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Related post: Date: Tue, 07 Aug 2007 03:33:48 -0400 (EDT) From: spike spiegel Subject: Dan's BoysThis is pure fiction, none of if happened, all the usual disclaimers apply. Hope you all enjoy.Dan's Boys"Mmmm, yeah boy, suck that cock with your pretty little mouth," Dan groaned as he watched his 8-year-old son's head bob up and down in sexo illegal little his lap. "You suck Daddy little fucking babysitter so good."The shaggy brown haired boy smiled up at him Rapeing little girls around the fat cock in his mouth as he said that. Dan reclined back in his chair simply savoring in the joy of feeling his sweet little boy's lips around his dick. His thick hairy arms raised hands entwined behind his head watching little 8-year-old Noah go down on little pussy tgp his 8 inches.They were in the middle of the family room in the house Dan had bought for his son's, Dan sprawled out in his recliner while his son Noah kneeled between his legs and gave his Daddy one of his expert blowjobs. Dan was wearing a white 'wife beater' undershirt, having discarded his white dress shirt after coming home from work. Noah had crawled up between his legs the second Dan sat down. Now his black slacks were open at the front as Noah sucked on his fat dick through the whole nakked little girls in his boxer shorts. Noah was dressed in only his hardcore little tiny tighty white briefs, his usual at home attire (well besides being naked).Noah's green eyes sparkled as he looked up at his father. Dan could never get enough of seeing that look of lust on the boy's freckled face as he blew nudee little girls him some Daddy cock. It was truly a sight to behold seeing the boy, so young, yet so eager to suck his father off. Dan almost cried at the beautiful scene before him, those cherry red lips stretched around the hard and throbbing phallus, the pretty green eyes with little boys masturbating the long lashes staring up into his fathers face. Dan even loved the sight of his son's brown hair, trimmed neatly around the rusian little teens bangs, giving full view of his face, and yet everywhere else shaggy and slightly curled around his face, growing down just past the nape of his neck."That's it baby boy, suck it just like Daddy showed you," Dan sighed to his little son, encouraging him to bob up and down on the thick member. He reached down and ran his hand through his boy's thick hair and guided his little head up and down the cock he loved to suck so much. little girl gangbang Dan continued his contact by reaching down and rubbing his son's bare shoulders and caressing the warm smooth skin that turned him on so much to touch.He realized this was another of many little schoolgirl pantyhose moments he had with the boy that he would want to remember forever, so he picked up the digital camera sitting on the little gay pics table next to his La-Z-Boy recliner and tried to concentrate on focusing the camera and getting his sweet little boy's cock sucking face in frame. He'd gotten pretty good at ignoring the mind numbing pleasure Noah's heavenly lips provided over the last few years, only if long enough for a quick picture. The picture would turn out really hot, Noah's eyes a little heavy lidded gazing up at his father worshipfully, his little hands wrapped around the base of Daddy's thick cock, his lips sucking hungrily at the fat head and half the shaft.Noah pulled back from his sucking for a moment to take a little japanese tits breath, keeping Dan's cock in his jacking hands. Dan took another picture as his sexy little boy nuzzled his thick shaft, rubbing his cheeks and lips all over the cock that he'd grown to love sucking so much. It would be another beautiful shot, the boy's face and hands smeared with saliva and his Daddy's precum that he so loved to taste on his tongue. Dan took a third shot of Noah as he extended his tongue along the head and shaft, licking the tip clean of more precum, before the boy's mouth descended again over his dick and his head bobbing, his little hands jacking.Noah didn't require coaching anymore; he'd become quite the expert cocksucker in the 3 years since the little vampire his father had started training him. It hadn't been real hard to get the little guy into it, he'd been a natural just like his older brother, and well just like Dan himself was. Little Noah had taken to sucking dick like a duck to jp little idol Naked little angel water as the old clichˇ went. In fact, it had become something of an addiction for Dan's son, he was constantly hungry for his Daddy's cock, again, just like his brother. And his father.Dan had been raised up horny little angels the same way, little girls tpg sucking the cocks of his father and brothers from a very young age, loosing his virginity when his was 6. Naturally that circle had expanded, Dan sucking off his father's friends, riding their cocks melissa alittleagency while his father looked on, often being serviced by the sons of his friends. It never stopped, and in college Dan's sexual exploits had expanded to both girls and guys. hardcore little april Of course Dan's favorite exploits were still on the summer and winter holidays when he'd return home for a little family fun.Dan had met the boys' mother in college, she'd been quite the slut herself, they liked to play and party often. But they'd formed a bit of a special connection, soulmates and all that. They never got married, neither of them could be totally faithful, they were just too wild. The boys were both his though, they looked too much like him to be anyone else's. But Dan did get the test done just to make sure that they honestly and truly did belong to him in every way. She'd moved on a when Noah was only two, one cock had never been enough for her (and Dan could understand that). Of course she had been just as adventurous with her sexuality, the last Dan had heard from her she had a steady girlfriend and they were traveling the world, on the girlfriend's dime of course. Dan hadn't missed her that much, it had actually just made it all the easier to raise his boys up right into the little cocksucker sluts they were.Dan looked down again on his little cocksucking son and put his hands on the little guy's head, moving him more forcefully down onto his dick. Noah gave a little moan as he started to suck harder little boys naturism on Dan, his head a blur as hit bobbed in Angela little nude his Daddy's lap."Yeah baby boy, suck Daddy good and hard. Aggg ...You make tgp little gallery me feel so good boy...fuck yeah Noah, you have such a hot little slutty mouth. Uhhh...God Noah...just like that..." Dan groaned in encouragement of his son as they boy went to town on him. Noah gave little springfield little theater grunts and moans as he sucked, his Daddy's encouragement always made him more horny. Dan had trained him very well, and he just what to do to get his Daddy off. Dan started bucking his hips up, almost slamming his cock into Noah's sucking throat. He was horny little schoolgirls just on the verge of climax, about to feed Noah the load of cum he so richly hungered for. He decided at the last minute that he didn't want to little girls cumming cum just yet.He started pulling Noah up of his dick saying "Stop Noah, that's enough." It was clear the boy was eager for his Daddy's load, but just as he'd been trained good to suck cock, he'd also been trained to know that his Daddy liked their playtime to last. Reluctantly he pulled up, and relinquished the cock that had been fucking his mouth so good only a moment before. The sight of Noah on his knees between his legs was just as beautiful without the cock in his mouth as it had been when Noah was sucking him. little sluts porn Dan reached for the digital camera and took another picture of his extremely sexy son to capture the site of his flushed cheeks glistening with saliva and precum as he licked the corners of his mouth to capture the taste Dan knew he loved so much."Come up here and little baby pretten sit on my lap buddy," little girl links Dan told his son as he set the camera down. Noah sweet little lollitas quickly hopped up off the ground and plopped down on his father's lap in the chair. Dan wrapped his arms around his son's bare torso and pulled him in for a big bear hug. Noah responded in kind, wrapping his arms nasty little girl around his Daddy's neck, burying his face in the crook of Dan's shoulder. "So how you doing Noah?" Dan asked in the first real greeting little miss naked since he'd walked in the door from work."Good," the 8-year-old responded."How was school?" Dan asked, the usual parent talk."Okay," Noah responded less enthusiastically.Dan began to caress his son's back, rubbing up and down little tiny porno as he held the boy close. He was taking long strokes up and down the boy's back, stopping at the waist band of his briefs. Noah shivered in pleasure as his father's warming caress, he loved to feel his Dad's hands on his skin just as much as Dan loved to feel him. Dan pulled Noah back away from his chest a little bit so they could look at each other face-to-face. Dan saw the look in his boy's eyes, he was HORNY."God Noah, you sure are needing it today aren't you?" Dan asked. The boy responded little sweetie with an enthusiastic nod, his stunning smile beaming. "Well what father could say no to a sexy little tyke like yourself?" Dan asked as he pulled Noah in for a kiss to the lips. The kiss lingered as Noah wrapped his arms around his father's broad shoulders and opened his mouth to receive Daddy's tongue. He'd been trained to suck face just as well as he sucked cock. As their tongues intertwined, Dan could taste his own precum on his boy's breath, and that turned him on to no end. He reached down and began to lightly twist and pull on the boy's nipples, making Noah quiver and moan in delight. Noah loved having his nipples played with, little blue boy Dan knew the feeling he got always went straight to the boy's dick. Noah had nice puffy nipples, they stuck out and were made for sucking. As Dan broke away from their kiss, he smiled at his son before starting to kiss little nude sisters his way down the boy's neck. He paused to give a little love bite eliciting soft moan from Noah. Dan continued licking and kissing down to his shoulders and chest, before finally meeting up with the nipples that were just ripe for the sucking.While pulling and stroking his left nipple, Dan littles girls movies ran his tongue around the outside of Noah's right, making the little guy squirm and moan in anticipation. Finally after a few minutes of teasing his son, he finally took the nipple into his mouth, causing Noah to groan "Oh Daddy." Noah arched his back as nude little giirl if to give his little orphan annie father 's sucking mouth full access to his puffy boy nipples. Dan started to switch from one nipple to the other, slowly driving his petite son crazy with desire, moaning out in pleasure as every touch, every lick, and every tiny love bite. He wasn't sure how long he kept up this naughty little kids nipple play on Noah's chest, but as his hands explored his son's body while he was sucking and biting, they soon came to rest on Noah's underwear clad buttocks, and he was suddenly impatient to move the fun along.Dan pulled away from his son's scrumptious nipples and leaned back again to pull off his 'wife beater.' As his muscular, lightly hairy torso was exposed Noah instinctively reacted, reaching littlegirl illegal out and running his little hands over his Daddy's muscular pecs and stomach. Dan pulled his little boy in for another passionate tongue little 18 teen twirling kiss as their bare skin rubbed together. Noah squirmed and moaned in littles girls handjob pleasure as he unconsciously rubbed his upper chest and nipples against his father's body hair."Help Daddy take his pants off," Dan said as he pulled out of their kiss. Noah quickly hopped off his father's lap and moved to grab the legs of Dan's work slacks. Dan lifted his butt up and pulled hentai little children both his pants and boxers down as Noah helped free him of his clothing. As he tossed aside the pants, Noah on his own decided to bend down and take off Dan's socks, leaving his Daddy completely naked. Unbidden Noah returne
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