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Related post: Date: Tue, 10 Nov 1998 09:50:10 -0500 From: Charlie Subject: Kenny, Part 6 This is a story about a love between two young boys. The usual disclaimers apply: If you are under the age of 18, or reading such material is illegal in your jurisdiction, then please leave this story unread now. There are within the story explicit descriptions of sex between boys, but that is not the main theme; so if your thing is reading stories that are purely sex in nature then this story will probably not be to your liking. The story is made up of both fact and fantasy. The people herein are real, but free teen preggo porn their names have been changed. The rest of the story, as I said, is a mixture of fact and fantasy . . . perhaps how I wish it had happened. As to what is fact and what isn't, I shall keep that to myself. As usual, comments and suggestions are welcome; flames will be ignored. Kenny_6: The Birthday Party Friday morning, July 17. Finally I was fifteen! The laws at that time and place allowed fifteen-year-olds tranny teen porn to get a drivers license, if their parents would consent. I don't know how I did it, but I had managed to persuade my dad to sign for me. The morning was brilliantly sunny teen porn star alexis and just comfortably warm: around 75 degrees. By 9 AM I was in the driver examiners office with Bob and Kenny Collins. Dad was "busy", he said, and couldn't come with me. So Mr. Collins had agreed to lend me his car to take the test. He had allowed me to drive quite often during the past six months and was confident I would pass without a problem. And pass I did! "Now we're mobile!" Kenny said happily as I drove us all back to the Collins house. "Don't forget," his father reminded him, "You still don't have a car." "Don't YOU forget," Kenny shot back, "We're gonna take your car tonight." Kenny had obviously raven teen titan porn put a lot of planning into this party, but he refused to tell me anything about what was going on. We had got serious about saving money for college that summer, and had both landed jobs as orderlies at the hospital. We worked a full 40 hours during the week, and often one or the other of us would work the weekend as well. The money wasn't great, but considering our ages we felt lucky to have a job at all. Of course working at the hospital provided us access to a lot of information about our bodies that was otherwise difficult to get. This we soaked up greedily, each of us anxious to understand ourselves as well as we could, both to enhance our sexual pleasure and to generally understand all the health issues we could. But the Thursday of my birthday and the following Friday, we had both taken the days off. As expected, there was no observance of my birthday at home. I don't mean teen porn cam that to sound critical, it's just that Dad had other things on his mind and didn't consider things like birthdays worth remembering. But at the time I teens non nude was rather hurt. So lesbein teen porn I had left the house in the morning when Mr. Collins had picked me up, and didn't plan japanees nude young teen to return till Sunday night. The Collins house was quite a different story though. For dinner, which I noticed was early, there was my favorite food: roast turkey with all the trimmings, and big butts teen porn of course a birthday cake. They had all bought me gifts, taboo teen porn pics including Robbie who was away working, but had mailed me a really nice shirt. After I had opened the gifts and tried on the clothes I'd received, Kenny started getting really agitated. "C'mon!" he coaxed, "It's time to go! I night vision teen porn got the car all loaded." "Loaded?" I questioned, "Loaded with what?" "You'll find out soon enough, if you'll just get your butt in gear." Now my curiosity was really working, so by 7 PM Kenny and I were in his dad's car backing out of the driveway. Kenny had a perpetual grin on his face that was driving me crazy! I was nervous anyway, driving his dad's car teen cumshot pics on my teen titans disney porn own for the first time, and as hard as I tried I could not get him to say anything at all about what he'd planned. He just sat there with that evil grin on his face and directed me: turn right here, turn left there, get on Highway 2, etc, etc. After about an hour and a half he said "Ok, stop here." "Stop where?" I asked. We were on a country road, a immature teen porn sort of semi-main highway, and there was nothing in sight but a motel. "In the motel," he directed. Kenny and his dad had young lesbian teen found this place and made the necessary arrangements. There were several cabins, each quite isolated, overlooking a small river with one of the most spectacular waterfalls I had ever seen! They weren't really elaborate cabins, in fact they were rather basic and rustic, the type used mainly by fishermen. But to two young boys who'd never done anything like this before, they were like the Taj Mahal! The reservations had been made and the cabin paid for, so free teen anal galleries all we had to do was drive to the cabin and walk in. "What's goin' on?" I asked impatiently. "Nothin' much," Kenny smirked, "I just thought it was high time for our honeymoon. This cracked me up. We'd been having sex hentai teen porn almost every day for over six months, and now we're having a honeymoon? "We haven't really been having sex," Kenny observed knowingly, "We've just been playin' at it. Tonight we're gonna have SEX!" "Like what?" I asked. Kenny just grinned and said, for the thousandth time, "You'll find out!" "Take a good look," he ordered, "'Cause it's the last you're gonna see for a little while." "What does that mean?" I asked, but I didn't need an answer. Kenny produced a blindfold and gay teen websites ordered me to lean towards him so he could put it on me. "What the blazes is going on?" I demanded. "Trust me, Charlie... Please?" "Not sure if I can, Kenny. You're making me really nervous." "So you don't trust me? Whadda ya think I'm gonna do? I thought you knew me better than to think some awful thing about me." Kenny was starting to show me that pouting look that said I had hurt him terribly, so what could I do? So I said OK and leaned over so he could put the blindfold in place. "You gotta promise you'll trust me and keep it on till I say you can take it off, ok?" he said as he tied it in place. "How long?" I wanted to know. "Not sex teens sure, but probably an hour or two. Believe me you're gonna want to take it off, but if you do you'll ruin everything." So I reluctantly promised. That taken care of, Kenny scooted round the car and helped me out, then after getting some things out of the trunk of the car and free teen titain porn locking it, he led me up to the cabin, inside, and instructed me to strip while he brought in the luggage. "Luggage?" I questioned. "Yeah, well you can call it that. Just a few... er... supplies." Well, being suddenly stone blind I had nothing else to do, so I did what I was told and stripped. By the time Kenny finished about three trips in and out, I was naked except for the blindfold. "Ok," he instructed very business-like, "I serenity porn teen better take you to the bathroom before we start." I didn't even bother to ask 'start what' because I was sick to all black teen porn death cherry teen porn of hearing "you'll find out." As I sat on the john I could hear rustling and swooshing of material, as I later found out Kenny put something over the bed. When I finished my leak I was led back out to the bedroom/living room and told to lie down face up. "Hey!" I complained, "That's cold! What is it, rubber?" "Something like that. It's just a plastic sheet I put over the bed. I'll be taking it off in a little while." It was obvious he was planning to make quite a mess of some kind, but I had no idea how or why. As the plot thickened I was more and more tempted to rip off the blindfold, but our relationship was built on trust, and I knew Kenny'd be terribly hurt under aged teen porn if I did after promising, so I went along. I heard various things being unpacked, then water running in the bathroom, evidently some kind of container being filled with water. Silence for a minute or so, then a warm, wet feeling on my chest and shoulders. It felt good, especially when Kenny started rubbing gently, even if it was with a cloth in his hand. The warm water, obviously with generous amounts of some kind of nice smelling soap, felt really good! I was just beginning to relax and enjoy whatever was going on when the rubbing stopped at my waist, having completely soaked my upper body, including arms, from waist to neck. russian teen porn xxx Then I felt a scraping sensation on my chest. "What the hell??" I yelled, "You're... you're shaving me!" "Yup." was all the answer I got. "Why? And why my chest? There isn't much hair there anyway." "Oh, stop complaining and enjoy it. I'm not doing just your chest. So I lay there, teen tranny porn not particularly upset, but so curious I thought I was going to bust. True to his word, Kenny teen boy porn video didn't restrict himself to my chest. He lifted my arms one by one and shaved under them. To be honest there wasn't much there, but what there was, was now gone. He shaved all the hair off my arms, chest, shoulders. It seemed teen titans robin porn that there was not a square inch of my body that didn't feel that razor. When he had finished the front, he had me turn over and he denuded my back too, then I felt the warm water again on my butt, down the crack, and down the backs of my legs. Then the razor again. I would never have admitted it to Kenny, but I was starting to get into this, whatever was going on. "Mmmmmm!" I moaned, "That teen bestiality porn really feels good!" "You just wait," Kenny chuckled. Shit! I'd given him another opening. The warm wet cloth, followed by the razor, had found their way to my butt. Kenny spread my cheeks and soon whatever hair was there was gone. He circled my pucker unknown teen porn hole gently but thoroughly. Then down my left leg and up my right, spreading my legs to get whatever was there. "OK, you're done on that side," he said finally, "Turn over." More warm water and soap, more scraping, and the line of hair starting to develop from my navel to my pubes was gone. More water, more scraping, and my cock and balls were bald. Again down my left leg and up my right, and I was completely hairless except for my head. A pause, something being shaken in a bottle, and then the most incredible smelling lotion was being applied. "Ok," he instructed, "You can stand up now." More application of the lotion after I was standing, then the rustle of the rubber sheet teen lesbian strapon porn being taken off the bed. "'K," he instructed gleefully, "Now lift your left leg." I did, and something cold and light was slipped over my foot. "Now the other one," he said. I did, then whatever it was slid up my legs and around my waist. It felt sorta cool and oh so soft! Then something was being lowered over my head, my arms being lifted and moved through sleeve holes. I was feeling so relaxed I could have gone to sleep standing there as I waited to see what was coming next. All except one part of me that is, and that part was anything but asleep. I was so hard I was in real pain! I stood there for what seemed like a long time, hearing faint rustling behind me. "Ok," Kenny finally said, "I'm gonna take the blindfold off now. I felt his hands begin to pull the blindfold off, but thick teen porn even before that I felt his hot breath, and smelled his cologne, which was different from mine, but OH! So sexy! When I could see again I was standing in front of a full-length mirror. Kenny was standing beside me, and... and we were both wearing silk pajamas! His were pure white, and mine were red! If I thought they felt good, I was totally unprepared for how they looked. I looked at myself and got instantly harder. I looked at Kenny and almost came on the spot! That dark skin of his, contrasted by the white of the pajamas, was totally, incredibly, AWESOME! "C
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