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Related post: Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2003 15:24:24 EST From: Subject: Kateland's Slut 2Thanks to preteen nudist post those of you who wrote with your comments. Positive criticism can be just a rewarding as praise! So, again, thank you.I welcome your comments so please respond to preteen amsterdam preteens gallery org preteen nudists tgp and don't forget, put "Story" in the subject line or preteen model nylon your comments will most likely be deleted. This story may be fictional; characters nake underage preteens may not be real. If you are under the age of 18, then please do not read this story. If any part of this story offends you, then simply do not ukrainian preteen modeling read it. All stories written by crw7654 are the sole property of the Author and must have written permission preteen model kitty from the Author for any preteen nude picss duplication.I stood staring out preteen bbs nude over the San Francisco Bay through the large, floor young preteen nonnudes to ceiling, living room window. I rested my glass of wine on the closed cover of the baby grand; there mostly for looks, it added preteennudegirl a nice visual touch for anyone looking up into the hillside from their boat.I mentioned the piano was `mostly' for looks but it did also act as a stage on this one particular occasion. There was a young strawberries preteen festival of boats out in the bay one spring weekend where it seemed as hundreds of boaters were out enjoying the beautiful weather of northern California. On this night, the fog was no where in sight and we had chill pic preteen preteens virgins models a beautiful view SF from the North Bay. I india preteen porn was having a get-together of some co-workers and friends, nothing special preteens beauty just a way to enjoy all the boat lights that resembled the sky on an equally clear night.By now, Kateland and I had many mutual friends. As the party started to wind down and the majority of the guests had left, I could tell, the drinks were working their way into her imagination. Although not officially dating, we were referred to as such by preteens videos nudes most of our friends and most knew nothing of our alternate roles.She stood free japanese preteens beside me thanking friends for joining us as they left. When I closed the door for what I thought video ls preteen were our final guests, Kate kissed me in such a provocative way that I knew she was feeling wicked. She started kissing me harder but paused long enough to loosen my tie, slip it just high enough to unbutton teens preteens mature my shirt, and then let it dangle preteen link free loosely over my naturally hairless and muscular chest. Holding the preteens casting pics tip preteen nude trailer of the tie in her grip, she walked around me as thought inspecting a piece of furniture; preteen sex blowjob her two inch heals clicked on the hard wood. Then almost as a switch had been flipped, she pushed the knot and pulled the tie tight to my throat."Get on your knees!"I did as she commanded. I worship her when she get like this and cherish every moment and did not want to ruin it by not doing as asked.Kateland stood behind me gazing down from her 5'7" vantage point and slowly started to preteens gallery model startle my preteen spanish model back. As she used me has her personal chair, I felt the cool smoothness of her upper preteen free images thighs at the top of her thigh --high stockings. She must have cute preteen underage hiked up her size 4 japanese preteens xxx dress because she was wearing a fitted, elegant black backless dress for the party. She pulled on my silk tie forcing my head back."Bring me to the living room." She ordered.As topless german preteens her chariot, I crawled into the living room and the unique shape of this room did not allow my to see Emily and Joy sitting on the couch."Are you my slut?""Yes!" I replied. "Will you do anything pre teen nymphet for me?""Yes!" With even more desire and desperation in my voice.Kateland stood and told me to turn around. When I did as told, I saw her friends for the first time and smiled with the oncoming evening.Joy, a 27 year old sweetheart, had the most perfectly innocent face, jet black shoulder blade length hair. Being a mixture of Irish and Japanese she was a 5'2", 105 lb doll. Her breasts were an A-cup, but she was incredible. Emily, being the contrast, was 5'10." Her hair: light brown with blond highlights. She did tiny preteen cunt not have a perfect body but was defiantly a great looking woman with large C-cup breasts. She had a sophisticated girl-next-door look."He's all yours." Katland told her friends and sat on the couch to watch.Emily laid out several blankets on top preteens nudism young cute preteens of the piano as Joy striped real doll preteen to her black lace bra and thong. Emily had me crawl over to her and watch, as she did a striptease. While this was going on Joy went to one of the bedrooms and preteen zoo girls retrieved a small gym bag (I had assumed correctly) containing some of their toys. Emily and Joy had been dating since just after Kateland and I met, so they had quite a collection of sexual toys together. maxwell tv preteen The two of them both helped in removing my remaining cloths grinding their nailes across my chiseled abdomen.Emily sat on the edge on the piano bench and had me moisten russian preteen alt her pussy with my tongue. hottest russian preteen As I started nakedpreteens my feast I was joined by Joy. Our two tongues licking the sweetness preteen dvd sex that emanated from Emily's pussy. She started moaning and rubbing her clit. This tall beautiful woman jumped when I left Joy to dine alone and rimmed her anus. Joy took one of the many dildos and had me preteen models horny lube it with my saliva pushing it in and out of my mouth before fucking her rollyo preteen pussy lover with it. I continued ravishing Emily's ass while she bucked and moaned in pleasure.Occasionally I would look over at Kateland and see her fucking herself with a thick flesh colored vibrator. Emily held on as long preteen girls feet as she could but announced preteen girl xxx her upcoming explosion. Just before her orgasm, Joy pulled the dildo out, grabbed the back of my head, dog preteen pics and shoved my face young tender preteens into her lover's pussy. Emily started shouting and fluid started flowing over my face. It turned out that Emily is one of those few women that actually shot her pussy juice out danish preteen nude with an orgasm. preteenporn top100 All three women started laughing when I gagged in surprise."Ladies, it's time to do preteen bikini index what you came here to videos of preteen preteen chinese models do." Kateland ordered.The two beautiful women smiled at me and Joy whispered, "This is going to be fun."With my face and chest completely covered in pussy juice, Kateland told me to get on top of the piano. I was a ilegal porn preteens bit worried if it preteens 14 pictures would hold up but Kateland assured me that I would be the only one on top of it. I preteen reelkiddymov did as ordered.Joy told me in a wickedly seductive voice to get on all fours with my knees on the edge and feet hanging off. Emily leaned in backwards between my spread legs and started sucking me. Joy not missing an opportunity pressed her smooth body against Emily and tongued my ass. I started preteen pussy panties moaning with the sensation. I then realized that anyone preteen panty picturers looking up from their boat could witness the show. Joy started working her middle and index fingers into my anus and with her preteen nymphets sites tiny frame they slipped naked and preteen in easily. Realizing that she dark portal preteen was going to preteen xxxxx have an easier time preteen supermodel videos with her mission she sighed in pleasure. Just as Kateland had done on the boat, Joy started her anal assault. I could cgiworld paran preteen hear Kateland's shoes as she walked over to us. I felt the cold preteen naked thumbs slick lubrication as my pimp helped galleris preteen thumbnail Joy. As her forth finger entered me I could see her lustful expression in her reflection in the window."I told you." german preteen nude Cooed Kateland. "My little whore will take it any way I or my friends want! pussy girl preteens Won't she?"Moaning my compliance was all she needed to return to her seat on the couch to finish watching her own private porn scene. Emily stopped sucking on me so she nn preteens samples could watch as her partner slipped preteen sex kinky her final girl preteen photos digit into my wanton ass. I underwear preteen pics moaned in such pleasure. My ass was at ease with this from all the times preteen lo model Kateland fucked me. I was her bitch and now even her friends knew it. Joy slipped her entire hand in and out of my stretched ass. Again, just as I thought I could not be surprised, a flash. Emily started taking pictures with her digital camera so joung japans preteen they could have a visual remembrance of the night. "Maybe we'll post this so everyone can see what a slut you are."Emily went to preteen model colombia her magic preteen panties pussy bag of tricks and produced the largest anal plug preteen pregnent I had ever seen. Even I thought it wouldn't fit. Joy reluctantly removed her fist from my well stretched ass and both lust filled beauties sighed in amazement of the activities. They left me up there for a few minuets while they pleasured each other preteen topless 16year before returning to me. Emily had me turn over on my back and spread my legs. My dick was so hard by now I was ready to burst. Each took turns sucking, bringing me to the edge and then stopping; it was like a continuous orgasm without the release. That was one of the most intense feelings I had ever experienced. Not even Kateland had ever brought me to that point. The sucking torture lasted for the better part of an crazy sexy preteen hour. During this time, while Emily was sucking me Joy had dropped to her knees and was eating her girlfriend. At one point, the sucking stopped because Joy had strapped on a dildo and gave Emily a royal fucking. When her pussy started spewing her love juice again, Joy used it as lube and fucked Emily in the ass. Kateland scorned out that while Emily had a nice dick in her ass they were ignoring their little sluts ass. Joy quickly handed the anal plug over free preteen top to Emily coated in her slick juice and started to work it into my well stretched ass. The plug was so wide I could not see how it would fit but Emily would tell me quench my ass and then release. With each release, it was as though my sphincter would loosen and Emily would push a bit harder. Before free preteenie porn preteen undies pictures long, I felt that familiar pop as my anus gave way and the plug eased into me and my sphincter then tightened around the base. To loosen my ass even further, Kateland would have her friend remove and replace my rubber invader often stopping at the widest part, leaving it stunning girls preteen there for a few moments, and then slipping it all the way in.Joy, wanting her turn, switched positions and took preteen asian whores over the working of my treatment but first had me get preteen girl swimwear off the piano and lie on the floor. Emily went over and removed the vibrator Kateland was using on herself and started forcefully fucking her with the strap-on that only a little while earlier was buried 13 preteen porn in her Post a New Message | Search | Register | Login
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