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Related post: Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2001 21:50:41 EDT From: Subject: Justin's Story Chapt 24April 9, 2001Justin's Story Part V Chapter 24------------Justin and Tony's Story Chapter 2 - Our BeginningsWritten By: Justin Case------------Disclaimer: The story you are about to sexe preteen porn read contains sexually explicit material, it is placed here for your enjoyment and educational purposes. It is the author's semi-autobiography; all the names have been preteen ls natural changed to protect the innocent. This material is protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America. You must be of legal age to view this material.------------SoapBox-- Hello, my faithful, my dear friends. It's good to be here once again. I want to thank the many of you that go to my web site. I also want to thank the many who write and IM me. I love hearing from you all, I really do. What's new in your lives? How have you all been? I miss some of my readers, they haven't written me in a while. Please, let me know how you're doing; I do worry. I won't mention any names, but there are some that used to write that I haven't heard from in a few months. Unfortunately, I've lost my mail files to that virus and have no way to check in on you. I don't keep a mail list, but I did save all your letters, until the virus took them. My addresses haven't changed, Justin69SKaol gets you to my mail box and IM's, preteen pussy magazine I'm on ICQ for those of you that have that; you'll find me in the white pages, and my web site addy is You can sign my guest book. Thanks. Love to you all - Just, Justin.------------I finally decided to get out of bed and begin taking on the day's tasks. I had so preteen art drawings many things to do, and you know the old saying, 'So much to do, so little time.' It was a preteen flasher gorgeous winter day in New England. I stood in the kitchen over my sink, gazing into the back yard. A bed preteen dark pictures of fresh fallen snow had covered the ground, pure and white. The bright sun caused it to sparkle and glitter. preteenmodel video sites I looked at the thermometer mounted on the outside sash of the window, preteen videos porno it read 32 degrees. I am always amazed at the beauty of the snow resting upon the branches in the trees cutie preteen the day after it falls from the heavens above. The branches were bending in the breeze; I could tell the preteen movies free wind was from the East. I naked untouched preteens remained steadfast in my stance as I took in the entire marvel and glory from the creation before me. A 'Great Architect of the Universe' must truly exist, I thought silently to myself.I was thinking about all the things that had happened in my life. I had inherited the family home. hot preteens gallery I had inherited some money, but it wasn't enough to keep me forever. I still had to finish school. I felt child galaxy preteen alone. I knew that preteen sex hentai Tony was only in the shower, but russian preteen nudiest the alone I felt wasn't for companionship. I felt alone in my life. I had no idea how to take care of myself, or eastern europe preteen how to proceed. I couldn't just exist, I had to survive. I wondered how I preteens top galery would manage all this. preteen models german I preteen link underage didn't have the faintest clue. I didn't want to call my parents and the rest of the family was too jealous to help. I didn't sweet preteen russian want to go it alone either; I liked the idea of Tony being very preteen pussy with me. I really needed someone."RING, ring." The wall-mounted phone rang.Startled from my mental reservations, I answered it."Hello?" I plainly said into the receiver."Justin? It's me, Sarah. Are you busy?" Her preteen nude animai sweet familiar voice brought a comfort to me."No. Just getting ready to cook breakfast. What are you up to?""Nothing, really. I was wondering if I could come by? I wanted to talk to you. I underage preteen rape missed you so much when you were gone. I was hoping we could become close, like a brother preteennudist and families and sister should be.""What time?" I was surprised by Sarah's candor. I had never heard her talk like that before."I could come now.""That would be great. Tony's free nude preteenpics here. You remember him, don't you?""Yes, he seems like a good person. I was glad he was there for you at the funeral.""Hey, Sarah, do you know what I have to do to get into school?" I hoped she could help me."Yeah, you need to call the guidance department here in Enfield and make arrangements. Are you going to finish here or in Bolton?""I don't really know. I just know I have to finish; I need my diploma."As I was getting ready to hang the phone up, I saw my lover coming up the hall. I realized how lucky I was to have him in my life. Tony walked up the hallway dressed in a nice pair of khakis and a great sweater. I love looking at him, galleries preteens movies his dark medium length preteen gays nude hair and eyes. I am really drawn to his puppy dog eyes with the long lashes. He is a thing of beauty. I remember thinking for a brief second or two about JT, bare preteen pussy and felt a slight remorse."Are 12yr preteen models you there, preteen model tina Justin?" I heard my older sister's voice in my ear. I tend to space out at times."Yeah, I'm sorry. What were you saying?""I'll be over in about an hour. I'll just talk to you then.""OK. Bye-bye," I said and hung the phone up.Tony gave me a quick peck on the cheek, as he walked into the kitchen. He immediately went to the refrigerator and opened the door to look inside. preteens russian pedo I watched blonde naked preteens this magnificent creature's every move, preteen bikini land it was more like I was studying him. He had gotten so tall since we were kids; his face had taken on that sweet innocent look of a sixteen-year-old. Tony moves with graceful gestures, not animated. Of all my loves, he is the finest looking one."Are you hungry?" I asked."Mmm, yep. Just don't know what I want.""I'll make some omelets." I love to cook; I learned a sweet pre teenies lot from Tommy in New Orleans, when I stayed with him and Miss Violet."Sounds good, I'll make nn young preteen some toast and coffee," he offered.We spent the next half-hour working together in the kitchen. It was like we had done it a thousand times before, even though we had never worked together. I was amazed how we both seemed so organized in the kitchen. I smiled as preteen model dance we moved about like a couple of professionals.Tony had gotten this very serious look on his face. His lips pursed, his eyes intent, his preteen models blue movements with purpose as he prepared the coffee and toast. I couldn't get over how serious he took it. I only imagined he wanted to make sure what he did preteen amatuer would make me happy.I prepared the eggs with all the love and affection I could put into them. I was totally engrossed in making the best omelet I had ever made. I beat six eggs in a stainless bowl that I had watched my grandmother use so many times. I added some water and continued to quickly stroke at the contents in the metal container. The water would make the small tit preteens eggs fluffy. I put the large, heavy, blackened cast iron frying pan on the stove. I whacked a hunk of butter off the stick I keep on the counter so it will stay soft and tossed it into the pan. I adjusted the burner heat to a low temperature.While I was tending to the frying pan, Tony got out an onion and knife; he set them on the island counter behind me. facial preteens I turned to begin slicing and dicing the onion, I peeled it first. Tony then returned to the fridge and took out some sliced cheese and ham and began cutting them while I worked on the onion. I finished my onion and tossed it in with the butter and began to sauté the small pieces. I love the smell of fried onions; when they were clear looking I scooped them out preteen sluts of the darkportal preteen pan. Tony had finished with the ham and cheese and started to mix the onions with them. I poured the beaten eggs into the pan and covered it. Yes, we worked like a well-oiled machine."Hey, you want some fruit? We got some cantaloupe in the fridge," I suggested."Yeah, I love melon."Tony got the large melon out and began cutting it, ls preteen underage as preteen illlegal I worked diligently on the omelet. When I had folded and flipped the eggs, the toast had popped so I buttered it with the softened stick and placed it on a plate. We worked side by side at the island, me on the toast and Tony on the cantaloupe. We both finished about the same time, I returned to the stove and preteen models virgins he put the fruit and toast on the table. As I put the nasty preteen models preteens pics fucking eggs on a platter, Tony put out a couple of dishes and utensils on the table.We ate our gourmet feast in silence; the only sounds that I could hear were our mouths as they chomped on the food. We both sat at the table smiling back and forth while we ate. I remember thinking how easy this could be, living together. I reveled in the thought. I remember thinking how long it takes to make the food and how quickly it is gone."What you want to do today, Justin?" Tony finally broke the silence."Well, Sarah was coming by. I thought after, we should take a ride to your house and talk to your mom.""Yeah, I'll pack my clothes and stuff too. I mean it is OK, you do want me to stay with you, don't you?" He looked to me with those big naked preteen males brown eyes, batting his lashes. How could I resist?"Yes, I do. I want you to move in with preteen lollita sex me, but I want to make sure it's all right with your mom," I told him, as I reached for his hand on the table."I'll get a job preteens ilegal porn to help with the bills and stuff." He defended himself and his decision."I need one too, but I also have to finish school," I explained."Me too. I got to get back in. Did I tell you I got expelled last year?""No, what happened?""I threatened Mrs. Humphries. I preteens kids nude punched her too. I don't know why. I forget."I couldn't believe it, she was my favorite teacher, she taught me English. I wondered where the anger came from to make voyeur preteen forum Tony do such a thing. I couldn't think of either him or her doing something so preteen models teasing drastic."Wow, she nude pictures preteen was one of my best teachers." I let the russian preteen pantyhose conversation drop.I figured I better take california preteens gallery my shower. So I got up from the preteen models myusernet table, leaving him to clean the dishes. I guess I know my priorities, Hehe. I walked slowly to my bedroom to get some clean preteen adult gallery clothes. I was still a little troubled about preteen toples pussy what he had just told me. kinder young preteen I hoped preteens children fuck it was a one-time type of thing and Tony had learned from it. I realized how I hardcore innocent preteens would have to really get to know him all over; so many years had passed since we were little. I guess he'd have to get to know me too.By the time I finished dressing for the day it was almost eleven o'clock in the morning, Sarah was due anytime. I found Tony in the living room watching television preteen penis pics when I emerged from the bathroom. He was sitting on the preteens feet fetish couch, I laugh about that, preteen panties com here I call it a couch, not a davenport. My mind flashed back to 'What's his Name' and his bullshit. I would never have to put up with his abuse preteen model alissa again, for that I was thankful. I pre teen fi
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