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Related post: Date: Sun, 3 Sep 2000 17:15:07 +0100 From: Malcolm Cowan Subject: Kevin and underage dark porn MichaelMichael & Kevin _________________________________________________________________________This is erotic gay fiction featuring two of the WWF commentators. underage drinking cartoon This story is fiction and is not intended to suggest japanese nude underage anything about the sexual orientation of the participants. This story can be reproduced on the condition that the story is underage facials left in its entire form. And my underage nude torrent e-mail address is left attached. (Also please send me a model underage dark small underage pics free e-mail if you wish underage xxx babysitters to use the stories on your underage bbs mags site). All names used in this story are registered trademarks of "Titan sports Entertainment"Any comments on underage teens sex whom I should write about next? Contact me at _________________________________________________________________________WWF Heat was coming to a close for another show. Michael Cole sat in his chair absorbed in the action, underage teen portal at least that's what he claimed underage fucking images to be absorbed in. slut underage girls It underagegirlmodels com had taken a underage cp home while for him to get the chance to commentate on a WWF show. But the only reason he wanted to be there petite underage models was casting underage teens to watch the men in their tight trunks with their huge bulges in the crotch area.The last match was between Edge & Christian and the Hardy Boyz. Michael had missed a few of his cues staring at the action between the two young teams, and their crotches. His broadcast colleague Kevin Kelly shook his head underage teen trailers as Michael missed another cue. Soon the match was over, and finally Michael underaged boys art took a cue correctly.'SWANTON BOMB from Jeff Hardy, no he's missed it! Downward Spiral from Edge. That's it, it's all over.'The bell rang as the referee counted to three. Edge's music began to play as they left youg underage girls for the backstage area. Followed by the Hardys. Michael allowed himself a sly smile as he knew what those four would be getting up to after the show. And he only wished he could be part of it.'What's up with you tonight Michael, are boys and underage you sick or something? You missed so many cues tonight.' teen underage virgin Kevin asked taking off his headset.'Hmmn, what, oh, guess I was feeling a bit off. I'm just going to head for my hotel room and get some sleep.' Michael replied before leaving.'Ok, I'll see you soon.' Kevin said as he left.The backstage area was usually the best place to nude underage grils pick up someone for a night of hot, sweaty passion. However by the time Michael got their practically everyone had already paired off.'Oh well,' Thought Michael, 'Guess it's just me and my right hand tonight.'Michael got to his car and drove off to the hotel they would all be staying at tonight. It was quite late by the time Michael reached the hotel.'Room for Cole please.' He said underaged porn free to the incest daughter underage receptionist.'Someone's underage boyz naked already in there, you're sharing a room.' She replied.'Oh okay, what's the room number?' Michael sighed.Michael walked up to his room. As he walked he thought 'I guess underage models sex Vince is trying to virginz toplist underage save money again.'He reached the room, and found the milf underage door open. underaged model forum He walked in underage gothic and found Kevin Kelly sitting on one of the beds.'Oh, guess we're sharing a room tonight.' Kevin said by way of greeting.'Guess so.' Michael naked underaged girls said putting his stuff down.'I got a video from the store, you want to watch it? I'm sure young asian underage you'll like it.' Kevin said in a strange tone, which Michael didn't quite catch.He was too upset that his roomate wasn't somebody he could artistic underage nudes have a good fuck with tonight. Hadn't underagepanty pic Kevin said he was going out with underage teenie sex underage nude party somebody. It was only then Michael noticed what underage bs Kevin had put on.The screen showed two men kissing in a passionate embrace. Which led to the underage pussy hairy most brutal sex scene Michael had ever seen. underage nude camp Michael watched itently forgetting that it was Kevin who had put it on.'Told you you'd like it.' Kevin said in a sexy voice.'How did you know I'd...?' Michael asked, but was cut off.'Oh come on, it's so obvious. Every time some wrestler walks down in a tight speedo, you grow a huge boner in those cute Levi's of yours.' Kevin replied.Michael didn't respond. He was underage modeling agency too caught up in the gay porn, and what Kevin forbidden underage models was apparently saying.'I'm just surprised you never noticed me staring at it.' Kevin said looking straight into Michael's eyes.Michael stared back, slowly realising the obvious, he was going underage teenage girls to have a fuck underage bbs models buddy tonight.'Hey, you wanna jack each other off?' Michael asked.'Yeah sure, why not.' Kevin replied happily.They peeled underage ru bbs off their trousers underage russian photos and sat up on the bed nearest the TV. They both reached for the others dick at the same time. They both started to stroke each other fiercly.Michael wondered why he underage russian webcams had underage sucking boys never noticed Kevin before. He underage swedish teens was kind of cute in a chubby way. And his dick was pedoland underaged about the same size as his, so he wouldn't worry about that. He must have been free underage cp underage teen schoolgirls blind.Kevin smiled as Michael stroked harder. Since the first time he'd saw Michael he's loved his lean toned body, underage yo toplist and all he ever wanted to do was feel that body.Michael ran his free hand up Kevin's underaged teen naked shirt, instinctively looking underage tiny sex for the nipple. Michael found it quickly, and started rubbing and tweaking underage preeten pics it, Kevin smiled underage girl sites at him.'You know what I like, don't you.' Kevin said, taking off his shirt.'I do.' Michael said also removing his shirt.'Good.'Kevin straddled over Michael's body. He began to rub Michael's body. He leant down so he could lick Michael's awesome body. The sweat made it even nicer to do. Kevin stared at Michael, and moved to kiss him, which Michael didn't mind. He enjoyed intimacy. The kiss was long underage german pics and lingering. Their tongues probing the others mouths. Kevin reached back and grabbed Michael's dick.'You'll like this.' Kevin promised.Kevin moved Michael's dick towards his ass hole. Kevin started to ride on Michael's underaged girl porno penis, while still rubbing Michael's nipples and abs.'Are you sure this isn't uncomfy?' Michael asked.'No, I underage porn toplist love this.' Kevin replied.Michael moved his hand to grab Kevin's penis. He continued to rub it underage prostitues while Kevin continued to straddle him in a regular horny underage boys motion.'Ooh, Kevin, I'm about to come. Could you suck me hardcore underage nude off?' Michael asked.'Sure. I'd love it.' Kevin got off Michael's greasy penis.Kevin rubbed Michael's penis to full mast, and underage blowjob pictures started to lick at hentai underaged girl the shaft and underage nubile sluts balls area. Soon, Kevin preeteen pedo underage began to suck away on Michael's 7 incher.'That feels sooo good Kevin, keep sucking me.' Michael cooed.The way Kevin was positioned left his ass hole in full view, Michael leant over and started to give Kevin a rim job. Michael moved his tongue around Kevin's underaged licking ass hole with expert motions, he knew how to make a man happy. And luckily Kevin also knew how to keep someone happy too.'Kevin, look out, I'm about to blow!' Michael moaned.And soon porn pics underaged Michael started to blow his wad. He underage sexo kids shot at least five wads of cum that went straight down Kevin's waiting throat.'Ooooooo. Oh god.' Michael yelled in pleasure.Nobody had ever made him shoot so much cum. underage naturalist models And he underage masturbating topsites never underage pussy models thought it'd be Kevin who'd do that to him.'That was nude underaged girlies underage bbw amazing. Your porn illegal underage turn to cum.' Michael underage incest dad said rubbing up Kevin's dick.'Wanna fuck me?' Michael added with a xxx underaged smile.Michael raised his legs to allow full access to his hole.'Ooh, yes please.' Kevin walked over to Michael's legal nudity underage waiting ass.Kevin started to finger xxx tiny underage fuck his colleague to widen the hole.'You've never been fucked naturalist bbs underage up the arse before have you?' Kevin asked.'No. But don't be gentle with me. Be rough as possible. Like tight underage pussies the guys on TV.' Michael underaged incest girls pleaded.'Fine. This'll hurt a bit cause it's your first time, but believe me, you'll love this.'Kevin rammed his rod straight into Michael's waiting ass.'Arrgh!' Michael yelled.'Warned you.' Kevin said softly.Kevin rammed harder and harder with each motion. He also grabbed Michael's softening dick and started wanking him to each fuck motion.'Oooh. That feels good.' Michael said suddenly.'You said it.' underage sex moviess Kevin said.Michael's virgin hole made the sensation even more enjoyable. underage virtual porn He kept it up for underage porn xxx at least half an hour.'I'm nearly there.' Kevin & Michael said simultaneously.Kevin removed his dick and african underage xxx started to wank it over Michael's underage pretenn fuck mouth. He came over Michael's newly grown goatee covering it in sperm, which Michael lapped up. underage kiddy pictures Michael also came all over Kevin's body. Michael licked his own come of of Kevin's body. Kevin moved in to kiss Michael, and taste the come Michael had lapped up already. They remained intertwined lesbians underage pics for at least an hour, just hugging and kissing underage chinese xxx to recover underage tight virgins underage asian picture from the best fuck of their lives.Eventually Kevin asian underage teen spoke, 'So how exactly did you get to become indian underage nude an announcer?''Oh, I chubby underage girls had to suck off Vince McMahon for months, what young underage toplist about you? How'd you get to be an announcer.''I had to be Shane McMahon's love slave for about a year. That was fun. Not as much underage jpg forum fun naked underage video as this though.' Kevin smiled.Michael leant over for another kiss. Which Kevin returned quickly.'You know, we underage blonde blowjobs never did get to see that movie.' Kevin said suggestively.'Let's watch it now, and have a good jack off.' Michael responded.And that is exactly what they did. Let's just say neither of them got much sleep that night as they practised the techniques they watched on the TV. Suffice it to say, this wouldn't be the last time
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