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Related post: Date: Tue, 4 Jul 2000 17:22:23 -0700 From: Terrie P Stentz Subject: Justin's Secrets chapter 8 See, I sexy pre teenmodels told you I'd have it out soon! I know this is short. The next chapter will be longer. I'll try and have the next part out by this weekend, hopefully sooner. We are nearing teenies nude preteen the good part. *grins widely* Disclaimer: This story is in no preteen masterbation galleries way meant to portray the lives of *NSYNC. I do not know them personally, nor do I know anything about their sexual preferences (personally, I hope they're not preteens and panties gay, that'd free preteen handjob totally ruin my chances). If you are offended by homosexuality thai photo preteen or anything of the sort . . . you may leave by clicking the little black X at the top right hand boy pictures preteen corner of your web browser. If you are too young to be reading this type of nude nubiles preteens material, you may also leave, or if you feel like breaking the law, stay, just don't get caught. Thank you preteen mode lbreast and please enjoy. Send questions and comments to * * * preteens nude dreams "Justin, are you ready yet?!" JC hollered up the stairs. "Just a minute," came Justin's muffled reply. JC sighed and turned to Chris. "That boy takes forever preteen lol sexy to get ready," he sighed trying to sound agitated. "You wouldn't want me to let myself golden links preteen go, now would you," Justin laughed from the top of the stairs. JC turned around to face his pleasing preteen girls friend with an impatient look but immediately broke down into laughter. "Justin, you're nuts," JC laughed. "No, I'm cute,"Justin corrected. "And I'm smart. We look great," Justin defended himself and Josh. JC could only laugh. Justin and Josh were dressed identically right down to their shiny black Dockers. They were wearing loose blue preteenn model jeans, which Justin had rolled up at the bottom, paired with white tee shirts and grey-tinted, silver-framed sunglasses. Justin absently toyed with Josh's curls, which he had also fixed to look just like his. "I think we look good," Justin muttered, walking down preteen pedo model the stairs with Josh sitting on his hip. "You do look good, Justin," JC laughed. "You preteen xxx movie both look good." Justin gave JC a glare which quickly turned into a wide playful toplist preteen nudes grin. "I know," he chirped. He turned and walked into the kitchen, JC chuckled and preteen csm models followed german preteens video behind. "Oh, Lord," Lynn said as the three of them entered the kitchen. "Justin, we do not need two of you in this house." "Ha ha, mom," Justin feigned amusement. He began toying with Josh's curls again, trying to get them to hang just right. "You have to admit though, Lynn, they do look good," JC spoke up from behind Justin, placing his hand on his friend's shoulder. "Yes, that they do," she replied with preteen art video a smile. Justin gave her a ten preteen cheesy grin as thanks. He leaned over and gave her a kiss on the cheek before turning and walking out to the living room. "Let's go," he said nastya preteen model to everyone. Angelique stood up and took Josh from Justin, placing him on her waist. "Don't corrupt our son, Justin," she scolded playfully. "Now, preteens bilder how would nakid hot preteens I go about something like that?" he asked sounding offended that she would even suggest something like that. "Don't worry, Angel, it would take years for him to get as bad as Justin," Chris laughed illeagle preteen pictures as he grabbed his keys and walked out japanise preteen of the room. "Hey . . . Hey! Enough of this Justin bashing!" Justin shouted indignantly as everyone walked out of the room snickering. Justin crossed his arms and stuck out his bottom lip in a pout. JC walked back into the room, putting his arm around Justin's shoulders. "As cute as this pouting thing is, sexy 100 preteens Justin, if you don't cut it, we're going to miss Britney's show, and you know how that woman can be if she doesn't get breast preteen photos her way. She is worse preteen preteen shelby than you," JC persuaded his best friend. Justin silently took this into consideration before nodding his head in agreement. Justin threw his arm around JC's waist and laughed as they ran out to the car. * * * The group arrived at the concert with nonnude preteen sites only a few minutes to spare. JC hopped out and turned back to unbuckle Josh from his car seat as the others rushed up to the backstage gate. He pulled the little boy out of the car, holding him on his hip as alfa preteen bbs he locked and closed the litle preteen nude car door. He ran to catch up with Chris, Justin, and Angel, so he could get in with them, not that he would have had much trouble getting in on his own. Josh giggled as JC jogged up to the gate. "What's so funny, you?" JC asked the little boy, giving sesso preteen him a playful poke in the side. Josh shook his head, still laughing. JC smiled at the little boy. "Hey, Joshua?" "Huh?" the little boy replied his eyes wide behind the grey sunglasses. "Do you know how cute you are?" JC asked poking the little boy in his stomach again, tickling him lightly. Josh just shook his head and laughed some more. JC chuckled, slowing down as he reached the gate. "Josh Chasez," he told the guard, then pointed at Josh. "and um, Joshua Timberlake." The guard nodded and let him pass. JC walked backstage and looked around, trying to find anyone he private preteen illegal knew. He shrugged and walked towards the wings, figuring that he'd eventually see someone there. He passed by people on head indian preteen girl sets and dancers still warming up. Multiple people stopped him to look at and fawn over real pics preteens Josh. Being stopped by a particular set of familiar dancers, JC stood brutal preteens there and let them admire Josh. "Hey, JC," one of the preteens models thong dancers named Damien said. "Hey Dame. What's up? You ready for the show?" JC replied. "Always am. Who's preteen schoolgirls xxx this? He's x preteens nudes a cute kid," Damien smiled. He reached out to Josh, but the little boy shied away, hiding his face in JC's shirt. JC placed his free usenet preteen pics hand on Josh's back, rubbing it lightly. "This is Joshua," JC informed Damien, still rubbing Josh's back. "You want to say hi, Josh?" JC asked the little boy. Josh shook his real preteen bra head, not looking away from JC's shirt. "Very preteens panties forums cute," Damien cooed. "Is he yours?" "No, he's Justin's," JC dominant preteen girls said resting his cheek on Josh's soft preteenz cp curly hair and toying gently with the curls. "Justin's?" Damien asked sounding surprised. small nn preteens "How old is he?" "How old are you Joshy?" JC asked the little boy. Josh held out four fingers proudly, but still refusing to show his face to the unfamiliar people. preteen model newsgroups He hid his face in JC's blue muscle shirt. JC looked up preteen nude rape and smiled. "Four," he affirmed little preteen nonude still smiling. Before Damien could respond, his cue came over the intercom. "Sorry, I can't chat more," amateur preteen boys he said quickly, already rushing off towards his place. "Maybe I'll see you after the show." JC waved, and continued on towards the wings. He let his fingers linger in Josh's preteen camp galleries curly hair, playing gently with the golden ringlets, as he looked around for everyone else. japanese preteensthai preteens Josh continued to rest his head on JC's shoulder, his nonnude preteen modles eyes drooping tiredly. After about five minutes of looking around, JC spotted Justin standing just offstage preteen taboo watching the show with a bright smile preteens models 8 on his face. JC walked up and stood next to his friend silently. Britney was a good performer. By the time JC began watching she had just finished "...Baby One More Time" and "What You See". She was great on those upbeat songs. It was hard to perform to songs like that, trying to sing preteen nonude thumbs and dance like they all did and still sound good. He admired her for that. After a few minutes, Justin looked over and saw JC with Josh. JC was caught up in watching the performance, as was Josh. The little boy had sat up in JC's arms, no longer tired with all the preteen boyz bbs stimulation. He had a thumb wedged in his mouth, as he looked around the stage and crowd. Finally, deciding that it was too much work to sit up, he dropped his head back down to JC's shoulder, sighing softly, and closing his eyes. The sudden breath on his neck caught JC's attention. Turning his focus from the flower models preteen stage smoking russian preteen and the performance, JC looked at the little boy, smiling lovingly. He reached a hand up, stroking Josh's back gently, calming the little boy to sleep. Justin smiled softly model preteen nonude at the picture. He looked at his best friend, holding his little boy, and it just seemed right to him. A movement just past JC, caught Justin's attention. Looking up, he found Lance watching him with a curious smile on his face. Lance made eye contact with him and smile widely. "Cute," he mouthed pointing at JC and Josh. Justin smiled and nodded in reply. He took a step closer to JC, tapping him on the shoulder to get his attention. JC looked over and smiled. "He's falling asleep," JC said as quietly as possible. Justin smiled, nodding in reply. He held out his arms to take Josh from JC. He could tell JC was preteen kid virgin a little disappointed, but he handed the little boy preteen sample clips over gently, without much argument. Josh pulled his thumb out of his mouth, reaching out and japan naked preteens hooking his arms around Justin's neck, until he felt he was secure. Then, he elweb preteen ls put his little thumb back into his mouth. Justin stepped back a bit, making sure he was out of the preteen piss pics way, and sat down on the floor, setting Joshua on his lap, so the little boy could fall asleep with ease. JC watched as Justin held his son, xhamster preteens feeling strangely alone for the moment. He felt bad models teens preteen having cp preteen pic to give the little boy up. gay preteen thumbs He felt a tap on his shoulder and looked over to see Lance standing next to him. "Hey, Scoop," JC said. "I just wanted to tell you that I love this song," Lance confided with a sly smile. He stepped back and walked away. JC gave him a funny look as he walked away, but soon turned his attention back to Britney's performance. He listened to the funky, asian intro, and watched as Britney began to sing.My friends say you're so into me And that you need me desperately They say preteen very sweet you say we're so complete But I need to hear it straight from you. If you kiddie bbs preteen want me to believe preteen pic tube it's true JC looked over to where Lance had been standing, his mouth agape, but Lance wasn't there. JC looked around, trying sex fuck preteen to find his friend, but Lance was nowhere to be found. JC turned back to the stage, then looked down at Justin. Justin was listening to the song with his eyes closed. A smile toyed at the edges of his mouth, turning it up into tender half-smile. JC continued to watch his friend as the song continued.I've been waiting for so long it hurts I wanna hear you say the vintage preteen pics words Without thinking, Justin quietly began preteen pictures portal to naturist preteens pictures sing the words of the chorus, almost so quiet nonnude preteen models that he wasn't singing them. The smile pussy sucking preteens that toyed at his lips
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