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Related post: Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2002 06:41:47 EST From: Subject: my nude young gymnast brother young nubiles video and his poker palsMy Brother and his poker pals By M.J. Blackheart This story is a work of fiction and has stron sexual content. If you are aposed to young nudists teens incest and minor sex with adults do not read this story, if so enjoy. I know I did writing it, now young pregnant sex it is time to beat my own young nude girl meat. My parents had gone to her friday night pool league and I was stuck watching my fourteen year old brother. For an eighteen year old on a friday night it was young russian naturists the worst, luckily it was the last weekend of it, and then I could go out agoin with my friends and party like a hot eighteen year old should. Well Jay(My bro) had two of his friends over for the weekend, Jeffery and Mark, young tgp prteens both were pretty cute kids. young pussy mpegs My young girl sex tgp young pussy bro wasn't to bad in his own right with his muscled body and cropped blond young tenn porn hair and farmers tan from being outside all summer. Jeffery and Mark was the same age as Jay, fourteen, and both had short dark hair. Jeffery however was shorter Dominican gay young by a horny youngest few inches with a lean body, he was on amateur youngster fuck the swim chinese young schoolgirls team, and had won a few awards. Mark was tall for his age, almost 6ft, and he was like my bro kinda muscular, they both played on the football team togeather. Anyway, this friday night I was sitting down young virgin boys stairs watching Jeoperdy as it was christine young the only illegal cp youngest thing of interest on at the time and I started to smell something, very similar to burnt rope. I knew immediatly what it was and I knew where it was coming from. I turned off the Tv and marched upstairs. I opened my brother's bedroom door and there was the three of them smoking a well packed bong. "What in the hell do you think you are doing?!" I demanded. I knew Jay smoked it from time to time, as did I, but never in the house where mom might get a whiff of it. "Smokin some bud," Jay said as he exhaled a cloud of smoke. His eyes already started to turn red. "Want some, Kev?" young movie porno Mark young danish teens asked as he took the bong from Jay and passed it toward me. "We know you smoke the herb." He took a hit and started to giggle. "Put it naked young moms out, and real young tpg do something else. sex young virgin younger pussy I think you've had enough!" I said fresh young dolls as I took the bong. "Want to get us in trouble, me in trouble." I was mad. "We were going to paly young panties txt card but three for poker is no fun, youngest modles and we young bondage story don't have no money." Jeffery said as he put his hand down his shorts and ajusted his package, for a small kid his crotch young amateur sex looked pretty good sized, but I looked away quickly younger 16 pics as I didn't want him to catch me stairing. "I'll play with you," I said. I put the bong on the top of the dresser and picked up a pack of cards. "I got a jar of pennies we can use, but I want them all back." I stressed as I took the cards from the battered box. "Pennies are no fun. Lets young transsexuals play strip, that will be more interesting. First guy nude blows the exploited young lol others." Mark youngest girls photos laughed again, with a big youngest nudist boys smile. "I don't know about all that, but strip is cool, we all seen eachother nude in the locker room at school anyway, well exept kev, I'd like to see what kind of monster he has in his shorts," Jeffery giggled too. "I could go for a blow." Jay stood up from the edge of his bed and moved to the floor with his two friends. "I don't know guys, I don't think that is a good idea. I mean you aren't faggots are you, and I know extreme young teen I'm not." I lied. I really got off on cock, and had messed around with my best friend stewart on more then one occation, but I did have a girl friend and I ha a young girls nonude reputation to uphold. "Who is going to know, Kev. I mean it's not like we are going to tell, and we mess around togeather all the time. tgp so young I cute young porn know you and Stew does, I saw you the other day suckin his dick in your room." Jay said. "You did not!" young lady I protested. "Yes I did, and you was loving it. If you don't young wmv play by our rules I'm tellin' Amy (My girlfriend) what I saw." He gave me a wierd young blonde grin and started playin with his crotch. I didn't young girls nued know what to do. I didn't want youngest movies illegal Amy to know about my gay tendancies, and I was slightly atracted to Jeffery and Mark too, even youngest sluts ever my bro, I had fantasized once or twice young folks about a little incest love. "Alright, but not exploited young teens one word to anyone, and I deal first." I then sat down in the circle young and nasty on the bedroom floor between Mark and my bro and I started to suffle the deck. My dick was already hard, and young amateur sandy I felt it slidding down my leg. in a moment I had my cock head peaking out of young family sex my loose shorts in plain sight. "Nice wood, Kev."Mark young porn newsgroup said with a smile, I almost hope i lose so I can try that gay young incest meat." again the three nudist young ukraine fourteen yearolds giggled. We went through a couple of hands and even porn underground young thogh i cheated and stacked the deck on my hands I seamed to lose all the other hands. Jay was the only one with no close off after about young black booty five rounds, and I had only my shorts. Mark had his boxers, and Jeffery his briefs and undershirt. "I call." said Jay as he dropped his cards to younger teens chat the carpet revealing a royal flush. Jeffery had a strait and Mark had two young littl teen pair of kings, I had a measly pair of fours. "OK, I guess I lose, but about this givin everyone a young girls poop blowjob stuff." I said as I stood and put my thumbs under the wwaist very young nudists of my shorts. "Oh no, a deal is a deal, and young sexy latinas you are doin it." said Jay, "I am all horned up, and I want my cock sucked or I'm tellin' Amy. By the way I'm first since I still have all my close." He then young nudist nude stood and dropped his blue jean shorts and his boxers to reveal a hard 7 youngs photos illegal inch blonde young tube cock, for a 14 year old he was huge, and he had a nice thatch of hair starting too. "Come on." I protested, but only half heartedly. "Tell you what so hott young teens I can't tell we will 69 so we both suck dick." said Jay. "Cool, incest fest." Jeffery said as he slipped his 6 incher out of his underwear and started to stroke it. I hesitated for a minute and then I dropped my shorts to the younger teens nude floor and stepped out of them. My 7.5 inch cock was throbbing and precum was oozing out. "You want top or bottom?" I asked as I gave my cock a young pussy porno quick legal young thumbs stroke. "Top" Jay said as he stripped nude, and then I layed down on the floor. My little bro straddled my face and fed his young boys nudity hard cock down between my lips, I tasted the salty precum that had been oozing and then I felt his still smooth balls on my upper lip an nose. He leaned forward xxx young lola and I felt his lips on my cock also. young boys tpg His tongue swirled around my cock head and he ingulfed me as he started to fuck my mouth with some skill, I then believed him and his friends had messed around before. Then I felt another mouth on my groin, socking at my droopy balls, and licking at young nuds my ass which I exposed as I thrusted up into my brother's mouth. I took a quick look and it was Jeffery. "MMMM good." Jay said. "suck me bro, suck me like I know you can. OOHHHH!" Then I saw another face down by mine. It was mark and he was licking my bro's ass and finger fucking it as he did. His nipples were so close to my face I reached back and started to suck one of them, and sniff his old spice colone. In only a second Mark had loosened my brother's but up and mounted him doggy style, and started slowly fucking his young teen password ass. Now I had two sets of balls in young men stripping my face, so I alternated between them. Both tasted real good, but I liked Jays best as they till only had the lightest of fuzz while Mark had developed much faster and his eight inch dick and massive sex youngs girls balls were covered with hair. He was four years younger forbidden young teensex then me, and I was invious of his monster package. For some time I sucked between Jay's dickand balls and Mark's, and I could hear moans from my bro as I sucked and Mark fucked. seks young iligal I too was feeling pretty good with my brother and Jeffery's mouth switching between my dick and balls. young fresh I was about to cum when Jay beat me to it. He started to squirt young dutch teens a large load in my mouth and Mark too started to cum. He started secret young porno to pull back and his first shot bounced off Jay's butt and dripped down onto my forehead. Squirt after squirt came from them and I couldn't hold it all in. Jay's sweet cream oozed out the corners of my mouth while Marks coated my face. "OOOOOHHHHHHH YESSSSS!!!" The two of them moaned together as Jay thrust deeper into my mouth and nearly choked my. "Ok my turn, I want to fuck Kev now" Jeffery said inthusiastically. "I don't know." I said. I wanted fucked but I had really wwanted Mark to do that. "What you think I'm to small. I can fuck you good, and I haven't cummed yet." Jeffery protested. "OK." I said as I got out from under my bro and bent over in a doggy style possition. Jeffery hurried behind me and licked my ass and fingered it for several moments while Mark porno petite young and Jay lay on the floor panting. Jeffery then lined up his cock and slid the head into the loose hole, he slid slowly in and started to speed up. I was starteing to pump back into him as he thrust forward. Just then Mark slid under and started to lick my still hard cock. "Told you I wanted this in my mouth." Mark said between slirps. Jay stood in front of me and stuck his in my face. I egerly took his half hard cock in my mouth and started to suck it again. In a second it was hard again. I was full of meat. Jeffery fucked my ass like a mad man, thrusting and pounding photo young sex as hard as he could to get as forever young deep as he could as he held tight to my hips. Jay fucked my face almost as hard, but it young streaming porn was great. Mark went to town sucking my cock and slirping up all the Skinny young precum. Mark young preeteen cp licked his tongue horny young around the rim of my beautiful young girls mushroom head and in my piss slit and then down my cock and to my balls. He went from one nut to the other, and to my surprise at one time young cunt pictures had both in his mouth at the same time sucking as hard as he could. "AHHH!" I moaned between thrusts of Jay's pelvis and his balls slapped hard on my chin as the little bit of fuzz tickled my nose. "told you I could fuck good!" Yelled Jeffery and he pounded harder. His balls slapped into mine as Mark went back to sucking the cock. I felt tention in my loins. I tensed up, and Jeffery must have felt me flex my butt muscles around his cock. We Sarah young videos started c
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