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Related post: Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2011 17:46:46 -0700 (PDT) From: Todd Carlos Subject: Just a PrankThe first guy showed up at 7:30am. youngest japan model I was still in bed so it took me a few minutes to get up, get dressed and get to the door. I pulled on a pair of cargo shorts and went to stop the ringing of the doorbell, wondering who in the hell would be ringing it in the first place. I told myself that if it was my cousin, Kathy, I wouldn't knock her off the front stoop. She had a habit of showing up at odd times but never this early. The dude on the other side of the door was just that, an average dude. Probably wouldn't have looked at him twice if I'd seen him on the street. He was shuffling around nervously nonude latina model when I opened the door. "Hello?" I asked. He looked up to meet my eyes briefly then focused on my bare chest. He didn't say anything but reached down and palmed his basket. "Uh, can I help you?" I tried again. I could feel my forehead wrinkled in confusion. I didn't recognize him as anyone I knew and his odd behavior was pushing my buttons. He looked up at me again with a glazed expression. My eyebrows drew closer together. "You're even hotter than your pics," he finally spoke as he stepped forward to enter my house. "Whoa," I said and held up a hand to block him. "Who are you and what are you doing here?" "I-I'm J-John," he stuttered out, seeming far less certain. "I came t-to fuck... Like you said?" "I think you got the wrong address," I told him. The whole situation was so surreal and the fact I'd just woken up from a dead sleep made it feel like a bad dream. "Oh, um, o-okay." He backed off the small front porch and scurried away to a car parked at the curb where he got in the driver's side and took off. "Weird," I muttered and shut the door, shaking my head. I figured it for one of those things that happens when you live in the city and not the `burbs. Fucking wide awake now, I thought and headed for the kitchen to start a pot of coffee. I'd been out late the night before and could use the caffeine. Once the stuff was brewing I went to take a quick shower but a few knocks on the door stopped me. The second guy was old enough to be my grandfather. He had on thick glasses and age-spots covered his face and hands. What little hair he had was white and frizzy. He gave me a pervy smile when I opened the door and obviously checked me out. Christ I should've put on a shirt, I thought. "Sir?" I said, torn between being polite to an old guy and pissed he was at my door after the first odd encounter. "Are you going to invite me in, young man?" He had an oddly high-pitched voice with a whiny, feminine cadence to them. "Do we know each other?" My Saturday morning was getting weirder and weirder. "Not yet but 15y omodels I'm hoping we will be getting quite intimate, sonny." He posed no physical threat to me but his words caused a chill to run up my spine anyway. I looked over his head to see if there was someone out there laughing at me. It was late May so the sun had been up awhile but no one was out there. "I don't understand," I muttered with a smile. It had to be a joke. Right? "You seem nervous. I assumed you had experience teeniemodels with this, you mentioned diapers?" Before my brain could come up with what that might even mean a pick-up roared up to the curb before my condo. The old guy and I both looked at it. Two guys dressed like Hell's Angels jumped out csm model 100 and slammed the doors behind them. "Is this where the party's at?" one of them yelled out. What the fuck, I wondered. They came up to the door and elbowed grandpa out of the way. "Fuck, you're a hot little pig," the driver told me. His friend reached out and tweaked my right nipple. It made me jump, and not in a good way. I still modeller sex gripped the edge of the door in my left hand. Completely on autopilot I slammed it in their faces. "Hey, don't get shy on us now, pussy boy." One of them rapped on the door. "Go away," I yelled as I threw the deadbolt into place. "Don't be a cocktease, boy." Whichever one said it sounded pissed. "I'm calling the police," I yelled back. They knocked harder on the door and I hoped they'd heard the lock clicking into place. After a minute I heard the truck start and screech away from the curb. I rushed to the bedroom and pulled on a t-shirt. Going into the living room I peeked through the front window and saw no sign of the old guy or the two bikers. With a sigh of relief I returned to the kitchen and made myself a mug of coffee and picked up my cell. I had no idea who to call or what to do and decided I needed more information. I didn't have to wait long before the doorbell rang again. This time it was a india models naked normal looking guy, about my age or closer to thirty maybe. After looking at him through the peephole I opened the door. He looked me over home nude models with an appreciative smile. If I'd met him at a bar or club I wouldn't have minded. "What are you doing here?" I questioned him. "I saw your ad?" he answered with a questioning glance. "Man, those pics don't do you justice," he mumbled. "What ad did you see?" I was starting to get a sinking feeling in my gut. "On craigslist. About the bareback orgy?" He ls modelgallery backed up lia model 12yo and looked at the number by my door and back at me. "This is Summer Street?" I nodded that it was. teen magazine model "It was definitely you in the pics." "You must've made a mistake. I didn't post any ad on craigslist." I desperately wanted to get rid of the guy and get to my computer. "Oh, well... Are you sure? I mean, is it me?" His crestfallen look made me wince. "It's not you, I promise. I didn't post any ads, it must have been an error or something." I'd never posted anything on craigslist though I'd surfed the personals a few times. "Okay, well... maybe you'll take my number? If you wanna hook up sometime?" "Listen, I'm kinda' busy right now. I have to go." I closed the door gently this time and hoped he'd go away. I went for my laptop and powered it up as I took it and my model rocket engines coffee into the kitchen. I pulled up the internet and punched in the address for craigslist. It wasn't hard to find the ad. There were more posted on an early Saturday than I would've expected but I spotted it pretty easy. It said `All day orgy' and I clicked on it. Beneath the text giving my address and promising that I was hosting a raw orgy for any guys that wanted to stop by were three pictures. The first was a shot of me at the beach. I was wearing sunglasses and a swimsuit. The water was a clear blue behind me and the breeze was whipping my dark brown hair up off my forehead. The skin on my chest and abs was a nice mellow brown from the sun. The next one was obviously taken with a cellphone. It showed my hard cock framed between the V of my thighs, my pubes shaved down to almost nothing around the base. My left hand was in the frame, my thumb young models portals pressing my dick up off my stomach. My lower belly showed the treasure trail from my navel at the very bottom of the picture. The tattoo of a dragon that wrapped around my hip, spewing flames towards my crotch, was just visible in the folded crease where my thighs joined my hips. The orange and red flames leapt out at me in their vibrancy. The third picture had a shot of my ass. I was walking away from the camera, looking back over my shoulder with a cocky grin. It showed the long line of my back and centered on the white globes of my ass. My partially turned-away stance showed how round they were. The tail end of the dragon trailed over one of them. I started panting, felt the nausea roiling in my stomach. I clicked back and another post caught my eye, `Pussy Boy Gang Bang'. I clicked on it, a few lines down from the one I'd just seen. `Pussy Boy looking to get fucked. I got a hungry Cunt. No preferences I will take cutest teen model all cummers.' There was a smiley face emoticon after the message followed by my address. The same three pics were commanders models beneath it. I clicked back and checked for any more. There were two. One looking for a diaper party, I had no idea what it even meant. The last one was even scarier; it said I was looking for guys to come and rape me - consensual role play. Oh Sweet Jesus, my heart started pounding. I ameature teen models completely ignored the next round of doorbell ringing and knocking. When the doorknob jiggled I nearly jumped out of my skin. I set my laptop aside and pressed my palms against my artistic models cute eyes, tried to figure out what I should do. I found a piece of paper and wrote on it in black marker, `Party Cancelled - Emergency Sorry'. The word Emergency ended up kind of squished at the end of the second line but I didn't care, it was only a temporary fix. When everything appeared quite I checked out the peephole. Seeing the coast was clear I opened the door and taped the sign to it before shutting and locking it securely. I returned to the kitchen and tried to think clearly. It hit me like a ton of bricks. Only one person had those pictures besides me. My ex, Mike, had to be the one who'd posted the ads. I picked up my cell and tried to remember his number. Slowly it came back to me and I dialed. It went straight to voice mail. In the few minutes it had taken me to figure it all models photos out I'd grown more angry than I could ever remember being. "Mike, you motherfucker! I want this shit over! Now!" After yelling into the phone I disconnected and tossed it onto the counter. I didn't know any other numbers for him so I paced around the kitchen, running my hands through my hair. I tried to think of who I might call that knew his new modelling agenvy home number or where he might be. I used to think Mike was a good guy. We'd been together for two years, lived together for one. It wasn't until I caught him cheating that I found out how much of a douchebag he really was. It started with a fragment of IM chat between him and some guy named hawtboi87 that I found on the computer. Then I checked his email and facebook, the passwords were all young muscular models saved on the computer so it wasn't even difficult. When he wasn't paying attention I checked his phone and found texts and pictures, a profile on grindr. He'd been hooking up with other guys almost since we first started dating. Within two days I was packed models children nudes and moved out. I stayed with my brother until I could find a place and ended up buying the condo I now lived in. I couldn't believe after all the fights and begging, all the promises that he'd change, that this was even happening. Suddenly I felt like I was living a Lifetime movie dawn model webeweb of the week. Just what the hell am I supposed to do, I wondered. I did the only thing that always helped, I called my brother. Donny was two years older than me and as far as big brothers went I'd lucked out. He was the kids virgins model best. I grabbed up the phone and found him in my contacts. "Hey, little bother. What's happenin?" He picked up on the first ring and I could hear my niece and nephews yelling in the background. "Man, I need your help. I don't know what to do." I jumped right in and explained what was happening. To be honest I was a little afraid that I was making more out of it than I was but as I was talking another car pulled up out front. I told Donny to hold on and listened to the steps of someone on the other side of the front door. Luckily they didn't knock and a minute later they left. I told Donny the rest of the story. "What should I do, Donny?" "Damn, Billy. You have to call the police, bro. That's some serious shit." The background noise had decreased and I could just picture him walking out into the formal family room where his kids never went. "I don't know." I hesitated. "What if it's someone I know that shows up? I work with a lot of police officers. I don't want my business getting out, you know? I don't want to be known as the gay EMT for the rest of my life." More than that I felt humiliated that this could even happen to me, like it was all my fault. "I get it, Billy, but what he did is illegal. I never liked that bastard. Listen, we could go and hunt this fucker down and beat him but then we'll just get in trouble. I have a better idea. Let me check something out and I'll call you
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