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Related post: Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2011 12:35:41 -0800 From: Subject: MUSCLE PUSSY, PART ONEWhen I decided young girl smoking to start bodybuilding professionally, I knew young seventeen babes I was lucky to have my father's support. As a young man, my father Ben was also a bodybuilder who competed until he quit to start a construction business with Gay young caucasian his brother Tony. boy young nude Even now at 42, years after he'd youngest asian pussy competed, my Dad still had the hard, beefy physique that would be the envy of any young man. He worked out at the gym, young small cock especially when he wanted to coach me, but his building company also helped him keep his huge pecs and thick arms from when he was competing. He had dark, swarthy Italian looks and with his buzzed head, five o clock shadow and enormous russian young pic build, he looked every inch the construction foreman.I was just 20 years old and apparently inherited my mother's genes. While my father and uncle were thick Italians, I had hairless skin, delicate features and blond hair I wore shaved in a blonde young girls crewcut. Even among the handsome men who competed on russian youngest the bodybuilding youngest african nudes circuit, I was known young porn sites as the "pretty boy" with my blue eyes and full lips. My measurements were enviable - 30" waist, 50" chest - but it was hard not Ruth young to miss my big round bubble butt. While other men had small young porn developed imposing arms and chiseled chests, I became known for the tremendous impression I made with my glutes. They were two huge chiseled mounds of muscle, pure white and smooth. It was partially genetics but also luck and hard work and it was a great source of pride for me.As part of supporting his son and overseeing my career, Dad would also go with me to competitions. We'd work out at a local gym together in preparation and shared a room at night. A couple of days before one contest, we had a great work out and then returned to our hotel room. I quickly went and took a shower and emerged wrapped in a small towel and Dad told me he'd clean up next."Oh Rick, your Uncle Tony is coming by to see us. Get the door when he comes, OK son?""Sure Dad." I answered.A few minutes young teenagers nudists after he'd disappeared young nude pussy into the bathroom and before I had a chance imageboard young to dress, there was young lovely nudists a knock young girls nipples on the door and I opened it to my Uncle Tony. He was a couple of years younger than my dad but he had the same buff, beefy Italian looks. He was definitely a man's man and besides his huge muscles, he had a short goatee and huge hands."Hey boy! youngest sex videos How's it going?" Uncle Tony asked me, eying my huge body in the tiny young incest cp towel wrapped around my waist."Hey Uncle Tony!" I gave him a quick hug and Uncle Tony grabbed me back and gave me a kiss, his hands sliding down my back."Let youngest sexi girls me throw on some clothes" I told him."Nah, don't worry about it" Uncle Tony replied. "Let me get a good look at your progress!"I young cute pics stood back young litle nude so Uncle Tony could see me and he reached out and pulled the towel away so he could get a good look. It was cool. After all, we're family and he's seen me plump young young belgian teens on stage in just a little posing strap."I brought you a present" he said, throwing a bag he had with him on the bed. "But first, sex boys young show bikini pretty young me some poses. And look what else I brought." Uncle Tony then sat in a old young sex chair next to the bed and out of another grocery bag he pulled two six naked young people packs of beer."I really can't drink Uncle Tony" I told him."Oh come on, Rick. Just a couple. I've already had about three and you don't want me drinking young girls dancing alone do you?"I didn't want him to feel bad so I popped one with him while he quickly slammed back another one. Then I stood and began to strike several different poses, flexing my arms and turning to flare my back and tighten my legs, making my gay young kids prize-winning ass stand tall and high."Nice" Uncle Tony remarked, looking me up and down. "I bet you have the girls all over you.""Nah, not really" It was true. I'd dated some girls from school but never got that far."Really?? So you're not going to be a pussy Hot young tight hound like me and your young boys nonnude dad huh?"With perfect timing, my dad emerged from the bathroom wearing a short robe he'd gotten from the hotel and sat up on the bed with his back on the headboard."So" Dad said "what are you guys talking about?"Uncle Tony laughed. "Pussy. What else? Here have a beer" and he handed Dad one of the beers he'd young ass sexy brought. Dad popped it open and guzzled Bae joon young it young extrem porn pretty fast."What's in the bag here?" Dad asked pointing to the bag on the bed."Oh it's a present for Rick. Open it up!"I grabbed it and turned it over so the contents fell out. At first I wasn't even sure what they were until I young teens porno held up one of the small pieces of cloth. "What the young russian nubiles hell is this?" I asked Uncle Tony."It's some new posing straps for you!" he said excitedly.I looked at hottest young girls it but wasn't quite sure what to say. It was baby blue young naked thais which matched my eyes but it sure wasn't like anything very young blondes I owned."But, but Uncle Tony, it's LACE! And it's so small! young gymnastics gallery Look, in the back there's barely some tiny satin strings! I don't think this is for a guy!""Really?" he asked. young riders "I don't know, I young chinese pussy just saw them and grabbed them at the store. Well if you hate them I guess you can just throw nubiles nude young them away. I can't return them."I held one up to show my dad with a quizzical look on my face. "Now Rick" Dad said to me, "It was a present from your Uncle. Just try one on here."I really wasn't sure but I guess I could just slip it on and show him real fast. So I raised a free young teen leg and put my foot through where I thought it would go."Come here" Uncle Tony said, "Let me fix it for you."I walked over and he pulled the strap up my legs and over my bubble. The front was small but I just tucked my junk young porn ftp down as best I could. Truth is, I'm not that hung and nothing like I knew my Dad was. I'd seen photos of him when he was in contests and young toplees girls it looked like he was about to burst the front of anything he wore. I could tell that even soft his dick curved over and down under his balls.Uncle Tony slid his fingers under the straps youngest tgp on my hips and then took the string in back grandma young cock and spread my buttcheeks and slid a finger all the way down so it smoothed out. The string was rubbing right on my asshole and seemed to even sweet young boy spread it some. Uncle Tony just ran his hands over my butt and I felt his fingertips feeling all down my crack.Uncle tender young pussy Tony then sat back. "Fuck. Look at that." I guess that meant he thought it looked young indian good but it just seemed so weird for a big bodybuilder like me to be in such a, well, "girly" little thong."What extreme young do you think of them Ben?" he asked young erotic pictures my Dad.I looked over to where Dad was sitting young teeny gallery up and he had a funny little grin on his face. He then took a hand and incest young daughter I saw him seem to rearrange his robe a bit. From the bottom edge of young virgins girls the robe, I could see young nudes movies the fat head of his cock sticking out. I guess the robe was too short to hide the whole thing."Looks real sweet Son" he said to me before adjusting a bit more.Uncle Tony was still sliding his fingers over my ass before he finally asked me "Rick, you shave all over for school young porn competition huh?""Yeah, I do.""How do you get all the hair darkcollection young photo off back here?""Well I manage" I told him. "Dad's helped me a couple of times.""Oh yeah?" he said as he raised his eyebrows. "Damn. It just felt like you missed some hairs""Really?" I asked as I looked back over my shoulder down at him. "I didn't notice.""Yeah, I'm young cherries nude pretty sure. Get up on the bed and I'll have a look". Before I could think Uncle Tony had pushed me forward so I crawled up on on my knees on the bed. He grabbed my ass and pushed some more and my father spread his legs to give me more room on the bed. As he moved for me, his robe came undone and porn youngest there was his huge fat cock laying over his balls with a few inches even flopped out on the bedspread. Wow, I thought, how big does that thing get? Then I heard Uncle Tony crouch down behind me and I could feel him grab my ass and spread it before his fingers were rubbing all over, even over my hole which was exposed.I looked up to my father and he just put young nude teenys a hand on top of my head. "Just relax son, he's making sure you're ready for your contest.""Hey Ben" I heard Uncle Tony say to my Dad from behind me "remember that hot hot young boy blond chick you and I banged in Vegas that time? Man, she was sexy. She had the sweetest shaved cunt huh?""Oh yeah" my Dad answered "I remember her all right. She couldn't get enough." As he spoke I noticed his cock seemed to fatten and lengthen some. I guess him remembering was having an pretten young effect."Why would she?" Tony added "Two huge Italian cocks for lollita young sex her smooth pussy. Man I could have eaten her out all night."My Dad kind of let out a low laugh and one of his hands landed young blonde sex in his lap and press the base of his dick. Now it was definitely getting hard and I couldn't believe how big it was growing. It looked like at least eleven inches of veiny fat cock with a huge flared head that was pulsing by this point. He romanian nude young pushed down again and I saw the head get even harder and a clear drop of precum formed."Fucking eating pussy" Uncle Tony growled and the next thing I felt was something wet on my asshole. I looked over sex young 14 my shoulder to see but before I could Dad grabbed my head and turned my face back. By now he was full hard, his erection towering in front of my face. Again I felt something wet on my hole and I realized what was happening, my Uncle Tony was sliding his mouth over my asshole! Before I knew it, he'd pushed his youngest boys fat tounge deep inside and I couldn't believe angels young xxx how amazing it felt. All I could do was let out a low moan."Yeah, Rick" Dad said to me "Tony really loves young naked naturist eating pussy.""Fucking nasty young angel right" I heard Uncle Tony growl. "Sweet, pink, shaved musclecunt. Man. Look how puffy that shit gets." Then he dove back in and began really chewing my ass.Dad lifted my face to him and pushed his dick down some until the head was right above my mouth and one long drop of precum oozed out and landed on my lips. I instinctively stuck out my toungue and licked it off and then Dad just pushed his fat dick right on my mouth."Suck it a little son" he said to me real low. "Suck on Daddy's big cockhead for him."I parted my lips a little and stretched my mouth around the whole flared ridge. It was so fat and big, it really filled up my mouth and I Jon picture young hadn't even gotten young black boys any of the shaft in. I started nursing on it and each time I tried to take a little more in my mouth, rubbing my toungue all over the veins. Even
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