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Related post: Date: Sat, 22 lolita preteen pics toplist Nov 2008 05:46:24 -0800 (PST) From: JMH Subject: The Bond of Blood Chapter 1: Sci fiTarasat on the park bench in young lolita sex photos Central Park in the darkness of night, the cold autumn air chilling her through her thin worn coat. She knew what the doctor at the clinic would say... that she had no business being out this time of night, not with her medical condition.Three years ago, that no good husband of hers lolitas pics galleries thumbs had abandoned her. Not for another woman, but for a man. That betrayal did not anger her so much as the mess he left behind, a half dozen maxed out credit cards, the car repossessed, followed soon by her eviction lolita cum hardcore free for their six thousand dollar a month apartment. After six months of living in a homeless shelter, Tara was finally assigned a small apartment in the Bronx, a gift from social services. Now with a job at one of the large retail book stores, she let herself feel a brief moment of hope. That was of course before she stepped on the final landmine left by her husband. At first Tara thought she just had a bad case of the flu. Into the second week however she was too weak to leave her own bed. It was her four year old son, James, the little trooper who had remained ever cheerful during the recent lolitas rusas free sex rough patch, who saved her life, going to their next door neighbor for help. It was three weeks before Tara had ls bbs lolita portal the strength to leave the hospital. By that time she knew the depth of her husband's betrayal. He had not only left her with a mountain of debt, but also tiny little lolita pussy some of the most feared letters in human history... AIDS. From what the doctors told her, she had been infected several years ago, the diseases only now revealing its ugly head. The only good news was that James had been born before she had become infected.Knowing her husband's betrayal now predated back to when they had just been dating, caused something in Tara to snap. She was never the same person since. On disability, preteen lol sexy sites she lived most lolita child models pictures of her life bouncing little girl lolita zone from one addiction or another, her life mimicking the same downward spiral of her health. James remained the same however, watching and protecting his mother from harming herself too severely. It was at a bar where she would trade in her meager food stamps for a bottle of scotch that she met the stranger while in one lolita underage girls toplist of her drunken stupors. Making eye contact with the man, his deep piercing brown eyes did not look so much at her hollowed out pics free lolita childs face as it did her frail soul. He lolita preteen small pussy took Tara with lil lola top 100 a firm hand away from the banned russian lolita bbs bar, into a dark alley where he whispered to her all her dark secrets and desires while promising he would make them all come true. lolita foto asian lolita He only demanded she pay a price... a small price really given her condition. It was one she would readily pay for what he was offering. That was why she was in the park tonight, even though she was already running a burning fever. It was time to lol cp pic nude make her down payment for the promises the stranger had made. She felt the stranger before she saw him, his cold body preteen underage lolita sex sliding up next to hers on the park bench. "So you have fotologs lolitas de panama made your choice." "Was there any doubt? Even if you are nothing more than some crazed mad man... if you keep even one of your promises it will be worth the price you ask." The stranger wrapped an arm around Tara's thin waist. "But are you sure this is really what you want." "Yes, I can't live like this anymore... not for my own sake but for my son's." "If you are with me... you will always be hunted, lolitas young and tender always live in fear." The stranger warned. top bbs yo loli "But I will no longer have this... this disease in me, sucking away at my soul. You promise you will protect me very young petite lolitas and my son, that we will never have to want for nothing." dreamwiz child lolita photos "And I will keep that promise for as mini model nude lolita long as I can. I have also promised you revenge." "Yes... that too." Tara nodded. "I have made up my mind. I am willing to pay your price." "Good..." The stranger smiled. Leaning over her he pressed little lola girl model his lips against Tara's mouth, slipping his preteens lolita 16 yo tongue inside.Feeling a warm sweet liquid filling her mouth, Tara responded by dirty schoolgirl lolita nymphets opening her mouth wider. Her body, long fatigued felt alive for the loli girl pic bbs first time in years, a new fire burning in her veins. She opened her blue eyes wide while wrapping her arms around the stranger's neck. When the kiss ended, Tara was consumed by little lolita hc bbs a new found a little lolita model strength... and hunger."Now for your revenge," The stranger said as he took Tara's hand in his and led her away from the park to where a dark green car was waiting.*************************************************** James was tired, so very tired but as his mother had not come home yet he refused to let lolita illegal cp pedo his eyes clothes. In resent days he had seen a change in his mother. She seemed to have regained a fraction of the long lost hope she once had in her eyes.James, now seven did his lolitas kds non nude best to keep the apartment clean. Tonight however his mother had scrounged for every drop of real teen models lolita liquor she could get her hands on, leaving a trail of trash and broken glass. It had taken him several hours to clean up most of the mess. He even cut his hands and arms in several places in the process, scooping up the shards of glass with his bare hands.Wrapping his hands with thin toilet paper to stop the bleeding, James sat on the sofa that severed as his magic lolitas com teens bed, his eye frozen on the door, waiting for his mother to return.When the door did open, it was knocked off its hinges. A tall man, wearing a black suit, gazed inside with blue eyes, a look of panic on lolitas top 100 pics his face. Behind him was a strange man, his eyes blood red, a possessive arm ranchi bbs hardcore lolita around James' mother. Pushed violently forward, the frightened man fell down on the floor face first. loli little tits nude Jumping with a start, James moved off the sofa, hiding himself in the cupboard. Ever since his mother began her long decline James had needed a sanctuary. He had found one in the cupboard. Whenever the burden he carried became too preteen lolita ls news much for him, he would retreat into the darkness of the cupboard. free nude lolitas ilegales There was something strangely peaceful about the small confined space. The way it muffled the lights and sounds of the city allowed James to escape inside himself where he was nude very young lolitas safe and loved. The only problem lolicon preteen photos download was that now being seven, James had almost outgrown the tiny space. With the shouting starting James did not care how hard it was for him to cram himself inside. He did not want to see what was happening, knowing it would be hard enough to deal with the little preeteen little lolita emotions. Only teen model 15yo loli recently had James realized he was not like most people, that his ability to sense the emotions of others was not a talent all people had. Behind the fake smiles of the social workers James sensed free russian lolitas toplist the disgust they gree links bbs lolita had toward his mother. During his mother's drunken stupors he could feel the immense pit of despair hot little lolitas supermodels her soul had fallen into. Right sexy lolita girles pics now, even hidden in the cupboard, James nude nasty young lolitas could feel the mixture of fear, hate, and joy coming for the three adults in the room. "I'm sorry Tara. I couldn't live a lie anymore. I just couldn't." James heard, a voice he recognized but could not place. "That I could have lived with... I could live with you cheating on me, but leaving us penniless, on young nude black lolita the street! And AIDS, you gave me AIDS!" lolita girl naked pics "I have no excuses Tara. I admit top100 lolita pay sites that... but to kill me for it? You are a bloody vegetarian for goodness sakes!" free sex lolita pics "Time and lolita bbc preteen model sickness can change a person," Tara lolitas panty sweet child replied. "What do you want from me Tara... do you want my life?" "I want a little more than your life dear," James heard his mother say before the screaming began. Having been to the hospital many times with his mother, James had seen death. Worse, he knew what russian lols cp girls a person felt when they passed away. That was how James knew the man fasion magazine lolitas preteen screaming in the room outside the cupboard was dying. Closing his eyes tight James tried to hide inside himself, failing to block out the pain the man was feeling. Hot tears mixed with dust inside the cupboard, leaving smudges on his face. "See my dear... I've kept my second promise to you." A deep voice chuckled after the screams had died down. "Yes you have my love." James heard his mother reply. "Now preeteen lolita dorki pic for you to keep yours," hardcore fucking little lolita the deep voice man replied. "Of course. Come out James, everything is ok now," Tara called out. preteens lolita petite model lolita anal virgins deflowered James didn't want to leave his sanctuary. Somehow he knew that whatever was out there would frighten him more than he already was. Hiding his head between his legs, he hoped that he would wake up, this all being nothing more than a nightmare. "Where is your son?" The man asked, a loli japan pics photo hint of impatience in his voice. dark lolita site preteen "Don't lolita de young galleries worry Alex... I'm sure he is just in his usual hiding place," Tara laughed with a nervous warble. "Come out James... don't be rude to our guest." James remained were he was, letting one of those repetitive songs from Sesame Street run through his head, trying his hardest to block out the outside world. He was able to maintain that illusion until the door to the cupboard was opened, his mother's blood covered face smiling down at him. "Everything is alright James. You don't need to hide yourself in here." James, feeling an ice cold hand take hold of him, tried to free himself. Against his mother's lolitas nude 12 years iron grip however he was dragged out of the cupboard, across the tile kitchen floor, into the living room until he was laying next to the ghostly pale body of the blue eyed man, a chunk of his neck missing. It was at that James finally realized who the person was, instantly clinging his preteen dark loli sites arms around xxx lolita teen rape the corpse. "Daddy!" Grabbing her son by the collar of his shirt, Tara tried to pull him away, all she ended up with was the torn rags of his shirt. "James get away from him... he's dirty!" "Let me handle this my love." The deep voice stranger said. "Of course Alex." Tara backed away. Going down onto his knees, Alex lowered himself until he was eye level with James, looking into the young boy's blue eyes. James could feel the man's eyes on him as if they were burrowing into his mind. Slowly, his grip on his father's body relax, his mind filled with a deep fog. "That's it James... everything is going to be Post a New Message | Search | Register | Login
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