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Related post: Date: Mon, 5 Sep 2011 08:12:01 -0700 (PDT) From: Tj Ryder Subject: Boxers and Panties Boxers and Panties! Book 6 of the Omega Fraternity Series! TJ Ryder (Author's preface: In the old gay magazine Blueboy from the 70's was an account of a white student at a black athletic powerhouse college, (which I will call Bolus but you football fans will know what it is), and of a fraternity accepting white pledges! One of whom wrote an account of his experiences in a mostly black, closeted jock fraternity. I think it was titled "Sleeping with Giants!" This story along with the others in the Omega Fraternity series is inspired from those interviews) ********* The slight white boy on the mostly black, superjock campus frowned when he young preteen lolita erotica looked at his mailbox in the Omega fraternity lobby. Jan bit his lip as fraternity brother Trebonne grinned, his lolita nymphet top bbs huge hulking shape over his shoulder. "From Coach Jackson? What they doin, recruiting you for the football team?" he joked. "I'd have a better chance trying out for the team than what he really wants me to do!" "Wazzat?" "Oh, never mind!" he replied grumpily. As he walked back up to his room reading the short hopeful note from the coach, wondering how he was going to tell him it wasn't going to work out being the 'girlfriend' of his latest closeted superjock! He lollita underage pussy pictures got on his computer and tried to figure out a response. He had been avoiding responding to emails from the coach for a week now and realized this written note had to get a response. At Bolus the head coach ran the giant athletic department of the biggest pro superjock-recruiting, black university in the world and his word real lolita preteen sex was worth more than the president or tiny nn lolita tgp any of the deans. sun bbs top lolita He gave up and decided to slip into only bikini panties and sandals, the uniform for white pledges at the sexy pre lolitas pics closeted superjock fraternity; he wondered if had let gossip ruin his first face-to-face with Jermaine the 'Jolt' Robinson. Maybe he never gave the giant, inner-city brute of a stud a real chance! In any case, he sighed, he knew from the first moment it wouldn't work, even for a pretend social date. The dude was just impossible. No manners, barely spoke English he could understand, and even rude to him in front of others. And the thing was he didn't even realize it! But all he had to do to make the coach (who he owed big time), happy was to go out with Jermaine in drag on some show dates to social functions as his girlfriend. But he knew he couldn't keep his temper in check and if he lost it then he'd be in super trouble with the coach. And if he did get in trouble with the coach, it would add to more demerits that his butt would pay for eventually; administered by Wardell and Deon, the masters at arms at Omega who took care of that. "Awfuck," he realized just thinking of it gave him a hardon in his sheer panties! He already had enough demerits for a lot of paddle strokes on Friday night as usual. "Oh mann," he sighed, caressing his hardon in his panties, feeling his full balls. He feared it and couldn't wait for it at the same time. Thinking that was several days away! What made it extra hot was that Wardell and Deon, the giant black disciplinarians at teens lolitas models fotos Omega, had gotten so used to having him every Friday after the social drag dance he didn't have to worry about a date for the weekend, since he would be wearing a leash and collar at least until Sunday! Still, it did take away from the anticipation for the Friday social of hooking up with someone new. For the last month all the brothers at Omega figured he was off limits for the weekend and he effectively was. Still, he sighed, thinking of lying over their laps in a few days.... 'mmm, yes Deon, I have been bad last week!" It was the inevitability of the master-slave thing every week that was screwing up his social life! Maybe he could talk them into doing it later, maybe free loli porn games on Monday! Nope, that wouldn't work because he had swim team and the marks might still be there! 'Why am I thinking of this so early?' he wondered. 'Maybe because of Jermaine and how I let him and the coach down! Maybe that's why I feel a need to be punished?' As he was trying to think of something to say to the coach, maybe like saying he wasn't the right person, the pledge leader, Peter/Petra popped his head in and reminded him of maid service in half an hour to serve the food. "Okay, say Peter, have you ever met Jermaine Robinson!" Peter just rolled his eyes and walked out. 'Well word's spread I guess!' He figured everyone knew Jermaine by sight by now, the brute was even pictured in Sports Illustrated! And then he heard a cane tapping, the door opened, and his nearly identical, except for being blind, roommate walked in, tiredly dropping his book bag on the bed and collapsing besides it! "Your'e kind of late, Robin! Peter wants us all in maid costumes for dinner service!" "(Sigh) Sure, why not!" He shrugged and slipped off his shoes and pants and began to search for his skimpy maid uniform. "Why are you so late?" "No escort today, had to find my way back from East Wing, across campus. Got lost three times! Almost got hit by a car!" Jan regarded the slim blonde so much like himself except for his lack of sight as he laid back on the bed, rubbing his knee where he had tripped over a grate. "What happened to your escort?" "Had to cancel, practice or something! Half my classes now girl indian loli model are unescorted but the one at East Wing is the only one I have trouble working a safe route for! I don't mind walking or stumbling but I hate falling!" "I have class then, sorry!" "I know, most guys do! Thanks anyway!" "Hmmmm," Jan thought, looking into his computer to the first email he got from Coach Jackson about Jermaine, and found his 7 to 17 lolitas school schedule. He was free that period and the beginning of a plan began to form as he looked sideways at his prone roommate. 'Why not,' he thought? 'He looks just like me and if Jermaine liked me he'd like Robin!' He watched him strip and find a maid's cap and then reach over, tapping his bureau, opening the bottom drawer index of jpeg lolicon and take out a pair of nylons! 'He's actually pretty adaptable,' he mused, viewing his blind roommate in a new light. "Robin, you ever heard anything about a superjock called Jermaine Robinson?" He asked casually. "Nope!" "Seeing anyone special?" "Yeah right!" the boy replied drily as he felt around a drawer for a pair of stockings. "Well, I happen to know a dude who has your East wing period free and he needs a social date; you know, pass as a girlfriend. The usual drill!" "Uh huh, and why are you passing him on to me?" Jan paused, "well, I thought maybe you and he could reach a deal!" young lollita pics fuck "Right..., and your question if I heard anything means he's some kind of monster!" "Nooo, well, not exactly. Just maybe some rough edges perhaps!" Robin smiled ruefully as he shook his head, "you mean rougher than nude preeteen lolita model the gorillas here at Omega?" "Yup," Jan replied agreeably. Robin moaned and then smiled in resignation. Finally he sighed and nodded. "Why not! If he escorts me to East Wing I wouldn't care if he was a real gorilla!" "Um, listen, I did go out with him once, just for coffee and...!" "He's super ugly I suppose. But maybe you noticed I'm blind?" "No, well not ugly! Just, well, maybe insensitive, perhaps!" "What's the whole story?" "Well, he's gone through 5 whiteboys, well couple were asian, 2 here at Omega, never made it to the second date! Me included!" "Oh, great, I get the rejects all the time don't I! Did you ask Padri?" (The Irish redhead who just joined the pledges at Omega.) "He would never put up with Jermaine and I think he's in love anyway!" "Wish I had that luck. Look, invite him to this Friday night dance and we can meet!" "Can't, Jermaine's banned for life from Omega! The masters at arms are afraid of him!" "Those monsters?" "Jermaine is called the Jolt! He's a ranked heavyweight amateur boxer that Coach Jackson is hoping will make the Olympic team this year!" "Gets better doesn't it? I see big juju involved here! All right, I'll try meeting him at lolita mother son sex the coffee shop if he wants!" "Not on this campus, he's closeted up and his face is pretty famous, or notorious!" "Okay, Pete's Place on Briarwood. I only go there in drag. He has to pick me up here then!" "That might work! He can get a car!" "What are you going to tell him?" "That I have a schedule conflict for his social dates and you don't and you look just like me!" a lolita nude preteen "Cept for the blind part! And you tell lolita sex hard cp him about my need for the East Wing escort gig cuz that's the deal!" "You'll lolita nude panty models do it, then, for real? I have to tell the coach book guest loli reopen something!"pic 2 lolitas nn preteen pictures "Yes! I'll try it, just for the date and we'll see how it goes!" "Hmmmmm," Jan thought, picking up his phone. To his surprise Jermaine answered, sounded rather fatalistic since he knew his date with Jan didn't go well, but without much enthusiasm listened to what he said and then said he'd talk to Robin. He put the phone in Robin's half-hearted, palm-out gesture. "Hello?" said Robin! The young but deep, rumbling powerful voice said warily. "Hey, russian lolita boys bbs this you, the other white boy-gyrl?" "Um, yes, I'm Robin, Jan's roommate at Omega House! Your name is, um, Jermaine?" "Nevah heard of me? And yo really blind?" "No, and yes, I am. That's why I need somehow to get across campus for that East Wing afternoon class!" pre lolita lolitas "Well, ah cain't make Pete's tonight, but I can do the class thing tomorrow. After that maybe we can talk! Howdat?" "Um, well I won't be wearing a dress tomorrow at the college. Afterwards I could go back to Omega and change and we could go out, that is if, well...!" "Yeah, yo don't want to just dump me like all you white sissies!" "I would not phrase it like that, Jermaine!" "Awraht, Jan told me! I pick you up at West wing in front of the Baylor building, and I gotta sit with you the whole class?" "Well, yes, um, I'm afraid, but the class on linguistics is very interesting I think you'll find!" "Riiight! Okay, I'm black, natch, 6'5 and be wearing a red...!" "I'm blind, Jermaine! You'll have to find me!" "Yup, figures! Yo look like Jan, how many blonde white boys on campus anyway? Haw haw!" "And holding a cane!" Robin smiled. After they hung up, Robin remarked he didn't sound that bad. Jan just said nothing.****************************************************************** Next day! "Thanks for doing this Jermaine!" he said, as the massive young stud was still reacting from a white boy holding his elbow and walking besides him. He had only met him 15 minutes before and the slight, small boy, so much like Jan, smiled and held out his hand at his approach, somehow divining it was him. And then he took his arm, shocking him by the easy familiarity. "No problem, you got to hold my elbow tho?" "Yes, I hold yours. I can usually tell a curb coming but you have to take shorter strides. I'm not as big as you are and I need to use my cane!" "Okay, and you done this yourself?" "Several times, but I get lost, and since this is the last period class, traffic is bad when xxx lolitas for fun I get out and have to cross campus!" "Ah hear dat! Yo do look like Jan tho but sound foreign, more than him even!" "Well, I'm more British sounding I suppose!" "Look, um, Robin, you know de deal about Coach Jackson, what he wants me to do an all, these school girl lolita list social and olympic and recruiter partie
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