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Related post: Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 13:22:29 -0800 (PST) From: kevin joy Subject: Kevin and Mr GSubmitted by Kevin Joy rojodracorderyahoo.comThis is an act of fiction underage teen fucking and contains the sexually explicated homosexual acts between an adult and a teen boy. If this is something that disturbs you then please don't read this. If you are under 18 the please leave.My oldest son had a good friend that was a hot little number and I used to dream about him many times. I was friends with his parents and because of that would go over to his hose a lot. From the time nude underage latinos he was 14-17, he was a major fantasy player in my late night activities, but as his younger brother was growing up the desire shifted.I am not a person that is normally turned on my young kids, but this kid was gorgeous. Beautiful smile, great attitude and he was very clingy with me so I often wondered about him. I remember one time underaged nude picture watching TV in his parents house when he was about young underage underground 10 and he coming over and resting his head on my lap and then taking my hand and placing it on his ass. I thought I was going to pop one there, and if not, thought his parents would underage top sites freak, but underage gallerys neither happened, it just stayed there feeling a very firm very hot 10 year old butt.So although I know that underaged porn rape liking teen boys/men is still considered a perversion by some, I do draw a line and never do anything with boys under 14. Maybe because that is the consent age in Canada along with many other countries or maybe just because I know that at 14 my hormones were in full swing and I did a lot of stuff that would have gotten some of underage teen thumbnails the men/boys I was with in trouble. Anyway I guess the story really starts right around when Kevin turned beautiful underage teens 14.He was still small for his age , looking more like 12 when you looked in his handsome face, but all of 14 when he took of his shirt to work with me at my Mother's free underage galleries old place when we were cleaning it out before selling it, but this story starts a little before that.I needed some strong boys to help me clean out my Mothers house, rosemeri underage model She had recently died and we needed to get her house on the market. I had donated some money to our church to get some of the youth to help out ,but for some reason they all had something to do that day and cancelled; All that is except for Kevin. I cant say that I was not happy about it. This kid was so hot and seemed to like underage stories erotic to hang with me when ever he got the opportunity. ebony underage teen I mean as I said above, it was that way when he was younger, but now that he was in his teen years it was still that way. I was always really nervous around him because I didn't want to misread feelings and risk the friendship of him and his parents by doing something stupid.Both of the cars were gone when little underaged porn I underage pussy portal go there ,but that was not a strange thing underage amateur movie as his parents were busy people and now with Josh being away at school and Kevin a mature 14 year old , they knew the house was safe.When I approached the door I could hear the shower going so I thought that I would ring anyway and see if he could hear and if not hangout until underage nude wet after the shower was off and then ring again. It would kids nonude underage not have been a bad time listening to the shower go and think about his underage porn models hot naked body being just on the other side of underage 13 porn that wall , being soaked up and who knows underage girls cinema what else, but I did not have to wait because I heard the shower underage kidsporn turn off and a minute later there was Kevin answering the door in nothing but a small towel that barley covered his privates. He was holding it together at the side and I could see that it was not coming together. But to be honest the first thing that I underage girl fedish noticed was his chest, I had not remembered him being so nice and defined this summer, but after all it was December now and a lot can happen to the adolescent body in six months.He smiled and said " Hey Mr. G sorry about not being ready, let me throw some clothes on and I will be right out." Never mind that I was thinking more along the lines of drop the towel and let me see the treasure.He came out in some pants with his tighty whitites showing above them, carrying his shirt and socks. That is one thing that I loved about him. In this day and age when all the other boys were switching to boxers he was still wearing those oh so sexy FTL white briefs, how I wish I would underage preeteen porno see him model those.He got dressed and grabbed a jacket and we headed for my truck " Hey where are the guys from the youth group?" he asked. "Oh, they all cancelled, so it looks underaged supermodels links like all the hard work goes to you an me today." That's ok" he said, "I think that will be cool". In my mind I was thinking the same thing.Anyway we get to the house which is a little run down and I open the front door. All the furniture was still in place , so I just moved from room to room showing him the house and what I thought we would get done today. It was a three bedroom thai underage pictures house and not all that big, so I remember thinking we should get a lot done today.When underage nudist vids we stopped at the room that used to be mine he paused a minute " I want to see what you were into when you were my age Mr. G". So I took out all my old baseball cards that were still in the neat notebooks with the plastic protection for each card. As I was looking at the cards I saw that Kevin was going into the closet to see what else he could pull out. I turned around and said "Hey underage teen xxx man, we need to get to anime underage rape work and underage sexy abuse can look at all this stuff later". He underage xxx baby smiled the smile that would melt a diamond and just said "ok".We started sorting through all the stuff in the attic. For it being winter it was still pretty warm up there as we were shelepping all the boxes around, but then again it was So Cal and it was winter ,but 80 degrees out side and probably 90 in the attic. I was sweating like a farm beast so I yanked off my shirt. I was no Adonis , but for a guy that was turning 45 I still looked ok. Of course a lot of that was done to assure that I was not some old saggy baggy old man when it came to teens. I mean I know it sounds weird, but there are a lot of teen guys that are into guys my age; lucky for me. Well I told Kev that he would take his shirt off to , not only because he was sweating, but because I wanted to see his hot chest and back again. Plus the tighty whities showing above the band of his pants would be a treat that I just wanted to see again. He took off his shirt underage nude pedo and tossed it over a chair that was there and turned right around and bent over a box he was sorting through. I can't even tell you cp underage photos what it took from me not to make a moan seeing that sweet ass in the air. Not to mention that drips of sweat that were slowing going down his back and hitting his FTL bands.I turned to a box and started to go through some of my old stuff. There was my baseball mit and the bottle of mineral oil that I use to use to nudist gallery underage soften it up. I cant belive all the stuff that I had kept.The next thing I know I have turned around and there was Kevin taking off his pants. "Sorry if it bothers you Mr. G but it is just to hot up here". I looked straight at him and said "No, it does not bother me at all", I asked him if he wanted to take a break and I threw a blanket down kinder underage porn and we both sat there for a minute. He must of kids underage bbs caught me staring at his glistening body because he gave me this big smile and said " Would you like underage naked girlpic to get cooler too and take your pants off?" Without saying a word I pulled my underage love pants off revealing my blue FTL boxer briefs. " I think you would be more comfortable" he said. I could not believe what happened next. He looked up to me with those sweet hazel eyes and said " I love you Mr. G and I think you love me too". "I have seen the way that you have looked at me for years, underage masturbating teens and its ok, because I feel the same way. I wanted to tell you before ,but thought I was to young, but now I am hoping that I am not to young to show you " He leaned over and started to kiss my shocked mouth. I was numb all over, but it did not take long for me to start kissing him back. I could underage nude image not believe my luck, the boy I had lusted over for so long felt the same way!!!!!!We both laid back and start to kiss each other deep, oh god if felt so good. He sweaty body and mine pressed together. I grabbed the perfect mounds of his tight ass and just felt them in my underage nn girls hands, underage fuck picture moving them and kneeding them like bread. He gave me a moan to tell me that he liked it. I pushed him up and said that I wanted to see him naked before he got excited. He said " I thought you would never ask". He stood and pulled down his briefs and underage boy forum there was underage young asian the treasure that I had been looking for. Perfect boy cock, just a touch of hair above but no hair anywhere else. I erotica underage girls reached up and felt his smooth balls and then looked at his perfect dick. It was truly perfect. About 4" long soft and the perfect formation. I asked him "How big are you when you get hard" . He blushed and said underage teenie nudes 7.5" . I was in heaven, he was even bigger than my 7 inches and so sweet.As he stood there I pulled of my underage naturist galleries boxer briefs and laid back down. Without words he knew what to do and did the same . Lying on cunts underage top of me feeling that perfect ass again I could also feel our cocks rubbing japanese underage nudity together and underage home pic feel them both getting stiff. I asked him " Have underage girl you ever been with another boy before?'. underage girls bathing He responded with " Only to jerk off together. I wanted you to be my first time". My heart melted as I brought him closer and just spent time exploring his perfect body with my mouth and underage girls thumbnails tongue.I layed him on him back and started at his chest and just started to lick his nipples and feel his tight but underage thi girls soft belly. Moving slowly using my hands to feel his chest and topless underage pics shoulders. I moved my hands down careful not to touch his cock and felt smooth insides of his legs. Oh illegal underage pix so smooth all underaged upskirt over and oh so sexy. He was moaning pretty steady when I finally got my mouth to that beautiful boy cock. I took underage russian facials it in my mouth and started licking it like an ice cream. From the perfect head all the way down to the smooth balls. More moaning showed me that he was loving this . I stopped long enough to say "Kevin, I'm gonna do something now that youngporn underage you may not have ever thought of , but I think you will like underage sex toplist it, are you ok with that? If ever underage erotic story anything is illegal underage fucking not what you want just tell me ok?". In a breathless voice I heard a weak "OK". I lifted his legs slowly to expose that virgin rose bud of an ass and started to lick my way toward it ever so slowly. He started to moan and squirm in a way that turned me on so much I almost stopper. But when I finally reached the rose bud I stated rimming him so gently with the tip of my tongue. His legs started to shake and the squirming was getting worse. I stopped for a moment and heard him say, "Oh please Mr. G don't stop it feels soooooo goooooood". I said " Don't worry I am just going to get you in a different position. Do me a favor and get on you toplist nude underage hands and knees with your ass toward me". Shaking slightly he did as he was told. " Now, lay you chest on the ground so you ass is in the air". Again he did exactly was told. I spread his beautiful cheeks apart and then start
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