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Related post: Date: Sun, 28 Dec 2003 09:45:56 -0800 (PST) From: John O'Connor Subject: Bookworm (F/F Beginnings)Title: BookwormAuthor: John O'ConnorEmail: lushcoltraneyahoo.comRating: NC-17Category: First timeDate: 28 little lolita bbs rompl December 2003Website: These original characters, situations, and story are the property of the author.Summary: A shy, young librarian learns there's more to life than books. _______________________________________________________BookwormAlexus Mitchell sat quietly behind the library information desk hoping no one would come up to her with questions. She desperately wanted to be back sorting and filing the returned books and straightening up the stacks. It was far more peaceful and she didn't have to worry that someone might be making fun of her.And the poor girl had reason to feel that way. All her life, she had suffered from poor vision and had to wear glasses. Even as a child, before magic lolita little girls she entered kindergarten, she had to wear large, heavy-framed glasses because the pre teen pics lolly optician had convinced her parents that children shouldn't be trusted with the more stylish, more fragile frames available. With Robert, her older brother, already a playground bruiser, her parents were easily convinced.But the glasses had been the focus of Alexus' young teens lolitas golden torment, torment far worse than most children endure from their peers. None of it took physical shape, not after Robert made the only boy to push her eat dirt.However, the resulting verbal abuse - taunting and jeering - lowered the already shy girl's self-esteem to even lower levels. She made few friends and went straight home every day to watch cartoons and old sitcoms while eating junk food. She also buried herself in books - both for school and for her own escapism. But the lack of activity and the snacking, naturally, led her to put on weight. And this added another factor to the ceaseless childhood teasing.Her parents didn't understand what was wrong with their little girl. But they had no idea of how much their little Alexus was the schoolyard joke. horny virgin preteen lolitas Robert did but couldn't seem to make their parents understand.So he became the closest thing she had to a friend. He made sure no one hurt his little sister and even tried to stop them from picking on her. But he couldn't be with her all day since he was prepubescent female lolita models two grades ahead of her.In high school, like all students, she was required to take physical education classes. Alexus hated them. Hated having to change clothes and russian lolita sex sites shower with others. Hated having her roly-poly body on display for all to laugh at. Hated being unable to participate without looking awkward and clumsy.And she still wore thick-framed glasses.By this time, her parents finally asian 12 yr loli seemed to understand that their love and her brother's love just wasn't enough to overcome the girl's engrained nude russian lolita bbs shyness. They tried to help her open up and feel better forbidden preteen lolita models about herself. She vowed to try.At her brother's urging, she asked about getting nicer glasses. Her parents agreed and she baby rompl lolita bbs got an attractive pair of wire-frames with a new type of thin lenses that allowed her to see without the ugly glasses she was used to.Robert also helped her to lose weight. He was on the varsity football and baseball teams and finally convinced Alexus to run with him every morning before school. At first, she hated running and hated her brother for putting her through the torture. But mostly she hated herself for being so fat.In a few months, she was able to keep up with Robert easily as the weight melted away. She began to look like what she really was, a lovely young girl. The problem was, even with her new glasses, she couldn't see it.By her senior year, she was not the outcast she had been. But her friends weren't the socially elite of the school or the jock set. She hung out with a small group that was a mix of average kids. She was still the quiet one.Her brother, who was attending a nearby college, talked one of his former teammates into asking his sister to the Homecoming Dance. The boy was willing as he had no date and his old girlfriend had apparently dumped him for no reason.And he thought he'd get some action from the lonely girl.The night of the dance, Alexus came home in tears, her dress torn at the shoulder. Robert, home for the weekend, heard her loli lo lolita nymphet sob as she told how her date tried to make her 'put out'.Robert, who wasn't normally a violent or mean person, made sure his former friend couldn't play football for the balance of the season.Alexus ended up going to little lolita love nudes the same college as her brother, a small state school about a hundred and fifty miles from home. She ls lolita magazine gallerys managed to get a private dorm room and then looked for a job to supplement the allowance her parents provided.The college library was perfect. She loved it. She had access to all the books she could want. And her work kept her from having to deal with other students too much, something she naturally couldn't avoid in classes or the dorm.She was hired back the next year, and the next. She majored in English Literature and minored in Library Science. The last was a concession to her parents when they questioned what she could do with a degree in English Lit.And Alexus loved her work. She could see herself becoming a librarian in a big city where she could do the behind-the-scenes work and have access to any book she wanted.Unfortunately, this day was not one of her happier ones. Several of the other student workers called in sick and she was assigned the information desk. Already she had to deal with the usual inane questions college students ask.She tried to ignore most of the people going by simply by keeping her eyes glued to the book she was reading. It seemed to help weed out the people who really needed information from those who just wanted to play games.Alexus glanced up when she heard some voices raised in discussion. She frowned, a library was supposed to be quiet. Even if this was not the library proper but outside the 'quiet zone'. Then she recognized the girls, all from one of the sororities. One was the reigning Homecoming queen, one lolitas naked chupadas amateurs the captain of the cheerleaders and the other was the student body representative to the school's Board of Regents.That last one also happened to be in one of Alexus' elective classes: Mythology and the Origin of Heroic Fiction. Her name was Megan nude loli girls lists Watson. And she always managed to catch Alexus' eye when the shy girl happened to glance her way.This time was no exception. With a smile and a small wave, Megan acknowledged Alexus' glance. Alexus' hand started to rise to return the gesture but she stopped when it was a few inches over the book in front of her.Then, to her surprise, Megan sven s lolita page dismissed her two friends and walked towards Alexus with a friendly smile on her face.'Oh god, what does she want?' Alexus thought. This girl, while seeming to be friendly, reminded her of one of the girls in high school who managed to make her life miserable."C-c-can I" Alexus managed to ask, her eyes locked on the desk in front of her.* * * * * *Megan Watson was almost the gallery nude index lolita polar opposite of Alexus Mitchell. She was happy and outgoing. Her childhood was fun and relatively carefree.In grade school she made several friends, a few of whom she managed to stay close to through the years. She was president of the sixth grade class and a member of lolita loli child models the Brownies then the Girl Scouts.By high school, she had developed into a lovely young girl. She had bright, blue-green eyes and thick blonde hair with a natural wave to it. As she matured, her figure became curvaceous.Megan liked to play outdoors and rode nudist lolita boy girl her bicycle for miles and miles. She also played softball - was even the captain of the junior varsity softball team in high school. She was co-captain of the varsity cheerleader squad. And Megan was either the president or at least an officer in several of the many after-school clubs her high school sponsored.She wasn't picky about who she dated. She wanted to go out and have fun. If that meant a movie and Steak'n'Shake, great. If it was dinner in a restaurant and dancing that was fine too. She didn't care as long as her date was intelligent, friendly and attentive. And definitely not full of himself. She dated jocks, socials, brains, and even some of the geeks.Megan always made sure the prospective date knew she was out to have fun and that she would not 'put out'. Here was where her life paralleled Alexus'.On the night of her senior Homecoming Dance, her date didn't seem to understand that 'no' meant 'no'. As he pawed at her, she slapped him and jumped out of his car. The jerk followed her and she planted her knee solidly in his groin, the pain obviously excruciating judging by his expression and how quickly he fell to the pavement.Becoming known as a virginal goody-two-shoes would bother a lot of people but Megan didn't care. She had needs just like everyone else but hers led in a different direction.She knew she was different shortly after she passed through puberty. Her friends and she would sneak looks at Playgirl magazines but she found she preferred her father's Playboys.Fortunately for a young girl dealing with lesbian tendencies, she was free lolitas bbs image in an open-minded, loving family. Add to that the fact that her father's favorite sister, Aunt Julia, was out of the closet and Megan never felt that there was anything wrong with her.She never announced her lesbianism to her family for several years but she did come out to Aunt Julia. Megan never considered sex with her aunt, nor did Julia look on the young teen as a potential lover. Instead, the older woman became Megan's support as she learned more about her interests.When Megan was seventeen, she had her first experience with another woman. A young couple had moved into the neighborhood. Megan and her mother went to welcome the newcomers. Megan and Cynthia became friends and Megan spent a lot of time over there. Steve, the husband, was away for months at a time and Megan helped keep Cynthia from being too lonely.One afternoon, Megan came by. Finding the door unlocked, she walked in, as she often did. In the living room, she found Cynthia masturbating furiously. Megan found herself fascinated and turned on. She quietly watched as Cynthia brought herself to orgasm. Then she came into the room, startling and embarrassing the young bride.They began to talk and soon, Cynthia was telling the young woman how she liked to sven s lolita board masturbate when she was feeling especially lonely. She even showed Megan some of she and her husband's favorite adult movies.Megan finally felt she could tell another person and revealed her personal preferences to Cynthia. Before the afternoon had passed, the two became lovers and Cynthia, an avowed bisexual, showed Megan just how wonderful sex, with a loving partner, can be.They got together whenever Steve was out of town. Cynthia told Steve of their sessions but they never tried to coerce Megan into a threesome as Megan made it clear she wasn't interested in men sexually.Surprisingly to Megan, Steve was very cool about that - as long as Cynthia told him, in detail, sexy preteen lola model what the two women did together.Their relationship continued until Megan left for college. It was a tearful parting but they both knew they would have wonderful memories. And Megan had the benefit of a tremendously exciting teacher. Cynthia joked that the college girls had better watch out when Megan came to town. She even gave her a t-shirt with the letters BWOC.Megan laughed and replied, "It should be BLOC - Big Lesbian On Campus."Megan also had one last major thing to take care of before she left. She told her parents about her lesbianism. And, as Aunt Julia had assured her, they were loving and supportive. And not a bit surprised. They just wanted their 'little girl' to be happy.Megan had fun in college. She ukranian pre lolita free loved learning and also enjoyed the parties and clubs in the small farm town. And the local farmgirls as well as the female collegians gave her quite a crop to pick and choose from for her more earthly desires. And, even in that small, backwater town, she didn't have to bother with the facade of dating guys.But the one thing she desired above all else w
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