Where the magic happens...
Wanting your own adorable hoard of fluffy puppies? You’ve come to the right place!
In winter, parents post their stats (alongside any other relevant stats such as grandparents etc.) in the below format. Staff then roll dice to determine if you conceive. If you do (congratulations!), Staff will then roll some more dive and perform some magic in order to produce your puppy stats.
You can view how we do that magic right here!

Certain prizes, such as ‘Pick Your Own Litter Size’ and ‘Custom Stats’ must be used before Stats are posed, whereas ‘+1 Puppy’ can be used after. If in doubt, check with Staff!

Once Stats have been posted, players may post in response claiming and naming puppies. Once spring begins, the mother’s player must reply to the thread with a link to their ‘birthing post’ on the appropriate date unless an extension has been requested.

Parent Stats
* post for both father/mother
Height / Weight:
Eye Color:
Body / Fur Type: (be detailed! long, short, thick, whispy, scruffy fur; brawny, willowy, wide set ears, a tail that’s a little crooked – everything helps!)
Fur Colour: (be specific with markings, and include references if you want!)
Other Stats (Optional): (for example, parents and grandparents; siblings; anything ‘cultural’ such as special markings in their bloodline etc)

** We include the option of grandparent / sibling / etc stats in order to help produce unique puppies even if a pair are plainer coloured. For example, two pure white parents don’t leave much room for exploration but with additional family stats, we can bring in new traits!

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