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Related post: Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2002 20:53:59 -0000 From: Jose blonde fucking model Santos Subject: Justin and Zack 5Hello again, here I am again after 3 months, I didn't stooped my story cause I'm not going to stoop... it seems that 2002 gave me inspiration to write this so, here it is this chapter, I think that it is young english models longer than the others...: I want to thanks all the people that e-mailed me about this story, Thank you and don't stoop, e-mail me to There isn't sex in this chapter, so anyone that just want to have a good time with his hand, can start hiding it... I'm really sorry for don't write sooner, but I couldn't make it, I just couldn't write... Sorry:Again, I still don't know NSYNC, I don't know anything about them, and everything that is written in here is fiction, if you shouldn't be here than don't be here... and sorry again Justin and Zack 5 3 months and a half had passes since my return to Orlando. A lot of things happened during those 4 months, but the most important was that I and Mr. Prince Charming broke up, yeahp, after 3 months of a wonderful relationship; he decided that we couldn't be together. Why you ask, young models newsgroups well, some stupid reporter published some stupid rumor saying that Justin was dating someone from the tour crew. Well, Justin was really afraid and tough that someone could discover our relationship, so he ended arcs motivation model it. That was 2 weeks ago, and since then I've been a wreck, I mean I had sandra ls model fallen in love with him, really in love, and he ended everything... You must be thinking that I left the tour, but no, I had a nn models sandra contract that said that I had to participate in at least 2 tours, and I still had to do the summer tour. Well, I haven't seen Justin since the break up, and luckily I had Lance to support me, during those months I had become friend of most of the crew, but Lance and I had become good friends, and he was the one that was next to me in erotisch modell suchen the car-Look, it will go ok, relax, it will little models thumbs be only us and the dancers, you won't have to talk to him, or he to you...-he said for the 5th time- I know, but I animal models psychiatric don't chelda model torrent want to see him- I said sighing - 12yo models nude it still hurts...- I know, but you have to move on....- I just can't....- I said sadlyHe looked at me worriedly, he was a great guy, and he was dating my sister too... but that doesn't matter... after I said that, we both stayed quiet, and that silence lasted until we holly model nyc arrive at our destination- Now, we are just in time, so you won't need to talk to him- he said in the elevator- you just stay quiet and next to me during the meeting, ok?- Ok- I saidWhen we arrived at the floor for the meeting we saw everyone entering the room, I didn't saw Justin,, maybe he didn't come or maybe he was already inside, hot nude models but I doubted that, it was really rare Justin be on time....I was interrupted by my thoughts by someone hugging meI turned around to see Miss Britney Spears standing right there smiling like a fool,-Zack, it has been so long- she said hugging me,True, it had been 4 weeks since I saw her" Britney what the hell are you doing here?" I said hugging her back- I managed to ballast model sl15 have a free week- she said smiling-Lance you cherokee porn model never change...He just smiled, they hugged, and I noticed that Lance seemed a little more tired than usual, in fact he seemed anna model gegg like he hadn't slept for a week, I must have been so worried with my problems that I hadn't noticed how Lance was...I come back to Earth with someone calling us" Well Britney, we have a meeting now, but if you'd like, you could come with us." Lance said smiling- No thank you, I'm sick of meetings- she said always smiling- I'll see you guys later-Ok- I saidNow was the moment of the truth, I baby models vancouver entered the room and looked for a chair, it seemed that the rest of the NSYNC and the dancers were there, there were also some guys that I never had seen before, I continued looking for a chair, until I saw two of them, but there was a small problem, they were in front of Justin, dam... Lance topless woman model must have notice and just whispered" Relax, everything is going to be fine", I sighed, I sated, trying nn model sarah really hard not to look at Justin.- Welcome, I'm glad that everyone could make it, in this meeting we are going xam models to discuss the upcoming tour , I'm Colin Morris, and I'm the tour manager, if anyone has any ethnicitymodels questions please save them to the end and I'll try to answer themThe meeting was pretty boring, like all meetings, during the meeting it seemed that only 4 people were talking: Colin, Lance, some guy named John and another called Max. I spent most of the meeting avoiding looking at Justin and try to focus on Colin- In this tour NSYNC and dancers will chare one floor, the rest of the permanent crew will have other floor- Colin said- Will we choose our roommate? - I asked, speaking for the first time- Well, since in the last tour all the room arrangement were the same, in this tour we already established roommates- Colin said smiling- but questions are in little undressed model the end of the meetingOh no, in the last tour I had shared my room with Justin, this was a problem, littlecutiemodels I looked at Lance, he just looked at me with a face that said "Later". I was doomed, I couldn't spend 3d bathroom models 3 months sharing the same room with Justin, thinking of this, I looked at Justin, we was like Lance, he was a wreck, he seemed like he hadn't slept and he was looking really sad (me, Lance and Justin, probably looked alike!), his eyes were red and he seemed like he didn't know what 15 teen models shaving was... and precisely at the same time that I looked at him, he lifted his head looking at me, I tried to look away, I mean I wanted to look away, but something russian car models made me russian pantyhose model stare at Justin, making us stare at each other. Staring at his eyes, I started remembering the good times that I had spent with him, the arrival at Orlando, the first night in here, the pool party... and remembering all that only did worse, I felt a tear escape, and roll down my face. Justin fashion models topless probably noticed that, and I think that it ellram partnering model only did worse, cause he looked away immediately. Next to Justin, was JC, and strangely he was smiling at the two of us. I haven't talked to the guys since we all met at Lance's house, they all went there (except Justin) to see how I photographer nude model was holding up...- Now, does anyone have any questions? - Colin askedEveryone started speaking at the same time, and I was starting to have a headache, I whispered to Lance that I was going to big booty models get some fresh air, and that I would be right back, he just boy models teen nodded. I exited the room, with a lot of stares, and went to the first window that appeared. I opened it and took a deep breath. God I hated the way things were now, and the tour was going to begin in one week... I had to talk to Justin, I couldn't continue Black modeling teen living like this, I had to move on, but I was galitsin agency model in love, and it would be very difficult to move on...- Are you ok? - I heard someone behind me ask- No, but I'll be ok JC- I said turning to him- How did you know that it was me? - He asked- Your reflection in the window- I said pointing to preeten modelle russe the windowHe nodded "I teen miniskirt models need to talk naked preeteen models to you..."I nodded" jada bondage model And you probably nn models magazine know what this is all about..."I sighed "You two have to teen model petit talk, you both are miserable alone, and if you two don't talk you won't move on""And you think that I should be the one to talk first?" I said "He was the one that wanted to break up, not teen model paige me; he was the one afraid...""I know that, but you know that Justin isn't very good at express his feelings by words, he doesn't like to take the first step...""So you are saying that since Justin can't come to me and start talking, I should be the one to take the first katimodel step?"He nudechildren model nodded" Well I don't like hot model ls to take the first step either, but when I need to I take it...""I understand, but if you models gothic two don't talk the tour will be really hard to both"Why was he saying things that I already knew? "Tell me about it, but thanks JC...""No problem... how are you holding up?""Well, if it wasn't model nude free for child model fuck Lance I probably would be worse...he brazil sexy model is a great guy...""Yeah, but he doesn't look very good...""I know, but we probably should go to the meeting..""Ok" he said" japanese nn model but just try to talk asian woman model to him.."I rolled my eyes, he never gave up...We entered the room, and Colin was answering some questions from Chris, I sated next to Lance " We need to talk" I whispered, he nodded, I looked at JC and he top nonude models was talking with Justin really low, and it seemed that Justin wasn't liking it very much..- So, we have angels models sex to always take our body guards with us, when ever we go out?- Chris asked- Yes, even if it is just to buy popcorn- Colin said smilingI was starting to get bored again with the meeting, when I felt someone tapping fashion top models my shoulder, I small nonnude models looked at him and he gave me a piece of paper (it looked like we were back in school), I grabbed the paper and opened it male teens modeling "Be in our place at 4.00, please "It could only be Justin (of course), I looked at him, and he was looking at me with pleading eyes, I tough about it for a second and nodded at him, he smiled and whispered a Thank You, I smiled back- Well, I think that afrikaaner male model that's it, again thank bikini model mayhem you for coming and I wish everyone early club models good luck for the young thiai models tour- Colin said smilingThank God the meeting was over, it was really art model child boring, and if it wasn't for the paper I probably would felt asleep. Me and Lance went over to Joey and Chris- Zack, good to see you, where have you been- Joey said hugging me- At Lance's place, he has lizzy teen model been helping me out- I said smilingChris was trying really hard to hold what he wanted to say ls models picture about my answer" I missed you too Chris" I said smiling" If you say what you are holding up, I'll kill you" I whispered to him"I'm really afraid Zack" he whispered backI just smiled" Well, how have you guys been?""Good, just doing junior model galleries our job of being superstars... you?- Joey said"Well, I'm trying to just relax, but it's hard..." - I said sadly"You sharmmodels pic two still haven't fixed things up?"- Chris said"No""I'm sorry; you'll see that everything will be alright..." Joey said with a smile"So.. do you guys have any plans for lunch?"- Chris asked"Actually we have, ukranian nude models me and Lance are going to have lunch alone." I models tpg movie said smiling" But you guys can come over at Lance's house and have dinner, he said that he would love to cook to us""Sure we would love to" Joey said"OK" I said"Dam, preeteen model toplist preeteen models toplist I forgot some hot model naked papers in child model 7yo the room, Zack could you come with me and help me finding them?" Lance asked almost making me say nude pr
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