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Related post: Date: Fri, 2 Jul 2010 19:28:30 -0700 (PDT) From: Billy Jay Dee Subject: Davy and the Boy ScoutsDavy and the Boy Scouts By Billy Jay Dee "So, you find a girl on the beach you like and you ask her, `Have you ever seen a fly with gold teeth?' Then you show her the fly on your cut-offs. If she smiles, you invite her out!"The gathered "older" boys laughed and applauded appreciatively. The speaker was a former scout, home from college for the summer. He was short and muscular, tan from the southern California sun. nymphet loli mpegs lolits Tony was helping with our annual weeklong camp-out high up in the lolit porn russian children Pecos wilderness.We talked a lot about skinny-dipping that summer. But, by the time it got hot around lunch time, the regular afternoon monsoons made swimming a rather unfortunate event. The brave souls that tried the black cold ponds ended up running through hail and big slushy rain drops, across slick rocks and tossing their cold purplish naked bodies into their sleeping bags. We ended up spending a lot of afternoons in our sleeping bags waiting for no nude loli model the storms to pass. The older boys sex free teen loli took every opportunity to take off their shirts and show off lolit naked their "muscles". And, of course, there was a top sex loli lot of talk about "I'll show you mine, if you show me yours. " This was the summer we hit puberty."We" are three other guys and I who grew up in xxx free loli passwords the Falcon Patrol of the Boy Scouts. As xxx lolipop sex time passed, our younger brothers and cousins joined up. We were the patrol to beat. The Pumas were the patrol that always tried to do the job. The Puma Patrol consisted of three older boys from two different families and their younger brothers. That summer all seven of us were made Patrol Leaders while the older boys moved into staff loli underwear tgp positions. That meant four "Falcon" patrols versus three "Puma" patrols. To confuse possible animosity, I was given the Puma patrol. That's how slightly younger Larry came to be my assistant patrol leader.Larry was beefy with an infectious grin, short loli nude kidz soft coppery hair, rosy cheeks, dark eyelashes and sky blue eyes. He was notorious for getting naked in the tent at night and getting other boys to join him. Probably the second night, when the younger boys loli porn photos were sound asleep, Larry and I were naked in our sleeping bags with our hands on one another's dicks. Larry had the softest pubes and the biggest dick! I was tall for my age, just got pubic hairs and was hoping my dick would grow bigger as I sex flash games loli did. We just held one lolipop pornp another's maturing peckers and talked about girls: "breasts", "vaginas" and anything else that our dicks found lolicon cuties interesting."How's it going in here, fellas?" It was Tony making the rounds like the adult leaders did occasionally. Our hands slipped into our own bags, before the shaft of his little flashlight slipped into our tent. "You know it's best if you don't wear your wet dirty clothes to bed."Larry proudly threw back his covers and locked his fingers behind his head. He had reason to be proud. His pink cock was eight inches long and thicker than my right hand could grasp around. teenies loli It was also invitingly rigid. Larry's loli ls gallery face though graced with come-hither eyes and a beatific smile, was beet red. Tony's face went serious. His tongue touched his lips. Then he glanced at me with a vicious smile.One bare knee knelt on the floor of our tent, his tan muscular arm shot across the distance between us. His hand flipped open my bag. My raging hard-on laid there aching. I tried to assume Larry's "cocky" pose. But my naked body lolicon hentai 3d preteen shivered beneath their communal gaze. Maybe Tony thought it was the cold. He glanced between us with admiration."You loli russian bbs boys have fun!" nude link teen loli he smirked.We did. His next stop was the "older" boys' tent, where I heard later he too had some fun. lolicon art gallery The next afternoon proved particularly cold and damp. Larry went to visit his Puma friends, I went to visit former Falcons, in particular, Wesley. Long before I realized I had a thing for guys, I knew I had a thing for red heads. Wesley in contrast to Larry was small in stature, shy and had curly thick red hair. He shared a tent with Bruce. Though not a fellow Falcon, Bruce and I were on good terms. The rain and cold stretched on that afternoon. I lay on the plastic floor of their tent sandwiched between their sleeping bags. The red-head wore a coat inside his sleeping bag, Bruce was shirtless. I wore a uniform shirt, shorts and long socks. loli preten models I was starting to shiver."Scoot on in here, partner," Bruce suggested.He was lying on his left side facing us. His right bare arm unzipped the bag enough for me to slip in beside him. Bruce is a large guy with a solid body, muscles, large firm belly and a good-old-boy attitude. He re-zipped the bag from the inside and left his arm lying across me. I too was lying on my side with my hands outside the now loli teenns tight sleeping child naked loli bag, facing our friend."Ooh," I mumbled.They asked what was up. Somehow, in scooting in the bag I'd loli gallery sex twisted my shirt tail and belt into a binding knot."I'll get it," Bruce offered. He slid hentai young loli the belt out of the buckle, unbuttoned my khaki shorts and unzipped them. "Lift your hips up." I complied and with that his hand lunged inside my white tighties and pushed them and my uniform shorts to my knees.Apparently, Tony loli preteen 10 yr had visited them last night. Bruce was naked. His cock was hard. He cuddled into me. I pushed my plump white ass into him."Doesn't this feel good?" he whispered in my ear, loud enough for our buddy to hear. "You warm enough, Wesley?" he said as he pulled his arm out of the bag and reached across to shake our red-headed buddy. That made his dick slide virgin hot lolit up the crack of my ass. I heard him gulp. He froze. I heard him hentai loli gallery lick his lips, just outside my right ear. "What do you think, Dave, should we roll him over and have a ilegel lolit porn cluster fuck?" He started rubbing the top of Wesley's bag, which rocked his hips, which shoved his cock up and down my crack. It slid past my asshole each time just snagging that sensitive spot for a moment. I bided my time, thrust my arms out and said. "Let's get him rocking. Then roll him over here." I pushed off his overstuffed bag, shoving back loli games pics hentai on Bruce's rod. I heard him gasp. This began a pushing, pulling and tickling feast on Wesley's cocoon of a bag, which gave Bruce plenty of time to illegal sex lolilta dry lolicon free post bbs hump my ass. We were both beet red by the time that things settled down.It would be a couple of weeks before Bruce, Larry or I unloaded for russia loli club the first time with another guy. Larry went to visit his grandparents for a month after our camping trip. Bruce lived too far away for us to get together easily. Neither of us drove yet. We defloration loli did get together for a day of "Blitzkrieg". But loli porn little his mom kept cp loli drifting in and out of the backroom where the board game was set up. We never had any privacy. My cock was just driving me crazy too. Bruce was packed into this cut-offs and his out-grown tee shirt. He looked hot.During the camping trip one loli bdsm of the illegal lolit sex older boys asked us to help him with his Eagle project. He was working with a brand new inner-city Boy Scout troop. Bruce and I were "den-mothers" for lack of a better phrase. Their council held a camporee a few weeks after our hike. By then the monsoons had ended and hot dry weather drifted across the desert Southwest. Due to the fire hazard, their campout had to be in a city park. After the range fire, that's another story, Bruce and I helped our patrol leaders get their charges to bed. lolicon hentai movies It was still hot and all the boys were imageboard pictures hentai loli still excited and sweaty from the events of the day. xxx video loli They were young, from a petite sex model loli race with street ls forum loli smarts. Tony's bedtime advice wouldn't have gone over well. The best we could do was try to convince them to shake the ash and dust out of the clothes hentai loli animated before retiring to their ancient sleeping bags and blankets brought from their bed at home.It took longer to bed down my little boys. When I got to the little pup tent euro loli gallery that Bruce and I shared lolia hentay links he lay litte lolit porn totally naked inside our little oven. As I began to lolitta nude picture pull off my kerchief and shirt, he wrestled me out of my pants and underwear. He tied our tent fly shut and threw himself back on his ground pad with a grunt. Sweat pooled on his muscular hairless chest and firm belly. He rubbed across this chest with his right hand and then used the gathered moisture to lube his swollen, thick six-inch cock. A sigh escaped him for a moment, and then he seemed to get frustrated with the heat. He sat up a little and spit in his hand, applying the liquid directly to the head of his cock."Oh, that's better."Needless to say I wrapped my hand around my own six inches and slowly jerked it back and forth. I was fascinated. This was the first time I'd seen another guy's rod -- rock hard and ready outside of a dark sleeping bag."Damn! It keeps drying up," Bruce whispered with a laugh. "Partner, so something for me -- lick it," he said as his rampant prick pointed straight towards the apex lolitta models non nude of our tent.As young and horned up as we both were, the sweat rolling off of us and the hormones running through us, petite loli models movies we would do anything sexual. I rolled up on my left elbow. He held the base of his shaft with two fingers of his right hand. I licked it like a popsicle melting in the summer sun. All I tasted was saltiness, but apparently loli model top it felt really good to Bruce. He began jerking movie loli school teen himself again. I could see clear sparkly ooze coming out of his pee hole."Damn! Let's try this, partner. Just put your mouth over the top." As he whispered his instructions, his fist wrapped around the shaft and began flaying away on his thick meat.For my lolite tiny titties efforts I got bopped in the lips a couple of times before lolicon virgin we figured it out. He was gasping and groaning with rapid breath. I knew from a couple of experiences taking a hot bath where this was going. Bruce's body began loliat toplist to arch off the floor of the tent. His heels dug into the earth beneath us, the leg sexs loliteen muscles on his stout frame began to stiffen. He began to pound away on himself, forgetting all about my involvement. I sat back enjoying the view when he spewed several heavy splotches across his chest and firm abdomen. He'd bitten preteen uncensored lolits com down on the edge of loli videos japan free this sleeping bag so as not to be heard by passersby. He collapsed on his back and gasped heavily for air. It was stifling in the canvas pup tent. Our bodies were sticky from sweat and reeked of forest fire smoke. But imgboard fozya bbs loli Bruce beamed.When he captured his breathed in flipped lolia pre teen bbs up on preteen lolit sex all fours. Like all new converts he had to share his joy. "Davy, you got to try that." I got up on my knees in front of him. His square jaw lunged at my enraged cock, making him look like a bull dog lunging for my bone. I was definitely going to let him do it. I started swaying my hips into his on-coming mouth until by some instinct; I just started face fucking him. I%
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