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Related post: Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2007 13:21:37 -0700 From: aim2pleaseyoupdx aim2pleaseyou Subject: Boomtown TruckerThis happened to me about 15 years ago. Back then Boomtown, just west of Reno, NV, was still pretty much a truck stop. It consisted of a small casino, buffet dining room, preteen lolita photo bbs a few hotel rooms, a gas station for cars and a larger one for trucks. There was a small paved lot for cars in the front and preteen cp lolita torrent a very large gravel lot for lolita ten models free trucks preteen lolita underwear modles out back.My ex (Randy) and our friend Beth had just spent a few days in Reno. We did some light gambling, enjoyed the cheap brasilenas colegialas lolitas desnudas meals and took in a few shows. On our way out of town we decided to stop at Boomtown, which was the last casino before leaving Nevada on I-80. When we went in, we split up and said we'd meet in about an hour lolita girls collection 1 at the buffet. My ex free german lolita pussy and Beth went to find the blackjack tables. I headed for the quarter slots.I wandered the few rows of lolita megaupload more downloads slot machines to the row along the back wall. I stopped as I turned the corner. I turned just in time to witness this very ruggedly handsome man pull a cocktail waitress into his arms and kiss her deeply. His right hand quickly went to her ass and reached under her mini-skirt. She pulled out of his arms and gave him masturbation lolitas art 12yo a slap in the face young girls lolota preteen and walked away, straightening her skirt. He turned back to the slot machine, picked up his little lolita girls boys beer bottle and took a swig.This man was just my type. He was in his mid to young preteen lolita bikini late lolita tiny young angels 40s, tall and muscled from hard work, rather svens place thaimisc lolita than from a gym. He had a big mustache and at lolita 14y o pics least a week's growth of beard. He wore dusty, well-worn black loli erotic pics stories cowboy boots and black t-shirt with a black leather vest over it. On his head he wore an old beat-up straw cowboy hat. He was wearing tight 501s that were far from new and black belt with a rodeo-style buckle that you could serve a sandwich off of. I quickly took a look at the crotch of his tight 501s and could see that he had a nice hard piece of meat down his left leg. His jeans were tight enough that I could see the outline of his helmet-headed cock. This is when I should have turned and walked the other way, but I didn't.I svens place bbs lolitas walked over to a machine one down from 3d lolita incest toons him and put in a couple of quarters. I nodded and said, "Hey, how's it virgins teen lolitas pictures going." He responded with a grunt and something about fucking cock-teases in this place. I took a shot and said, "Yeah, I can see she really got you going." He replied with something about it having been 3-4 days since he last had any pussy try teens lolitas models and he was fucking hard up, so to speak. I young lolita pee pic said that I wished I could help him out with that.He looked at me for a moment and kind of got russian lolita models girls a crooked grin on lolitas movies pay sites his face. I wasn't sure if this was a good thing or if I was about to get my lights punched out. He said, "Well, I usually lolita preteen porn pic like to fuck a nice pussy or I love to fuck a bitch in lolas nude very young the ass too. That's hot. Right now I'd settle loli candid photo bbs for a good blowjob. I really need to get my nut off and I haven't jerked myself off since I was 13 years old." I smiled lolita ten model movie and said, jokingly, that I couldn't help him with the russian nude lolita mpegs pussy, but had never had any complaints about my mouth or my butt. He put some quarters in the machine he was playing, pulled the handle, and watched the outcome. He nude little loltas pics didn't come up with anything. He said 8 yo loli models under his breath, while still facing the machine, that if I wanted to give him some head to count to 60 after free russian lolita pictures he left and head out to the truck parking. He'd be having nn bbs loli art a lolita lol naked model cigarette on the driver side of his red Peterbilt. With that he headed for the back entrance.I had to control my breathing as I counted to 60. I couldn't believe this was happening. I finally got to 60 and slowly made my way out of the casino and across to the truck parking area. I finally little tiny lola pussy found him parked towards the rear of the lot. Just as I young world lolitas pussy walked up to him he dropped the last of his cigarette in the gravel and ground it out with magic lolitas bright girls the toe of his boot. He nodded and said the driver's door was open, and to climb on up. I did with him right behind me. He gave my ass a push as I started over the driver's seat.He told me to get in the sleeper area and strip down to my shorts. I hesitated for just a second and he ls models lolitas child slapped my ass hard with russia preteen lolita models his big strong hand which told me I needed 12 yo katya lolita to obey him, without his speaking very little lolitas girls a word. I climbed in back and took young lolita pussy list of my young non nue lolita short-pants, t-shirt, shoes and socks and waited. He came in a moment later and just climbed onto the bed, put his head on some pillows and told me to un-do his belt buckle and extreme incest lolita blowjobs unbutton his fly. I did. He then told me to take out his cock and balls. lolita preteen model gallery I did. He had some major low-hangers. naked red heads lolitas His cock wasn't fully hard any more, but that huge head was still in the same free pics lolita tits shape I had notice a few minutes earlier, outlined in his Levis. lolita 3d incest toon I started to go down on him when he told me to first button as many of the buttons on his jeans free naked lolita images as I could and re-buckle preteen naked lolita sites his belt buckle, leaving his cock and balls hanging out. He cute lolita teen pics said that makes the best cock ring he's ever used. I did as I was told. Then he told me to start blowing him and make sure it was good. He also said he always came where he wanted and it was always inside, whether it be inside a mouth, a pussy or a butt. If I wasn't very young loli hardcore willing to take it where he wanted to dump it, to get the fuck out of his truck. I said that I never wasted a man's seed.I was situated between the trucker's big, strong legs. I kissed his head and then took just his head into my mouth. Slowly, pre teen loli bb I worked my lips down his shaft. I took my time. This was my kind of man and I was in no hurry. Somehow, I managed to get his entire pecker inside my mouth. lolita model years 14 His head pushed it's way into my throat. My lips were pressed against his huge ball sac. I pulled up slowly and then started back down a little faster the second time around. I repeated this until lolitas girls tgp net I picked young top lolita model up top lolita art sites a good pace. He seemed to approve. top lolitas nude pics One of his hands rested lolita tit girl gallery on top of my head. His other hand reached down and found my left nipple and he squeezed it tight. I looked up. His embarrassed blonde teen lolita eyes were closed and he had a nasty grin on his face. I could only imagine that he was thinking of some hot chick blowing him while he worked her tits. He nonnude fashion lolitas model started to raise his hips into my face and pushing down with lolita photos and tgp his hand. Without any warning, I took three to four day's worth of cum into my mouth and young teenies lolitas nude down my throat. Fortunately I don't have much of a gag-reflex, and true to my word, didn't spill a drop.When he was finished I started to pull my mouth off of his cock. lolita bbs naked preteen He put his hand back on my head and told me to keep blowing him. He had more in there for me. I was more than happy to stay and suck another load out of this hot trucker. When he was hard again, he free top lolita sites said that he wanted to have some ass. He pulled me up off of his hard cock. He pulled me up to him, and to my great surprise, started kissing me deeply. He worked my tits and then worked his russian lolita uncensored pictures hands down to my ass cheeks. I was still wearing my under shorts. I started to pull them down. He non nude lolita island said not to. He didn't want to see my cock. He reached behind and ripped an lolita pictures underage model opening in the seat of my shorts and said that would do just fine. He pulled me to his mouth again and at the same time grabbed my by the hips and preteen loli pthc pics made me sit on his lolita free galleries xxx cock. Once tiny lolita girls nude that lolita kds chill portal huge head found my hole, lolita 456 nude young he lolita nude glamour pics didn't wait. He bucked straight up and had all 10+ inches of lolita pre teen tween that fat cock inside me in no time. He held it there for a moment and then started pushing dark lolita top sites it in and out. free lolicon hentai gallery He fucked me like that for about little lolita girls cunt five lollita in tight jeans minutes before he made one final thrust shy lolita animals gallery and filled my ass with his load.I thought for sure that he was through. I pulled myself off of him and started looking for my clothes. All he said was, "I'm not through with you yet, you faggot. I'm going to fuck you doggy-style now. Get up on the bed with your ass in the air." I did as I was told. He got up with his booted feet on the floor at the edge of the magic lolita girls ls bed and, without any niceties, lolita first hair preteen pulled my hips back and stuck his still-hard rod deep inside my guts. lolicon girls angels hentai He said that he loved to modells lolita nu best fuck an ass with his jeans on. fozya zep bbs loli He especially liked how he "branded" his bitches with his name. His name lolita preteen child erotica was on his big rodeo-style belt buckle, which he had me re-buckle at the beginning of our session. I definitely felt it hitting my lolita young russian schoolgirls ass every time he thrust into teen models lolita outfit me. He fucked me for another five minutes or so and shot another load deep inside me. Man, was I ever teenie lolita model pics in heaven?!That must have been it for him. Three loads in about 30 minutes. I was a little worn out too. He pulled out, told me to get dressed and leave. He did say thanks, though, and told me that I had one of the best preteen lolita pussy com mouths that had ever gone down on his nude little white lolitas pole, and that he'd had a lot of mouths in his day. He also said that he wouldn't mind fucking my ass again someday.I never did see him again. sweet black lolitas nude This was before the internet and there was really no way to stay in touch. I do think about this trucker regularly... in a very good sweet lolita bbs sites way.Oh, by lolita teen hairless model the way, preteen lolli nude free even though he little lola free pic never told me his name, I know it was toung lolitas spanking pix Jed. I know, because in the hotel that night I looked in the m
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