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Related post: Date: Sun, 4 Nov 2001 04:45:33 -0800 (PST) From: hugh questorius Subject: The Humiliator. Chapter 37Chapter 37 angels loli FANTASY WORLDThe following Monday night was incest anime lolicon the first crisis point - should I japan loli girls galleries phone in as usual or not? As Hugh had given me to his Corporal I was dismissed as his pteen forbidden loli slave, so there was no point in my phoning him any more.Was I supposed to report to the Corp? Nothing had been said free lolitta porn galleries about that and certainly I had absolutely no wish to phone him. On the other hand, I longed to speak loli angel sex to The Brig and after ls island lolits jpegs six and a half rika jpg loli years of phoning, on the young sexy loli dot, every Monday young underage russian lolia it seemed un-natural not to do so. With considerable trepidation I lifted the receiver and dialled...Brr-brr, brr-brr, brr-brr. My heart loli vids bbs was thumping. Brr-brr, brr-brr, brr-brr. Answer, please Sir, loli model nud answer.But there was no answer. I felt abandoned and rudderless. After so many years of being told exactly what I was to do, of being owned, controlled and directed, I felt helpless. hot loli young There was always the Corporal of course, after all forum loli pic I was supposed to belong to him now but the thought of him gave me a shudder of distaste. It was an unhappy, lost time.A week later a letter came with an loli top linkz unfamiliar, childish handwriting. It contained a small sheet of lined paper torn from a memo book wih a short message in pencil from the Corporal saying he "would like" me to cute loli pussy go to him that Friday night "for the whole week-end." I smiled ruefully, imagining the Brig saying he "would like" me to attend him instead of a terse "Be here, 20.00 hrs" or whatever. I screwed the scrappy little message into a ball and tossed it in the waste basket. loli tiny teen There bald lolitta pussy was absolutely no way I loli girls naturalist was going to let that randy little bugger rampage all over under loli fuck me for a whole week-end! Ugh!Then it hit me. In a blinding flash I realised that the Brig was testing me! He had said he had given me to his mini kids loli kds batman and now he was seeing whether I would really follow through with obedience to him. It was perfectly clear: 3d lolicon tgp if I didn't child loliat I would be banished from his service, but if I did I would find myself delivered loli preteen tgp into the hands of my true Master once more! What a fool I was not to have twigged before! So I would know again the comfort of scrubbing my face in his chest fur and of great lolite bbs quietly nuzzling his loli preteen galleries crotch while he read the paper. My spirits soared. * * * * *I loli hentai games parked in the courtyard as usual and went to loli children the scullery loli virgin nude door. It was locked! Or just jammed russian young loli sex maybe? little loli girl I turned the handle and rattled the door again. Nothing.Then I heard the Corporal's voice from across the courtyard behind me. "You come in this way now." But of course! They would play this charade right through to loli pedo the end wouldn't lolicon sex underage they? I'd have kids lolitia to commit all the way - go bbs loliat biz up the stairs free 3d incest lolicon to the dingy room above the stable arch, but HE'd lolitta nude be there to take me over, take me back loliya model to the big house, take me back to his bed, take pre lolit me back into serving him. I neuken loli smiled sheepishly at the Corp and played along, followed forbidden loli portal him up the stairs and into the sparsely furnished room. The EMPTY room!"Where's the Brig?" I enquired, trying to smal loli cuties keep my tone light."In the States. Wont be loli nimphets back for five or six weeks"I lolit sex felt sick. Here I loli 12 was in lolite mpegs this man's room, come, he believed, to let him have sex with me. Why else would teen models loli I have driven 200 miles at his say-so, have followed him obediently up the stairs to his room? There was no way I could tell him of my pathetic fantasy about Hugh waiting to get his hands on me. God what loli forbidden girls a fool. What young lolitta girls a stupid self-deceiving FOOL!The Corp stood looking at free loli cunt me, quizzical, expectant. "Come loli list preteen model on then, get stripped off" he said."Look Corp, girls loli It's like this..." I started, lamely. But I didn't finish for he crossed to bbs loli teen me, gripped my left dark bbs loli nipple through my shirt and pinched it hard. Really hard. Was it just chance? portal bbs loli Or had he perhaps read my letter to Hugh in which I had confessed that a man - ANY man - had only to do this and I was rendered helplessly submissive."No, please, please..." I whined but my knees were already jelly and it lolitta preteens was child's play for him to bring me to my down at his feet and free ametuer porn loli to pull my bbs underground loli face into his crotch while his fingers still crushed and twisted my tit. Passively, unprotestingly, I allowed him to strip me, put me face down on the preteen lolitta illegal porn bed and mount me. That doesn't mean I wanted it or enjoyed it, just that he was being quite dominant for once and it is my nature to let men do what they like with me.As last time, his first fuck was brisk and short and businesslike and succeeded in its lolitta watersport objective of unloading his semen inside me with minimum fuss. And as last time, he had no sooner got off me and stripped himself naked, (God, I wished he wouldn't do that!) than he turned me on my back, jacknifed me with virgin toplist loli my legs hooked over his shoulders and was ready for teen porn movies lolits his second go! And, as last time, this second fuck was a long drawn-out mechanical humping that went on and on lolicon bbs child and on. Yes, and as toplist loli shy last time too, he even had a porno mag under the free loli clips post pillow in readiness. I felt in a way that he wasn't really fucking loli preteen porn me at all but was masturbating over dirty pictures and just happened to have his cock up my arse instead of in his fist. All very sordid and nasty.I just lay there like a piece of meat and waited for him to blog child loli finish. Eventually he did and got off me and went to the bathroom. (Nothing if not a creature of habit.) I picked up loli chill ped the mag to see what he had nude art loli been getting off nylon loli tgp on. It fell open lolits models nn at the oft-used pages. lolicon doujinshi sex Me, girl frre lolits being strapped down to the cellar table...the 'Decorated Man' preparing his kit... my nipple being pierced. Big close ups of the needle going through the tit...of the ring being inserted. Was it this that prompted him to seize that nipple this evening? After all, he'd said nude preteen model loli last time that these pics were one of his favourite sequences and had used them when he made me suck him off.I had a sudden idea and when he returned I asked if any of the mags showed me flogging a hooded slave a few months back. "Roger Murphy you mean?" I shrugged. He drew out the tin chest from under the bed and had soon located the mag he wanted. He handed it lolitta pornmovies to me opened at the relevant pages, saying "You sure seemed to be enjoying yourself!"And there forbiden loli again was that attractively lean, muscular kinder loli porn pics body, strung up rappe lolicon gallery lolipop pic by the wrists and hooded. And me wielding the whip. Spendid action shots: the whip blurred as it japen loli pic sliced through the air: the leather coiling around to his ribs from a strike across his back: the body twisting free lolitta pictures with pain sven new loli as the whip thudded home, the hooded head thrown back in agony, the muscles stretched ls magazine top loli taut: the look of concentration on my face, contorted loli candid with cruelty: thrilling close-ups of loli pussy tgp the welts across his back and shoulders free loli ass and across his chest. I found my cock ass pics lolicon incest hugely erect as I remembered the excitement of delivering that flogging - and of its aftermath. And here were pictures loli xxx free pics of that too as I fucked the arse off him. Great!"Has he been back since?" loli download I asked"Good God no. The Brig would never pic porn lolit use a slave who has been dark lolitta fucked by someone else, especially not by another slave and - er - so on""You had him too?""After you left, yes. He was a bit of a mess after you'd been at him but he was a good fuck.""What did you say his name was?""Roger Murphy""Hmm. Don't suppose you know where he came from?""I do actually. Once when he was supposed to angel loli come here his car broke down so the Brig sent me all the way down to prick him up - made him hitch hike home though!""Where?""Luton. He's a mechanic at the Ford factory""Do you remember the address by any chance?""I've got a note free lolit porno of it somewhere" and he crossed to a writing table, riffled through a notebook, wrote down the address on a scrap of paper and handed it to me. It even lolicon ru had the phone number! Skinned rabbit or no, I could have hugged him. But it wasn't hugs he wanted. He perched on the edge of the bed, splayed naked preteen lolitias his scrawny white thighs. "You owe young lolits bbs me" loli best he said and motioned me to kneel lolias worlds between them. His cock was bone hard underage lolits russian again already and I bent japanese lolicon incest drawings my head and went to work.
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