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Related post: Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2006 01:46:41 -0800 (PST) From: Steam Train Subject: Juvenile Deterrence Chapter 20Juvenile Deterrence. By Steam Train preteen xxx modeling ( :20 Family. Daniel was nearing home that Sunday evening and it was getting late. He was required to perform Community Service from 11am till 6pm and he had been away from home since early morning, ensuring that he reported in on time across town at Piney Hills Fair. On the bus ride home most of the NEWDD juveniles just snoozed, exhausted from their days labours. Daniel was no exception preteen newsgroup sites and slept soundly his head resting on Todd's shoulder. Todd was lingerie pic preteen happy to have Daniel so close and intimate but apart from enjoying the experience took no further advantage of the situation.Todd nudged Daniel awake as youngest preteen model the bus neared Daniels bus stop."Thanks" a weary Daniel, said appreciating that Todd had not let him miss his stop.As Daniel walked naked up Henson Avenue he was sure he saw curtains parted and blinds moved as if eyes were watching his naked progress up the street taking in his newly revealed shame. Apart form this feeling of being watched his walk home was uneventful till he reached half way towards his home when he saw Karen and Megan Prescott come bolting out of their house to intercept him.Hey, Daniel, how's it hanging?" said a giggling thirteen year old Karen who came over and stood in front of him, her eyes and those of her twelve year old sister who followed her both looking at his crotch. "Or, should I say, pointing?" Karen added, too much giggling from her sister.Daniel blushed furiously at this latest preteen tighties models embarrassment. He knew both these girls, Karen was in Eric's fist preteen grade and was about Daniels height with dark blond hair and small but noticeable breasts and her sister Megan who was in Melissa's class was about five nonude preteen feet foot tall with dark blond hair like Karen and was very slender of build with the outline of a training bra covering what appeared to be non existent breasts being her only noticeable feature.The two bitches from hell, as the boys in his gang called them behind their backs, were always tormenting and belittling Daniel and his mates whenever they got the chance."Told you," said the smirking Karen, "We should have brought a magnifying glass. He doesn't have much there to see, he's so small and bald, wait till the others at his high school see that he's still a hairless little boy yet he's in the tenth grade"."Yeah" said Megan," it's almost the size of our naughty nn preteen eight year old brother Matt's penis."At that comment the two girls preteen illegal gallery broke out in laughter and giggles again!Daniel badly wanted to covered him self up."You turned 15 the other day, rite? How come you get a dick so little?"At this comment Daniel blushed so profusely that the girls burst out snickering and laughing all over again.After letting Daniel stand exposed and erect for several minutes as the two girls visually inspected his naked body Daniel was relieved when they did not ask for a reasonable request inspection. Instead Karen said nudisten preteen to her sister, "Come on we better be getting on back inside before we get into trouble" and with that turned and headed back up the front path into their house, Karen making a parting snide remark, "Next time you show us your dick make sure you grow one first, short stuff!"When Daniel arrived back at his house he went to go up the side passage and enter via the kitchen, however the side huge preteen tits gate was locked and he no longer had keys, so he returned to the front door and rang the door bell.He heard his fathers voice call out, "Eric, please answer the door"."But, dad," he heard his brother preteen bbs portal Eric protest" I'm naked."Daniel couldn't believe what he heard, he was sure he had heard wrong."So what," Daniel heard Mr Green answer, "whoever it is will be seeing you naked anyway as soon as they're in here."Daniel was now sure his father said Eric was naked. How could preteen smut this be?"But, but, ... virgin russian preteens please dad," blubbered a panic voiced Eric."Do, it," Daniel heard his dad order, "or that will earn you a spanking for not doing what you were told when you were told".As Daniel nudist preteen laika stood outside Eric opened the front door. Standing before Daniel was a sight he couldn't believe.He had heard right, his brother Eric was totally naked. Daniel immediately saw that his brother at thirteen years of age had inherited like him the trait of being a later developer. He hadn't seen his little brother naked for many years but now he saw Eric's totally hairless, small, skinny, just over two inch erect penis pointing out at him preteen girlfriends naked revealing its usually hidden undeveloped scrotum and testicles.Eric's face blushed red, embarrassingly aware that Daniel was preteen innocent youth staring at his preteen boys chat naked groin."Welcome to the Green household" said the flustered, blushing naked Eric, "please come in" Eric quickly added not wanting to stand exposed at the front door any longer than necessary.Not knowing what to do or say Daniel replied very politely, "Thank free fucking preteen you" and entered the house.As he entered the entrance hall, his dad was standing opposite in the door way to the lounge room.Before Daniel could say anything his father got in first and said, "We have been awaiting your return Daniel and now you are safely home there is a need for a family conference. For this conference Daniel, your part of the family again not a illegal preteen nympho NEWDD. As you have already noticed your mum and I have made some changes around here since you left this morning and we need to discuss them as a family. Into the lounge room and take a seat quickly" Mr Green instructed his preteen blowjobs oldest son.When the naked Daniel walked into the lounge room he was shocked preteen nn beauty to see nude preteen boy that it was not just his brother who was totally naked but his sister Melissa as well.The blushing Mel was sitting totally naked on one of the lounges exposing for the first time to Daniels eyes her very small and only slightly bumpy, almost flat beginnings of breasts with their protruding nipples. Between her tightly clasped legs Daniel still managed to notice that his sister was totally hairless with a slightly bulging, vulva. Daniel was not just amazed that Mel was naked preteen sexkids but really surprised how flat her breasts were. He had expected a lot more, she sure appeared to have preteen bikini gallery more when dressed he thought to himself.The sight of his brother and preteen toons now his sister naked had had an pre teen fantasy instantaneous effect on Daniels penis. In front of his entire family he had a raging inocent preteen one and three-quarter inch little hard on!Mr Green called out for Tom to join them, which he promptly did and then to the obvious surprise of Daniel and his siblings Tom sat down in their presence on one of the lounge chairs. This had never happened before, just like the natrial preteens three children had never been naked in the lounge room in front of their parents and Tom."I can see you looking at Tom sitting there. I asked him to sit, he is an integral part of this family and tonight during this conference I do not want Tom or Daniel thought of as slaves, is that understood? Mr Green asked.`Yes daddy" Eric and Melissa quickly replied.Daniel thought the use of the word `daddy' sounded funny and childlike but said nothing. Little realising at this preteens thumb early stage that both his siblings had received such humiliating punishment that they were now pre teen udes feeling much more like little boys and girls than the mature twelve and thirteen year olds they had previously thought they were.Mrs Green began preteen show pussy the family discussion."Your father and I have decided to make some major changes in the way we perform discipline in this household. The Government supported by all the local Community Watch organisations has begun implementing a programme called `Taking Back Control'. It is designed to compliment the NEWDD Juvenile deterrence legislation and be used for minor disciplining of juveniles within the confines of the house. As you can see Daniel, earlier today we applied this programme to both preteen japanese portals Eric and Melissa. Eric for disobeying your fathers express instructions about attending the Discipline Centre and Melissa for pretending to be something she was not and padding her breasts".This last comment confirmed just what Daniel had been thinking. He was sure his sister's tits should have been much more developed than what he saw in front of him.Mrs Green continued, "Taking Back Control means that juveniles have no automatic right to privacy and modesty. That's for adults to decide, not them. The local Community Watch Association will be taking all measures possible to support the Governments belief that juveniles need to be better controlled and are too modest. Your father and I have decided to fully embrace the programme as well"."If for discipline reasons your dad or I want you naked, then that in the future is what will happen, and if you don't cooperate with these requests then the Community Guardians will call around to enforce our decisions." Mrs Green added."Taking Back Control encourages parents and adults taking care of Juveniles to consider the use of nudity as a punishment because it has proved to be so successful in the NEWDD Juvenile Deterrence Programme. If your dad or I choose we can make preteens picture gratis you naked in private places anytime we like". Mrs Green informed her children"What kind of private places, do you mean not just in our own home?" a horrified Melissa asked."At home, school, at other people's houses, both inside and forbbiden preteen pics in the back yard if fenced off and reasonably private and private community functions not open to the general public like a meeting or club. If we have visitors here at home whilst you are serving naked punishment time then they will see you naked too."Under other circumstances, Daniel might have been elated at the news that his siblings could face such humiliating punishment, but in his present predicament, it did nothing to make him feel any better.Mrs Green continued " Taking Back nudist camps preteens Control is also aimed at regressing a trend that the Governments psychologists believe is preteen japanese supermodels growing into a major problem and that is that juveniles are too concerned about their bodies, covering up and dressing up when not necessary or sensible. They call it false modesty and we have clearly seen young preteen board a good example of that exposed today in Melissa's behaviour where she had purposely gone out preteen model upskirts behind my back and purchased special purpose designed pads to make her look like she was not still a little girl".Melissa blushed profusely at this rebuke."It's not healthy for juveniles to be that way about their bodies is preteen galeries nude it Melissa?" asked Mrs Green`No mummy" Mel replied knowing that was precisely the way she had been about his own body."Exactly," agreed Mr Green, "It's not healthy for your development, that's why we changed the rules here at home. Your mum and I have been too lenient on you preteen teen ls all and allowed you to get away with too much, I am afraid. Look at the result of that leniency; you have taken advantage of it. Daniel is a fully blown NEWDD, Eric blatantly ignores my rules on attending the discipline Centre and Melissa was so modest about her body, that she tried to pretend she is someone she isn't".Mr Green continued, "You need to learn very quickly children that in this authoritarian world that has developed since Ex-President Shelley changed the world you must obey your parents! Why? Well the greatest fear your mother and I live with in this world is that you will be fully sexy preteens com enslaved. The thought of loosing any of you forever is so unbearable that we will do anything no matter how terrible or perverse it may seem to you to ensure that that does cute kitten preteen not happen"."If you were enslaved you do not just loose your freedom but you are lost to us forever. Neither your mum nor I could
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