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Related post: Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 23:27:32 -0800 (PST) From: slpwriter Subject: Nick Lachey: My Everything-3Hello, all I'm back with the next chapter. I hope you are all liking the story so far.Disclaimer: This is totally fiction and is not meant to imply anything abut the sexualities of Nick and Drew Lachey, or anyone else in the group 98 Degrees. If you're too young to read this or are offended by homosexual material, then don't continue any further and leave.Enjoy. (Two Days Later)I woke up on a Friday Morning and finally felt fuck childrens photos almost my old self again. Except for one thing: The test results. They were due back today. I was so nervous. What would they say? Would I have HIV? or would I have something worse? Or would I be alright? I hoped I was alright and that that monster who raped me wasn't infected art child nudist with anything.Danny in the meantime had been wonderful these last two days. He took the other day off from school to spend the day with me. porn with childs We porn child masturbate played cards, watched TV, and basically just talked about our friends and then we talked about Amanda a little bit too. I asked him how she was doing, and he said she was fine and that he missed her like hell. Amanda had gone away to college in California while Danny had stayed in Chicago, Illinois to go to school. I told him to be patient and that Amanda would come home soon. He said he hoped so.I picked up the phone and dialed Danny's home number. He answered on the first ring."Hello?""Hi, Danny, I said to him, It's me, Sean, what's up?""Hi, Sean, how are you holding up today?, he wanted to know.""I'm children porno pic nervous as hell, Danny, not to mention scared out of my mind. I confessed to him. Today I'll know whether I'm gonna live or die.""Don't talk like that, Sean, I have a feeling that you're gonna be fine. He said. while trying to comfort me, proving once again what children porn russia a great guy he was, and how lucky I was to have him in my life."I hope so, Will you swing by here after your classes? I asked him.""Actually man, I"ve gotten all my homework and everything else I need from my professors so I can spend the entire day with you today as well. I told my professors that a friend of mine was raped and is now waiting for test results to see if he has any STDs. They were so understanding."I was shocked, Today was Friday and knowing Danny, he had plenty of tests and exams on Fridays. I was blown away that he would skip all those tests just to be there for me. I had always hated tests and exams when I was in high school."But Danny, what about all those tests and exams you always have on Fridays. You're going to miss them." I don't want you to flunk your courses." I told him."Nonsense man, He said. MY professors said that I could make them up on Monday when I go back, so now we have the weekend all free child sexe to ourselves. But I'll swing by the hospital once I've finished all my homework. The last thing I want to deal with is homework when I could be hanging out with you for the rest of the day and weekend.""Oh, alright. I said, I"ll see you later then?"Yeah I should be there around 1:00pm. he replied back.""OK. I said, smiling. I'll see you later. Bye."Bye. he said back."I tgp children hung up the phone, just as one of the nurses was coming in to check beaver children book up on me. I started to get tense almost immediately. "Nurse, I asked, Have you heard anything about my test results yet?"The nurse smiled and said. "Actually yes, I just came to tell you that the lab called and said the test results are ready and they'll be sent up soon. She then left the room. I sat back in the bed and decided to watch TV to pass the time. I"m just glad that I had a room to myself so I could watch whatever I wanted and have the volume up high enough that I could hear without someone telling me to turn it down. I started flipping through the channels, and as I came to MTV, I noticed a music video of 98 Degrees playing. They were singing "All Because Of You" and sounded great as usual, but then again when don't they?But as soon as I saw Nick, singing into the camera, I saw flashbacks of that night I told him and Drew that I was gay, How cold he had been and walked out on me, and the man who raped me. I changed the channel as I felt the first two tears make their way down my face. I wiped them child boy porno away, and tried not to think about it. After all, I didn't want Danny to see me like this when he came to visit later. So I flipped through the remaining channels until I came across a celebrity profile of Chris O' Donnell on The Lifetime Channel. I decided to watch that, since I'd always thought Chris was cute, and I'd had a crush on him. I listened to him as he told his life story about the ups and down of his career and how he managed to keep it together. I actually got so into his story, that I didn't notice that it dirty pic child was 1:00p.m. and that Danny had walked into the room. As soon as he put his hand on my shoulder, I jumped in fright and turned towards him, ready to attack, until I realized it was Danny."Whoa Sean, calm down, it's just me." He said as he jumped childsex storie archive back thinking that I was gonna punch his lights out. I breathed a sigh of relief."Shit! Danny, you could have said something, instead of free childsexpics deciding to try and give me a heart attack you know." I said, nervously."I did try, He said, as he walked back over to sit in his chair beside my bed. I actually called out to you a few times, but you were so wrapped up in the TV that you didn't even hear me, so I decided to shake you to get your attention. What are you watching anyway?"I smiled at him,before replying. "I'm watching Chris O' Donnell's Celebrity Profile. I must really have been into it not to hear or notice you come in. I can't believe it's 1:00 already. Danny looked at me and shook his head, all the while with a big children mpeg illegal smirk on his face."What? I said when I noticed his smirk. He started to laugh. "I should have known you'd be watching him to get so engrossed in the TV russian child porn to not hear me come in. He answered me. With the exception of Nick, He's the next guy you've had a thing for."As soon as he mentioned Nick, my face fell and his eyes widened when he realized what he had done. "Shit Sean, I'm so sorry. He apologized. I didn't mean to bring him up." Danny looked at me with concern written all over his face. I smiled to let him know that I was alright."Don't worry, Danny, I reassured him. It was an incest chillporn honest slip. You're forgiven. And besides nudist child pic you're right about what you said. I definitely do have a thing for him. He probably wouldn't have treated me the way Nick did if he knew that I was gay.Danny nodded. "I agree with that, He told me. Chris doesn't seem like the type of guy to judge people or hold a grudge against them either." Danny then remembered about my test results."Hey, when do your test results get back?" he asked. I started getting tense all over again as I remembered that they were ready. But then I realized that it had been 12:30p.m. when I had found out from the nurse that they were ready. I was starting to get worried."Actually I found out from the nurse that they childrens nudist fuck were ready, but that was at 12:30p.m. and it's now 1:30. forbidden children porn I wonder what's taking so long?" I wondered. Just then Dr. Russell came into the room. I started to really get tense now."Well Dr. What took so long? I've been waiting for my results since the childrens naked pics nurse told me they were ready at 12:30. I asked. Dr Russell smiled, apologetically and turned to Danny.Would you give us a moment alone, please? he said to Danny. "Sure, Danny said. He started to walk out of the room. "Danny, wait! I called after him. child prono sites He turned around and looked at me. I then turnd to Dr. Russell."Dr., could you please let him stay? I'd like him to be with me when you give me my results. Besides, he knows my situation and he's been there for me when nobody else was. I think he deserves to know." I begged him. Dr. Russell nodded."Alright, if that's what child nudist camps you want, He said and he then turned back to Danny, who was still standing by the door, looking at us. Come on back over, Danny, You can stay." He said to Danny. Danny walked back over and sat back down beside me."OK, I said to Dr. Russell, I'll ask you again. What took so long?"I wanted to give you the results personally, but I got called to check on some other patients before I could come and give you the results." Dr. Russell explaining. I understood how busy Doctors could get."I understand. I said. children photos sex Now can you give me the results?""Sure, Dr. Russell said. He opened a folder and starting reading it. Danny grabbed my hand and squeezed it, letting me know he was there. I smiled at him. After what seemed like an eternity, Dr. Russell finished reading and looked up at me. He then smiled."Your results came back negative, there's no sign of any antibodies or HIV. tgp real child he said. Danny and I both let out our breath, which we hadn't been aware that we had been holding and let out a sigh of relief. "Thank God, I breathed. So, what's next? I asked.Dr. Russell closed the folder and then looked at us again. "Well I'd advise you to take it cautiously and not have unprotected sex until your next set of tests come back clear. I want you to be re-tested in 3months, to be sure no antibodies have formed. Then after that, if you test negative again, you should be able to be sexually active again after that.I smiled. "Thank you so much, doctor. You have made me feel so much better. Will I be able to go home now? I asked."Yes, just let me go and sign your release papers and you can sign them when you litle children xxx leave. I have to see another chillporn tgp patient so good luck,Sean child nudist pictures and be careful the next time you go out at night. He warned. I nodded. He then left to check on another patient.As soon as he left, Danny swooped me up in a tight hug and I returned it just as strongly. We child anal stayed that way for a few minutes. When we both pulled away, we both had tears in child porn girl our eyes. But they were tears of relief. I then said to Danny."I'm glad you were here for me. Danny smiled."I'm glad I was too. He said, grinning. Now, I'm gonna wait for you down in the lobby while you get dressed and sign your papers, besides I'm hungry.""When are you not hungry? I said to him, sarcastically. Danny looked at me in mock hurt."Well excuse me, I'm still a growing boy, you freechild sex images know." He joked."Yeah, you're growing alright, horizontally, I teased him. in response, Danny russain child illegal lifted his shirt, showing me his perfectly toned chest and abs. "Do you see any fat on this body?" He asked, while flashing me his killer smile, showing off his dimples. I rolled my eyes."Ok, you've made your point, now get out of here and let me get dressed. Unless you want to join me for a quick shower? I teased him. Danny laughed and shook his head."No thanks, man. He replied. I'll skip the two o' clock show. No offense, but I'd rather shower with Amanda then you any day of the week."Well thanks metart child sex Dan, I said with a mock hurt expression on my face, You sure know how to make a guy feel special. Oh well, you don't know what you're missing."Just take your shower and shut up." Danny grinned. I"ll wait for you downstairs. I said goodby to him, and he child fuck women left the room.I then, hopped in the shower,washed my hair and body. and then got out and dried off. I then dried my hair and since I didn't feel like keeping my bangs in my face like I normally do, I decided to comb it back and put a little gel in it to keep it in children porn nude place. I then wrapped the towel around my waist and headed out into the room to xxx child fucking change into some clean child porns jpg clothes. I shut the door to the room, but not before I saw a young male orderly who couldn't have been more than 18, looked into my room and saw me standing there in a towel. He smiled and said hi as he passed by, making me blush. I said hi back and then shut the door and closed the curtains around my bed so I could change in private. I grabbed some clean underwear
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