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Related post: Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2011 17:41:42 +0100 From: Tom Blakley Subject: My Enemy, My Boyfriend Part 1My Enemy, My Boyfriend Part 1 Copyrighted 2011 Author Kiltie69 Story written by Kiltie69 copyright 2011Disclaimer - This is a work of fiction. Any similarities to individuals, living or dead, is pure coincidence.If you are offened by man on man romance or sex do not continue in reading this story. Do not read this story if you are underage according to the laws of your country or state.This tale may include sex between to consenting,legal adults. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------Part 1I woke in a cot bed it was dark and cold I had no idea where I was or how I got here. I could hear the sound of people around me snoring. What had happened to me? How had I gotten here? I sat up, slightly, taking in me surrounding. I was in a hut of some sort, there were a child incest videos dozen beds lining on wall on the other side of the room a couple of tables with chairs and a stove.I his kids childcare tried to move but found I was restricted, my left arm in a cast, both my legs immobilised. On putting my hand to my head I felt a bandage. More question to be answered, why the bandage? I sat there thinking what had happened. Last I remembered was running through the street. Try to get away from the troops, then nothing.------------------For the benefit of readers I should turn back time a childsex forum little. It was 2023, the world had gone to pot. There had been a major recession starting in 2016. This time the countries of the western bloc collapsed into anarchy. At the time the former Soviet Bloc had been going through changes. They had started to work at becoming a super power again, much as they had been late 20th century.At the collapse of the west the Russian Federation took advantage and started to annexe former Soviet Bloc countries. This led to war in Europe, the war had now lasted four years the Soviet troops had finally invaded the United Kingdom in 2022.I had been called up just before the invasion to join the defence forces, with the plan of defending Britain from attack. I was 25 when called up, I am now 27. The invasion was swift and the units that formed the Defence of the United kingdom were rapidly defeated. We were scattered and many made their way north into the rugged lands of Scotland.I was one of those men, I was childrens cowgirl costume born on the West Coast of Scotland in a small Coastal town called Lochgoilhead. I lived there till my 21st birthday then moved to Glasgow to work.There I stayed till I was called up to join the military, as things started to sour in Europe, then moved to the training base in northern England.I should say a little about myself also. My name is Liam Watson, Lieutenant Liam Watson, I am 5'10, closed cropped hair which is light brown. I weigh 12 stone and one pound. Due to my broad build I look relatively slim. My face is nothing much to talk about, I have been told I'm good looking but I never though I was, oh, and my eyes are grey blue. Someone once called my eyes chrome in colour. But enough of the history and myself, back to the story.----------------------I heard a door open and turned to see a soldier enter, closely followed by what looked like a nurse or orderly. The soldier stood at the door. The orderly flicked vicky child russian a switch and the lights slowly came to life along the centre of the room. Now there was light I could see that about half the beds were occupied with sleepers. I was in a ward of some sort, at least that answered one of my questions.The guard wore a Russian uniform suitable for cold weather. This answered another I was in a Russian run hospital under guard.The orderly, who I later found out was called Nikita (Peter in old Russian), was organising medications at one of the tables. He turned and saw I child prostitutes pattaya was awake. He moved towards my bed with a cup in his hand. Smiling he spoke in heavily accented English."Here this should help you with any pain." As he handed me two tablets and the cup of water. "Let me help you sit up a little. Have you any questions". With this he gently assisted me in sitting up. Placing a pillow behind me in support."Where am I? What happened?" I asked him."You are in nude indian childs a prisoner camp, you were captured asian porno child when units of our glorious 3rd Guard Army attacked gallery child nude your camp outside Stirling. You were brought here unconscious and wounded due to a shell blast."I free child nacked looked at him, taking the pills he had given me then swallowing the water."What now? What are you going to do with me?""You where badly injured in the blast you will be incapable of walking for some time, the head wound you received knocked you unconscious, you have been it an assisted coma for sex child nude two weeks. Until you are fit you will spend your time in this hospital ward."With this naturist child gallery said he turned to tend to the rest of the waking patients. I sat watching the other patients as they started to move around. I seemed adult childish behavior to be the worst as injuries went. The orderly went about his work with efficiently.After handing out the medication to the other bed occupants he returned to my bedside."I'm glad to see you are finally awake, you seem fairly lucid. How do you feel?" he said as he took my pulse and stats for my chart, then left. I sat propped by the pillow looking around. My nearest bedmate was two bed away. He seemed to child free sex be sleeping. Others were whispering to each other. The guard moved from the door to stand nearer the heater.Even with the heaters on it was cold in the ward. It was November. I had been capture in the last week of October. I lay dozing for some time , nothing to do but sleep, which given my injuries may have been a good thing. Around midday a group of Russian officers came into the room. They moved from bed to bed checking on the occupants. They reached mine and checked my chart. A very distinguished xxx russian children man in his fifties, I'd have guessed, spoke in very good, unaccented English."I am Dr Oleg Volgostav. This is my colleague Dr Vassily Petrov.". The other two gentlemen are Captain Chenkov and Lieutenant Gustafson." as he said this he indicated the men he refered to illegal children pics with open palm, the orderly that who has been helping you is Nikita Kononenko."You are a very lucky young man the blast could he killed you had it not been for Lieutenant Gustafson. He saw you, one of the last men in your unit, go down with the blast, he found you bleeding heavily but alive and alerted the medic. We have standing orders to save as many of enemy as possible. childrens rape foto I later found this was part of the hearts and minds policy.""You were brought here to be treated by myself and Dr Petrov. It was thought you would not live but you have fight in you. You spent a number of hours in surgery for your head wound then we sedated you illegal pics child to allow you time to heal. We are glad you seem to be feeling better."With this he said he needed to see to the rest of the patients and moved off with the other officers in tow. I was dumbstruck, Why did they save me? I noticed that the soldier on guard had been watching this exchange closely. pussy child sexy He had moved to the orderly and was talking in hushed tones in Russian. The orderly answered him back then started to laugh moved away patting the soldier on the shoulder.I leant back and rested my head on the pillow watching the officers move down the row of beds then turn and walk back past all the beds to the door. It was close to mid afternoon and I was feeling hungry. I wondered when we would be fed and was about to call for the orderly when a man in blue, prison issue coveralls entered, under guard, with a trolley.I immediately smelt food, my stomach started to rumble. I lay waiting for the man to get to my bed with the trolley. He would moved from, occupied, bed to bed setting a covered dish on the tray table at the side, then onto the next. Finally he reached my bed I could smell chicken and something else.He sat the plated meal down on the tray table then moved of. I tried to reach it but found it difficult as it was just out of reach to my right. I couldn't move much because of my legs and left arm. The meal guy had left it just out of reach, I wasn't sure if it chilli sex was deliberate or not but was so infuriated I over stretch an slipped out of bed. Screaming in pain I hit the floor.Immediately Nikita was at my side trying to help me back in bed. He struggled a little so called out to the guard for help. The guard moved over shouldering adult children biblical his child sex jpg assault child top sex rifle and helped get me back in bed. Nikita straightened out the bedding then checked me over for signs of injury and bleeding."You were foolish to try that you should have called me." he said chastising me.He then turned nude child russian to the guard and spoke to him, the guard nodded pulled up a chair and sat. Nikita moved away to deal with another patient who was having nude child gay some sort of seizure.This left me sitting back in bed with a young Russian soldier next to me."Can I have the tray over, please." I asked.The guard looked at me for a second then pushed the tray table closer to the bed.I thanked him in Russian, I could say thank you and a few greetings but that was it, he smiled and in English said"You are very welcome."I smiled at this as I removed the cover from the dish. Dinner was some sort of chicken and pasta dish, I tucked in with gusto, even with one hand, i had soon cleared the plate. The whole time I was eating preeten child pics I was being watch by the young guard.I pushed the tray table away and settled into my pillows. I turned to the guard and said"Thank you for helping me earlier and thank you for letting me eat.". The only clue to his understanding what I said was a faint smile children girls fucking and the reply."You are welcome."I felt weird talking to the enemy but it was nice to be able to speak to someone. Most of the other patients were either child legal pussy sleeping or out of there heads on medication.I decided to be pleasant see if I could find out more about my unusual companion."My name is Liam Watson, thank you again." Holding out my right arm awkwardly."Sergei Konochenko ". He replied taking my hand and shaking it carefully.He smiled and then stood,"You have eaten and now must rest, Nikita will be upset with me if I tire you.". He said this looking at the orderly. I now knew both their names.Nikita was possibly in his late thirties, I guessed, around 5'11 maybe 13 stone, he was good looking, had light brown cropped hair and blue/green eyes. He had a trim body from what I could tell.Sergei on the other hand was younger maybe my age or younger, he was blond over 6 ft, 12 to 13 stone had the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. They were a glistening blue green colour. He was handsome to boot. He had an athletic body well hidden by what he wore.I will say now that I am gay but never had a relationship, I was a 27 year old gay virgin. But seeing Sergei close up made my blood pump faster. I did not know till later how I truly felt about him nor him about me.Sergei moved off back to his post , speaking to nudist childs pics Nikita as he passed him.I porno sex child leaned back feeling full and quickly fell asleep.My sleep was occupied by dreams of fighting. It was street to street we were fighting the Russians each Armies soldiers killing each other, all around me my friends and acquaintances were being killed. Suddenly there was a bang and I fell to the ground screaming.I woke at this point to find another orderly looking at me with some concern.It was dark except for a small lamp above the bed, so I realised it was late. Also Nikita and Sergei had been replaced. The guard a dour faced man, the orderly much the same as Nikita.I settled a little after my nightmare I was sweating and needed to pee badly. I called the orderly who came over. naturist nude child It explained to him what I needed and he moved off returning with a bed pan. He pulled back the covers to allow him to getting the bed pan in position and left me to my needs. He came back and removed the child ing pan, then he cleaned me up. Taking everything away once completed. I lay there feeling embarrassed that I could not take care of myself properly. Then drifted to sleep again.This would be my routine for the next few weeks, I would
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