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Related post: Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2011 10:21:13 +0000 From: Jake Audio Subject: Brothers Are More ImportantHere's another fun story. Hope it's up to par. Like 14 yo nymphs lolita all my stories, they are nice fiction but none of them are real, sorry for those of you who would think otherwise. I do my lolita kiddies bbs pics research chicas calientes masturbandose lolitas for stories that are dated and such!Brothers Are More ImportantTedd was reading his favorite book series. It was a pre tenns portal lolita violent fighting series set in the days of Rome and gladiators. The series had followed the life of Titus Movus and now things were changing legal sexy lolita pics in the young fighters life. Tedd pictured himself lolita nu nude models as the man Titus Movus. He was a fighter and slave of the arenas. It was anything but nice.Titus stepped forward to the door. He could see into the arena. Two men were fighting. One had a sword, the other with a Triton and net. They fought and soon the one with speak was down. The other man killed the other. Not all the fight were to the death, if the man lived he became the slave of the other. The owner of the victor slave would then own both men.The door opened and out walked Titus. His father had been a great man. But he was killed and all lands and possessions ceased because he had best loli bbs lists found a thief. Now Titus lived as slave sun bbs lolitas preteens to pay the debt if ever.Another door opened l s lolita studio down along the arena wall and out stepped another man. He held triton and spear. He didn't look old enough to fight. But then Titus was only 20 himself. my lolita sexy pic He had been training for 2 years still didn't feel like a man. This was his first arena fight. He had done smaller fights and won. He had lolita boys photo gallery killed 9 other men. But the crowd's roar as he stepped out was new. very young lolita cp It was so many and it seemed endless. The word was given teen lolita bbs galletries to fight.The boy handled the Triton will. But their was hesitation in his movement. That gave Titus the drive he needed. He knew that some men using a long pole like the triton were over confident. He watched a the boy lunged him. He struck the stick away. he struck again. Again he lunged and met Titus' shield and stuck. Not much but enough for Titus to hit the boy and struck his arm holding the weapon. The weapon fell to the ground. The boy dropped it more out of shock. Had he not he fought before, Titus wondered.Titus swung his sword hard and hit the boy in the chest. but the lad had jumped back just in time young small lolita fucked to avoid a fatal wound. Blood naked little lolita pussies now ran from his chest a thin amount. Titus lunged the boy with his shield and the lad hit the ground hard. He looked dead. Titus walked over the lad and saw he wasn't dead. But neither would he get up today. He held up his sword and shield and yelled. Then he stood over the boy and straddled him. He was claiming very small lolita sex the boy as his own.The laws of Berstonius were clear. Any fight could claim a beating foe alive or dead if he was unable to fight. The guards from the lotus of Neyvonus came and grabbed the boy and carried him out. Titus went with them. Soon they were back at the lotus a 20 lollipop lolita gallery bbs minutes walk. "He's mine. I claim him for my own." "That will be for incest taboo lolitas cartoons tiny cuties lollies young Master Neyvomus this is his lotus free lolita model art after all."The law was clear. Titus when porn incest rape lolita asked said he would attend to the lads every need. Master Grovus Neyvomus let his champion have his boy. It took three days for the boy to be himself. preteen gallary nude lolita He sleep in Titus' cell. Each night the hot naked girls loli lad had a fever and Titus saw to him, when he wasn't training. On the third day he woke. At first he was stunned. "Why am I alive?" He yelled from the cell. It was mid day and training was still going on. A guard brought him to the training area. free preteen lolita girls He stood and watched. He was still a bit weak. He watch the man who had beat hot videos free lolitas him quite skillfully and saw with surprised how well he practiced. lolita preeteen nude pussy When it was over he smiled to see the man who had beat young models sites lolitas him, win.Titus looked over at the lad. "Hadius you're awake and you look loli top sites cp well."The lad ran to Titus and fell at his feet. "I am yours preteen lolita dark collection to command. I would rather die than ever fight you again."Titus looked at the boy, "Stand Hadius. I am no pre lolita naked girls freeman thanks to my father. Follow me." Titus lead the lad to the underage lolita kingdom pics bathing area. He had been wearing a fighting outfit and slowly removed it. He then stepped into the bath area. Hadius did the same young lolita child porn and join his victor in the water. "I would honor you with help in cleaning you." "Very well, but mind your hands. I am not a lover of men sexually."The lad washed Titus everywhere. The feel of the flowers lolitas nude com boys hands search lolitas dark portal did feel nice and made Titus wonder nude lolita teens preteens as he got an erection. Now he knew why his father had loved to have youths wash lil lolitas top 100 him. They were males and understood a mans needs regarding cleaning. He stepped out of the water now clean. He lolita preteen underwear models found a groin cloth and rapped it around 7year old lolitapussy pics himself. The boy was like a shadow as he did the same.He grabbed Titus' shoulders and turned him towards himself. He looked him in the face. teens lolita model ru "I am you man, from now on. You spared my life; do with me what you would. world lolita party pix I would have you mark little lolita art photo me as an animal in sex." pre teen asian lolitas Titus didn't know what to think of that. "I don't feel that way about males. I am honored, but I don't...I have a lolitas young sex teens wife and sons back at my wife's family estate. It was my brothers and all we had wealth wise that were taken. I have seen my brothers killed in the arena and I preteen lolita gymnast underage will no doubt join nn lolitas bbs top pussy free lolitas nu them someday lolitas nymphetts no nude the same way. But..." "I understand, just consider lighthouse russian lolita bbs how I am do with pre lolita in love in any way. I will bed a woman in time do not worry." Said Hadius. He tiny teens young lola wasn't sure he believed his own words but never the less nude lolita picture sites he spoke them as though they would happen. "You're only 16. Don't you want to wait for your first time russian lolita teen models to be with a woman?"Hadius hugged his new master and kissed hardcore lolita latina porn him on the lips. Then real young lola pics left to get food for them both. Titus was stunned and lolitas top pay sites confused. It had felt nice and it had given his a sexual thrill. What was going on?Tedd heard someone calling him to come to dinner. He put down the book his father had given him. He was 20 himself just like Titus was in the story. His dick hurt as it was so hard as he called to his mother he would be down to dinner after going to the bathroom....As they ate dinner Tedd's Dad looked at his son. He smiled lolita pics nude gallery and asked how the new book was. "It's good Dad. Just like the others in the series." "Good, you a man and can appreciate the top best little lolita brutality and sexual stuff free real lolita pictures in it now. That's why I bought sexy non nude lolita them for you. But don't let Torry read them. He's only 14, Teff or Trace russian tgb lolita bhost could read loli model girl teen them." "I know Dad, You gave me lolita boys bbs newstar the first preteen lolitas underage porn one when I was 16. How many are in the series 11yr lolita thai pussy by sexy girl loli board the way." "225 I believe. You're now reading lolita bbs re mix the more provocative ones."Tedd was glad no nude lolita pictures his mother didn't say anything while they ate. She knew Tedd was old enough to do what he wanted. His other brothers where at friends houses, or away. Summer had just started.Later after dinner Tedd found his Dad in his den, he knocked before entering. He stood looking at the man he little lolita art bbs admired so much. "Dad about the books with banned lolita pics list Titus lolita little 11 models Movus?" "Yes son." "With all loli bbs free galleries the sex and male xxx lolas top 100 to male references it makes my dick hard reading it." "Mine too son. It has a life of its own and doesn't care about what kind of sex turns it on." "Well, at least I guess I normal for this family." "Do you jerk angel calendar lolita dark off during reading some of the sex stuff?"He hesitated to tell his Dad. But in the Ganner Family truth was the rule. He could have remained teens cuties lolis tenies silence. But he didn't "Yes, can't help it. The sex is so hot, as the violent is such a trill to read." "I agree son. But I've never crossed that line dark cry loli preteen and had sex with a man. sure I fooled around some when I was 14 or younger. But it only happen a few dark loli kds sex times." "Wow, really Dad, you did...although after how you talked about get hard reading..." "Don't worry about it son. I photos of naked lolitas won't say a word to anyone that you like sex anyway it happens." "Thanks Dad, maybe we can..." Tedd hesitated... "Son, we are part of the little angels model lolita brotherhood of men like cyber lolita xxx toplist in the books. We both have the same feelings free legal nude lolits about sex." "I don't know Dad. I wouldn't know where to begin."All this best lolita paysites xxx talk and saying everything and nothing japanese fashion gothic lolita had both of naked lolita kids picture them with nudist children preteen lolitas hard dicks. Dad didn't even think as he reached for Tedd's dick. 6yr old nude lolita Tedd just shuttered and didn't move away. "Do you want me to let go son?" "I don't know."Tedd's ukranian lolita model nude Dad got out of his chair and dropped to his knees. he grabbed his sons lolly photo preteen model short and had them down and then popped his son's dick into his mouth. "O"Tedd shot lolita nymphets free photos his load into his best preteen lolly pics Dad's mouth and collapsed on the floor. Tedd's Dad russian lolita rape gallery stood up and helped his son up and pulled his clothes back up. "Sorry son if I was out of line. Do you little nude lolita preeteens want anything from me sexually right now son?" "No Dad, what you did felt good...I'm not sure about the other. About what you did preteen lolita shock toplist to just caught me off guard. I did some young loli girl pussy fooling
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