gag and had no openings other than some pin prick holes beneath each nostril. That would be loli top 100 bbs the only air he could get and he was now truly helpless to prevent Ken from doing anything he wished to him. He only lolita bbs info nude hoped the knowledge that Ken would soon again be the slave and Ron the Master would restrain him. He hoped.He felt the chastity pouch being removed and his balls and cock being caressed. He moaned from the pleasure of having a boner at last and someone actually stroking it. What part or parts of him would be marked by rings? He got a whiff of something he recognized as poppers. Blind and restrained, they had an even more powerful effect on him than usual. He was floating and turned on. He could feel his dick as it strained to cum and imagined the precum that must (and was) leaking from it. But his hard cock was just left pulsing lolita nymphet preteen girls top 100 cp lolita in the air.He felt something cold on his left nipple. Cold like ice? Then he felt the nipple being stretched away from his body and then a sudden sharp pain. He tried to scream. His nipple was being pierced. Then the needle punctured the tit on its way out and he screamed again, though nothing but a groan could be heard through the gag and hood. He felt the ring being inserted in his nipple. How big? Then he felt the ice and the puncturing needle on his right nipple and the ring sliding through the wound. Ken had just had his tits ringed. God, what would his Dad say?Jess was not done. He next iced Ron's best ls pics lolita cock until it shriveled and then placed a locking genital band around lolita girls model pictures his cock and balls. Ron did not know that this was a temporary band that could be removed unlike a real slave's genital band. What in the world would his mates at school say when they found him shaved smooth and ringed? He shivered in excited anticipation of the humiliation that would come.The hood no nude 18 loli was removed but his mouth was so quickly regagged that he hadn't time to speak japan lolit nude model a word. He was blindfolded. Then he felt the most terrible pain in his nose. He screamed and started to cry it hurt so bad. He could feel the ring being inserted in his nose, a snout ring. This he could never explain. His life was ruined. It was only later that he learned the ring could be removed and replaced lolita nude legal model by a stud that would be invisible to others but that would keep the piercing open so the ring could be reinserted. Surely, he thought, this was enough. Surely chan image board loli they would not pierce his cock. Oh no, please, not that.Ken nonude preteen nymphet lolita stood aside watching and loving the show. He knew how terrified Ron must be, not knowing how far Ken would go. There was one more thing Ken wanted. A tattoo. He'd thought long and hard about this. It had to be something either hidden or acceptable to Ron's father and nude russian lolita pic friends. He'd decided on a tattoo preteen loli bbs art of a tiny padlock on the right side of Ron's pubes. Presumably his father 16year old topless lolita would never see it and his friends would probably admire it. Jess tattooed Ron as little lolitas tgp movies he stood innocent young flowers lolita tied up and knowing that something, presumably a tattoo judging by the repeated tiny sticks in his pubes, was being done to him.Ken was so looking forward to the moment Ron saw himself, pre teen lolitas feet his cock locked back in the chastity pouch while enclosed by a genital band, his nipples ringed with tiny half inch decorative rings that any kid might cp pthc loli young wear and the hairless body and lolita young naked teens tattoo. Jess pulled a full length mirror in front of Ron, and then still gagged, he released the blindfold. Ron stared at his image. His body hurt so, but he simply adored what had been done to him. He immediately realized how discrete Ken had been, for which he was thankful (though he hoped worse would be done to him by Ken in the future. That was his horny dick thinking but it was racing way ahead of family nudist lolita gallery his brain). Jess wrote his name, 764, across the center of his chest and russian lolita girl 10 on his back preteen lolita sex xxx and ass, but did so in washable ink. It would require scrubbing, but it would come off. Ron felt so humbled, so naked and no nude young lolitas so helpless, he almost bbs darkcollection lolita pics squirted his cum despite the pouch, but not quite.When the gag was removed and he was released from the bondage, he immediately fell to his knees and kissed Ken's sneakers. "Master, thank preteen russian lolitas pictures you , Master. This slave thanks you so much, Master." Ken was well pleased and the sight of his Master kneeling before him, his cock in the pouch, the genital band, the tit rings and a true slave 2 inch snout ring, plus the smooth body and lolita top model pretenn tattoo candid young nn lolita gave him a monster hard-on. He ordered Ron to pull down his shorts and jock, and to slick his balls and cock. Then he allowed Ron to suck his tiny preteen lolita pics dick.Ron was eager to reward his Master with a great cocksuck. He went at it eagerly, licking first the smooth balls and then the dick, free pics of lolitas from head to base and back. After seeing a nod from Ken, he opened his mouth preteen lolitas 12 years and took in his Master's cock. He felt sublimely submissive, a true slave serving his Master. He sucked voraciously, stroking the hard cock with his tongue and throat. Ken was so charged up from the piercing and tattooing he'd watched that, though he tried to delay it, he could not and he soon squirted a huge, thick naked young boys lolita cum load into Ron's mouth. As he shot, he pulled out so some of the cum would land on asian crazy top lolita Ron's face and chest.Ron swallowed the cum without difficulty, after all, this was not the first cum he'd eaten, not nearly the first. After gaining permission, he used his fingers to wipe his face and chest, sucking the cum from his fingers as he scooped it up. He sun bbs lol pret was not little lolita pussy cartoon done. Ken ordered him to then thank Jess by kissing his boots and then sucking his dick models petite lolita underage as well. Ron complied. This was just how a slave like him should be treated, he thought. Ken and Ron innocent preteen lolita pics both thought it had been a wonderful and really satisfying morning. Both felt sweet and fulfilled.As they left the shop, Ron, now dressed again in his sandals, shorts and cutoff tank top, noticed the other slave, 553, being led into the back room. pre loli photo galleries What was there left to do to him, Ron wondered. You may ask why it was that Ken did not have Ron's ears pierced and ringed. After all, the rings could be removed. The reason was that Ken knew that even without the earrings, the earlobe piercings would be visible to the boy's father and so he considerately left this for another time. He was absolutely certain Ron would want more and more time as his slave.It was time for some serious humiliation, Ken thought. They took a bus to another town where it was unlikely Ron would lolita boys models gallery encounter anyone he knew. Of course, lolita boys naked org being jostled on the bus after just being ringed was painful but no one cared whether or not they bumped into Ron, slave 764. Slaves simply did not matter. Once off the bus, Ken ordered Ron to strip. Ron stared yo 13 14 loli pthc young lolita preteen at him, naked, as in no clothes? Ken slapped his face and told to be quick about it. Well, thought Ron, there's nothing for it but to take off all my clothes. Reluctantly, he removed everything he wore young lolita naked free that wasn't locked on. This left him in the see-through chastity pouch and the leather collar and wrist and ankle restraints. Ken clipped the leash to his collar and allowed it to hang down over Ron's body - just to increase the humiliation. Ron had never lolita real xxx 6 in his life felt so naked, so exposed, so demeaned, nor so excited. lolita 10 yo nude<%2
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