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Related post: Kevin Down Under 2 This story is complete fiction, any similarities to real life or other stories are unintended. Only read this story if you are old enough to do so, and you're not offended by sexual situations between adults and minors.This chapter is a collaboration of ideas from all those who commented on the first chapter with a special thanks to Michel and Glaucon 55, with additional text provided by Glaucon 55. Their assistance underage fashion pedo has been invaluable. It is my intent to post more chapters for this story if there is enough interest from the readers to do so; so please leave a comment if you get a chance. All comments are welcome. Please send comments to, attn: Tony. Kevin Down Under, Chapter 2:Tuesday morning the blaring noise tender underage pussy of the back-up horn on the moving truck was piercing my ears, underaged models hot giving me a splitting headache. It was 6 am, and my brain was screaming for me to go back to bed, but here I underaged sex video stood in my flannel pajamas bottoms and oversized sweatshirt on the driveway of our new home. My parents had found sex videos underage the house just in time, with our packed items finally arriving from the States the day before. The movers would have their hands full getting it all into the house in one day, and had told my parents they would be starting very early. The arrangement was that the movers would carry our items into the house, but without direction as to where to put things from us, and once inside that's where it stopped. My mom wanted everyone there to assist them in where things went, hence here I stood, the morning sun still not up, and everyone around me buzzing, hyped up on coffee.Our new home, a gigantic beige house, was in a gated community and very close to the hospital where my Dad worked, and my mother as well, with her recently getting employed as nurse. The house had a detached 4 car garage, large in-ground pool with an attached hot tub, 7 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, not including the private one in the little pool house, and activity room that could have been a small auditorium for a middle school. With my parents erratic work schedules, it was hard enough to have any family time when we were in the States, but in a house this size, I imagined one could go days without seeing someone. It had been a few days since my training with Brother Manis, but the events of that day continued to run through my head. Before that day I was 100 percent sure I was straight, now it was more like 90 percent, and the percentage seemed to be dropping every time I closed my eyes and relived that afternoon. I knew I liked girls, but it was becoming more and more impossible to deny that I didn't like what had happened that day at Brother Manis's house. At cute underage masturbating night, when I went to sleep, it seemed my thoughts constantly went back to the sensations he gave me and my dick would get hard enough to make me grind it a underage nn pictures bit into the bed before I drifted off. Even now standing in the cold of the morning, I started to drift back to Brother Manis's house."Hey mate, think you can tell me where this goes?" Snapping me out of my day dream I looked up to see a guy standing in front of me holding my dresser in his arms like it was nothing. Upon further inspection, I realized he was probably only a teenager like me, only a lot bigger, a lot bigger. This kid had to be easily over 6' with thick video underage girls defined muscles, which could be seen even under his sweatshirt."Bloody hell mate do you know where this things goes or not, the damn things not light you know?""A yeah, yeah sorry, um it goes into my underage girls barefoot room.""Urrrr, which room would that be mate?"I could tell I was really underage nude teens starting to piss him off, which is the last thing I wanted to do, but for some reason this kid had my head spinning. "Oh sorry, it's the last room on the left on the second floor."Without another word he simply walked by me heading toward the house; I caught myself looking at his firm, muscular ass in his jeans. Shaking my head, as if to underage bbs tgp shake the thought of him out; my confidence in my heterosexual orientation was dropping a few more percentage points by the moment. I turned around and returned to my daydreaming of Brother Manis. The 2nd floor had all of the bedrooms, with the boy's rooms on the left of the underage kds stairs and my parent's room on the right and a spare bedroom slash office in the middle. My bedroom was a little larger then my room in the States, and was on the front side of the house, with a window that overlooked the street we lived on. There was a large closet on one wall with large white slatted accordion doors on it. The house wasn't new, in terms of construction, but it was definitely nicer than the home back in California. The nice thing was the shared private bathroom between my room and Tommy's room, his room being directly across the hall from mine. There was a pocket door in each of our rooms that locked from both sides allowing the user privacy and stopping someone from the bathroom just walking into your room. The pocket door was on the same wall as the closet, separating our rooms by a good distance, which meant I wouldn't have to hear his sniveling, and he wouldn't hear my extracurricular activities. It was late by the time the movers had finished bringing everything into the house, and with the lack of real privacy in the rental house, as Tommy and I had to share a room, I was excited to finally have the private time needed to release the massively large teen load I had built up in my balls. I had stayed in my flannel pajama bottoms all day, and now that it was bed time I simply dropped them to the floor to remove my boxer briefs and pulled the pants back on along with a clean rusian teen underage t-shirt. I loved how the loose cotton material of the flannel pants rubbed my prick at night as I slept. Lying on top of the bed, with no intentions of going to sleep, a small smile pursed my lips as thought of the wicked things I was about to underage lingerie do to myself. Closing my eyes I ran my left hand under my shirt, my fingertips gliding over the firm plane of my abdominals, my t-shirt bunching around my chest. With my nipples now exposed, the cool air of the room hardened them quickly as I alternated between massaging my flesh and just tickling it. Pinching a nipple, the feeling forcing me to stifle a groan of pleasure, I teased myself with my thick digits. I took a deep breath as I tried to picture Kara in the red thong panty underage nudist picture and bra I got her for Valentine's Day. The image is like trying to watch scrambled porn as it flickers in my head, Kara's face and body comes in and out of focus. My right hand travels down to the top of my pajama pants as my fingers slowly push their way under the elastic waist band. The tips gently push past the beginnings of my short hairs, and as my hand continues south the palm of my hand rubs against the quickly hardening tube of flesh. "Mmmmm, ohhhh, uuuuu, oh yeah."As much as I tried I just couldn't get a good picture of Kara in my head, and as soon as my right hand touched the warm tight skin of my full, young, teen ball sack, the thought of Brother Manis flooded my brain. His image, clear as could be, was all I could focus on as I tickled the sensitive skin just past my hardcore teen underaged balls, the sensation driving me crazy, as I bit on my lower lip to suppress any loud moans. Slowly running my left hand down my chest and under my flannel pants; I used both hands to push the pants down my thighs and over my knees. With my bottoms around my shins, my left hand took the place of my right and began rubbing my balls. Turning my right hand over so that my underage boy nudists thumb and index finger were the first to touch the sensitive skin of my purple headed teenage monster, I slowly began stroking. I don't know why I jerked off this way; I guess it just felt better to me. On about the third stroke, I heard a sudden noise. Startled it took me a second to realize Tommy had just locked my sliding door to the bathroom, which was quickly followed by the sound of running water. I was like a deer in head lights frozen with my hand on my dick until I heard the water go on. I slipped out of bed for a second and waddled underage girls fucked over to the bathroom door with my pajama bottoms at my feet, and locked my side just in case Tommy tried to open the door to my room and ask me something. I made a mental note to always lock my side before giving myself the five fingered hand shake. Waddling back to the underage 12yo bed with my pajama pants still around my ankles, I resumed where I had left off.It took me seconds to get back into the game and soon there was a nice amount of precum oozing out of my piss slit, as it always has since the underage model photos first time I produced the creamy goo. With Brother Manis still occupying my thoughts, a wicked idea entered my brain, as I dipped my middle finger of my left hand onto my leaking piss hole, and coated it well. I planted my feet on the bed and spread my knees, giving myself access under my balls. Pushing my left hand back down between my legs I let my hand slide between my cheeks, until my coated finger was lightly tracing the rough texture of the healing cut from last weekend. It was like my hand had a mind of its own as it moved slowly towards real underage my hole.With my eyes closed I began to fantasize, "What are you doing, no, no, stop, ummmmm, oh God."My right hand took to beating my meat at a rapid pace, as the finger of my left hand was gently scratching and rubbing against the wrinkled lips of my boy hole, threatening to enter, just as Brother Manis had.I whispered to myself, "Oh God pleaaasssee, oh fuck stooppp, oh God yes, I mean noooho, shit, awwww, mmmmmmm."My finger had wriggled its way into my anus, and was slowly working its way around as my underaged sluts xxx now profusely leaking cock was near explosion. All of a sudden the image of the furniture moving boy entered my head and I couldn't control myself anymore. At the same moment, my fingertip found the place where Brother Manis finger had driven me over the edge."OH GOD, MMMMM, Fuck, OH SHIT." I lifted my ass off the bed, thrusting my hips up into the air; my feet planted firmly, my toes curling, my eyes screwed closed and my chest thrust out.I have always been a huge amateur porn underage cummer, with ropes and ropes of cum shooting everywhere, and today was by far the best. The first rope shot out and over my head landing partially in my hair and partially on the bed. The next two shots hit me right in the face, and the next 6-8 landing on my chest and belly in monstrous pools of cummy boy splooge. It almost took two of my dirty white gym naked underage teenagers socks to clean it off me. Wednesday morning came and I felt more rested than I had since we moved to Australia. Most of the family was busy unpacking their rooms, so it was pretty shocking to hear the door bell chime. Seconds later I heard my Mom call me down to meet the neighbors. Running down the stairs, I damn near fell on my face as I saw the most beautiful girl standing in the entryway. She was as tall as Tommy, with long beautiful legs, and striking red hair that curled to her mid back. Once I hit the bottom of the stairs my Mom introduced me to Mrs. Taylor and her daughter Sophie. Sophie, as it turns out lived across the street from us, with only her mother. Her father as I soon learned had passed on a few years back. And as my mom and Mrs. Taylor continued to chat up a storm, I also learned that Sophie was my age and went to the all girls' school called Baylor `Old Oaks' Boarding School which was a couple blocks away from my new school, which like mine was a Catholic school, explaining the Catholic school girl uniform she was in. As the two mother hens spoke, all I could do was stand there and stare at Sophie with a stupid grin on my face, as I looked upon her beautiful dark blue eyes, which stood out against her porcelain freckled skin. She was just so beautiful to me that I couldn't help but notice everything. Her small button nose and her perfect white teeth, and of course who wouldn't notice her large perky breasts, that were so perfect they even put Kara's tits to shame. I was instantly infatuated with her and it wasn't until Tommy kicked me in the shin that I realized how long I had been staring at her.After we had said our good byes' and my mom closed the door, my brother started giving me shit for drooling on the tile of the entry
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