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Related post: Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2007 15:53:46 -0700 From: Smapdi Subject: Juvenile Delinquents, Part 1Juvenile Delinquents, Part 1 (authoritarion)by stimleThe following story may or may not be true. If it really happened, the names have been changed to protect the unfortunate. It's been a long time since preteen model bambi I've written a new story, so please let me know what you think by shooting an email to More of my stories can be found at Juvenile Delinquents - Part 1 How the hell did this happen?A few months back I gave preteen isabell model my secretary a spa weekend package for two for her birthday. She little preteens cuties finally got around to making reservations for this past weekend but at the last minute her jerk of an ex-husband bailed on promise to watch her son. Not that he needs a babysitter; Tony is 17 and a senior in high school. However, just after school got out this past preteen nn trailer Spring preteen cunt pictures he got into some legal trouble and spent the better part of the Summer in Juvenile Hall. He's not a bad kid, but Carmen's really tightened the screws on him since he got out. Growing up Tony was a always a good kid but since his parents' divorce tiny preteen hot three years naked girls preteens ago he's been running with a bad crowd preteen nudist pedo and turning into some kind of punk. Carmen was about to cancel her weekend plans when I offered to stay with Tony. Carmen's been my secretary since I started with the firm as a cocky, fresh-out-of-law school attorney thirteen years ago. She showed me the ropes, covered my ass when I screwed up, and has been instrumental in my current success. If it weren't for her, I wouldn't be where I am: a senior preteen penetration com associate in a nationally known firm on the verge of being made a full partner. Helping her out of this jam was the least I can do. I'd been to her home many hentai preteen sex times over the years and knew her son and ex-husband fairly well. In fact, when Tony got busted I made it a point to spend a few hours with him every week, kind of like the Big Brother program.After work Friday I hit the gym and met my girlfriend naked japanese preteens for dinner. Brooke's 30, about 5'10, has long reddish hair and brown eyes, and legs that go on for miles. Oh yeah, and she's stacked. I'm 38, 6'2, weigh around puffy nipple preteen 190, with thick dark hair and deep brown eyes. I'm a pretty handsome guy and in great shape for my age.Anyway, after dinner I headed over to the Sanchez's house. It was 8:00 p.m. when I pulled into their driveway. I was getting my kbook preteen overnight bag out of the back of my new Range Rover Sport when Tony appeared at the front door."Jason!" he bellowed, holding the door for me, a big smile on his face. "Nice ride." He was wearing cargo shorts and no shirt. His shorts were sagging, showing a good six inches of black GAP boxer briefs."Hey Tony," I said, returning his smile and patting his shoulder as I entered the house. "You're starting to fill out," I said, commenting on his developing chest muscles and the early hints of a six-pack. I don't remember the last time I saw him shirtless. "I remember when you were just a snot-nosed, scrawny little kid who barely came up to my chest. Look at you now. Looks like you've been putting on some muscle lately." He grinned broadly at this, puffing out his chest and straightening up his 5'9 frame. Tony's preteen sports bbs a good looking kid and preteen naturists knows it. He keeps his black hair perfectly styled and always dresses preteen model paz in the current trends. He's got smoldering brown eyes that, where I come from, would be called them 'bedroom eyes.'"Did you bring the beer?" he asked, his face hopeful."Not a chance, preteen elwebbs buddy," I replied. "Get back to me when you're 21. We'll go out then."We played video games for an hour or so and just shot the breeze. We popped in a DVD and afterwards watched Leno and Conan. It was a nice time. When Tony's around me he loses his tough guy, punk attitude and is actually a pretty decent kid.I got up early the next morning and made movies tgp preteen some coffee before I drove magic preteen model to the gym. The building I work in downtown has a great gym, which makes it easy and convenient to workout every day. Even more so because my condo preteen model super is in a high rise less than a mile away. I work out every morning and most nights after work. Like I said, I keep in pretty good shape and have been working out ever since I wrestled in highschool.I worked out for an hour or so, went up to the office to finish up a few things, and was back to Tony's house before noon. He was still asleep when I went to his preteen nn tpg room, lying on top of his covers wearing a pair of yellow smiley-face Joe Boxers. Judging by the tent in them it was obvious he was in the middle of a good dream. I chuckled and remembered hq naked preteens back to when I was his age. Back then it seemed like I had a perpetual boner. Of course, nothing much has changed for me over the years in that department. If I don't pull my pud at least once a day I'm a walking, talking hard-on. I swear, the slightest breeze blowing on the back of my neck makes my dork swells up like a fuckin' sausage."Hey... Tony," I called out loudly as I shook him awake. touch preteen girlies "It's almost noon, man. You gonna sleep all day?"He rolled onto his side to face me, opened one eye and mumbled, "Gimme a break, dude." He was unaware that his cock had popped through the fly of his boxers and was staring straight at me. For someone his age his dick was pretty big and thick. preteens naturist boys He young asians preteens pulled the blankets up over photo preteen girl his head."Sorry man," I said, "but I gotta go to the office for a few hours. Your mom doesn't want you here by yourself so you can either come with me or I can drop you little preteens photos off somewhere."He poked his head out of the blankets. "Can you drive me over to Ricky's house?""Sure. We'll grab some lunch first and all preteens then I'll drop you off."I dropped preteen gallery posts Tony off, ran a few errands and was in the office by 3:30 p.m. I stayed until just before 6:00 p.m. Afterwards I hit the gym again, went home to change and met Brooke for a quick dinner. Damn but she was looking hotter than ever tonight and I was boned up all during dinner. It totally sucked because she was taking the red-eye to Boston tonight for a conference next week. She was going a day early to meet some old girlfriends and shop. At one point during dinner she slipped her sandal off, ran board message preteen her bare foot up my leg, and nestled it right in my crotch. When she started to titless preteens pics wriggle her toes and knead my nuts I about creamed my jeans. Right there. In the middle of the restaurant. In public. I was nervous that everybody around us naughty preteens naked could see what was going on and would know that my dick was a slave to my girlfriend. For some reason the thought made me even harder. I'm glad my shirt was untucked because as we got up to leave I was still fuckin' hard and it wasn't going soft anytime soon. I'll be honest and say I was more than a little bitter as we drove to the airport knowing that she had to leave and I had to babysit Tony. But I'd promised Carmen and I couldn't go back on my word. Still, I'd rather be boning than bonding. I thought about a quickie in the back seat in the airport parking lot but there was no time. No Brooke for a week, which meant no sex for a week. Shit!I got to Tony's friend's house about 8:30 p.m. and saw him on the front porch with two other kids. He ran up to my window."Hey," he said excitedly. "Is it art models preteen okay if Ricky and Joel spend the night?"I looked over at the two boys and back at Tony. They looked about his age and seemed pretty harmless to me. I wasn't sure Carmen would be cool with him having friends over, but since I was the chaperone, I figured why the hell not? "Sure," I finally said. "Jump in."The guys tossed their bags in the back of the Range Rover brazilian preteen nude8 and got in. As I drove Tony made introductions.We were back to Tony's just before 9:00 p.m. and the boys unloaded their stuff. Joel's backpack was bulging. "How freepreteen model long're you planning to say?" I chuckled, pointing to his backpack."Just overnight," he replied. He picked up his backpack and held it close, almost protectively, which struck me as a little weird."It looks like you both packed for a week," Tony said."Just some games and stuff," he said. "I'll show you inside."He was preteen sexy candid a hair taller than Tony, but slimmer. He had dark brown hair like mine and piercing blue preteen piriod pussy eyes. A real pretty boy. He was polite and seemed nice enough but there was something about him that I litle preteens nude couldn't put my finger on.Ricky, on the other hand, was brash and loud. He was an inch or so taller than Tony and Joel and looked like he worked out. He had light brown hair and his eyes looked like they were hazel.We went inside and the guys went down the hall to Tony's room. I pulled out my laptop and plopped down in front of preteen model hard the TV in the living room. I had a summary judgment motion to file next week and I figured with the boys otherwise occupied I could get some work done. After an hour or so I'd had enough so I turned on the TV. Being Saturday night there was nothing much on TV so I settled for a hentai preteen incest rerun of Friends.Half an hour later ls magazine preteen or so Tony came tearing down the hall. "I'm gettin' something to drink!" he called behind him. "You guys want something?""Gimme a Coke!" Joel called out."I'll help you," preteen vlad pantyhose Ricky said. He was coming down the hall and joined Tony in the kitchen.Tony poked his head out of the kitchen. "You want anything, Jason?""Yeah, thanks," I said. "I'll try what you're having."A couple minutes later he and Ricky came back through balancing a tray full of drinks and snacks. "Here," he said, stopping in front of me. "That one.""What is it?" I asked, taking a sip."Cran-raspberry juice," he replied. "My new favorite."I took a sip. "Tastes pretty good," I said. I took another drink.The boys went back to Tony's room. After a few minutes I started to feel warm and I got up to check the thermostat. I erotic russian preteen stumbled and nearly knocked over my glass, spilling almost half the juice onto the coffee table. Downing the rest, I grabbed the dishrag from the kitchen sink and wiped up the mess from the table and the wood floor."Whoah," I said out loud as I stood up. Head rush! I tossed the rag back toward the kitchen and made my way over to the thermostat. The air conditioning was on. Mmm... must be me. I undressing preteen girls sat down again and yawned, starting to feel sleepy. I looked at the clock. Only 11:00 p.m. Friends had just ended and the news was starting. I yawned again, stretched, and slid down on the couch to get comfortable. Man, I could hardly keep my eyes open!I closed my eyes for a second but when I opened them the news was ending and Saturday Night Live was coming on. Wow, I must've been more tired that I thought. I closed my eyes again."Is it working?" a voice asked, rousing me. It sounded like Ricky."Yup," Joel replied. "He looks out of it.""Hey, Jason," Tony said softly, nudging my shoulder. I dragged my eyes half open to see Tony, Joel and Ricky huddled around me. I opened my mouth but nothing came out."What did you guys give him?" Tony asked.What did Tony just say? Give him? What the hell..?"Something we got from Jamie," Ricky replied."Jamie?" Tony sounded puzzled. "Jamie who?""Jamie from Juvie, dumbass," Ricky said. "That's who."Juvie? Juvenile Hall? Were Ricky and Joel in Juvenile Hall with Tony? Shit, if
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