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Related post: Date: Fri, 9 Sep 2011 19:00:25 -0400 From: Bradley Carson Subject: Bubba and James - Chapter 4*DISCLAIMER: This story is a work of fiction, and no real names or real situations lolitas russian nude models are used. If lolita bbs art models you are under 18 years old, or if it is otherwise illegal where you are to read about masturbation and consensual gay sex between adult males, then asian lolita free pics do not read this story. Permission lolitas borrachas mujeres rubias is NOT given to repost or share this story anywhere else lolitas nude viejas cerdas by any means.By the time Bubba had filled the condom inside of Justin, Eric had shot a huge load all over his furry chest and stomach. They all kissed after it was over, and then went and got cleaned up. On his way home, Bubba was thinking how pthc lolita bbs forums much fun his playtime with Eric and Justin had been once again. He wished though that he had a guy for something free litte lolita pics more serious, as well as to join in on this play. Maybe he needed to give James a call again after all, he thought.It was the next weekend before Bubba finally got around to top preteens and lolitas doing so, however. On Saturday, July 30 at about noon, James' cell phone rang. When he answered video collections lolitas jpg sweet preteen lolita pussy it, he was delighted to hear Bubba's voice on the other end. James had not hooked up with anyone else since having been with Bubba on the 4th of July weekend. Since James had been fired from the bank on the 18th, he had spent a lot of time looking for a job, and worrying about finding one. The few lolita fantasy young nude times he had been horny in the last couple of weeks, he had taken care of that by jacking off. Every time he did so, he had thought about Bubba, and about having full-fledged anal sex with the big hot stud, as so far all they had done was oral."I was thinking," Bubba said on the phone, "That is I was wondering, how would you like to go out with me?""I'd love to," James said without hesitation, a big grin breaking out lollita nymphet girl vaginas on his face."Well, what we, um, did on the 4th, that was hot - really hot," Bubba said, "But, I'd like to really go out this time. How lol girl model young about dinner tonight?""That sounds great," James said, but then teen art loli links added, "But, lolita russia xxx free I have to be honest, I'm pretty broke right now, until I get my first paycheck from my new job, at least."James explained about being fired from the bank. He went on to explain that he had gotten a new job working in the office of a local automotive plant, and would be starting there on Monday, August 1."Don't worry," Bubba assured him, "I'm asking you out, so it will be my treat. Pick you up natasha 12 virgin lolitas at seven?"A little after 7pm that Saturday night, Bubba and James were riding across town there in Pleasant View in Bubba's blue Chevy Malibu. hq petite lolita photo Bubba had driven over from where he was currently still young lolita nude magazines living in the apartment over his parents' garage near Smithville. The guys soon agreed on Anthony's Restaurant there in Pleasant View for dinner. They laughed and talked all through the meal and really enjoyed each other's company.Bubba was pleased to learn that James knew Eric Jamison from back in college, and that it model 14 yers loli was Eric who had russian lolita nudist pictures helped James get his new job at the office of the factory. James had lost track of Eric but they had recently found each other on facebook and had been pleased to learn that they both now were living there in Pleasant View. "I know Justin from college, so it really is a small world," Bubba commented as they were driving down the street away from the restaurant after dinner. Bubba then decided to go out a little bit on a bbs loli pthc toplist limb, and told James about the threeways that he had been having with Justin and Eric."That's really hot," James exclaimed honestly with a wicked grin. russian lolita nonnude pictures "I thought free preteen lolita galleries Eric acted a little funny when I brought up having hooked up with you," he added with a laugh. "I guess he was hesitant to non nude lolitas legal tell me that the three of you were more than just friends.""Well, I definitely don't mind you knowing about it," Bubba said, "And I'm sure they don't either. But will it bother you if we keep dating?"James loved the fact that Bubba was clearly thinking about more unnderground lolita pics young dates after tonight. "No, not at all. The idea of an open relationship is kinda hot to me.""It is to me too, as long as everything is kept open and honest," Bubba replied.Soon they were back at James' apartment, and he invited Bubba inside. They sat on the couch and talked for a little while, and then James was in Bubba's free pics lolitas secondary arms, as they kissed hotly. James started to unbutton Bubba's shirt, and reached inside to rub his hot furry chest as they kissed more. James laid back and Bubba leaned down over him, kissing him deeply as their hands began to explore more. Soon their pre teen loli naked shirts were off and their hot furry chests were pressed together as they lolita model phots galleries made out hotly underage russian busty lolita there on the couch."Mmm, James," Bubba said softly, "you are so fuckin' hot, baby.""So are you," James agreed with a grin. "Let's go to the bedroom."They went back to James' small bedroom, and James reached down and started undoing Bubba's belt and unbuttoning, asian slut lolita teen then unzipping his jeans. Bubba kicked off his shoes and then his jeans dropped to the floor. He stood there with nude preteen lolita google a huge tent in his boxers, as he quickly got youngs lolos lolita model James out of his jeans gorgeous little girl lolita as well. They each lost their socks, then embraced and started kissing hotly again as they stood at the foot of James' bed in just their boxers, their raging hardons pressing together.At nearly the same time they each hooked their thumbs into the sides of the others boxers, and pulled them down, letting them fall lolita free photos pix to the floor and then stepping out of them. They embraced again, and Bubba's lolitas top 50 preteens big, thick seven and a lolita angels 13 yo half by five and pink tiny lolita pics a half-inch cut cock pressed against James' throbbing six and a half inch cut dick. They were both leaking precum loli pedo ranchi cp now, causing their cocks to slide against one another as they held each other tight and kissed hotly. Soon they were on the bed, rolling around naked in one another's arms.Bubba began to lick and suck on James' nipples then, causing him to moan softly. He kissed all 12 years lolita models over James' furry chest and tummy, and run his tongue in and out of James' belly button a few times, causing him to moan again. He then just suddenly took James' dick in his mouth all the way, tasting James' hot precum on his tongue. "Oh, FUCK!" James moaned in pure pleasure.Bubba continued bobbing his head on James' meat and driving James totally crazy. Soon he came lolita preteen and beautiful back up to kiss James deeply once again. "Fuck me," James said hotly as they broke their kiss."Mmm," Bubba growled softly in anticipation, "are you sure?""Yes!" James gasped, in heat now, "I want that big dick inside me, Bubba!" He handed Bubba a condom and some lube from his bedside table then. Bubba put the condom on his throbbing meat and lubed James' hole good. Soon James had his legs up on Bubba's shoulders, and tgp lolitas pictures virgins Bubba's big mushroom head was knocking on his back door."Ah! Uhn-YEAH!" James moaned as Bubba began to slowly enter his tight hole. Bubba kept up a slow, steady inward motion until finally his big pecker bestlolita virgin cp site was buried balls young innocent lolita nude deep inside of James' tight ass."UH, preteen littlelolitas nude photos FUCK!" Bubba grunted, grinning down at James as he bottomed out inside of him and just held it there for a moment."Yeah, give it to me!" James cried out in heat, as he felt Bubba's big cock deep inside him, filling him so damn good.Bubba started moving his hips then, slowly fucking James."Oh, GOD!" James groaned."Mmm, FUCK, you're tight!" Bubba growled, still grinning as he started to pick up the pace a little. He put his hands on James ankles tentatively then."Yeah, that's it baby, fuckin' grab my ankles and give it to me hard!" James encouraged. Bubba did as asked. He held James' ankles in each hand and started fucking him full-tilt as hard as he could."Oh! FUCK! AH-UH! UH! FUCK!!!" James screamed, cute young nude lolitas as Bubba's big throbbing meat filled nude lolita porn galleries him so deep and pounded him so hard, over and over."Uh! FUCK! Ah-UH! Uh! Oh YEAH!" Bubba was groaning and growling as he plowed James so good. He reached a xxx lolita images big warm hand up now and started jacking James' cock lolita not naked pics hard and fast as he continued to fuck his ass so good."Uhn! YEAH!" James groaned.Soon they were both trembling and moaning, feeling their impending climaxes about to hit. As James began to spray buckets of cum up between them, Bubba started unloading into the condom, and then collapsed down on top of James, breathing hard. They lay there and held each other for a long while, and soon both brazil small lolita pics fell asleep.When they awoke, it was after midnight, and they took a shower together. Bubba sucked James in the shower, and brought him to another huge climax, as Bubba jacked off and shot another big load of his own as well. They slept naked in each other's arms that night.The next morning preteen loli pic they went to breakfast together at the Ramblin' Rose Diner and then Bubba free very young lolitas headed back home to Smithville. They agreed that they definitely wanted to see each other again and see where this could lead. They were both thinking that if it only turned out to be a nude women asses lolitas friends with benefits thing, it was still really hot. But, they each hoped that it would be more, though.So it went the next few weeks. They spent each weekend together, hanging out, talking, going out, and ending each night with lots of hot sex and sleeping in each other's arms. They were each delighted that the other was totally versatile, and they were basically fucking each other's brains out every chance they got. On the weeknights when they both had to work the next morning, they would talk on the phone. Afterwards one night in late August, James was jacking off and thinking back to the first time he had topped Bubba.Bubba had been lolitias free picture nn on all fours on James' bed and James had plowed him deep and hard doggie style, with them both moaning and yelling all through it. At the end James had pulled out, tossed the condom aside, and blown an enormous load all over Bubba's back. lolitas little horny angels He blew another big load just then, remembering.By the end of August it was obvious that they were dating as more than just friends with benefits. The Friday of Labor Day weekend arrived, and Justin was teasing Bubba that evening on the phone about how he had disappeared since he had started seeing James."So, are you two officially boyfriends now or what?" Justin teased. "And are you going to be all monogamous like my best friend Jack and his man Brad are?""Well," Bubba said with a chuckle, "We have talked about that, and there's nothing wrong with it lolit lolita teen model for those couples that young loli list top like it. And we've decided that yes, we are boyfriends, and we are dating. But, no, we don't want to be totally monogamous though.""Oooh," said Justin with an evil chuckle, "that sounds very promising!""Well," Bubba said, chuckling too, "We've decided teens lolitas child pics that we don't want to play with anyone else alone - but we would enjoy playing together, though - with a third, or a couple, that is.""Well, I know a couple that would be very UP for that," Justin said."Oh yeah?" Post a New Message | Search | Register | Login
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